St James Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Discounts & Free Trials

St James Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Discounts & Free Trials

The cost of a St James Membership varies according on the kind of membership and location. A monthly individual membership at the Reston site is $125. The Springfield Flagship begins at $169 per month. The Deluxe All-membership Membership, which includes membership to both venues, costs $195 per month. Couples membership is $269 per month. Student prices start at $100 per month. Military and First Responder memberships are available for $135 per month. 

St James Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Discounts & Free Trials

The St. James, a large sports, wellness, and entertainment complex in the Washington, D.C. area, can vary greatly depending on the type of membership and the specifics of the plan you select (individual, family, corporate, etc.), as well as any promotions or changes that have been implemented since.

Membership costs at facilities like The St. James vary and can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars per year, depending on the amount of access and amenities offered. These sorts of clubs frequently provide several membership categories, which may include access to workout equipment, swimming pools, sports courts, spa facilities, and classes, among other things.

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About St James Club

The St. James, established with the goal of becoming a top sports, health, and entertainment complex, seeks to deliver a comprehensive, high-quality experience for people and families interested in fitness, sports, and leisure activities. The idea of The St. James is to establish a single location where members can engage in a variety of physical activities, participate in health and wellness programmes, and enjoy entertainment alternatives all under one roof.

St James Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Discounts & Free Trials


Kendrick Ashton and Craig Dixon established The St. James, which opened its doors in September 2018. The flagship facility is in Springfield, Virginia, near Washington. They wanted to address a perceived market vacuum by providing a complete, all-inclusive facility where families and individuals may participate in a wide range of sports and fitness activities.


The major goal of The St. James is to offer a comprehensive approach to sports, wellness, and lifestyle enhancement. It aims to: Encourage Active Lifestyles: By providing a diverse range of sports and exercise opportunities, The St. James hopes to motivate its members to live active, healthy lifestyles. Support Athletic Development: The facility is intended to accommodate athletes of all levels, from beginners to pros.

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How to Join St James Membership

To join The St. James membership, you can take the following steps:

  • Visit the St. James official website.
  • Discover the many membership choices and advantages.
  • Choose the membership that best meets your needs.
  • To make your purchase, simply click the “Buy Now or Renew” option.
  • Follow the steps to finish your membership registration.

Please keep in mind that the $0 starting offer applies exclusively to 12-month Membership Plans. For additional information, please contact The St. James directly or visit one of their gyms. Enjoy your journey towards wellness and optimum performance.

How to Cancel St James Membership 

To cancel your membership at The St. James, you must provide a written notice of cancellation. Here are the steps.

How to Join St James Membership
  • Write a cancellation letter indicating your intention to cancel the membership.
  • The warning should be issued thirty days in advance.
  • This notification may be delivered in person or mailed to St. James by registered or certified mail with return receipt requested.

Please review the terms and conditions of your membership agreement for any special cancellation policies. If you require any extra assistance, please contact the Member Services team at Remember to preserve a copy of your cancellation letter and any associated correspondence for your records. 

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How to Renew St James Membership

To renew your membership at The St. James, please follow these steps:

  • Visit the St. James official website.
  • Navigate to the membership renewals area.
  • Select the kind of membership you wish to renew (Single Membership £25 per year or Family Membership £40 per year).
  • To complete the transaction, click the payment buttons.
  • Payment for your subscription will be processed through Paypal, where you may use either a debit/credit card or your PayPal account.
  • Following a successful payment, you will receive an email with a link to complete your registration to become a member of St James. 

St James Membership Benefits

There are few exclusive member benefits which are given below : 

  • Four complimentary performance training sessions.
  • Get a customized performance training plan and save 20% on summer camps and sports programs.
  • Unlimited Burn, Build, and Recover Group Fitness Classes.
  • A complimentary Digital Strivers App membership for at-home workouts.
  • Exclusive access to member-only events and promotions.

Benefits also includes : 

St James Membership Benefits
  • Sports Venues: Access to professional-grade sports facilities such as basketball, volleyball, squash, and tennis courts, as well as indoor turf fields for soccer, lacrosse, and other activities.
  • Fitness Centre: Use of a fully equipped fitness center with a variety of cardio and weight training machines.
  • Group Fitness sessions: A variety of sessions to suit all fitness levels, including yoga, Pilates, spinning, HIIT, and more.
  • Members may be able to receive spa services such as massages, facials, and other relaxation and rehabilitation treatments.
  • Youth Programs: Sports academies and camps for children and adolescents that emphasize skill development, teamwork, and physical fitness.
  • Social Events: Member-only events, social gatherings, and networking opportunities.

St James Membership Discounts and Promo Codes

Certainly! If you’re searching for savings on St. James membership, here are several options:

  • Private30: Use this coupon to get 50% off your membership at St. James. It’s a terrific opportunity to begin your wellness journey!
  • Early bird: Use the code “EARLY” upon sign-up to receive a 20% discount. It’s an excellent method to save while reaping all of the rewards.

Remember to check the most recent emails from St. James as well. They frequently provide unique discounts with their members.  

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St James Membership Types

There are different types of memberships St James offer which are given below : 

Adult Membership

It costs you $145.It is intended for people aged 18 and over. St. James’s Club provides adult memberships that often include access to the club’s amenities and facilities, such as eating areas, pubs, fitness centers, spa services, and social events. However, the specifics of membership options, benefits, and pricing may differ based on the club’s location and regulations. 

St James Membership Discounts and Promo Codes

Junior Membership

It is for people under 18 and costs you around $90. St. James’s Club may provide junior memberships to younger people or children, giving them access to age-appropriate facilities and activities within the club. These memberships are usually customized to the requirements and interests of younger members, and they may include access to amenities like swimming pools, sports courts, gaming rooms, and organized youth programmes or events.

Couple Membership

It includes 2 adults of the same address and it costs you $245. A St. James Club couple membership is primarily created for two people in a committed relationship, such as spouses or partners. This sort of membership generally grants both persons access to the club’s facilities, amenities, and services at a lower cost than acquiring two separate memberships.

A couple’s membership at St. James Club may include access to eating spaces, pubs, exercise centers, spa treatments, social events, and other club facilities. 

Family Membership

It includes two parents or guardians with adults of the same address and it costs you $305. A St. James Family Membership normally grants access to the club’s facilities and services for all members of the family. This sort of membership is intended for families and often includes privileges such as access to dining areas, fitness centers, swimming pools, sports facilities, social events, and other family-friendly attractions. The benefits and terms of a St. James Family Membership varies according to the club’s location and offers. 

Is St James Membership Worth It ?

The value of a St James membership is heavily influenced by your lifestyle, hobbies, and the importance you place on having access to a diverse range of sports, exercise, and wellness facilities all under one roof. If you like a range of physical activities, value high-quality amenities, and prefer the convenience of having various services available in one place, a membership might be beneficial.

The St. James offers a wide range of activities, including swimming, basketball and soccer, as well as fitness courses, personal training and spa treatments. For families searching for different programs that may engage all ages, or individuals hoping to advance their training in a cutting-edge facility, the expense of membership can be justified by convenience and community.

Membership Contact Details

  • Phone : 0161 829 3000
  • Email :
  • Address : 6805 Industrial Road
  • Springfield, Virginia 22151 703.239.6870

St James Social Media


The current monthly pricing for solitary Reston membership is $125, while the deluxe all-access membership to both sites is $195. Group lessons are included in the membership cost, and personal training is available for an extra charge.

St. James is offering a discount for the Bethesda facility, with the Founding Membership costing $140 per month until the grand opening, and then the Signature Rate costing $150 per month thereafter. The St. James Bethesda store will also have an open house on Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. 

Unfortunately, St James’ Palace is not available to the public, but you may visit the next structure, Clarence House, throughout August. You may reserve your tickets here. You may still see the outside of St James’ Palace by accompanying us on our Royal Westminster Tour.

The St. James in Reston will debut in 2022. Membership fell short of expectations, owing in large part to the “persistent norm of remote work,” according to the firm.

The app allows you to easily arrange your trips to The St. James. You may join up for group fitness classes, engage in High Performance Training programmes, reserve time at The St. James venues, order cuisine from Vim & Victor with delivery options, and access the Workout of the Day.

To log into the App, you must enter the username and password you created when you joined. If you don’t recall this information or are having difficulties logging in, please email 

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