AICPA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Registration

AICPA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Registration

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountant is a national Organization of Accountants in the United States. The AICPA membership options for joining annually with varying prices.

AICPA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Registration

The prices for core staff tier is $340/year and $170 prorated dues, essential staff tier $549 and $274.50 prorated dues, lead staff tier $649 annual and $324.50 prorated dues, select staff tier $749 and $374.50 prorated dues, core partner tier $555 annual and $277.50 prorated, specialist partner tier $849/year and $424.50 prorated, advance partner tier $999/year and $499.50 prorated dues are included. 

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AICPA Membership Levels

It offers different types of memberships and perks for its members catering their needs and betterment. Some levels are here ;

Regular Membership

This membership is for those who hold the valid licence in good standings. They have a variety of resources such as networking opportunities and professional development programs as well as many other discounts. 

Affiliate Membership

This member is for those who do not possess any CPA’s licence and are accountant professionals. They have interest in joining so they can subscribe to this type and avail all the benefits. 

AICPA Membership Levels

International Associate Membership

This option is available for those who are interested in AICPA but are not the residents of the United States but members of an affiliate organization. 

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Candidate Membership

This plan is for those who are willing to join and participate in exams. The eligibility criteria for those is 

  • Must be college graduate student
  • Plan to study for Uniform exam of CPA

Students Membership

The membership involves the students who are studying in college or universities and want to make their move towards a career of accounting and finance. They must be full-time or part-time students of a recognised college and university. 

Retired Membership

This membership is for individuals who have reached retirement age as determined by the Social Security Administration and are working as a professional for less than 20 hours per week on average. They will get reduced price membership, affordable insurance, medical package and partner offers from 20 renowned companies. 

AICPA Membership Benefits

It offers numerous benefits to its members including resources, professional development, networking and current updates of industry. Some benefits are here 

AICPA Membership Benefits
  • Get access to insurance plans at discounted rates and saving in programs as well as other products and services
  • Members will get up to date information by receiving newsletter and magazines which helps them to be aware of all new trends
  • Membership provide resources and opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills in accounting and workshop including other trainings as well
  • Members will become a part of working community where they can connect with others fastring a sense of belonging
  • They advocate for the rights of members and representing the needs and concerns to the authorities
  • Get 24/7 service of library to enhance your skills

How To Get AICPA Membership?

You can become a member of AICPA by following some simple steps;

  • Register yourself at the site and create an account for yourself
  • Select the membership which you want
  • Complete the application process by providing simple details such as name, address and email
  • Submit it online and after processing you will get confirmation message on your mail

How To Cancel AICPA Membership?

Members are allowed to cancel their membership at any time when they want. If you decide to cancel the membership you should have notified the membership staff 30 days prior before cancellation. Your all dues can be refunded if you decide not to join the American Institution of Certified Public Accountant.

How To Get AICPA Membership?

For the procedure you have to fill out an application form and submit it online at their website or you can contact service center 888.777.7077 or at for better and accurate information. 

How To Renew AICPA Membership?

Renewal is a simple and easy process while you have membership. To give you more flexibility, value and choice they introduce a process of upgrading and changing membership as well. Stick to some basic steps and renew your membership;

  • Log into
  • Look your membership name at top right corner of your screen
  • Select profile from drop down menu
  • Please update your profile before renewing to avoid any inconvenience 
  • Then select your membership type
  • Click on your membership tier
  • Choose section membership which includes special and advance tier
  • Choose any other product to add if you want
  • Then click on renew 

You can choose the auto-renew option at the time of purchasing your plan so that you have not spent your time renewing by yourself. 

AICPA Membership Discounts

The organization avail discounts for its members in different kinds of things to enjoy.

How To Renew AICPA Membership?
  • Members get an access to personal and professional products that are endorsed by AICPA and powered  by AON
  • They can pay their CPA charge program fee six month after signing up
  • Members will get 20% off in travelling with Hertz including taxes
  • Save money in Yoga, Think and legion system from lenovo with membership
  • Avail 50% off Fedex Express domestic and shipping 
  • 20% off Fedex ground shipment
  • Members can save money in purchasing Mercedes Benz vehicles

AICPA Subscription Coupon Codes

It provides coupons for promotional programs and to give relaxation to its members. With these coupons members can purchase different merchandise items with lower prices. Some coupons services are below to use

AICPA Subscription Coupon Codes
  • Receive Up to 35% off in audit and insurance with WorthPenny
  • Get 35% off at membership
  • Avail $20 off at order of $100+
  • Get $50 discount in CPE products
  • Save 25% on CIMA on demand course
  • Audit and assurance publication starting at $79 at AICPA
  • Purchase accounting and financial reporting for $79 with deal
  • 10% off on broad selection of items
  • 99% off with code at AICPA town hall series
  • Make 25% off on all sales
  • At $150+ save 20%
  • Get $25 off on order of $100
  • $200 off for finance certification with instant competitor code
  • 30% off on ebay
  • 20% off Walmart

Is AICPA Membership Worth It?

The AICPA provides best programs to enhance the ability and professional competence and also improve status of members in society and offers decreased rate insurance programs. It also provides plans for retirements and liability so we may say that the paying for membership is worth it.  

AICPA Contact Details

Regarding concern and any other queries feel free to contact customer care staff at  888.777.7077 or email at

AICPA Social Media 


Welcome kit can be sent to you when the process is completed and you will be informed in your email after you sign up for membership. 

Yes all members who join or sign up for membership will get a membership card which they can print as well as regular members also receive certificates. 

Regular members can receive honorary membership when they reach retirement age. The age for members is 45 years who join on July 31, 2000 and 50 years for any member joining after 31 July 2000.

Yes firms are also allowed to join membership by meeting the requirement and organization including Centre of audit quality, government audit quality, employee benefit plan center, center of plain-English accounting are eligible.

No AICPA is not responsible for CPA license and each state board has their own rules and requirements for administering certificates and license.  

You can pay dues on July 31 and you can choose the auto renew option from the website and renewal notification will be sent to you at your mail.

You will get a receipt on email and dues receipts can be requested by contacting their phone or visiting the website. New members can use the chat icon at the right of your screen.

No they do not offer any prepayment option right now  and you will receive notification when the dues date comes. 

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