Six Flags Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Gifts Card, Cancellation

Six Flags Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Gifts Card, Cancellation

Six flags membership is a  program which includes unlimited admissions and other benefits in six flag theme parks. It is offering discounts on food and merchandise items and free parking as well as special member only events and other perks like early entry and exclusive ride time. This membership pricing varies due to specific membership types and locations of parks. The average annual membership price is $100 to $300 or more per person. Daily ticket price is $50 and a refund is available. Some common features of all parks are free parking and discounts. 


Six Flags Membership Deals

Six flag provides exclusive deals and discounts for the members such as 

Six Flags Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Gifts Card, Cancellation
  • Membership offers discounts on additional rides
  • Discounts on restaurants and dining
  • Exclusive offers on purchased items
  • Discounts on gifts
  • Early entry for membership holders
  • Free parking for members

Six Flags Membership Discounts

Six flags offering unlimited discounts on daily tickets, gold pass, platinum pass, six flags plus and diamond pass.

  • Get 5% discount in food and merchandise from gold pass
  • 15% with platinum pass
  • 15% with six flag plus pass on merchandise
  • 20% with diamond pass
  • 50% weekday CABANA discounts with diamond pass
  • 50% season discount with flash pass
  • VIP lounge and water park seating
  • Get dining pass at lowest rate
Six Flags Membership Discounts

Six Flags Membership Levels

Six flags offers several membership levels with their different benefits and perks. Some common levels are here.


Six Flags Gold pass

The gold membership accommodates user all the perks and discounts of basic membership but other benefits of this membership are 

  • Free parking
  • Extra tickets for friends 
  • Prior entry to select attraction

Six Flags Platinum pass

It provides all the benefits of gold membership but some perks and discounts are included that gold membership such as

  • All access to parks
  • Preferred parking
  • Skip the line privilege

Six Flags Diamond pass 

Diamond pass allows all the facilities of platinum pass but its perks and discounts and more than platinum such as

Six Flags Membership Benefits
  • 20% off in merchandise
  • Preferred parking
  • 50% season sale 
  • 50% weekday sale
  • Vip lounge and water park seating

Six Flags Monthly membership

Sometimes six flags offer a monthly payment method for annual membership to make it adorable for members. The offer allows members to purchase easily and pay their dues on instalments. 

Six Flags Membership Benefits

There are multiple benefits of this entertainment park membership such as

  • Unlimited visits

Enjoy unlimited visits in your local location and all other parks affiliated with six flags. It is easy to make your experience beautiful by joining six flags and enjoy multiple rides and more

  • Pass holders benefits

As a pass holder you will get free admission to special events such as Fright fest, holidays in the park and other special occasions. 

Six Flags Membership Benefits
  • Discounts on food and merchandise

Members will get multiple discounts on food and purchasing items as well as free parking, preferred entry and myriad perks. 

  • Members appreciation day

Six flags host an event which is called members appreciation day in which they provide special perks and discounts, early access to attractions and members can get extraordinary experience and entertainment from those events.

  • Bring a friend discount

Members can share your feelings and moments with loved ones in the parks by purchasing memberships. Some memberships allow you to bring friends with you for free and spend quality time with them. 

Is a Six Flags Membership Worth It?

Yes absolutely the passes make the purchase worth it because from these passes members can get exclusive perks and discounts and many other extraordinary experiences and benefits such as free parking, rides, entry prior, special events celebration so considering these all facilities we may say that membership is worth it.

Is a Six Flags Membership Worth It?

Six Flags Gift Cards

Six flags issue gift cards for purchasing items from stores or online. These gift cards you can purchase from the given link merchant gift Cards can not be redeemed or refundable according to policy. If a card is lost or stolen there is no replacement of cards, however the balance to card will remain in cards until the date expires. 

Six Flags Membership Renewal

If members have season pass there is no renewal for it if it expires you have to go to their physical store to upgrade it for another term or you can do so by 

  • Go on website page
  • Scroll at the top right corner of the screen and click season pass
  • Scroll down at the bottom of the page and click on “terms and conditions”
  • Scroll to the centre click the payment portal tab of your screen and renew the pass
  •  on the other hand if you have membership and you are paying monthly so your membership will automatically renew after expiration of your subscription date.
How To Cancel Six Flags Membership?

How To Cancel Six Flags Membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by sending us mail but to process your cancellation you need to complete your 12 month of membership. The cancelation process needs some requirements which you have to do such as 

  • You have to place your request 60 days prior to cancellation
  • You must submit your request 2 weeks prior to your annual payment
  • You must have your membership account confirmation number
  • If your payment is remaining to pay you will not able to cancel membership without paying

 To begin the cancellation please email at .

Six Fags Contact Details

You can contact us at 332-928-2000 for collecting information about park hours, tickets, special events and any other queries regarding membership or at email

Six Flags Social Media


We have delicious food options in the park so you are not allowed to bring food from outside in the park.

It depends on the weather condition if there is heavy rain with an electrical storm then rides may be closed for a short period of time.

All members must wear proper attire such as shirts/tops, shorts/pants and footwear as well as they can wear bathing suits at theme parks. 

Yes there are discounts for children. Under 3 year child entry is free and for 3-12 years children’s ticket price starts at $30.

Six flags honor those who serve the country and they feel pleased for accommodating multiple discounts for military personnel’s.

Yes, with the diamond pass you have access for all parks associated with six flags. 

There are four parks of six flags in California right now. 

No Six Flags is the world’s largest theme park company with 27 parks in the United States, Mexico and Canada and generating 1.4 billion revenue from these locations.

Selim A Bassoon is the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of Six Flags.

The Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA has more roller coasters than any other park in the world and these are 20 in number according to CNN.

It starts at the end of the year and you can use it throughout a year. 

No, these kinds of things are not allowed in six flags parks.

You can find live shows and full entertainment on our app or website at

The park offers various types of traditional food from hamburgers and fries to chicken or pizza. Salad and delicious food like ice cream and cakes as well as cold drinks at low prices. 

No, all Six Flags Parks are smoking free, just e-smoking is permitted in just designated areas.

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