Pause Audible Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Requirements, Cancellation

Pause Audible Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Requirements, Cancellation

The Audible Membership program which provides world’s largest audiobooks and podcasts as well as exclusive originals. It offers a free trial for one month and after the trial your membership will continue automatically. 


How Much Is Audible Membership?

Audible subscription cost is $7.95/month for plus and premium plus membership cost is $14.95/month with 1 credit and all benefits and perks included. From the credit which members will receive from Audible they can purchase any audiobook or Audi selection from catalogue without pricing and also get exclusive offers and discounts from time to time for purchasing credits.

Pause Audible Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Requirements, Cancellation

Audible Membership Deals

Time to time Audible offers deals and discounts for its members so they can save money  by purchasing its memberships and items as well. Audible is now offering 60% off for its membership. Usually its premium membership cost is $14.95 and now it is providing this in just $5.95 per month. In addition members can get free streaming and 30% off at any title subscription from its library. 


Audible Membership Discounts

With Audible premium plus membership you will get discounts on additional purchase and have access to the Audible daily deals as a member.

How Much Is Audible Membership?
  • Get 50-80% discounts every month with Audible subscription
  • Free 30 days trial
  • 1 audiobook free per month for members
  • Get new audiobook at lower rate for $2.99
  • Free three months trial for prime members
  • 80% off for best selling books
  • 20-60% for royal reads

Audible Membership Levels

Audible subscription have various level with perks

Audible Plus Membership

Audible plus membership cost is $7.95 per month and there is no credit included in this membership. 

Audible Premium Plus

This membership subscription charges $14.95 per month and members will also receive 1 credit per month for this membership and can stream thousands of original podcasts and audiobooks. 

Audible Premium plus + 2 Credits

In this membership subscribers achieve 2 credits per month and pay only $22.99 per month for membership. Get 2 best sellers or new release books every month and an unlimited stream of audiobooks, podcasts and originals. 

Audible Membership Levels

Audible Premium Plus Annual + 12 Credits

Audible provides its annual membership for $149.50/year and members are allowed to choose 12 bestseller audiobooks or newly released items and get 12 credits each year.

Audible Premium Plus  Annual + 24 Credits

This membership gives access to get 24 credits in a year and unlimited stream of audible audiobooks, podcasts and originals. The subscription price of this membership is $229.50 per year. 

Audible Subscription Gifts

Audible subscription gift is perfect for reading enthusiasts and you can choose one, three, six or annual plans. To give a membership to someone else you have to visit the original website of audible or go to the gift centre and select give membership.  If you have a good book in your mind and are willing to give this book to your loved one then sign up into your account, find it on catalogue and select  GIVE AS A GIFT on the product page. Moreover there is an opportunity for you from Audible that to give a gift you have no need to purchase a membership. 

Audible Membership Benefits

As a member of audible you will enjoy these benefits

Audible Membership Benefits
  • You will receive one credit each month which allows you to download and keep any title which suits you most
  • Members will get unlimited permission to plus catalogue which includes audiobooks, originals and podcasts
  • Subscribers will receive exclusive member-only deals and perks
  • Audible provide time to time chances to get 80% off on selected items
  • You can make money by affiliating with Audible and producing your own audiobooks

Audible Subscription Promo Codes

Audible is constantly updating its offers and content to make their membership reliable accommodating with best discounts and promotions;

  • Get 10% off sitewide at Audible
  • 60% off for the first time membership purchase
  • Get $5 off with Audible promo code
  • Receive Biographies and Memoirs 13% off
  • Up to 90% off for Mystery and Thriller titles
  • 15% off for best seller in Science and Engineering
  •  Gift three month of Audible premium plus for just $45
  • Up to 45% off on computer and accessories
  • Garb 20% off at all order with promo codes

Is Audible Membership Worth It?

Audible is a great plate form for listening to amazing audiobooks which can change your life. It offers a stance to produce your own audiobooks and sell them at Audible by affiliate process. It provides solid options and many discounts for its subscribers with lower price plans. So we may say that the membership is worth it. 

Is Audible Membership Worth It?

How To Get Audible Membership?

To join its membership you have to follow these steps;

  • Go to the audible website
  • From site select browse setting
  • Choose a plan and pricing
  • You may be asked to sign up with Amazon account
  • Click to confirm your subscription

How To Pause Audible Membership? 

Members can pause their membership online or by contact at the process is simple and easy if you follow the prompt;

  • Go to website and log in to your account
  • Select your user name 
  • Click on account details
  • Click on pause membership
  • Click on continue pause to confirm

Pausing your membership is the best option as compared to cancelling because if you collect some credits and want to stop your next billing cycle for two or three months, a pause is good for you. However if you freeze your access will be cut off but you have the option to use your already purchased books but you are not allowed to purchase more during your freezing period. Members must note that pause can only be applicable once in a year to their membership.

How To Pause Audible Membership? 

How To Cancel Audible Membership?

Members are allowed to cancel Audible subscription at any time. To cancel its membership;

  • Go to Audible site and sign up into your account
  • Click on your name and select account details at top right corner of the screen
  • Click on setting
  • Click on cancel membership
  • Follow the instruction and click on continue cancellation
  • You will asked for specific reason select any of them

Audible Contact Details

To interact with customer care for your general comment and questions regarding their membership plans you can call at  1-(888)-283-5051 or via link

Audible Social Media Accounts


Audible free app can be downloaded on iOS, Android and Windows as well so you can listen to audible at any device which you have available at that time. You can also download on tablets, kindles and sons devices. 

Yes Audible offers its members to listen to audiobooks on Alexa. You just give the command “Alexa read (title) from Audible” and Alexa will begin to plat your desired title. 

To view the entire catalogue is impossible because there are thousands of audiobooks and other material which can not be fit on one page but you have an option of search. From this option you can find your required book by placing the name of the book, author name or genre of book in the search option.

Yes, with the addition of new titles the position of your selected title may be rotated but you have no need to worry because you will be notified when your title will be removed from catalogue. Titles are added every week in the catalogue plus. 

You have the option to upgrade your plan any time with your contact details or you can contact their customer care helpline, they are here for you 24/7 help. 

There is no limit of devices you can use with your membership account. You can register a new device at any time by following prompt and for further information and help you can visit their website. 

You can listen to one audiobook for free when you sign up for a 30 days trial.

You are allowed to listen to multiple audiobooks, podcasts and originals with your membership as well as all other benefits you can enjoy and one book you can keep forever each month. 

No, with Audible subscription only one member can use its audiobooks and catalogues but with the Amazon household member can share its services with someone else. 

To switch your membership you have to follow up steps;

  • Go to your account details
  • Select switch membership
  • Click on the desired plan
  • Click on confirm

No, you are not allowed to transfer your credits. In most cases you can give a title or gift a membership so they can receive 1 credit each month. 

Those books which you purchased with your debit or credit card from Audible during your membership are not expired and you can download these books unlimited times even if you have cancelled your membership. These books belong to you forever.

To add a new device go to accounts and select “Devices”, then select “ADD NEW DEVICE”. The software asks you to connect to the internet and after a connection device will be added. 

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