How Much Is Riviera Country Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Promo Codes Free

How Much Is Riviera Country Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Promo Codes Free

The costs of joining the Riviera Country Club Membership are kept unknown for the general public but reports suggest that its initial price is $300 and annual membership fee lies between $25,000 to $40,000. Riviera country club is one of the most prestigious clubs of the world and it ranks in top 50 clubs in the world. It gained a pristine reputation among other clubs by hosting US open tournaments and PGA championships.


Riviera Country Club Membership Cost Details

As we all know that the Riviera Country Club subscription is to serve the all classes of society and it has multiple membership levels. The cost is different as per the time period or levels, take a look to the given details below:

How Much Is Riviera Country Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Promo Codes Free


Riviera Country Club Annual Membership

Annual membership dues vary according to plan and type of memberships. The initial fee is $300 and for individuals $1600 and family including husband and wife charges are $2400 per year. Under the 40 year age cost is $1200, husband and wife $1800. 17 years and under 17 age fee is $300/year.

Riviera Country Club Seasonal Membership

Seasonal membership options are also available at Riviera club which costs $1600 for individuals for four consecutive months and family (husband and wife) dues are $1800 for four months including all the other benefits such as pools entry, events and dinner and dance parties. 

Riviera Country Club Monthly Membership

Monthly membership cost for individuals is $500 for one month and family membership cost is $750 per month. Additional taxes are applied to these memberships as well as pro discounts on carts. Members can avail 9 holes for $9 and 18 holes for $14.

Riviera Country Club Membership Deals

This country club is offering multiple options for playing golf and other benefits as well.

Riviera Country Club Membership Deals
  • Members can save money by purchasing membership 
  • They get exclusive discounts and deals 
  • Avail early entries for special occasions
  • Access to pools and fitness centres

The essential thing which is kept in mind is the costs vary depending upon the locations and circumstances of the club so members must have contacted them personally for more information. 


Riviera Country Club Membership Discounts

Riviera country club and sports centre in Orland Park offering deals for four months. These options are providing access to fitness clubs, pools, group classes, tennis courts and social events for individuals, couples and family members. 

  • Get four months individual club membership for $149 (worth is $320)
  • For husband and wife, parents and childrens younger than age 26 and living at home get package for $249 (worth of deal is $500)
  • In $299 you will get family membership for a period of four months including wife and any children living at home under 26 age (a $700 value)

Riviera Country Club Membership Benefits

This membership avail various benefits and perks for members such as:

Riviera Country Club Membership Benefits
  • They receive membership cards, decals, club cards
  • Bimonthly magazine review with technical tips and members showcases classified
  •  They get 45 words advertisement in each issue
  • Access to review the past issues
  • Access to members only section at their website
  • Access to technical advice and extensive library
  • Opportunity to participate in local and international events
  • International air-mail is included with membership
  • Free aerobic studio
  • Basketball gymnasium
  • Cardio and weight room entry
  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Tennis courts access
  • Get golf cage free
  • They will enjoy social activities such as Luncheones, dinners, dance parties

Riviera Country Club Membership Levels

Riviera club is a famous club located in California. Membership requires the club facilities and amenities and it is not accessible for the general public to play there. It is a highly selective process to garb its membership because people must have the recommendation from existing members and a screening process by the clubs committee.

Riviera Country Club Membership Levels

Members must pay annual dues and stick to the rules to maintain high standards and to show respect for existing members and other facilities. To play golf at Riviera club you must become a member and you can purchase various types of membership by following their terms of contract. There are some types of membership which are given to choose.


Riviera Country Club Associate membership

This is the best form of membership which is given from Riviera country club and most expensive in which members avail access to all the facilities and perks regarding Riviera. This membership is for young adults who are enthusiastic for work and create relationships. The eligible age for joining starts from 18 years to under 35 years. 

Riviera Country Club Social Membership

This is a mid-range type which they are offering for members. By choosing this category you will enjoy all the benefits of clubs such as swimming pools, card rooms, dining halls, and others but you have limited access to golf and tennis courts under this membership.

Riviera Country Club Golf Tennis Membership

This membership type ensures all the facilities of playing golf and tennis for membership holders. Members will have full access to the sports zone of the club. This is a perfect match for those people who do not care about socialization and their only aim is playing golf and tennis. 

Riviera Country Club Golf Tennis Membership

Riviera Country Club Tennis Membership

If someone likes to play only tennis and he is fond of tennis only then Riviera country club provides the opportunity for tennis membership only in which members can get access to all tennis courts and changing rooms including other benefits. However some golf opportunities are also involved in certain periods and packages.

Riviera Country Club Golf Membership

As tennis membership the club offers only golf membership for golf enthusiasts in which all other benefits or privileges are included and also members will get a chance to play golf for a specific time under this membership. 

Riviera Country Club Junior Membership

Junior membership is only for existing members’ families including wife and children who are under the age of 40 and living at home. You can enjoy all the facilities and privileges involving tennis courts, pools and golf under junior membership. Members’ spouses and children under 25 age get exclusive benefits as well. 

Riviera Country Club Golf Membership

Riviera Country Club Membership Gift Cards

The company allows people to purchase gift cards from shopping and send to their loved ones. The purchase rate starts from $25 and so on. These gift cards can be at The Riviera Country Club locations and can be sent by email, sms or can be printed by yourself. The recipient can redeem these gift cards on the club’s website and deposit money in their bank accounts, credit cards or PayPal. They can spend money anywhere in the world. 

How To Cancel Riviera Country Club Membership?

To cancel a country club membership depends upon the terms and conditions as well as state laws, members can send an email at or contact through the website for cancellation You must have to follow some key points for termination;

How To Cancel Riviera Country Club Membership?
  •  It is important to fully understand your club terms and conditions
  • Try to negotiate with team for both’s benefits
  • Communicate in a respectful way to the customer service representatives
  • Be aware of the penalties with early termination to avoid inconvenience
  • Explore alternative country club to tackle your needs

Riviera Country Club Membership Renewal

Members are allowed to renew their membership at any time during and after the expiration period of contract and the fee for renewal is $35 in the United States and for foreign dues are $45 per year. These charges are payable to Riviera Owners Association (ROA) and they accept payments through paypal and credit cards as well.

Time PeriodFor ForeignersFor USA Citizens
1 Year$45$35
2 Years$80$65
3 Years$120$95

If someone is willing to update his membership then he can contact via email at Your personal data will be secured and not be intercepted by the company and they use SSL technology for assurance of data security. 

Riviera Country Club Contact Details

To contact regarding any inconvenience about membership or for general comment and queries members can contact by calling at 305 661-5331 or you are allowed to send email at and the company will respond to you adequately and resolve your issues and concerns regarding their plans. 

Riviera Country Club Social Media

Here is social media accounts of this club where members required information and packages are given according to policies.


It has 18 holes and it is one of the best clubs in the world, includes in top 50 clubs and ranks in 25 clubs in the United States. 

Yes, in family membership of Riviera country club children are included with parents and wife.  Children under 26 are included and the condition is they are living at the same home. 

Members will get exclusive discounts and other perks with membership including Luncheones, dinners, drinks, dance parties at the location of the club and other amenities in events. They can save their money and enjoy the deals by purchasing memberships.

Riviera country club hosts tournaments for its members in which great players participate and win a huge amount of money. The overall prize money is $20 million and the winner gets $3.6 million at pay-day.

You must have kept a keen observation of the dress code because they are very curious about this matter. Denim wear is not permitted but you can wear shorts or trousers with a collared t-shirt  although in events you are allowed to dress differently and the most notable thing is that electronic devices are not allowed everywhere you can just use these gadgets in a specified area. 

Members can enjoy the experience and quests such as dining experience with others, winery outings, golf tournaments, excess to multiple sports events, golf excursion across the world and family vacations as well.

Yes, visitors are allowed at the club and they must be added in the guest list before arrival but members must ensure their visitors prior to visit. For the betterment of the environment members and guests must wear proper attire like shorts, trousers and polo t-shirt.

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