How Much Is YMCA Membership Cost 2024 Discounts, Benefits, Promo Codes

How Much Is YMCA Membership Cost 2024 Discounts, Benefits, Promo Codes Free

YMCA membership costs vary depending on the location and type of membership. Generally its monthly membership fee lies between $30 to $60 for an individual and it increases in case of family plan/package. Members are allowed to grasp all the opportunities and privileges of their purchased packages. For specific information and location which suits you more you can visit their website at where you will find prices and local locations to join. 


How To Get YMCA Membership?

With the membership you will explore new ways of connectivity with society and get benefited with the perks and exclusive discounts given from the company. To join its membership you have to visit their official website where you find information related to price, options and the process for signing up.

How To Get YMCA Membership?

However, visiting your local branch is also an option to join through a membership representative who will guide you about the process and terms and conditions as well. Here are some links which helps you to join

  • YMCA Membership:
  • Find Your Local YMCA:

While joining you have to submit an application form related to basic information and type of membership and submit monthly payment through credit card or bank account or check. Photo graph will be taken at the time of application and if you apply online then you have to submit your picture on first visit as well as bring your ID when enrolled and check to automatically set up a monthly draft. 


How To Cancel YMCA Membership

To cancel its membership you have to submit a cancellation request in person or electronically and note that request must be 15 days prior than your next billing cycle. YMCA does not require any contract that is why you can cancel at any time. The process is simple as given below

How To Cancel YMCA Membership
  • Contact your local branch and find out cancellation information
  • Give them a notice 10 to 30 days prior 
  • Fill out cancellation form 
  • Submit the form in person or by mail or fax
  • They will contact you and then confirm cancellation

How To Hold Freeze YMCA Membership

YMCA provides the opportunity to their members to freeze their membership for a specific period of 30, 60 or 90 days. This option allows subscribers to take a break and get some rest from paying charges. This company accommodates financially those members who are on low salary or fixed income.

How To Hold Freeze YMCA Membership

The hold procedure is as easy and simple as the cancellation process, so you have to submit your request for a pause within a certain time by following the terms and conditions of the company. Members can hold for two times in a calendar year and the process will  be completed within 7-10 days and no monthly fee will be charged during this period. One thing which is notable is if payment will be charged during freeze days then dues will be refunded when the request is processed.

How To Renew YMCA Membership

Members are allowed to renew their membership after the expiry of date. They can just log into their accounts with email by providing a unique pin which they received at joining while they get in they will find the option to renew and proceed with payment. You are allowed to renew your membership electronically or by contacting on phone or in person by visiting their local branch directly. 

YMCA Membership Deals

YMCA offers multiple deals and discounts for its members which is valuable for them such as;

YMCA Membership Deals
  • By referring a friend members will get $50 cash
  • Both will get a chance to win visa gift card worth of $500
  • Friend does not pay joining fee if they join till 14 february 2024
  • Members will get full refund if they are not satisfied with the services within 30 days of joining
  • People with breast or ovarian cancer will get membership free

YMCA Membership Discounts

Becoming a YMCA member is fruitful because you will enjoy various amenities and facilities under its membership program which includes;

  • Join membership with someone else and both enjoy 20% off for payments as long as you are members
  • Sign up for membership and get 20% off
  • Get 15% discount if you work with their corporate partners
  • Receive $10 discount every month with valid student ID
  • U.S Armed force members will get 10% discount every month by providing proof of service
  • Police officers, firefighters are eligible for 10% discounts 
  • Members will receive 60% off for fee based classes
  • Grab $100 off full week over camp with family 
  • Get free 5 guest passes for one day
  • Allowed to register prior than others for classes and camps
  • Senior citizens avail 10% discount
  •  Take free lockers access and changing room with membership

YMCA Membership Benefits

With YMCA membership you have a wealth of benefits available to you such as 

YMCA Membership Benefits
  • Free access to five locations
  • Access to basketball courts and gymnasium
  • Yoga and fitness classes as well as indoor cycling 
  • Discounts on swimming lessons, youth programs and sports
  • Eligible to use state-of-the-art equipments
  • Racquet sports and family program with gym and swimming
  • Opportunity to work with personal trainer
  •  Discounts on a variety of childrens and adult programming
  • Get locker rooms with steam and sauna
  • Child care facility while you workout
  • Facility of free wifi
  • Invite a friend to join and get 6 passes each year with membership
  • Get 50% off for month if your friend join for two month
  • Access to nationwide membership which allows you to work out at any of their 2600+ locations

YMCA Membership levels

YMCA provides different types of membership which includes all the benefits and perks for individuals and families to cater their needs. It helps you to begin your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Amenities or privileges of every location vary from each other because different locations offer different facilities and services according to the needs and their standards.

To purchase any membership you have to confirm its price from your local branch in person or by contacting their customer service number or via mail. Some types of membership are as follows;

YMCA Membership levels

YMCA Teen Membership

This for an individual of age 12 to 18 with a price of $32 per month and joining fee is $30 including access to all branches, unlimited wellness support, work with a coach, unlimited exercise classes and pricing on programs.

YMCA Young Adult Membership

The charges for young adult membership are $30 for joining and $44 monthly fee and the age specified for this is 19 years old to 25 years. The type includes perks such as access to all pools, wellness and support and access to more than all locations nationwide. 

YMCA Adult Membership

The age for adult membership is 26 years to 66 years. The price for joining this type is $50 and monthly dues are $62 per month including all the above services in this membership.

YMCA Two Adults Membership

In this type two adults of 18 + age are eligible for joining and the joiner cost is $95 and monthly is also $95. In this membership all facilities and discounts will be added like other types. 

YMCA Family Membership

In this level 2 adults of a household and minor children living at home are eligible. The age for adults are 19 and over and children under 18 are included. This membership allows one-on-one wellness coaching, unlimited access to pools and group exercises, kids access two hours per day, member pricing and more. Dues of joining are $95 and $106/month.

YMCA Membership Gift Cards

YMCA Single Adult Family Membership

This membership involves 1 adult over 18 years of age and any minor children living in the household. This is for single parents or guardians of a family only. The payment for joining is $50 and monthly fee is $95 per month including all the benefits included. 

YMCA Senior Adult Membership

The membership type is for the people who are above 62 years old and the charges for joining are $30 and monthly dues are $57. All the privileges which are mentioned in the above memberships are included in this level. 

YMCA Senior Couple Membership

Senior couple membership is allocated to two adults in which one must be over the age of 62 years and joiner price for this is $50 and monthly charges are $86 per month. Senior members will enjoy free classes, pool entry, coaching, wellness support and other amenities of their membership. 

YMCA Membership Gift Cards

YMCA gift cards are the way to treat yourself and your loved ones with the privilege of life, health and safety. Gift cards can be purchased online or in person from the branch for further assistance visit their official website . These gift cards promote healthy living, sportsmanship, experiences, safety, family time and celebrations.

Gift cards can be applied to multiple health related programs which includes fitness classes, indoor tracks, pool and hot tubs and fitness equipment as well as you can purchase membership from gift cards. These can be used for youth sports programs, day camps, family activities and events planning. These all amenities show the positive aspect and versatility of gift cards. 

YMCA Coupon Codes

YMCA provides coupon codes to reduce the price of their membership and permits their members to get facilitated by their services. Some offers are here;

  • 25% off for youth sports using coupon
  • For day camp save $30 by checking out register
  • 25% off for membership and swim lessons
  • Take $20 off in registration from code
  • For youth baseball get 25% off registration 
  • Shop at YMCA Orange county and save $55
  • Find summer camp 10% off with coupon code at Orange County

YMCA Contact Details

For general comments and queries members can contact at their phone number 800-872-9622 or via mail at . for the further assistance you are allowed to contact through the website there you will find proper information about YMCA or visit personally near your local branch. 

YMCA Social Media

Here are some social media accounts of the company to interact and find valuable information.


Yes, you are allowed to bring your children to the facility with family membership and they take care of your children two hours in a day while you are working out or busy in other activities. 

From the membership subscription members can avail special rates on afterschool programs, camps, youth sports, swim lessons, personal training and many other facilities. 

Yes with the membership you can visit and grasp the opportunity for all locations nationwide but the facility for using all the locations depends upon your membership type. Family and individual community membership allows you all these amenities. 

Yes YMCA offers financial assistance for those people who are working on fixed salary or very low income. This assistance is provided to qualified members which meets the criteria at our annual campaign. For access members have to fill out an application form by visiting the member service desk. 

Yes guests are allowed to visit but their age must be 18 years or above. Moreover at the time of bringing guests members must be present at entrance and sign a waiver, present photo ID and they must wear guest band during visit. 

If you have a coupon code you have to follow these steps to apply 

  • Add your activity or membership to the cart
  • After adding follow checkout process
  • Review your order and add valid coupon code

No, you are free from all the ties of contract and you are free to cancel your membership at any time. If you decide to cancel your membership within 30 days of joining you will get your full payment back without any inconvenience. 

Yes you can change your level by paying a $25 changing fee and the condition for upgrade is you must have purchased your model from january 2023. For a request to change membership you have to complete the change inquiry form. 

Yes, to visit YMCA branch you must have purchased a one day pass and if you decide to join membership within 7 days of pass purchase date then the amount of pass will be added to your subscription.  

Members have to pay registration fee for program and follow up some steps

  • Go to the website and find my account
  • Log into your account and add your wished program to the cart in the top navigation bar
  • You can also register for the program by visiting in person from your local  branch. Welcome centre staff are happy to help you and give answers to your questions related to specific programs.

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