Black Swan Membership Cost 2024 Types, Location, Benefits & Worth

Black Swan Membership Cost 2024 Types, Location, Benefits & Worth

Black Swan Membership costs from $98 per month to $975 per year. Black Swan Yoga has a range of flexible price choices. Drop-in classes are by gift, and $15 to $20 is a good amount to give.

You can pay at least $10 to reserve your spot online ahead of time. With a monthly registration, you can go to any class at any school without having to pay a fee to quit. With an annual ticket, you can do as much yoga as you want and get extra benefits like partner discounts and access to This makes sure that there are many choices for people with different means and levels of effort.​ 

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About Black Swan Yoga

Black Swan Yoga is a yoga studio in Austin, Texas, that works to make yoga available to everyone. The pay-what-you-can school is meant to be friendly and not judging, and lessons are held in a warm room that is set to 90 degrees Fahrenheit to help with cleansing and flexibility. There are different types of classes at the school for people of all skill levels. These include standard vinyasa flow, power yoga, and sessions with candles. The instructors are known for being friendly and helpful, and they make adjustments for each individual. 

Black Swan Membership Cost 2024 Types, Location, Benefits & Worth

Black Swan Yoga’s mindset is based on the idea of community. Regular events, classes, and social get-togethers help practitioners feel like they belong. Because it focuses on the community and lets people choose how to donate, Black Swan Yoga is a well-liked business in the yoga community.

You may make retail purchases and drop-in contributions at the studio using your Black Swan Yoga Gift Card. It should be noted that gift cards are limited to a single city and cannot be applied to ongoing monthly subscriptions.

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Black Swan Membership Types

There are different kinds of memberships at Black Swan Yoga to meet the wants and lives of different people. These are the main types of membership that are available:

Black Swan Single Month Membership

You can buy a one-time $128 Single Month Membership at Black Swan Yoga. There is no obligation to keep the membership and no returns. This registration lets you make as many studio bookings as you want at any Black Swan Yoga site, so you can go to classes without having to pay extra.

Get to know a friendly and helpful group of people, and enjoy everything Black Swan Yoga has to offer without any risk. Feel free to join us in this life-changing event.

Black Swan Monthly Membership

The Black Swan Membership is priced at $98 per month and provides the flexibility to terminate at any time with a minimum of five days’ notice (refunds are not issued).

Black Swan Membership Cost 2024 Types, Location, Benefits & Worth

You can make as many class bookings as you want at any Black Swan site, and you’ll also get special deals on courses and goods. When you go to class, you don’t have to give anything. Join a lively, helpful group where everyone is going through the same changing, hot journey.

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Black Swan Annual Membership

Black Swan Yoga’s Annual Membership costs $975 per year, which is a one-time payment. This gives you a 17% discount and saves you $201 per year (no returns). With this membership, you can book any Black Swan studio at any time, and you’ll also get special deals on classes and products.

You can go to classes without having to give money, and you’ll also join a group of people who are there for you as you sweat through a life-changing journey.

Membership TypePriceTerms & Conditions
Single Month Membership$128 (one-time)One-time paymentNo obligation to continueNo refunds
Monthly Membership$98 per month$98 per monthCancel anytime with at least 5 days’ notice (no refunds)Discounts on merchandise and workshops
Annual Membership$975 per year$975 per year (one-time payment)17% discount, saving $201 annuallyNo refundsUnlimited studio bookings at any Black Swan Yoga location
Black Swan Membership Plans

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Black Swan Membership Benefits

Black Swan Yoga provides a range of membership perks to suit the needs of both novice and seasoned practitioners. The following are some typical advantages of a Black Swan Yoga membership:

Black Swan Membership Cost 2024 Types, Location, Benefits & Worth
  • Unlimited Yoga sessions: Most Black Swan Memberships include unrestricted access to a variety of yoga sessions, including vinyasa, hatha, yin, and other forms.
  • Access to All Locations: A membership frequently gives a person access to every studio location, enabling them to practice wherever it is most comfortable for them.
  • Guest Passes: Members may be able to invite friends and family to lessons with guest passes included in certain membership options.
  • Workshops & Special Events: Attendance at workshops, special events, and other community get-togethers may be free or subject to a discount for members.
  • Priority Booking: In order to guarantee a space in sessions that are in great demand, members may receive priority booking for popular classes.
  • Exclusive Content: One of the subscription perks may include access to online courses, yoga videos, instructions, and live streaming.
  • Discounts on Merchandise: Members frequently get discounts on mats, clothes, and accessories as well as other yoga-related products that are offered inside the studio.
  • Wellness Programs: Access to courses on holistic health, nutrition guidance, and meditation sessions is a feature of certain memberships.
  • Community and Social activities: Participating in community and social activities is made possible by membership, which helps members feel connected and like they belong.
  • Special Rates for Extra Services: There may be savings on extra services such as private yoga classes, massages, or other wellness therapies.

Black Swan Yoga Drop in Class Packages

For their courses, Black Swan Yoga provides a flexible price structure with choices for both drop-in and membership. A minimum gift of $10 is required for each drop-in session, and to guarantee your position, you must register online in advance. This guarantees a contactless check-in procedure and aids in preserving the restricted capacity for comfort and safety.

Black Swan Yoga uses a donation-based business model to make yoga affordable and to foster community involvement. This concept works for all of their locations, which are spread throughout several large cities, such as Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Phoenix, and San Antonio.

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Black Swan Yoga BSV TV

Black Swan Yoga lessons, workshops, and wellness material may be accessed from any location with an internet connection through BSV TV, an online platform. The term “Black Swan” alludes to a concentration on transformational and difficult yoga, much like the idea of a “black swan” occurrence in economics.

Black Swan Membership Cost 2024 Types, Location, Benefits & Worth

Yoga poses, mindfulness exercises, meditation classes, and dietary advice are all available to BSV TV members. BSV TV is a good choice if you’re interested in yoga and looking for online resources and you agree with their wellness philosophy.

Black Swan Membership Discounts

Black Swan has two membership options with discounts: Black Swan Relationship Academy, which provides dating and relationship education classes, and Black Swan Yoga, which gives monthly and yearly savings.

A 10% discount is available for monthly memberships, while an annual membership grants access to online yoga videos, savings on courses, souvenirs, and unlimited studio bookings. Active, retired, veteran, and reservist US military members are all eligible for military discounts.

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Black Swan Membership Cost 2024 Types, Location, Benefits & Worth

Black Swan Yoga Locations

There are several studio locations for Black Swan Yoga spread throughout different US cities. This is a list of where they are located:

Austin, TXAnderson1417 W Anderson Ln
Cesar Chavez913 E Cesar Chavez St
Orchard403 Orchard St
Round Rock2800 S I-35 Frontage Rd #310
Westgate4534 West Gate Blvd
Dallas, TXBishop407 W 10th St, Ste. 100
Lovers5118 W Lovers Ln
Skillman1920 Skillman St
Denver, COCapitol Hill1308 N. Pearl St
South Broadway2815 S Broadway
Houston, TXFannin2850 Fannin St #300
Kirby5310 Kirby Dr
White Oak3210 White Oak Dr
Phoenix, AZ7th Street4530 North 7th Street
San Antonio, TXDowntown914 E Elmira St #201
Vineyard1201 N Loop 1604 W #105

How To Join Black Swan Membership

In order to become a member of Black Swan Yoga, you must generally adhere to the following stages, which are founded on the standard practices of yoga studios:

  • Go to the Sign Up or Membership Page: Find a page on the website that talks about participation, prices, or ways to join. This is often found under “Classes,” “Membership,” or “Join Us” tabs.
  • Choose a membership Plan: Once you’ve found the registration information, look over the different plans they offer. Most yoga schools offer contracts that last for a month, class packs, or drop-in rates.
  • Make an Account: If you don’t already have one, you may need to make an account on their website. You will need to enter your email address and make a password.
  • Finish the process of registering: Just do what it says to finish registering. Usually, this means adding your personal information, choosing the type of contract you want, and giving information about how you want to pay.
  • Review the Terms and Conditions: Before you sign up for a program, make sure you read through any terms and conditions that come with it. This will help you understand how to quit, renew, and other things.
  • Pay: To pay for the membership plan you picked, go to the part that says “Pay.” Most companies let you pay online with a credit or debit card.
  • Confirmation: Once you’ve paid, you should get an email confirming your membership’s information. 

How To Cancel Black Swan Membership

To cancel your Black Swan Yoga membership, follow these steps:

  • Open your MindBody account and log in: You must log into the account linked to the city where you registered. The following links are for different cities:
  • Handle your membership: To manage or cancel your membership, go to your account settings after logging in.
  • Speak with customer support: You may get in touch with Black Swan Yoga directly by phone or email if you run across any problems. Here are the following contact information:
  • General enquiries: (512) 960-4026, 
  • The Black Swan Yoga website lists the phone numbers and email addresses of individual locations. In order to prevent any costs, it’s crucial to cancel at least five days before your subsequent payment period.

Black Swan Membership Renewal

Black Swan Yoga has three membership options: monthly ($98), annual ($731), and one-month unlimited ($118). The monthly membership can be canceled at any time with at least five days’ notice and offers savings and unlimited studio reservations. Although there are no refunds and only a one-time purchase required, the yearly membership saves $244 annually.

Black Swan Membership Cost 2024 Types, Location, Benefits & Worth

For $128, you may get a one-month unlimited membership that offers limitless studio reservations without requiring a long-term commitment. Go into your Mind-Body account and cancel your subscription under the “Auto-pays” section to manage your membership. To avoid further fees, cancellations must be notified 48 hours before renewal.

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Is Black Swan Membership Worth It?

The cost versus value of Black Swan Yoga memberships is determined by several criteria, including the frequency of practice, range of classes, convenience, community, environment, and extra advantages. Practice on a regular basis might be less expensive than drop-in charges.

There are several classes available at the studio that can fit your interests and objectives. The studios’ location is crucial as it might be more advantageous if it’s near your house or place of employment. There may be additional chances for interactions because of the studio’s community feature.

The number of lessons required each month to make the membership useful should be taken into account when weighing the cost vs. value. Discounts on courses or special events are examples of extra advantages that might be beneficial.

Black Swan Membership Review


  • Economical: When compared to many other studios, their monthly membership is exceptionally reasonable, especially if you intend to attend four or more lessons each week.
  • Convenience: You may test out multiple teachers and locations with unlimited access to all of their programs and studios.
  • No obligation: There are no costs associated with joining and leaving the monthly subscription before the subsequent auto-draft.
  • Enjoyable ambiance: Positive reviews highlight the friendly atmosphere, lively music, and fun yoga classes taught by the instructors.
Black Swan Membership Cost 2024 Types, Location, Benefits & Worth


  • Quality issues: According to some evaluations, the class quality may not be the best or may not always match up with other studios.
  • Big classes: Because this is a low-cost chain, there is a chance that the individualized experience will be compromised by crowding.
  • Restricted amenities: According to reviews, some studios do not have the same warm atmosphere as smaller yoga studios and might not even loan out props.

Beginners may enjoy an affordable yoga session at Black Swan Membership. To discover a nearby studio and inquire about certain styles, check their timetable. Examine Black Swan’s membership in comparison to other studios, taking into account things like facilities, instructor caliber, and range of classes. Try their contribution drop-in option for only one class. Try Black Swan’s monthly subscription if you’re a newbie on a tight budget.

Black Swan Yoga Contact Details

  • Austin : OR (512) 960-4026
  • Dallas : OR (214) 233-6283
  • Denver : OR (512) 900-1197
  • Houston : OR (713) 640-5060
  • Phoenix : OR (602) 456-4122
  • San Antonio : OR (210) 570-6555

Black Swan Yoga Social Media


How does black swan yoga make money?

Since their goal is to make yoga accessible and inexpensive, they don’t charge a set price for any of their classes; instead, all of them are donation-based.

What type of yoga is black swan yoga?

Their flagship yoga class is called Flow. Everyone may enjoy this class, regardless of skill level. This type of yoga focuses on the strength and significance of the breath while simultaneously stretching and strengthening the entire body.

Does Black Swan Yoga have gift cards?

You may make retail purchases and drop-in contributions at the studio using your Black Swan Yoga Gift Card. It should be noted that gift cards are limited to a single city and cannot be applied to ongoing monthly subscriptions.

What is the idea of the black swan?

A black swan is an unforeseen event with potentially dire repercussions that goes beyond what is often anticipated in a given circumstance.

Do memberships include access to all Black Swan Yoga locations?

Access to many sites may be included in the membership level, or upgrading to access all studios may be an option.

What happens if I miss a scheduled class?

Although policies differ, in general, missed classes do not carry over to the following membership period. Verify whether there are any fees associated with late or non-show cancellations.

Is there a guest policy for members?

Certain memberships enable members to invite visitors for free or at a reduced cost. Please check with Black Swan Yoga about this policy if you want to bring friends or family to courses.

How can I update my membership information or billing details?

Generally speaking, you may amend your membership details via the Black Swan Yoga app, website, or customer support line.

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