OSRS Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Gift Cards, Promo Codes

OSRS Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Gift Cards, Promo Codes

OSRS membership opens up a world of possibilities in Old School Rune Scape, giving users exclusive access to a myriad of features and content. Membership improves the gameplay experience by allowing players to explore additional locations such as the mythical city of Prifddinas and go on exciting missions. Members can learn new skills like Construction and Agility, which opens up opportunities for unique in-game achievements.

OSRS Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Gift Cards, Promo Codes

They also enjoy exclusive minigames such as Castle Wars and Blast Furnace, which promote a strong community spirit. Members have access to a dedicated environment where they may engage in thriving player-driven economy and a variety of activities such as Player-Owned Houses. OSRS subscription not only broadens the gaming universe, but it also develops player fellowship, making each journey richer and more engaging.


How Much Is OSRS Membership

The 12 Month Subscription plan transforms into a 12 Month Premier Membership plan, which includes all the benefits of Premier Club.

CurrencyPremier 12 Months1-Month

The 12 Month Subscription plan features a significant discount of up to 45% over subscribing monthly and is a price reduction compared to the current 12-month membership bundle.

The Three Month Membership package will be discontinued. Existing three-month membership plans will remain after this date and will not be accessible if your membership expires or changes.


OSRS Subscription Levels

Old School RuneScape has two types of membership: 


This is the basic feature of this membership, this

How Much Is OSRS Membership

Version of the game with less content than the members’ version. Free-to-play gamers have access to a piece of the game world, as well as specific skills, missions, and activities. They can access a portion of the game’s skills and missions. If you want to try OSRS before committing to a membership, you can begin by playing the free-to-play version. If you later decide to access the entire range of information and services, you can purchase a membership subscription.


It costs you around $80 per year and $12.5 per month. It have far more features than free-to-play users, including: There are many more quests. Better equipment includes dragons, Barrows, and crystal swords and armor. Several other modes of transportation will be utilized. More mini-games. Additional music and sound effects. New features and improvements are added almost weekly. 400 more slots for bank accounts. Memberships can be purchased monthly or yearly. Premier Club is a yearly subscription that saves up to 45% over monthly subscriptions.

OSRS Membership Deals & Discounts

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) occasionally gives bargains and discounts to players, which increase the value of membership. Seasonal promotions, such as summer or holiday discounts, may include reduced membership fees or more in-game goodies. Furthermore, Jagex periodically works with third-party shops to offer exclusive membership packages or discounts, enticing users to sign up.

OSRS Membership Deals & Discounts

Limited-time events within the game may also provide unique membership prices as incentives for participation, hence increasing engagement. Furthermore, players can obtain cheap membership codes from authorized online stores, particularly during sale seasons. These prices not only make OSRS subscription more affordable, but they also improve the gaming experience by offering additional rewards and incentives to both new and returning players.


OSRS Membership Benefits

OSRS gives you multiple benefits depending on your plans and requirements but few of them are given below :

  • Expands your access in the game world, make you able to unlock the world of fantasies.
  • You can get access of additional skills.
  • Access to exclusive adventures of the game.
  • You can have members-only items and equipments.
  • You can engage in a variety of 1v1 contests.
  • You can explore trade opportunities.
  • You get player-owned houses as a customizable feature.
  • You will get continuous updates.
  • You will be able to interact with the gaming community.

OSRS Membership Coupons

The RuneScape website features a total of 29 coupons. And today’s finest RuneScape coupon will save you 10% on your purchase!

OSRS Membership Benefits

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OSRS Bonds

OSRS Bonds are in-game items that may be purchased and redeemed for membership, Rune Coins (the currency used in Run escape’s microtransactions), and Treasure Hunter keys. They allow gamers to purchase memberships or other premium features without using real money. Bonds can be purchased from the official Old School Run escape website or from other players in the game with in-game currency. Once obtained, a Bond can be exchanged for 14 days of membership, 195 Rune Coins, or one Treasure Hunter key.

How To Get OSRS Membership

You can get OSRS (Old School RuneScape) membership by following these few instructions :

How To Get OSRS Membership
  • Create an account on their official website and login with your credentials.
  • Reach towards the subscribe options and choose membership of your own will.
  • Pay through credit/debit cards or PayPal.
  • Confirmation will be done through message or mail to notify you about the membership.
  • You will have the access to all the features in the membership.

How To Pause OSRS Subscription

OSRS don’t provide a specific pause option but you can cancel it anytime and activate it later whenever feasible. You should review all the terms and conditions carefully before getting membership. Don’t forget, if you’re a member and don’t lapse for more than 14 days, you can keep your existing rate of membership. Subscribe now to gain access to all of Old School RuneScape’s members’ content at the current pricing. Prices for items and services in the Old School RuneScape Shop will also change. Bonds may still be used to access all paid features in our games only through playtime.

How To Cancel OSRS Membership 

You can cancel your OSRS subscription anytime by just following these simple steps :

  • Login with your credentials on their website.
  • Go to Membership Settings.
  • Find an option of Subscription Management.
  • Check out for all the option and find the “cancellation” option.
  • Follow all the instructions and review all the terms and conditions.
  • Verify cancellation through double-checking your account that they are no more charging you for the membership

Is OSRS Membership Worth It ?

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) membership is frequently deemed worthwhile due to the large amount of content it unlocks, which considerably improves the gameplay experience. While free-to-play (F2P) provides a taste of the game, membership grants access to the entire spectrum, including more quests, skills, and places.

Members can interact with F2P players and toggle between the F2P and Pay-to-Play (P2P) worlds. However, the expense may be a worry. If that’s the case, gamers can earn a bond in F2P to become members. Ultimately, the decision is subjective, based on how much you enjoy the game, how much time you have available, and your financial condition. If you’re hesitant, stick with F2P till you make your decision.

OSRS Social Media 


All memberships including monthly and yearly subscriptions will automatically renew and re-bill 3 days before the expiry day. They can be used across Rune Scape and Old School accounts.

RuneScape is still as popular today as it was “back in the day”. There are several causes for this: The game is now available on mobile phones (from 2018, with a long-term beta since 2017), using your original PC account.

Enter the discount code and pay with credit card, it’s the cheapest way and you’ll get discounts up to 30%.

It’s a free-to-play game that anyone can enjoy. They have been providing their services from more than 2 decades.

Usman Tarar is the owner and CEO of OSRS, lnc.

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