Planet Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits Gift Card, Renewal, Cancellation

Planet Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits Gift Card, Renewal, Cancellation

Planet Fitness is a chain of fitness centres which offers various memberships for individuals who are seeking to improve their physical health. This membership includes cardio and strength training equipment as well as fitness classes with group and other amenities such as tanning and massage chairs.

How To Cancel Fitness Planet Membership?


How Much Is Planet Fitness Membership?

Planet fitness membership monthly fee is $10 per month and it attracts gym goers and those who are new to being intimidated by a professional gym. The company uses this low price to entice gym lovers and then offers a higher tier with more perks and discounts for those who are interested.

How Much Is Planet Fitness Membership?

This strategy has been successful during pandemic days; the lowest price remains relevant and nourished the company. However the PF black card fee is $24.99 and if you prepay annual fee it is $199/year. 

Fitness Planet Membership Deals

Join fitness planet now and get access to multiple deals and perks that will fuel your fitness journey. Join the judgement free zone and get

  • 20% off crocs 
  • Save up to 50% at vistaprint
  • Take 10% off for Garmin wearable and accessories
  • Join AARP and save 25% 
  • Black card members can save 25% from shopping
  • Classic membership holders can save 10% from shopping

Fitness Planet Membership Discounts

Fitness Planet offers more discounts for its members at their 2500+ worldwide.

Fitness Planet Membership Discounts
  • Get 70% off with daily water park passes at Great Wolf Lodge Water Park
  • With black card membership get 50% off in stay at great wolf lodge Anaheim and free passes daily
  • 56% off at great wolf lodge Grand Mound
  • 67% off at Great Wolf Lodge Boston
  • 64% off at Great Wolf Lodge Chicago
  • Exclusive 48% off with AAA membership
  • Get Headspace for 30% off
  • Take 10% off hyperice

Fitness Planet Membership levels

Fitness Planet provides three types of memberships which includes myriad perks and discounts and their price varies according to specific locations but their perks can be used on any place worldwide where Planet Fitness club exists.


Fitness Planet Prepaid Membership

The cost of this membership is $199 per year which includes no enrollment fee and no cancellation fee. If you purchased this membership once you are not able to get a refund.

Fitness Planet Membership levels

Fitness Planet The Classic Membership

The Classic membership fee is $10 per month and this membership has a one time enrollment fee as well as exact amount of the fee charged daily. When you visit you could have signed up for the Classic membership.

Fitness Planet PF Black Card Membership

Planet Fitness black card membership fee is $24.99 per month and it also includes one time enrollment fee. Members having black cards are allowed to use any of their 2500+ locations worldwide as well as bring a guest any time at any location free. Black card members will get access to spa before or after exercise or without workout. 


Planet Fitness Membership Benefits

Each member of Planet Fitness entitled to a variety of benefits as follows;

Planet Fitness Membership Benefits
  • Unlimited access to home clubs with membership
  • Bring unlimited guest free every time with you
  • Free fitness training
  • Use 2500+ locations worldwide
  • Free wifi facility
  • Weekly private spray tanning 
  • Free use of massage chairs
  • Unlimited use of Hydro massage for membership holder
  • Use of total body enrichment
  • 50% off on selected drinks
  • Get access to multiple rows of ellipticals, treadmills and stationary bikes

Planet Fitness Membership Promotions

Planet Fitness often runs promotions for new members which includes discounts in rates and new deals. In these promotions monthly rates, enrollment fee and other perks are included. These offers are following

  • Diamond collection sport towel royal blue for $4.95 at planet fitness
  • 50% off selected drinks with black card
  • Judgement Free Zone T-shirt for $16.95 at Planet Fitness
  • Free In-Home video workout for members
  • Ripstop Buddy Bag at Planet Fitness for $15.99
  • Women high waist leggings for $34.95 at Planet Fitness
  • Free wifi with every plan at Planet Fitness

Is Planet Fitness Membership Worth It?

If you are willing to be facilitated from Planet Fitness services such as tanning beds, massage , spa and other perks then the membership is worth it and also it is beneficial if you often travel and need to access other Planet Fitness clubs around the world. If these benefits are not important to you then there is no worth of this membership for you.

Is Planet Fitness Membership Worth It?

How To Cancel Fitness Planet Membership?

Planet Fitness gives you the right to cancel your membership if you want to and you can do so by submitting a cancellation form at the location where you initially signed up. There is no fee for cancellation and you can even use your last month that was already paid. 

Planet Fitness Membership Pause

Many clubs allow their members to keep on hold their membership for a specific reason for the period of two to three months but these rules are vary from club to club and if you need to know about the pause then you have to reach customer service office from where you purchased your membership or visit in in person and speak to front desk or call your club. 

Planet Fitness Contact Details

For the assistance or general queries members can contact our customer care team at 0861-496-463 or email at .

Planet Fitness Social Media


You can transfer your membership to other clubs if you are eligible in following ways;

  • You must have black card membership or annual membership
  • Your membership period must be 90 days
  • You have not transferred your membership for 90 days
  • You must paid fully to your current club no dues remain unpaid 
  • You must have billed monthly membership 

Membership upgrade process is easy and fast. You can do it online or in person at your local club front desk and they will do this for you.

Annual fee is charged once in a year and your annual fee depends on your purchase date and membership type so in this case to know about your fee you have to speak with the customer service team.

Planet Fitness offers membership to a 13 year old but their parents or legal guardian must be present at the time of subscription. Age 15-17 members must have a sign of their parents at waiver and for Black card membership the minimum age must be 18 and have ID proof with them. 

With PF black card membership one friend can be brought at any location.

You can cancel your membership by visiting at your local gym or submit a cancellation request online but you are not allowed to cancel your membership on phone your cancellation will not be considered. 

No, there is no such rule, membership is for individuals and another one can be a guest there, but the guest can not use membership for themselves.

The best time for workout at Planet Fitness is morning because while the world sleep you enjoy workout in a comfortable and stress free environment.  According to Fitbit data gyms are less busy between 5-8 am.

Planet Fitness does not provide any family membership and its membership plan is not transferable. There may be some discount for your family member but membership is only for one person.

Download the Planet Fitness app and select crowd free time from there, track your activities and  get access to digital workouts.

Yes you can pay once by using your credit or debit card from the menu and you can update your initial billing information in the account menu from the app.

Yes you can unfreeze your membership before the time by filling out Fitness membership form and provide details and the reason for cancellation. 

No jeans or pants with prominent grommets can damage gym equipment and open toed shoes. These all are against our safety policy so these things are not allowed at Planet Fitness clubs.

January is the best month to join a gym with the lowest rate and discounts at many other things.

You can use your PF App and send an invite to your workout buddy through this app. 

Password cases are sensitive and Planet Fitness highly recommends that password must be a minimum of 6 characters and having at least one number.

Planet Fitness have multiple cardio equipment, ellipticals and treadmill as well as headphones for watching TV during your workout.

Planet Fitness has added a total body enhancement machine which uses a combination of red light therapy and vibration to adulate a fitness standard. 

There is free wifi and some locations offer free haircut facilities. However you can use only showers there but you have to note that they do not provide towels so you need to bring your own. 

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