Baltusrol Golf Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

Baltusrol Golf Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trials

Baltusrol Golf Club Membership has a high fee. The initiation price is $150,000, and the annual dues are exceedingly hefty ($18,500).Baltusrol Golf Club, near Springfield, New Jersey, is one of the most renowned and elite golf clubs in the United States. Members enjoy access to the Lower and Upper Courses, as well as the clubhouse, locker rooms, and other facilities.

The Baltusrol Golf Club experience is genuinely unique, and membership is considered a luxury by the golfing community. A round of golf for $125 plus $125 in green fees makes playing at Baltusrol Golf Course an expensive offer. However, it is also one of the finest golf courses in the country. 

Baltusrol Golf Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

The initiation fee is also $150,000, but dedicated golfers believe it’s worth it for the world-class amenities. The Baltusrol Golf Club is among the most premium and exclusive clubs in the United States. Founded in 1895, it has a long and illustrious history, having hosted various notable events throughout the years, including the United States Open seven times.

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About Baltusrol Golf Club

Louis Keller established the Baltusrol Golf Club in 1895. It began as a location for Keller and his friends and family to escape the city. Keller transformed this acreage into a haven for golf fans in the 1890s, when golf began to gain popularity throughout the United States. A.W. Tillinghast was hired to build the Baltusrol Golf Course.

This was a well-known golf course architect at the time. The Baltusrol Golf Club has hosted some of the world’s largest golf tournaments, including two PGA Championships, four US Amateurs, two US Women’s Amateurs, seven US Opens, and two US Women’s Opens. 

Dress Codes at Baltusrol Golf Club

As a typical private golf club, Baltusrol takes significant attempts to maintain elegant standards of appearance and behavior. Members who do not follow the wardrobe requirements will be asked to alter their clothes or, depending on the case, may be asked to leave.

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Dress Codes at Baltusrol Golf Club

Men : Slacks or shorts and collared shirts are compulsory attire on Club premises. Golf shirts must be kept tucked up at all times. Jeans, denim, cargo trousers, sandals and flip flops are all considered inappropriate clothes. Hats, hats, and visors are not permitted inside the Clubhouse.

Shorts are permitted on the main level of the Clubhouse until 6:00 p.m., with the exception of the Main Dining Room. Shorts are not permitted on the main floor after 6:00 pm, with the exception of the Grill Room. Shorts should be cut for golf, and only short ankle-length socks may be worn with them. Jackets are needed after 6:00 p.m. on the main floor, with the exception of the Grill Room.

Women : Golf skirts/dresses, shorts or trousers, and collared shirts are compulsory attire on Club premises. Jeans (even white), denim, leggings, yoga pants, cargo trousers and flip flops (rubber, beach or athletic) are all considered inappropriate wear. Hats, hats, and visors are not permitted inside the Clubhouse.

How to join Baltusrol Golf Club Membership

Shorts are permitted on the main level of the Clubhouse until 6:00 p.m., with the exception of the Main Dining Room. After 6:00 p.m., golf attire/shorts are not permitted on the main floor, save for the Grill Room.

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How to join Baltusrol Golf Club Membership

Baltusrol Golf Club is by invitation only, with roughly 750 members.

The majority of members come from the New York metropolitan region.

To become a member, you’ll need to pay a significant initiation charge and annual dues.

  • Registration costs: A staggering $150,000 in registration costs.
  • Annual Dues: Additional annual expenses of over $18,500, which corresponds to almost $1,500 each month. 

How to Cancel Baltusrol Golf Club Membership

To cancel your Baltusrol Golf Club membership, take the following steps:

  • Contact the club: Reach out to the club’s administration directly. You may reach them at (973) 376-1900. Explain your intention to discontinue your membership and inquire about the cancellation process.
  • Inquire about requirements : Inquire about any additional procedures or paperwork needed for the cancellation. They may seek written notification or other procedures.
  • Submit a formal Request: If necessary, send a formal request for membership cancellation. Make sure to include your full name, membership information, and reason for cancellation.
  • Review Membership Agreement: Please refer to your membership agreement or contract. It may include details on cancellation policies, notice periods, and any related fines.

Baltusrol Golf Club Membership Benefits

Baltusrol Golf Club, near Springfield, New Jersey, is known for its illustrious history and world-class golfing facilities.Here are some common advantages linked with a membership at the Baltusrol Golf Club : 

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  • Access to championship golf courses: Baltusrol Golf Club has two championship 18-hole golf courses: the Lower and Upper Courses. Members often get unrestricted access to these courses.
  • Practice Facilities: Members frequently have access to extensive practice facilities, such as driving ranges, putting greens and short-course areas. These facilities offer opportunities to hone golf abilities and improve performance.
  • Clubhouse Amenities: Members are likely to have access to a variety of amenities inside the clubhouse, including excellent dining, private event spaces, locker rooms, and lounges. These facilities may also accommodate social events, member meetings, and special occasions.
  • Golf store Discounts: Members may enjoy discounts or special deals on items and equipment available at the golf store. This may include golf clubs, clothes, accessories, and other golf-related things.
  • Guest Privileges: Depending on their membership category, members may be able to welcome visitors at the club for golf, dining, or other club events. Guest rights often vary according to membership level and club policies.

Baltusrol Golf Club Membership Renewal

Baltusrol Golf Club’s membership renewal process is a simple but necessary step for existing members to preserve access to the club’s excellent facilities and services. Typically, members are advised of their renewal date and given renewal alternatives and paperwork. This might entail filling out a renewal form, updating personal information, and agreeing to any changed club regulations.

Baltusrol Golf Club Membership Benefits

To guarantee that their membership benefits continue, members must submit their renewal dues by a stipulated time. Members get confirmation of their renewed membership after successfully completing the renewal procedure and payment, allowing them to continue using the club’s golf courses, clubhouse facilities, and member activities for the following term.

Is Baltusrol Golf Club Membership Worth it ?

The value of Baltusrol Golf Club membership is determined by a range of criteria, including personal preferences, financial capability, and golfing goals. Baltusrol Golf Club, located in Springfield, New Jersey, has a rich history as the home of multiple major championships, which adds to its appeal.

However, the cost of membership, which includes initiation fees, yearly dues, and any other charges, must be carefully considered to ensure it is within one’s budget. The value proposition is assessed by analyzing access to top-tier amenities such as world-class golf courses, practice facilities, and a clubhouse. Furthermore, the prestige of membership may provide networking possibilities and social contacts, thereby increasing its appeal to those seeking such activities. 

Baltusrol Golf Club Membership Levels

Certainly! The Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey, has many membership choices for golf aficionados. Let’s investigate them:

Full Golf Membership

As a full golf member, you get access to all of the club’s amenities, including the golf courses, practice areas, and clubhouse. Play endless golf rounds and compete in club events.

Is Baltusrol Golf Club Membership Worth it ?

Full golf membership offers the most full experience at Baltusrol. Baltusrol Golf Club, a prominent and historic club with two championship golf courses, is likely to charge membership fees commensurate with its reputation and services. Typically, initiation costs for clubs of comparable caliber run from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, with annual dues and other expenditures added on top.

Social Membership

If you’re more interested in the club’s social components, social membership may be the best option.Access to the clubhouse, eating facilities, and social activities.

While social members do not have golf privileges, they may still enjoy the club’s active community. Social membership rates vary greatly based on the club’s location, facilities, and services.Social memberships at golf clubs often include access to clubhouse facilities, eating options, social activities, and, on occasion, restricted access to golfing privileges. A social membership is often less expensive than a complete golf membership since it excludes access to golf courses and related facilities.

Young Executive Membership

This membership group is intended for younger golfers (usually under a specific age). It fosters involvement and engagement. It usually includes lower startup costs and yearly dues. Young executive members can play golf and attend social functions. Young Executive Membership is designed for younger persons who are just starting out in their professions or who meet certain age requirements.

Young Executive Memberships are widespread at golf clubs and sometimes provide lower initiation fees and dues than standard memberships, making them more affordable to young adults. The details of Baltusrol Golf Club’s Young Executive Membership, including qualifying requirements, initiation costs, annual dues, and benefits 

Registration Fee$150,000
Annual Dues$18,500
Green Fee$125.00

Baltusrol Golf Club Contact Details

  • Address : 201 Shunpike Rd Springfield, NJ, 07081-2160
  • Phone : (973) 376-1900
  • Email :

Baltusrol Golf Club Social Media


Louis Keller’s

With a long history dating back to 1895, Baltusrol remains faithful to its creator, Louis Keller’s aim of creating a world-class golf club suited for America’s top metropolis.

Baltusrol hosted its inaugural PGA Championship in 2005, and it did it again in 2016. Baltusrol was awarded the 79th Women’s PGA Championship in 2023 and the 111th PGA Championship in 2029 as part of a collaborative venture.

Often, a country membership subscription is half the price of a full membership. In general, your permanent house must be located outside of a certain radius from the golf club, which is often 50 or 100 miles. Joining a golf club is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded golfers and make new friends.

Baltusrol Golf Club was named after Baltus Roll (1769-1831), who cultivated the property on which the club now stands.

To join the Baltusrol Golf Club, you must spend a stunning $150,000 in registration fees.

Furthermore, there are annual dues of nearly $18,500, which equates to almost $1,500 every month

Mobile phones may only be used to check time-sensitive emails, texts, or voice messages in dedicated phone rooms. Both members and guests must put their devices on quiet while on club grounds.

Yes, green fees for playing golf at the Baltusrol club are $125.

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