Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews

Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews

Sam’s Club Membership costs $45 a year, and membership to Sam’s Plus costs $100 a year. You can add extra memberships for $40 a year and each level of membership comes with one card and a free family membership that you can share.

Sam's Club Membership

As a member, you can also get access to Sam’s Club petrol shops and tire and battery centers. As of right now, new members of the warehouse club can get $45 off their first buy in the club, as long as it’s for $45 or more. If you use the credit within 60 days of when it’s added to your account, it makes membership free for a whole year.

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Details About Sam’s Club

Members can get a lot of different things at low prices at Sam’s Club, which is a shopping club. It’s easy to do all of your shopping at Sam’s Club, which is mostly for businesses and people who want to buy things in bulk. It has become a popular place for people to save money on electronics, food, everyday items, and more, with stores all over the United States and other countries.

Sam's Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews

The structure of the warehouse makes it easy to look around and buy things, and the membership model adds extra perks like discounts, special deals, and access to services that are only available to members.

Fans of Sam’s Club can also enjoy a great online shopping experience, where they can buy things and have them sent right to their front door. Sam’s Club is still a popular choice for people who want to buy quality goods at low prices and enjoy the ease of shopping with a membership. This is true whether they are stocking up for a small business or a big family.

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Sams Club Membership Tiers

There are two types of memberships at Sam’s Club: the Club membership costs less and the Plus membership costs more based on the benefits and of course price. Both are given below : 

Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews

Club Membership

Club Membership costs $50 per year. It comes with two cards: one for the main account user and one free card for someone else in the family. Low prices for members only, and new Instant Savings deals are added all year long.

With its Scan & Go service, you can scan things and pay with your phone, missing the checkout queue. It gives users discounts on fuel. It lets you get to the center of the tires and batteries. Lets you give a free membership to someone else in your home. It lets you become a member of something else for a lower price of $45. 

Club Plus Membership

Plus Membership costs $110 per year. It includes all the benefits of the Club Membership.It ships most online purchases for free. Offers free service at the curb. Some stores are able to open earlier because of it. It gives you extra savings at pharmacies and opticians. It gives you 2% back on purchases made in the club, up to $500 per year. It also helps business owners in other ways. 

Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews
MembershipAnnual CostMonthly Cost

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Sam’s Club Membership Benefits

There are few major benefits that Sams Club Membership gives you : 

Exclusive Deals and Savings : Being a part of Sam’s Club gives you access to special deals and discounts on a lot of different items. Members can get big savings on everyday items and things they buy in bulk.

Early Shopping Hours : Members can start shopping earlier, which lets them beat the crowds and enjoy a more leisurely viewing experience.

Services Only For Members : Members of Sam’s Club can use special services like optical and drugstore services, which makes participation more valuable.

Online Convenience : Digital deals and quick savings offers give you even more discounts, and the ability to have items delivered to your home makes being a member even more convenient.

Travel and Entertainment Discounts : A Sam’s membership gives you savings on more than just shopping. You can also save money on activities and travel. They can save money on things like hotels, rental cars, theme parks, and more.

Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews

Business Solutions and Services : Sam’s Club has a lot of services and products that are designed to meet the wants of business people. There are choices for business shipping, personalized business checks, and HR services.

How to Join Sam’s Club Membership

People can become members of Sam’s Club either in person at a club or online. For both ways, here are the steps:

At a Club Location

  • Go to any Sam’s Club store.
  • You can just simply apply at the Membership Desk.

How To Join Online

  • Sign in or make a web account if you already have a membership.
  • Pick the type of membership you want. It comes in two different types: You can join the club for $50 a year or for $110 a year as a Plus member.3.
  • Once you’ve sent in all the necessary information and been accepted, you can start shopping online.
Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews

How to Cancel Sam’s Club Membership

o cancel your Sam’s Club subscription, you have a few options:

  • You can cancel and get a return right away at any club’s Member Service Desk. They are going to help you with the process.
  • You may cancel your account by calling 1 (888) 746-7726. You’ll get your money back through a Sam’s eGift Card after cancelling.Keep in mind that even after you end your membership, some of your information may still be kept because of laws or rules about keeping records.
  • To cancel your membership online, go to or the app, sign in, and then go to Your Account > Membership Details. Scroll down to Membership Options and click “Cancel Membership.” 

Sam’s Club Membership Renewal

When it comes to renewing your Sam’s Club subscription, you have several convenient options:

Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews
  • Online Renewal: To see when your membership is up for renewal, log in to your account or renew online.You can update your membership with a new card, Sam’s Cash that you’ve already earned, or cash that you already have on file. You can find your ticket in the list of purchases in your account.
  • In-Club Renewal:Just go to any Sam’s Club and go to the Membership Desk.You can also renew your membership while you are checking out with your items. You’ll get a proof from the club, and it will also show up in your account search records.
  • Phone Renewal: Don’t get any extras when you join; just call 1-888-433-7267.To renew a membership with add-ons over the phone, call 1-888-746-7726.
  • Renewal by Mail: If you’d rather renew your membership by mail, send your information and payment (cheque) to the address below, showing which type of membership you have: Plus Sam’s: San Antonio, TX 78265; PO Box 659785, Sam’s Club: San Antonio, TX 78265; PO Box 659782. Keep in mind that renewing by mail could take up to 14 days to complete. 

How to Earn Cashback with Sam’s Club Membership

People who are Plus members or have a Sam’s Club Mastercard can use a membership programme called “Sam’s Cash” to get benefits for shopping there.

Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews

This is how it works

You can earn 2% Sam’s Cash on the purchase price of certain things (more on that below). You can earn up to $500 in Sam’s Cash each membership year. Anyone who has a Sam’s Club Mastercard can use it to earn up to $5,000 in Sam’s Cash every year.

Terms & Conditions

  • You can only buy things in the club or with Curbside Pickup. Things bought on do not qualify.
  • The main cardholder and a second free cardholder in the same home can earn Sam’s Cash, but purchases made by add-on members do not.
  • If you return items bought in the club with Sam’s Cash, you will get your money back in the form of a gift card or cash.
  • You don’t get Sam’s Cash when you buy things like alcohol, marijuana, petrol, milk, gift cards and other things.

How to Get a Refund on Sam’s Club Membership

You can get your money back if you cancel your Sam’s Club subscription at any time. If there is a store close and you want to go there, there are two ways to do it.

Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews

In the store

If you have a nearby Sam’s Club and don’t mind going there, you can cancel your membership and get your money back right away by asking at the Membership Desk.

Get in touch with customer service

You can cancel and get your money back over the phone by calling 1(888)746-7726 if you don’t want to go to the store.

Remember that if you call to cancel, you’ll get your money back in the form of an eGift card from Sam’s Club. But you don’t have to spend it at Sam’s Club. The gift cards can also be used at Walmart and

How To get Sam’s Club Membership Card

That is how you can get your membership card. Just follow the steps below: 

Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews
  • You can join Sam’s Club in person or online.
  • For online registration, make an online account.
  • Get the Sam’s Club app to get to your digital membership card right away.
  • Click on “Account” in the app and look for the number at the top. This will take you to your digital membership card.
  • Request a physical membership card and get a membership card in the mail at the Member Service Desk. You’ll need your membership number and a valid photo ID.

Sam’s Club Membership Discounts and Promo Codes

There are many ways to save money at Sam’s Club. Here are some great ones:

Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews
  • In December, Sam’s Club’s membership prices were cut in half. For a yearly fee of $25, you could join the club. This is 50% off the normal price of $50 for a membership.
  • A Sam’s Club subscription lets you save a lot of money on many things, like household items, gadgets, medications, and food that’s already been cooked. Members also save right away on already-low prices, get free shipping on some items, and have items picked up at the curb for free.
  • Instant Savings Coupons: Weekly deals and member-only prices can save you up to 50%.
  • Get at least 10% off in all areas when you join the Club.
  • Clearance Deals: You can get things for up to 40% less.
  • Home Appliances: Save up to 25% off on home appliances.
  • As a Club member, you can get most of your items shipped for free.
  • Deals on Tyres: Save up to $100 on some sets of tyres.
  • For beds, you can get them for up to 35% less. 

Is Sam’s Club Membership Worth it ?

Deciding if a Sam’s Club subscription is worth it relies on your unique shopping habits and requirements. If you often make large purchases or need access to special offers, the membership can provide significant savings. Having the opportunity to shop in advance, access exclusive services, and receive discounts on a wide range of products brings great value.

In addition, the ease of online shopping and the satisfaction guarantee add to the advantages of being a member. On the other hand, if you don’t need to buy in large quantities or if you prefer shopping at different stores, the membership might not be as beneficial for you.

Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews

Considering the potential savings in relation to the annual membership fee is crucial in determining if it fits well within one’s budget and shopping preferences. In the end, a Sam’s Club subscription can prove to be a valuable investment for individuals who want to save time and money.

Sam’s Club Membership Review

Sam’s Club subscription have both positive and negative reviews which are given below : 

Sam’s Club Positive Reviews

  • Cost Savings: Sam’s Club provides substantial discounts on food, electronics, petrol and other household necessities when purchasing in bulk.
  • Benefits of Membership: Members get access to Sam’s Club petrol stations and tyre and battery stores. Members who have a Plus membership can take advantage of perks such as complimentary shipping for online orders and reduced prices on eyeglass frames and lenses.
  • Benefits: Those who purchase qualifying items and upgrade to the higher-tier Sam’s Club Plus membership are eligible to get 2% in cash rewards, up to $500 annually.
  • Online Shopping: Both types of membership are valid for use on Customers can choose between same-day or two-day grocery delivery, along with the convenience of curbside pickup.
  • Comparison with Competitors: Sam’s Club offers advantages similar to those of its counterpart, Costco, including a similar range of products, free samples, and a cheaper membership. 
Sam’s Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trial & Reviews

Sam’s Club Negative Reviews

  • Membership Fee: Regrettably, gaining access to these perks isn’t possible without paying an annual membership fee.
  • Restricted Advantages of Basic Membership: Although the standard Club membership comes with numerous benefits, the Plus membership, which comes at a higher price, provides extra advantages.
  • Customer Service: There have been customer complaints regarding issues with customer service, credit card, and membership fees.
  • Communication Problems: Several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the level of communication and customer service.

Sam’s Club Contact Details

  • Phone: You can contact Sam’s Club at (888) 746-7726.
  • Email: You can email Sam’s Club at 
  • Business Hours: Monday to Saturday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

Sam’s Club Social Media


$50 a year gets you a membership that includes one card for the main account user and one free card for someone else in the family.

The Club membership is less expensive and lets you shop at Sam’s Club prices. The Plus membership costs more, but it comes with extra perks like free shipping, free curbside pickup, and early buying hours.

Please note that you can only use the deal in person at any Sam’s Club. Memberships to Plus are not included in the deal.

Because it sells in bulk, Sam’s Club is often cheaper than Walmart. Walmart might be a better choice when you don’t need a lot of an item.

If you sign up as a guest, you can still shop and get the same deals as a member.

It lasts about 12 months.

You can bring up to two people with you to Sam’s Club.

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