Great Life Membership 2024- Unlimited Golf & Fitness Plans For Everyone

Great Life Membership 2024- Unlimited Golf & Fitness Plans For Everyone

Great Life Membership is a community which offers various courses such as golf, fitness centers ,swimming and much more if you are interested in your physical health and want to spend a quality time so you have to get GreatLife Membership for yourself and also for your loved ones. Great Life providing plus membership to keep its community benefited from its services in which you will enjoy myriad facilities

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How much is a Great Life Membership Cost?

The initial charges of Greatlife membership is different because there are various membership types so the cost of these varies from each. You will get many discounts after getting plus membership.

How much is a Great Life Membership Cost?

The charges of 12 month single fitness plus is $54.99/month, 12 month single + child fitness plus is $64.99/month, 12 month married couple fitness 64.99/month and 12 month family fitness plus is $74.99/month. 6 month single is $59.99/month, 6 month single + child fitness is $69.99/month, 6 month married couple costs $69.99/month and 6 month family fitness plus is $79.99/month.

Month to month single fitness is $64.99/month, month to month single + child fitness plus is $74.99/month, month to month married couples fitness plus $74.99/month and month to month family fitness plus costs $84.99/month to you. A $50 fee is necessary for 6 months and 1 year commitment for enrollment membership, 12 month membership will automatically renew after completing the period. 

How to Get a Great Life Membership?

For joining our Great Life family you have to contact with our team which furnished you all the process for joining and charges which you have to pay first after that we will provide you a password and you have to use this password for login your account the password you will get on your email and if you forgot your password you can contact to our corporate office 785-233-2868.after joining you and your family can take part in activities such as arcade, biking, disc golf, laser tag, indoor playground, swimming pool and fitness area etc.

How To Cancel Great Life Membership?

You can cancel your membership by providing us with some paperwork and details of cancellation. A membership can be cancelled at the end of your 12 month period but if you want to cancel your membership before the end of your contract then you have to follow our rules and terms of cancellation.

How To Cancel Great Life Membership?

You have to fill our cancellation form which you get from our website and you have to provide details about your name ,phone number, contact details and your membership card and reason for cancellation. You will get a confirmation email from us if you do not receive an automatic email from us then we will  not consider your cancellation request.  

How To Hold Great Life Golf Membership?

You can hold your membership as stated in the membership agreement. It states that you have the right to pause your membership for a short period of time due to any reason but you have to follow some specific instructions to pause your membership.

  • Member should submit their hold request in working days
  • Members should inform our team 5 days before the next renewal date. If the request is submitted later it will not be considered and you have to pay the renewal charges.
  • All the payments are non-refundable
  • Members can hold their membership for 1 month or 2 to 3 months according to their membership level.
  • After that hold period membership will resume and members have to pay regular charges as follows.
  • If a member wants to cancel his membership during the hold period he has to inform us 15 days before the cancellation.
  • Note that the hold is applicable on monthly and annual membership it is not applicable for 6 month membership subscription.
  • A $5 submission fee per month will be applicable on pause. 

Great Life Membership Deals

Great Life is accommodating best deals for the people of all ages. You can join its membership with a very affordable price as compared to other private gyms and golf clubs. If you refer your friend or family member in Great Life you and your referral one will get exclusive diminution on your monthly fee and get access to other discounts.

Great Life Membership Deals

Indoor, outdoor pools, laser tag, group exercise, golf bay and indoor playground so grasp the opportunity and be a member of our company and stay active, create unforgettable memories  and healthy life with your loved ones. A member can get a $20 discount per week per child in our holidays deal.

Great Life Membership Discounts

Great Life allows multiple discounts to its member these are given below:

  • Member can get $10 discount on massage
  • Fitness plus members play golf free all on Monday and tuesday.
  • Discount on valley of arizona and golf courses
  • Discount of $15 at current membership purchase
  • $5 discount on Aerial & Arts for using the code of Great Life.
  • Save $35 school fee for children by joining swim school for children.
  • Get 10% off on all services of Hydration spa even if you are not a member of this community.
  • 10% off on all purchased items from fitness club ,golf club and food.

 Great Life Membership Renewal?

At the end of your annual contract the annual membership will be renewed automatically for another 12 months but your cart membership will last the entire year. Information about your membership will be furnished at the time of your initial contract and you can thoroughly understand terms and policies at that time. If a member upgrades their contract during the contract days the new contract will restart for 12 months. 

Great Life Membership Levels

There are multiple types of memberships available to facilitate the members. It is the best thing of this membership because it is for the all classes of society.

Great Life Monthly-TO-Month membership

Monthly membership includes month to month payments and expires at the end of the month and it will renew month to month. The single fitness plus fee is $64.99/month, single+child plus fee is $74.99, married couple plus fee is $74.99 and family plus fee is $84.99. There is no enrollment fee for this membership.

Great Life Six-months membership

It offers different plans for individuals, couples and family members. Single membership fee is $59.99/month or $359.94 for six months, single+child fee is $69.99/month or $419.94 for six months, couple membership fee is $69.99/month or $419.94 for six months and family membership cost is $79.99/month, or $419.94 for six months. Note that the contract for six months membership will expire after the end of six months and you have to renew it again.

Great Life 12-Month Membership

12 months membership cost for single plus is $54.99/month or $659.88 per year, single+child membership is $64.99/month or $779.88 per year, couple membership is $64.99/month or $779.88 per year, family membership is $74.99/month or $899.88 per year. Members must remember that the contract of 12 months is for 365 days and the fee is charged monthly however it will renew every year after completion of contract days.

Great Life Membership Benefits

Note that annual membership plans 6 & 12 months are fully paid and will end after the specified period(365 for 12-month and 183 for 6-month). The enrollment fee is not involved in these contracts.

Great Life Membership Promotions

Great Life ensures a 7 days free trial for those who are trying to join this lifetime opportunity. This pass allows them to observe the activities and programs from which we are facilitating our members so they can make their choice that Great Life is fit for them. This trial pass can use only one member at a time if you are considering to enter with your friend or family member for that you have to purchase a guest pass for $15 plus tax and this pass allows your friend to use facilities for 24 hours.

Great Life Membership Offers

For Golf & Wellness To play in great life fitness it provides 15 premier and 5 selective courses free by just paying a cart fee. Add unlimited training at the beginning for just $14.95. Great life members get a 15% discount on standard float sessions and it allows 10% off on $40 purchasing and 20% off on $80 purchasing.

For Retails 10% off on all merchandise, $7 off for tire purchase and $7 for oil change from graham tires. 50% off for great life members for purchasing bay rental and many other offers will be availed to Great Life members.

Great Life Membership Benefits

By joining Great Life members can get extra benefits from its services.

  •  Members can book golf tee in advance and reserve their time to play in a week.
  •  Great Life provides a chance for prior participation in competitions and also discounts in dues.
  • Members are eligible to join 8 fitness classes and exercise classes.
  • Great Life accommodates designated areas for training.
  • There is no need for a Golf course green fee in the Topeka Area.
  • We provide two outdoor and three indoor pools to our members free.
  • We furnished discounts on booking our area for parties, birthdays or any other event.
  • By using membership access pass members have the advantage to play mini golf free.

What is a Great Life Gift Card?

Great life card is a source of purchasing discounted items like food, beverage, green fees and much more things. These gift card members can use only specific locations such as Topeka, KS and Springfield and you have to provide buyer information at purchasing time. Gift cards have no cash value and can be purchased to contact our corporate office. The minimum cost of a gift card is $25.

IS Great Life Membership Worth It?

Yes there is no no doubt that GreatLife membership is worthy. Great Life provides services for building strong relationships through sports and healthy lifestyle. We educate people about sports, golf and nutrition and make a difference in people’s lives especially for our young generation. Our mission is to enrich the lives of people and fill their empty moments with joy and pleasure.

Great Life Contact Details

If you have any issue regarding our services then you can contact at 785.233.2868 or

Great Life Social Media


To acquire a couple membership, the couple must be married and the membership does not involve children. If you want to enter your child in a great life community then you have to purchase family membership.

Yes you have to sign up to make certain your presence.

It depends on your membership if you have fitness and golf membership then there is no need to pay if you are having only fitness membership then additional cost you will pay.

You will get a new access card for only $5. 

Yes you can use it but you are not able to use stereo equipment.

No children are not eligible to purchase our membership if they are willing to join us they can request their guardian to purchase membership for them.

Members must create an account of great life by using their email which has been given to them at home course then they can get access to great life networking.

Yes members can book their birthdays, parties, and events in great life areas with exclusive discounts.

Yes Great Life provides you the opportunity to book multiple tee times at once.

No, there is no chance because great life is offering the lowest price to its members as compared to others and a member has the choice to purchase discounted membership and items.

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