Whoop Membership 2024- Unlock Your Potential With Whoop

Whoop Membership 2024- Unlock Your Potential With Whoop

WHOOP Membership is a fitness tracker that can put the concept of the power of a data-driven approach to fitness into practice. Users are provided with in-depth analysis of their workouts and are offered real-time feedback which helps them optimize their physical recovery and performance.

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How to Pause WHOOP Membership?

How Much is WHOOP Membership?

WHOOP follows three various pricing models. The first one is the monthly subscription which costs $30. The second is a 12-month plan which comes at a lower price, where you have to pay $300 per year. The last one is a 24-month membership for which you have to pay $480 and save almost $240.

How to Get WHOOP Membership?

If you sign up for a 12-month or 24-month membership, you will see red call-outs and save 20% for Annual or save 40% for 24 months.

After selecting the 12-month or 24-month membership, you will be redirected to the Accessories page. You can see the promo to join WHOOP.

How to Pause WHOOP Membership?

WHOOP members can pause their membership instead of cancelling. To pause your membership, you must:

Whoop Membership Deals
  • Not be a WHOOP Pro member
  • Not have paused the membership in the past 12 months
  • Not be in a commitment
  • Pay for your membership (members using WHOOP through their organization are ineligible)
  • Go to the membership section of the website and select ‘Pause Membership.’
  • Select the period you want to pause your membership
  • Once it is confirmed, the membership pause will go into effect the same day

How Pausing Works:

  • The remaining credits on the account can be used when membership is resumed
  • Membership can be paused every 12 months for a maximum of 3 months at a time
  • You will not be billed or be able to upload any data until your membership is paused.
  • You will have to un-pause your membership to cancel if you have decided to cancel it while paused.

How to Cancel WHOOP Membership?

To cancel this membership there are two possibilities

Within 30 Days of Receipt

If you have received your WHOOP within the last 30 days, you can head to the returns section on the website and initiate the return process.

Outside the 30-Day Return Window

Cancellation of the membership depends on its type. You can follow these instructions if you want to cancel your membership:

  • Head to the membership section of the website
  • Click on the ‘Cancel Your Membership’ link at the bottom page and initiate the return process
  • You will be presented with the following options depending on your membership type:
Type of MembershipCancelation Options
Paid Upfront (12 or 24 months)Schedule your membership and cancel it at the end of the upfront period
Paying monthly with a 12-month commitmentPay for the full remaining commitment months, and schedule your membership to end after the commitment ends
Paying monthly outside of the 12-month commitmentCancel the membership before the next billing dateContinue to use WHOOP until the end date of membershipOnce it’s canceled, you cannot collect, upload, or analyze your biometric data

Whoop Membership Deals

Your membership includes a free WHOOP 4.0 including:

  • A Lifetime Warranty
  • Access to the WHOOP app including personalised insights and built-in coaching features
  • Weekly and Monthly Performance Reports
  • WHOOP is continuously adding new functionality and features in the app without the need to buy new hardware.

 WHOOP Membership Discount

WHOOP offers a 10% discount to the nation’s heroes. If you are a nurse, first responder, or in the military, you can get a 10% discount. Since you have sacrificed so much for others, you can invest a little in yourself. Click on the ‘Verify with ID’, to unlock the exclusive discount. Your eligibility will be verified. After that, you can generate the given code during checkout.

WHOOP Membership Renewal

WHOOP is billed upfront. It starts with your total membership cost. It is then auto-renewed at the end of your membership duration.

Your membership will auto-renew annually at 12 months, once your membership duration is completed.

If you purchase another 24-month extension, you will be billed for both the extension amount and WHOOP Pro at the same time.

WHOOP Membership Levels

There are three levels of membership which are given below.

Whoop 24-Month Membership

The 24-month membership has the best value. You will have to pay $239 upfront. There is no additional monthly cost for a 24-month membership.

Whoop Annual Membership

This is the most popular WHOOP . You will have to pay $239 upfront for this 12-month membership. There is no additional monthly cost for annual membership.

Whoop Monthly Membership

Members have to pay $30 per month for the monthly membership. You can avail of this membership for a 12-month minimum.

WHOOP subscription Promotion

Promotion is applied automatically at checkout. It is applicable for up to 40% off accessories and apparel. Some exclusions may apply. You can also get 20% off Cyber Week and 25% off for WHOOP Pro members. You can extend your membership immediately by purchasing a digital extension.

WHOOP Membership Offers

The Whoop is providing multiple offers for its members. The details are given below

Whoop Life Warranty

The WHOOP team will work with you to resolve any issue that you are experiencing. They will help to solve the problem or replace your device. Certain terms and conditions may apply.

Whoop 24/7 Support

The WHOOP member support team is available on 24/7 to help the members troubleshoot anything from questions about the membership to the charging issues.

Whoop Exclusive Partnerships

WHOOP has some of the biggest players as its partners in the fitness and health industry for exclusive apparel, giveaways, accessory collaborations, and more.

WHOOP subscription Benefits

WHOOP members get the following benefits:

An eligible free item after every three months, if you do not choose an item at the end of three months, WHOOP will ship a surprise eligible product to the member.

  • 20% discount on all in-store products
  • Standard Shipping is FREE on every order.
  • Members can have early access to new releases.
  • Members get a profile badge in the mobile app.

What is WHOOP a card?

A WHOOP card is a source of purchasing whoop items physically from the store. You can allow someone else to choose their desired item with your WHOOP gift card. The card will be sent to the buyer’s email for purchasing physically and there is no extra fee for this card and you will comprehend the instructions to the buyer on how to use it. They can avail this opportunity by purchasing products such as clothes, bands and other accessories on shop.whoop.com.

WHOOP Membership Gift

Current WHOOP members can apply for a digital extension to their membership. Members can select a gift extension for $90 for 3 months, $180 for 6 months, $239 for 12 months, and $399 for 24 months. After that enter the name and email of your friend. Enter your preferred payment method and purchase the membership gift.

You can give WHOOP to a new or even existing member. Please remember that the gifted memberships are paid in FULL upfront. The gift receiver won’t have to pay for the membership until the time expires.

WHOOP Membership Worth It?

Whoop is not for ordinary work. If you are trying to grasp a big opportunity like triathlon or powerlifting and you are trying your best to achieve your goal then whoop subscription is worth it because it provides you a chance to assess your fitness progress and performance and it will give you a monitored analysis of your weekly, monthly and yearly activities.

The other eccentricity of whoop subscription is that it accommodates you with exclusive discounts for physical purchase and free bonus items as well so in these terms we may say that WHOOP subscription is worth it. 

WHOOP Contact Details

If you have any issues or questions regarding the WHOOP services, you can contact the support team via support.whoop.com or call 1-833-948-0566.

WHOOP Social Media



No, the recipient of the gift is asked to add the payment information after the initial setup.

The longer you commit to the WHOOP subscription, the lower you have to pay as a monthly cost. You can switch to an annual membership once you are a member.

Your WHOOP subscription starts after your pair and activates your WHOOP 4.0 or after the 30 days of strap shipping.

Your membership includes a free WHOOP 4.0 with a lifetime warranty, access to the WHOOP app which includes built-in coaching features and personalized insights, and monthly and weekly performance reports.

WHOOP trials include a new or pre-owned device and battery pack. It also includes a brand-new band with a lifetime warranty.

WHOOP does not charge from you for a tracker but to maintain your membership you have to pay so that you can continuously use your device and track your progress.

If your WHOOP contains a 4.0 battery and continues to charge then you can use it without a phone as long as there is a Bluetooth connection it will continue recording your memories till 2 weeks.

whoop 4.0 can store your 2 weeks data if its battery is working properly and whoop 3.0 can store for 3 days but whoop requires internet access for processing to our server for analysis.

WHOOP is built in 24/7 use and you can wear it during sleep and recovery. WHOOP is made up of continuous use so if it is possible you can keep it on all the time.

WHOOP assesses your fitness progress by a sequence of weeks ,months and years and allows you to behold performance but it can not track your location because there is no sensor in GPs monitor which can track your location during workout.

You can use your WHOOP pro benefits from the start of your membership after the log in you will get 20% discount and free shipping as well.

Yes you can accommodate whoop pro as a gift to your family members or friends and we will charge $12 per month these charges may apply on the numbers of gifts.

WHOOP is a device which can be used for activities in water such as swimming in chlorinated water or in salt water. The quality of WHOOP is that it is built-in for water resistance and its water resistance is 10 meters or 32feet.

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