Legendary Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Gifts, Promotion Codes, Card

Legendary Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Gifts, Promotion Codes, Card

The Legendary membership cost depends upon how many weeks you purchase. The entry fee is about $5000 U.S for 10-20 weeks. Then you have to pay AI fee for membership to book, the more weeks you buy the more free weeks the company will add .

Legendary Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Gifts, Promotion Codes, Card

Legendary is a travel agency or club for those people who love to explore the world by visiting various countries across the world. We offer amazing destinations in the world with exclusive prices and you have to just relax and embrace your vacations. You will find the world closer to you when you join our club.


Legendary Membership Deals 

Legendary subscription provides multiple perks and deals for making the journey and vacations memorable. It offers free weeks in purchasing services as well as for 3 years membership 2 year membership free. This means you will get a 5 years membership for the price of 3 years. You can live a luxurious and dynamic life by purchasing legendary subscription .

Legendary Membership Discounts

Membership offers many discounts as you can not imagine. First of all you can book a destination for someone else under your membership with no extra fee included in this booking and that person will enjoy all the perks and benefits as you.

Legendary Membership Discounts

You will get 40% off for booking a resort or selecting a destination for vacations right now. Pay advance for 3 years annual fee and we will grant you two extra years free. This offer is for those members who are passionate about living in a luxurious travel destination .


Legendary Membership Levels

Legendary subscription has various levels including multiple benefits and services at Hard Rock Resorts. These levels are following

Legendary Prime Membership Individual

This membership is for individual people and the cost of this membership single payment $18,00 and monthly payment for this is $180 per month

Legendary Senior membership

Senior membership is for old people who are willing to enjoy life and explore the world with us. They can pay $1600 as a single payment or $150 per month.

Legendary Family Membership

Family membership is for those people who love their family and have a desire to spend quality time with their family members and explore the beauty of the world together. The whole booking fee for this membership is $2800 and monthly they can pay 260 per month.

Legendary Membership Levels

Legend Tour Club Membership 

This membership offers the experience which is close to a professional golfer. It has its own merits and the winner of the legend tour events will be crowned season victor as a legend tour championship.

Legendary Marketer Club Membership

This membership provides the opportunity to open your own  digital franchise and it is affiliated with the legendary club. The cost of this membership is $30 per month.

Legendary Membership Benefits

Legendary club is based and known for hospitality and entertainment for curating vocational experiences of the people. We have been providing exceptional services for over 30 years for travellers around the world. When you travel with legendary,  you are treated like a VIP person  including butler service, custom tasting menu, business class transportation and have access to all resorts in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Unico.

Legendary Membership Benefits

You also have a chance to choose activities such as golf tournaments, resort parties, dinner shows, concerts and special experience with top tier partners. With legendary travelling you will experience all these facilities and perks in style. 

Legendary Membership Promotions

Select your destination and book it online and get exclusive discounts from legendary. Our destinations are Mexico and Dominican Republic hotels. Get 40% 0ff for booking now. 

  • 15% off at shop.legendary.com
  • Buy 1 get 1 free or 30% off on 2 items purchased
  • Get $10 off for denim jacket at shop.legendary.com

Legendary Membership Promo Code

Legendary offers its products at lower rate by using coupons

Legendary Membership Promo Code
  • 15% off storewide
  • Get 5% off at Amazon
  • Get $155 off at Sports Fan Gear 
  • Save 80% on selected items at Fanatics
  • 20% off at legendary with newsletter
  • 30% off at ebay
  • 20% off at Walmart and free shipping for eligible order

Legendary Subscription Renewal

A recurring membership is automatically renewed after the end of purchased date and non recurring membership will not renew after expired duration. Recurring members will get some points of loyalty and these points provide them discounts of cash month to month and many other benefits as well.

How To Cancel Legendary Subscription ?

To cancel your membership you have to contact the customer support unit or contact the company by using their website or source from where you have purchased membership. Here are some general steps to follow for cancellation

  • Log in to your from website 
  • Go to account setting or membership management after log in
  • Find the option to cancel or manage membership
  • Follow the instructions on the page to cancel
Is legendary Membership Worth It?

How To Pause Legendary Subscription ?

Members are free to pause their membership any time but they have to notify the management in advance. The notice is required 14 days before the next billing date and members can keep their membership on hold for a month in a single year. To freeze your membership you may get in touch with legendary via email or contact number or you have to fill the form which is given at the website and submit it online and our staff will respond to you in a highly gentle way. 

Is legendary Membership Worth It?

If you are considering its membership for surprises and exploring the world then you are on the right platform, here legendary offers multiple benefits and adventurous tours of the world with the access of VIP services which caters your all needs during the vocational season.  The membership is worth it because you will not regret purchasing legendary subscription.

Legendary Contact Details

You can write your general comments, questions and concerns on their website. The website link is here https://www.legendary.com or contact at USA-CAN:

  • USA-CAN 1 888 988 8864
  • Mexico 800 681 9588
  • Brasil 0800 900 0050
  • Colombia 01800 518 5312
  • Venezuela 0800 162 7390
  • Argentina 0800 666 3033
  • UK 0808 101 9213
  • Worldwide +52 998 296 0332, +52 998 296 0331, +52 998 296 0338.

Or email at memberservices@legendaryvacationclub.com

Legendary Social Media

To get updated from legendary offers and promo codes visit at 


If you are not a member and want to join as a new member you can do this online or in the center. We have a variety of memberships available.

Yes you can change by log in to your account and go to settings and change your address in manage settings.

The hard rock resort’s membership has four levels: gold, platinum, double platinum and double platinum hall of fame.

Wyndham destinations is the world’s largest vacation company having 245 resorts worldwide.

Get a 10% discount on all items by purchasing a monthly membership. Get maximum features as monthly virtual currency and replay badge grant.

Joshua Grade is the CEO of Legendary entertainment.

Unfortunately not, we are working on it so that it may be possible in the near future.

Yes, there are live webcams in the Mayan Riviera. 

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