Massage Envy Membership Price 2024 Benefits, Types, Review

Massage Envy Membership Price 2024 Benefits, Types, Review

Massage Envy memberships cost about $59.99 a month and include one 60-minute massage, full-body stretch, or custom face session. Members can save events that they can use later if they keep using the service. There is a savings for adding on more lessons. Massages, haircuts, or both can be customized because the service is flexible.

Over 1,000 franchisee sites across the country offer memberships. People who are currently in the military can save money or get extra benefits. It costs between $99 and $149 for a massage for someone who is not a member. Prices may vary based on location.

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About Massage Envy

Massage Envy is a well-known chain of massage spas in the US that are known for being easy to get to and not charging too much. It has been around since 2002 and provides many types of massage therapy, such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and pregnancy massage. Massage Envy has over 1,100 sites across the country and has become a popular place for people to relax, relieve stress, and get healing treatment. 

Massage Envy Membership Price 2024 Benefits, Types, Review

Licensed massage therapists usually work at each site and make treatments fit the needs of each client. The business also provides skin care services like massages and more complex skin treatments. Regular customers can get discounts through membership choices, which helps build a loyal customer base.

Massage Envy is still a big name in the health industry, even though there have been problems with how they treat their employees and customers. Their goal is to make massage treatment more available to a wider range of people.

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Massage Envy Membership Types

Massage Envy has different types of memberships so that it can meet the needs of all of its customers. Members of these groups usually get lower prices and extra perks for being regular customers. These are some popular types of membership:

Massage Envy Monthly Membership

It costs around $60 per month. As a member for one month, you can get a massage or facial, and you can save money on other services after your monthly visit. Members can save up lessons for later use by carrying over unused ones to the next month. Many places give savings to family members who join as friends, so more than one person can gain. Memberships may also give you the freedom to freeze or end your membership if your needs or circumstances change.

Massage Envy Membership Price 2024 Benefits, Types, Review

Massage Envy 6-month Membership

A Massage Envy prepaid membership for 6 months costs about $360 and gives you access to treatments for 6 months. As a member, you get one 60-minute massage, total-body stretch, or custom face every month. You can use these lessons at a later date. Members can also get deals on sessions, choose how they want to be served, and use any of the over 1,000 Massage Envy franchises across the country. Members of the military can save money or get extra benefits at places that accept memberships.

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Massage Envy 12-month Membership

Massage Envy’s 12-month reserved membership costs about $720 and lets you use the business’s services for a year. Members get a 60-minute massage, total body stretch, or customized face session every month. They also get discounts on sessions, the freedom to choose which services they want, access to over 1,000 franchised sites across the country, and a discount program for current military members.

Per Month$60 – $70
6-Months$360 + $50 enrollment fee
Per Year$720 – $840

Massage Envy Price List

At Massage Envy, we think everyone should be able to get healthy. Our first massage is only $50 for an hour and $75 for 90 minutes. This deal is only for new customers. For our valued members, these great rates start with all classes. People who aren’t members can still use our services. A massage costs between $99 and $149. For an extra $10, you can add things like aromatherapy or a sugar scrub to make your experience more unique and relaxing.

Massage Envy Membership Price 2024 Benefits, Types, Review

Here is the price list for the members & non-members : 

60-Min Customized Massage$50+$99
90-Min Customized Massage$75$149
90-Min Hot Stone Envy Massage$100+$160
120-Min Customized Massage$100+$199
60-Min Healthy Skin Facial Session$50+$99
90-Min Advanced Facial$75$150+
60-Min Back Facial$60$110
30-Min Total Body Stretch$31$49
60-Min Total Body Stretch$50$90
Microderm Infusion$90+$130+
Chemical Peel$90+$130+
60-Min Waxing$50+$90

Massage Envy Enhancement Prices

Massage Envy has a number of enhancements that can make your facial or massage better. For just $10 more, you can get extras like massage, an exfoliating sugar scrub, or deep muscle therapy that can help you relax and feel better.

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Massage Envy Membership Price 2024 Benefits, Types, Review

Our additions add unique touches that make sure you leave every visit feeling refreshed and re-energized, whether you’re looking for stress relief, muscle healing, or skin benefits. With Massage Envy improvements, you can give yourself that extra treat you earn.

Enhanced Muscle Therapy$10
Hand or Foot Exfoliating Sugar Scrub$10
Anti-Aging Eye Treatment$10

How To Get Massage Envy Membership

Getting an Envy membership involves the following steps:

  • Visit the Massage Envy website: Visit the main Massage Envy webpage to get all the relevant information.
  • Explore Membership Options: Check out the different registration choices, such as the monthly, six-month, and twelve-month plans.
  • Choose a Membership Plan: Pick the payment plan that works best for you.
  • Contact Massage Envy: Get in touch with Massage Envy about becoming a member. You can do this by going to a licensed location near you or getting in touch with them through their website.
  • Complete the Enrollment Process: Agreeing to the terms and conditions and making the required fees are part of the registration process.

How To Cancel Massage Envy Membership

Canceling your Massage membership can be done either in person or via email. For both ways, here are the steps:

Massage Envy Membership Price 2024 Benefits, Types, Review

Cancellation in Person

  • Go to the Massage Envy near you.
  • Write a business-like letter to the company. Include your name, how to reach you, and a clear request to end your participation.
  • Talk to the staff and find out when you can cancel your registration. Also, find out if there are any fees for canceling your service before the end of the contract time.
  • Request proof from the staff that your membership has been canceled.

Cancellation through Email

  • You can send an email to Put in your full name, how to reach you, and a desire to stop the membership.
  • Ask the company to send you an email to let you know that they received your cancellation.

Additional Considerations

  • Look over your contract: Before you try to stop your membership, read your contract carefully to see if there are any specific steps you need to take or extra fees you need to pay.
  • It can take up to 10 days for Massage Envy to handle a refund request after you email them the form that is fully filled out. The real working time could be longer or shorter, though, based on a number of things.
  • Not used points or services: After Massage Envy processes your withdrawal request, you usually have 60 days to use any points that are still available. To get the most out of the services you don’t use, make sure you plan ahead and make any meetings before your registration ends.
  • Make plans: Start the cancellation process a long time before your next payment date to avoid problems or charges you didn’t expect.

Massage Envy Membership Renewal

Most of the time, renewing your Membership is done automatically. The payments start over every month. This means that unless you stop your membership, it will repeat itself every month.

Massage Envy Membership Price 2024 Benefits, Types, Review

If your membership has expired, you can renew it by going into your account on the website. After that, you can follow the on-screen instructions to get your account back.

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Massage Envy Services

Massage Envy offers these services with the respective prices: 

  • Provides different types of massages, such as Swedish, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Chair, Reflexology, Geriatric, Cranial Sacral, and Trigger Point Therapy.
  • Swedish massages are the most popular. They cost more than $50 an hour for members and $90 to $100 an hour for non-members.
  • Massages for two people usually cost $100 for members and $180 for non-members.
  • Non-members pay $95 for a prenatal massage, while members pay $50.
  • For the first time, sports massages in Central Austin cost between $70 and $105 for adults.
  • Hot stone massages are a unique service that can be added on for an extra $25 for a 90-minute massage.
  • Facelifts cost between $50 and $90 an hour for members and non-members.
  • Prices for stretching start at $31 for members and go up to $45 for non-members.
  • Microderm Infusion treatments cost $130 or more for non-members and $90 to $130 for members.
  • Chemical peels cost about $90 for members and $130 or more for people who aren’t members.
  • Waxing costs about the same as other face services, though some places charge an extra $10 for waxing.

How To Freeze Your Membership At Massage Envy?

Usually, to freeze your Massage Envy membership, you would need to call the place where you are a member and talk to them about your choices. The exact steps may be different, though, based on your contract and the rules of the business site where you are working. It may not work at different locations but you can cancel your Membership anytime.

Massage Envy Membership Price 2024 Benefits, Types, Review

Massage Envy Membership Benefits

In the US, Massage Envy is a well-known chain of massage therapy centers that are run by franchisees. Members of their membership programme get a lot of different benefits. Here are some of the most common benefits of being a member of Massage Envy:

  • Monthly massages: As part of their membership fee, members usually get one massage every month. This means that members can regularly put their health and relaxation first.
  • Discounted prices: Members often get discounts on massages they get after their monthly session. This might make it easier for members to get extra massages when they need to.
  • Rollover massages: With many Massage Envy, massages that aren’t used can be carried over to the next month. This means that a member won’t lose their monthly massage if they don’t use it. It will be carried over to the next month.
  • Add-on for families: Some memberships let you add family members at a lower cost. This means that more than one person in the same household can get massage therapy for less money.
  • Access across the country: If you have a Massage Envy membership, you can usually use your benefits at any Massage Envy location in the country. This is helpful for members who travel a lot or have more than one home.
  • Flexible cancellation policy: Many memberships have a flexible cancellation policy that lets members terminate or suspend their membership without any fees in certain situations, like when they get sick or have to move.
  • Member-only events and deals: Massage Envy often has events and deals that are only open to members. Some examples of these events are wellness workshops, member appreciation days, and seasonal sales.

Massage Envy Membership Discounts

Massage Envy members get discounts and benefits like monthly health sessions, session accumulation, session savings, referral programmes, access to over 1,000 licenced sites, and special deals on goods and services that are the best in the business. Members can also use their Paid In Full Wellness Programme, which lets them get all messages as soon as they pay in full.

Massage Envy Membership Price 2024 Benefits, Types, Review

Members of the military can save money or get extra benefits at places that accept memberships. There are also deals at Massage Envy, like a 50% off a 60-minute service. However, any lessons that have been earned but not used end 60 days after the account is canceled.

Massage Envy Promo Codes

Here are some of the latest promo codes and offers for Massage Envy:

  • You can get free massages from RetailMeNot if you get your friends to sign up for the site.
  • There is a special deal on Massage Envy’s website from April 22, 2024, to May 12, 2024. Get a second lesson for half price if you buy a first one that lasts 60 minutes.
  • The Massage Envy discount code “RMN15” can be used at to save 15%.
  • has a collection of Massage Envy offer codes and coupons, such as a 20% off sitewide code.

Massage Envy App

Massage Envy has an app on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store that lets users find their favorite providers, make reservations, customize sessions, take care of themselves regularly, and get personalized services at branch sites.

The app also gets updates on a daily basis to fix bugs and make it run better, which makes the experience smoother. Users can also make their lessons unique and get massages, Total Body Stretches, and skin care services that are made just for them.

Massage Envy Membership Card

Members of Massage Envy can get monthly health sessions, session points that can be rolled over, session savings, service freedom, a Refer a Friend Programme, access to over 1,000 licenced sites across the country, and the best goods in the business.

Massage Envy Membership Price 2024 Benefits, Types, Review

Members are free to do whatever they want with their registration. They can get free lessons by sending friends and family, and they can enjoy massage or skin care treatments. Rates may be different in different places, and there may be extra fees.

Is Massage Envy Membership Worth It?

A Massage Envy membership is a handy and inexpensive way to get regular massages. It varies on things like how often you get massages, how much you save, availability and ease of use, extra deals and perks, and the quality of the services offered. Both your physical and mental health can benefit from regular massages.

In the long run, a membership could save you money. Transferring and sharing benefits can help with changing plans or giving benefits to family members. Additionally, ease of access and convenience are significant, as is being able to go to Massage Envy sites and benefit from national accessibility. 

Offering extra benefits like savings on goods sold in stores, events just for members, or easy canceling rules can make the membership more valuable. The members’ worth is also increased by the high standard of services at Massage Envy sites. Reviewing the terms and perks, figuring out how much money you might save, and thinking about your own tastes are all important things to do before making a choice.

Massage Envy Membership Review

Positive Review

Memberships to Massage Envy offer lower prices on regular massage treatment, making it easier for people who care about their health to get it. Members like that the standard of massages is the same everywhere, and that the providers are trained and qualified. The company’s many sites make things easier for people who move a lot or have more than one home.

Benefits can be used anywhere, which gives you more freedom when making meetings. You can carry over massages you don’t use to the next month, and you can share your club perks with family members. The value of the membership is increased by extra perks like deals on goods, events just for members, and easy canceling policies.

Negative Review

Massage Envy memberships can be limiting because of the long-term contracts, problems with canceling, restricted access, uneven experiences, and the need to improve. Contracts bind members to a certain term, and if they quit early, they may have to pay fees or face other fines.

Scheduling lessons can be hard if there aren’t many available appointment times or therapists in places with few people. Satisfaction can be affected by things like how often therapists leave and how skilled they are. Members may also feel like they have to improve or buy extra services, which can be off-putting for people who want to rest without feeling pushed to buy.

Massage Envy Customer Care Contact Information

  • Corporate Address: 14350 N 87th St, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA.
  • Headquarters Phone Number: 1-480-366-4100.
  • Main Office Phone Number: 1-480-366-4100.
  • Customer Care and Support Phone Number: 1-602-992-3689.

Massage Envy Social Media


You should give the right amount of money as a tip. The “norm” is 20% of the cost, but as a Massage Envy worker, I’m content with $20 for an hour or $35 for 90 minutes.

Your health, comfort, and happiness are the main goals of your massage. Massage providers can work with any amount of undressing. 

Massage Envy usually goes after people between the ages of 30 and 40 and families that make at least $75,000 a year.

Any lessons that were earned but not used expire and are lost if they are not used within 60 days of the membership ending.

Members can go almost anywhere because they can use more than 1,000 Massage Envy franchises across the country. Rates depend on where you are, and there may be extra fees.

There are no set times when Massage Envy Spa gift cards will no longer work. Still, we suggest that you claim them as soon as possible to avoid any problems that might come up when you try to make your appointment.

  • Credit 
  • Cards

HSA or FSA funds: You can use your Flex Card to pay with a Health Savings Account or a Flexible Savings Account.

At most Massage Envy sites, you can just walk in and make an appointment. Massage clients who have already made bookings are given priority, but any therapist who is free is usually happy to meet new customers in between meetings.

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