National Trust Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Types, Free Pass & Review

National Trust Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Types, Free Pass & Review

The cost of a National Trust membership for Individual is £72 per year, or £6 per month for those over 26. Young person membership costs £36 a year and is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 25. Junior memberships are available to those under the age of 17 for £10 a year. Living together, couples can choose to pay £10 a month or £120 a year for joint membership.

All members of the family are welcome to join the family membership, which costs £126 per year or £10.50 per month. These memberships promote interaction with the UK’s cultural and natural heritage by providing a variety of access to National Trust locations, activities, and events. These alternatives ensure accessibility and inclusivity for single people, couples, and families by meeting their diverse requirements.

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About National Trust

For the benefit of current and future generations, historic sites and open spaces are protected by the National Trust, a well-known conservation charity in the United Kingdom. Having been founded in 1895, the organization oversees more than 500 historical sites, encompassing extensive stretches of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as well as gardens, parks, and nature reserves.

National Trust Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Types, Free Pass & Review

The Trust undertakes essential conservation activities in order to safeguard architectural wonders, biodiversity, and cultural legacies, all in the service of its purpose to preserve and protect these assets. 

The National Trust provides families, couples, and individuals with the chance to visit and appreciate these locations through its membership programmes, promoting a stronger bond with the country’s rich history. In addition, the Trust arranges volunteer opportunities, events and educational programmes to raise public knowledge of and appreciation for the historical and environmental treasures entrusted to its protection.

The National Trust is a key player in enhancing communities and protecting the richness and beauty of the UK’s landscapes and historical places because it is a shining example of conservation and heritage.

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National Trust Membership Price List

The price list for all ages is shown in the table :

Annual membership2023/242024/25
Family (1 Adult)£91.20£99.00
Joint Senior£104.40£113.40
Additional Senior£41.40£45.00
Young Person£42.00£45.60
New Junior£10.00£12.00

National Trust Membership Types

The National Trust provides a range of membership options to meet the needs of various people and families:

National Trust Joint Membership

The cost of this membership is £11.60 per month, or a one-time annual payment of £139.20. Two people who live at the same home can get a National Trust Joint Membership. It’s a cheap choice for friends or couples who like to visit National Trust places together.

National Trust Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Types, Free Pass & Review

If you become a member of the National Trust, you can visit more than 500 places they care for for free. You can also park for free at most National Trust parking lots and get the National Trust Handbook and magazine three times a year.

National Trust Family Membership

Families with two people (18+) and their children or grandkids (17+) living at the same home pay £159.00 a year, or £13.25.00 a month. Kids under 5 are free. One adult (18+) and their children or grandkids (17+) pay £99.00 a year, or £8.25 a month. Kids under 5 are free. With a Family Membership, everyone in the family can enjoy National Trust places, events, and activities all year long.

This lets everyone share experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime. In most cases, this membership type covers two people living at the same home and their children under the age of 18.

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National Trust Individual Membership

Adults pay £91.20 a year, which is £7.60 a month. Teenagers pay £45.60 a year, which is £3.80 a month, and kids pay £12 a year. The National Trust protects a lot of history and natural beauty. Members can enjoy it all, from peaceful gardens and rocky coastlines to grand buildings and stately houses. Individual members also get perks like being able to visit National Trust places for free, save money on parking, and go to events and activities that are only open to members.

Membership TypeCost
Familygrandkids (17+) living at the same home pay £159.00 a year, or £13.25.00 a monthne adult (18+) and their children or grandkids (17+) pay £99.00 a year, or £8.25 a month
IndividualAdults pay £91.20 a year, which is £7.60 a monthTeenagers pay £45.60 a year, which is £3.80 a monthkids pay £12 a year

National Trust Lifetime Membership

The National Trust has different types of lifetime memberships, such as Individual Life Membership, Joint Life Membership, and Family Life Membership. It costs £2,195 to become a member as an individual, £2,735, or £2,865 to become a member as a family.

National Trust Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Types, Free Pass & Review

For someone aged 60 or more, joint senior life costs £2,060. It costs £2,865 to become a family member with two people and their children or grandkids up to age 18. Members can visit over 500 places that the National Trust takes care of for free. They can also park for free at most National Trust parking lots and get the National Trust Handbook and magazine three times a year.

Membership typeCost
Individual life membership£2,195
Individual life membership
Joint life membership£2,735
Joint life membership
Family life membership£2,865

National Trust Seniors Membership

There is a 25% discount for seniors at the National Trust for members aged 60 and up who have been members for at least three years in a row. Senior membership for one person costs £68.40 and senior membership for two people costs £113.40. Members can call 0344 800 18951 to ask for the discount and for applications to be handled over the phone.

How To Join National Trust Membership

Joining the Membership is quite straightforward. These are the steps you need to take:

  • Go to the webpage for the National Trust.
  • Pick the membership type that works best for you. They have different kinds of groups, such as Individual, Joint, Family, Lifetime, and Junior.
  • Press the “Join” or “Renew” button.
  • To finish registering, just follow the steps given.

How To Cancel National Trust Membership

Canceling your membership is a simple process. These are the steps you need to take:

National Trust Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Types, Free Pass & Review
  • You can email or call the National Trust.
  • Send an email to 
  • Call this number 0344 800 1895
  • Provide your membership number.
  • Ask for cancellation.

This is to let you know that only the lead member (the person who pays for the membership) can handle them. You can call the Supporter Services Centre at 0344 800 1895 if you need help. Make sure you read the canceling terms and conditions carefully, as there may be rules or fees that apply to ending your service.

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National Trust Membership Renewal

Renewing your National Trust subscription easy and can be done online. These are the steps you need to take:

  • Go to the webpage for the National Trust.
  • To renew your membership, click the button that says it.
  • Type in your member number and address.
  • To finish your extension, just follow the steps given.
  • The National Trust website has an area called “My Account” where you can also control your membership. You can change your personal information, see when your registration is due to renew, and renew online right here.

National Trust Free Pass

Non-members of the National Trust can visit National Trust buildings for free during special events. The most recent event took place in the autumn of 2023. People who have a free National Trust family pass can visit places by themselves, with another adult, or with kids.

In January 2024, the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror both had coupons for free National Trust tickets. As part of their Refer a Friend programme, Starling gives free National Trust passes for six months to both the person who refers and the person who is referred.

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National Trust Members Benefits

National Trust offers a plethora of benefits to its members, including:

  • Free Entry: Over 500 ancient homes, gardens, and parks across the UK that are owned and cared for by the National Trust are free to visit for members.
  • The Members’ Handbook gives you access to a lot of information about National Trust sites, events, and activities.
  • Members’ Magazine: Get a subscription to the National Trust’s members’ magazine, which has stories about historical sites, protection projects, and upcoming events.
  • Membership gives members savings on many National Trust places, including shops, bars, tourist homes, and parking lots.
  • Events for members: Members-only events, trips, and activities give you the chance to see Trust sites in a way that no one else can.
  • Conservation Impact: When people join the National Trust, they directly support their work to protect the UK’s history and wild areas.
  • Reciprocal deals: You can get into certain foreign places for free or at a price through deals with cultural groups around the world.
  • Charity Opportunities: Members can help take care of and maintain Trust sites and areas by taking part in charity events.

Members of the National Trust can visit more than 500 places in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. These include well-known sites like Dunster Castle and Lydford Gorge. A copy of the National Trust Handbook and three issues of the National Trust Magazine are also given to them for free.

These memberships are great for families because they give kids educational programmes and fun times outside. Snowdonia has beautiful scenery, and Agatha Christie’s summer home is in Devon. Memberships also help with protection work in and around the area.

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National Trust Membership Card

When you join the National Trust, you can visit over 500 places they care for, park for free at most National Trust lots, and see places cared for by the National Trust for Scotland and other groups around the world.

National Trust Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Types, Free Pass & Review

You will get a confirmation email with temporary membership cards that you can use right away to get into National Trust places. Within 28 days, you’ll get your official membership card and welcome pack in the mail. If you lose your membership card, you can get a new one from the National Trust website.

National Trust Discounts & Promotional Codes For Members

National Trust offers various discounts and promotional codes for their memberships. :

  • Get a £15 gift card when you pay for a new joint, family, individual, or young person membership online by setting up a yearly Direct Debit. You can then use this gift card in any of the National Trust’s shops or cafés.
  • 30% Off: Sometimes there are coupon codes that can save you up to 30% on memberships.
  • 15% Off: If you book certain cottages, you can get a 15% discount.
  • 10% Off: Shop orders over £50 get 10% off.
  • Long-Term Senior Members: If you’ve been a senior member for a long time, you can get 3 months free, which is 25% off.

Membership Offers

With discount codes, you can save up to 30% on memberships that are paid for directly by debit card and some plans. There are different types of memberships, such as individual, joint, family, and life memberships. Prices range from £10 for a youth membership to £2,865 for a family life membership. You can get into more than 500 places for free, park for free, and get the National Trust magazine and guide for free.

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Is National Trust Membership Worth it?

A membership to the National Trust is a good idea because it can save you money on entry to National Trust sites. It gives members access to events, tours, and activities that non-members can’t get to. By protecting ancient homes, parks, and wild areas across the UK, membership also helps with protection efforts. Members can get discounts or free entry to some historical places around the world thanks to deals between members.

National Trust Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Types, Free Pass & Review

As a member, you can get savings at National Trust holiday homes, shops, bars, and parking lots. You can also get the magazine and guide for members. It’s important to think about how often you come and the perks of membership to see if it fits your wants and tastes. Overall, becoming a member of the National Trust can be a good idea for people who want to learn more about UK history and help protect it.

National Trust Membership Review

Positive Reviews

People with National Trust have a lot of different thoughts, from good reviews to negative ones. For those who support it, members love having free access to all of the organization’s historic places, parks, and fields. Their deep gratitude goes out to the Trust for its careful preservation work, which keeps these cultural jewels safe for future generations. Members also enjoy the many special events and perks that come with being a member, which help them learn more about the UK’s history.

Negative Reviews

On the other hand, people who are against Trust Membership worry about things like crowding at popular sites, especially during busy times, which makes them less enjoyable and causes long lines. Some also complain that they think perks aren’t available on all Trust sites, and that they can be different based on where you are and when you’re there. Another group of people wonders if membership is worth the money, especially if they don’t visit National Trust places very often or use all the benefits it offers.

National Trust Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Types, Free Pass & Review

Even with these problems, National Membership remains popular because it supports preserving history and taking care of the environment, which attracts people who care about protecting natural and cultural areas. As the Trust changes and grows to meet the needs and demands of its members, ongoing conversation and feedback are very important for making the membership experience better and making sure that the Trust will still be relevant in the years to come.

National Trust Contact Details

  • Supporter Services Centre:  0344 800 1895 
  • Email: 
  • Address: The National Trust, PO Box 574, Manvers, Rotherham, S63 3FH.

National Trust Social Media


Runners Need, Snow+Rock, and Cotswold Outdoor all offer a 15% discount on full-price items to National Trust supporters. This discount can be used in-store, online, or when you sign up for Explore More, Cotswold Outdoors member benefit club.

It costs £12.20 a month for two adults living at the same house to become a Family 2 adult member of the National Trust. This lets them bring their children or grandkids with them.

You’ll still have to pay to get in if you’re not a National Trust member. 

With the International National Trusts Organization (INTO), you can also use your registration to visit places around the world that are cared for by National Trust groups.

In 2020-21, more than 500,000 people visited Attingham Park every year, making it the most popular National Trust location. The National Trust place that has been tagged in the most Instagram posts is Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, with 319,000 posts.

Teenagers and young adults under the age of 18 can join as gifts. For people 13 and up, you can buy it for yourself. Our places are still free for kids under 5 years old.

Members of the National Trust England can visit Stonehenge for free, but you should book a ticket ahead of time and bring your membership card and proof of your reservation with you. 

You will be given a temporary membership, and in a few weeks, you should get a membership card, Trust guide, and member magazine in the mail. 

When you log in online and ask for a new card, they send you a temporary one right away by email. The member number stays the same from year to year, I just checked.

That person has to be named on the registration in order to visit a National Trust place, whether they are an adult or a child.

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