How Much Is the LACC Golf Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

How Much Is the LACC Golf Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

The cost of LACC Golf Membership is kept secret because it is a private public club and members are not allowed to share its information publicly. However the cost is very high, likely in hundred and thousands of dollars. In the past the annual cost was $25,000 and the initial fee for residents was $250,000 and for non-locals $190,000.

How Much Is the LACC Golf Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

That number can fluctuate year to year due to assessments and improvements. It is better to interact with management of the club for accurate information regarding membership. 

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What Is LACC Golf?

The Los Angeles Country Club is a prestigious golf and country club situated on the west coast of the United States in Los Angeles, California. Known for its exclusivity, the club recently held the 2023 U.S. Open tournament on its North Course.

How To Join LACC Golf Membership?

Being its member is very difficult. To become a member you need to be sponsored by an existing member. After the application is viewed you will go through an interview process and have to pay a high membership fee. If you are trying to join without personal connection your chances are very low to get in because the club has strict policies and rules. 

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How To Cancel LACC Golf Membership?

Members are allowed to cancel the membership by submitting an application which indicates that you are not willing to continue being a member of the club anymore. Send the same cancellation request in the registered mail of the club. You have to submit 30 days prior notice before cancellation otherwise your request will not be entertained/accepted. 

How Much Is the LACC Golf Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

LACC Golf Membership Benefits

The Los Angeles Country Club offers a range of top-notch amenities for its members, including

  •  two championship golf courses, 
  • a driving range,
  •  fitness centre, 
  • swimming pool,
  •  tennis courts, 
  • spa services, and various dining options. 
  • The golf courses are well-known for their challenging design and excellent condition, with the North Course having hosted prestigious tournaments like the U.S. Open. 
  • The club also provides state-of-the-art equipment in the fitness centre, a heated Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a variety of tennis courts for member use. Additionally, members can enjoy spa treatments and a selection of dining options, featuring locally sourced ingredients and classic American dishes.

LACC Golf Membership Events Information and Dining Options

The Los Angeles Country Club is a popular location for hosting a variety of events, such as private parties, weddings, business meetings, and corporate events. The club has different event spaces available to accommodate various group sizes and needs. Some of the event spaces at the club include the Main Dining Room, the Library, the Board Room, and the Grill Room.

How Much Is the LACC Golf Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

The Main Dining Room is a sophisticated space with beautiful views of the golf course and can host up to 200 guests. The Library is a smaller, more intimate space that is great for small gatherings and meetings. The Board Room is a private area that can hold up to 20 guests and is equipped with audiovisual equipment and other amenities for business meetings.

The Grill Room is a more casual dining option at the club, providing a relaxed atmosphere compared to the Main Dining Room. The Grill Room serves classic American dishes like burgers, sandwiches, and salads, and has a bar and lounge area that is perfect for happy hours and socializing. 

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LACC Golf Membership Worth It

Generally, the Los Angeles Country Club is a fantastic location for hosting various types of events. It offers a variety of event spaces, top-notch catering services, and high-quality amenities that will surely leave a positive impression on guests.

It also offers golf courses and other luxurious privileges and a comfortable environment to members for enjoying their time with loved ones. So we may say that membership is worth it. 

LACC Golf Club History

The LA Country Club, established in 1897, is one of the oldest country clubs in the US with one of the oldest golf courses. The golf course was designed by George C. Thomas, known for its unique bunkering style. In recent times, the North Course underwent renovations led by Gil Hanse, Geoff Shackelford, and Jim Wagner, resulting in a visually appealing course.

How Much Is the LACC Golf Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

The club, located in Beverly Hills, is situated in a prime real estate area. To give you an idea of its location, hitting a golf ball strongly enough could potentially land it in Saks Fifth Avenue. The club is set to host the 2023 US Open, showcasing its beauty and history to a wider audience.

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LACC Golf Contact Details

  • Phone;  (310) 276-6104
  • Website; : 
  • Email; 
  • Address; The Los Angeles Country Club 10101 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90024

LACC Golf Social Media


In 2023, during the US Open, the North Course at LACC will have a Par score of 70. This means that players will be expected to complete the course within 70 strokes. It will be the second major championship of the season with a Par 70 course.

The course will be 7,423 yards long, and the layout will be designed in a way that some holes will be affected by the wind, making them more challenging to play. The course will require players to demonstrate precise positioning and skill, adding to the overall difficulty of the tournament.

The club, established in 1897 and fully opened in 1911, will be hosting its first major championship at the 2023 US Open. Despite this being its first major championship, the club has historical connections to the PGA Tour and the wider golf community. The Los Angeles Open took place at LACC in 1926, 1934-36, and 1940.

In more recent times, the course hosted the 2017 Walker Cup, a prestigious amateur tournament showcasing top talents like Scottie Scheffler, Collin Morikawa, Will Zealotries, and Robert Macintyre.

If you are fortunate enough to join an exclusive club or play at the North Course as a guest, the fees for playing golf there are reasonable. It typically costs between $100to $140 to play at the Los Angeles Country Club, which is not too expensive compared to the high cost of becoming a member at such exclusive clubs.

In simpler terms, the Los Angeles Country Club is known for having very strict rules and expensive membership fees. However, what’s even more surprising is the sheer size of the club’s property, which covers 320 acres and is valued at around $8 billion.

 In order to play at the club, you would need to be invited by a current member. The club prides itself on making guests feel like members during their visit. Additionally, becoming a member at Los Angeles Country Club is expensive. 

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