How Much Is Hillcrest Country Club Cost 2024 Benefits & Discounts

How Much Is Hillcrest Country Club Cost 2024 Benefits & Discounts

Hillcrest country club membership costs vary according to their types and locations. The cost is not publicly available and membership is invitation only. The below table show you the cost and packages according to benefits but it is better to confirm from management of the club when you are deciding to join;

How Much Is Hillcrest Country Club Cost 2024 Benefits & Discounts

Fitness Formula Club Membership Cost

Hillcrest Golf & Country Club Schedule Of Fees

Membership TypeInitiation FeeDuesPrivileges
Full Resident Membership$5000$415Membership limited to those who live in Lubbock County. Full – Resident members enjoy all amenities Hillcrest has to offer
Full Non-Resident Membership$5000$385Membership limited to those who do not live in Lubbock County. Non-resident members enjoy the same privileges as that of Full Resident Members.
Junior Membership$1000$250Limited to anyone 24 years of age or younger. Must tee off before 11am or after 1:30pm with Pro Shop approval.
Senior Membership$3200$360Members who are 72 years or older. Senior members enjoy the same privileges as that of Full Resident Members.
Youth  Executive Membership$5000$385This membership is for anyone between the ages of 25-35 years old. Young Executive members enjoy the same privileges as that of Full Resident Members.
Social Membership$800$100Members enjoy dining, tennis, card room, and pool privileges. Social members also receive discounted golf. $60 Tuesday through Friday and $70 on the weekends. Limited to 2 rounds of golf per month. $50 Food and Beverage minimum monthly.

Hillcrest Country Membership Levels

The club offers multiple levels with different facilities and perks to members with varying costs. Some levels are here to view 

Premier Membership

This membership includes spouses and children under the age of 23 years who are facilitated under the club amenities. The annual dues for this membership are $1000 to $4160 which depends upon the age.

Hillcrest Country Club Membership Levels

The privileges include unlimited green fees, use of practice facilities, participation in club activities and social events, access to pools, outdoor courts for tennis and pickleball and Gazebo. Members may be payable for food and beverage and also are eligible to vote or serve on appointed committees or board of directors. 

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Social Membership

This member’s plan comes with an annual fee of $1880 and includes access to get amenities of the club with spouse, significant others and children under age 23 years. The privilege involves green fees two times a month, swimming pools access, events participation, outdoor courts and Gazebo. Food and beverage charges may be charged from members’ accounts. They can vote and serve appointed committees of the Board of Directors.

Youth Membership

The age for this membership is 8-18 years old and the annual dues are $500 which are payable. The plan allows you privileges such as unlimited practice facilities and participation in club events and social activities. 

National Membership

This membership is for those who live 50 miles away from Hillcrest club in Batesville, Indiana and annual fee for this is $3000. As a member you, your spouse and children are eligible to get amenities from the club.  Some amenities are here;

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  • Unlimited green fee
  • Use of practice facility
  • Access to pools, outdoor courts and Gazebo
  • Ability to charge food, beverage and services to the member’s account

However they are not eligible to vote for Board of Directors Committees and to qualify for this membership they must be 21 years or older. 

Hillcrest Country Club Membership Levels

Corporate Membership

This membership is tailored for companies and organisations who are looking to build relationships through golf and social activities at a specific location referred to as Prime Hillcrest eEvents. There is two types of this plan

Corporate Premier Privilege

Intended for companies focusing on customer and employee relations through golf and social activities

Benefits include full premier privileges for a set number of employees, 

  • unlimited green fees
  •  participation in club activities and social events, corporate days, logo visibility on the website and at events
  •  12 dozen golf balls with the company logo, and a corporate social membership.

Corporate Social Privileges:

Aimed at companies wanting to integrate new employees into the community and their organization.

Features full social privileges for a designated number of employees, with 

  • memberships transferable after a year
  •  Include green fees twice a month
  •  participation in social events, use of a pool, outdoor courts, and Westside Facility, corporate days
  •  logo visibility, and the eligibility to vote and serve on committees or the Board of Directors.
Hillcrest Country Club Membership Benefits

Both options offer numerous perks to facilitate networking, employee engagement, and community involvement through golf and social activities at Prime Hillcrest events.

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Hillcrest Country Club Membership Benefits

Hillcrest Country Club offers its members a variety of amenities including an 

  • 18-hole championship golf course
  •  Tennis courts
  • A fitness centre
  •  A swimming pool,
  •  A full-service spa,
  •  A pro shop
  •  A restaurant. 

The golf course is a common feature at country clubs, as are tennis courts and swimming pools. The fitness center typically includes cardio and weight-training equipment, group fitness classes, and personal training services. The clubhouse serves as the central hub of the country club and may include dining areas, lounges, and meeting rooms for members to use.

A pro shop is available for members to purchase golf and tennis equipment, clothing, and accessories. Event spaces are available for members to host weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions. Some country clubs also offer a Kids Club or child care service for parents to utilize while they enjoy other amenities.

How To Get Hillcrest Country Club Membership?

To join its membership you must be referred from an existing member who must be a beneficiary  sponsor of the club. New members must be committed for 24-months once and after that they can continue month to month term.

Hillcrest Country Club Membership Benefits

To get the membership candidate must fill out a form of application and provide basic information like address ,phone number and email and then select an option from the given membership and submit the application. The committee will review the application and then inform via email or number. 

How To Cancel Hillcrest Country Club Membership?

Members are allowed to cancel their membership at any time but they must provide 30 days prior notice before the end. If someone wants to exit from the membership they must remember that they have to pay remaining dues before proceeding with the request. You can fill out an application form or request to cancel by sending mail at or calling at  918 333 0684.

Hillcrest Membership Discounts

When it comes to discounts it offers numerous perks and services with discounted rates. Members who join after 1 april 2022 they will get offers such as;

  • $750 saving in premier entry
  • Save $2050 in junior premier
  • Adult premier as low as $4160 and save $3430
  • Senior can save $2400 with membership
  • Get social plan in $1880 and save $2040 
  • Get 10% discount on pass and save $50 gift card

Hillcrest Country Club Membership Worth It

Belonging to a country club can be worth it if the club offers a variety of activities that appeal to all members of your family. This can include activities such as swimming, golf, card games, and fitness facilities.

How To Cancel Hillcrest Country Club Membership?

The most value from a country club membership is gained when the family can take advantage of multiple activities offered by the club. This club offers facilities for family, friends and children so we may say that the membership is worth it. 

Hillcrest Country Club Contact Details

  • Address; 1901 Price Road
  • Bartlesville, OK 74006
  • Email; 
  • Phone : 918 333 0684

Hillcrest Country Club Social Media


Pace of play is 18 holes in 4 hours and 15 minutes. 9 holes should not exceed 2 hours 15 minutes. Golf course authorities have the right to decide pace of play. 

The exact date varies from year to year and depends upon the weather condition as well. Usually it closes the first weekend of December and reopens after February 28 each year. In winters they organize cross-country skiing.

When the golf course is open then you can play from dawn until dusk. 

They have a handicap computer at the site and you have to download the USGA GHIN app to post your score or by visiting the official website. An active handicap is required for tournament play per USGA. These handicaps can be renewed annually and purchased from the website. 

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