How Much Is RuneScape Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

How Much Is RuneScape Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

RuneScape Membership is a large game world to explore and exclusive skills to master and access to many other benefits. It is providing various membership types at an exclusive rate for game enthusiasts to enrich their gaming experiences.

How Much Is RuneScape Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

The cost for monthly membership is $12.49 for six months $ 59.99 and 12 months premium membership cost is $79.99 with instant rewards and perks. Existing members will pay the same payment and for new members its prices are changing. 

 Ocean Reef Club Membership

RuneScape Membership Prices Details

There are different prices for various types of membership deals.

New Membership Prices

The 14 days membership package will also continue at the cost of 1 bond. 

CurrencyPremier 12 Month6 Month1 Month
How Much Is RuneScape Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

Shop Items Price Changes

Here are some bond prices for new members

Currency1 Bond3 Bonds5 Bonds10 Bonds

Rune metrics Prices

Currency1 Month6 Months12 Months
How Much Is RuneScape Membership Cost & Benefits 2024


CurrencyDaily Double15 Keys35 Keys75 Keys200 Keys450 Keys



How To Get Runescape Membership?

You can buy a membership by visiting runescape website or with bonds in game. Moreover, the runescape pre-paid card that you buy from the store can be used to purchase any kind of membership and other items.

How To Get Runescape Membership?

You just purchase a card according to your budget and you will find a code at the card, enter the code for login then you will be able to explore all. Membership applies on both Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape if you use the same account and login information. 

How To Cancel Runescape Subscription?

Members are allowed to cancel their subscriptions any time by following the terms and conditions. You can cancel by using the method of your initial purchase or simply use the method which is given below;

  • Cancel prior to 4 days of renewal
  • Your membership will be active till date of subscription expires after cancellation
  • On that account you will not pay any charges until you resubscribed again

Cancellation process

  • Login to your account
  • Click on manage subscription
  • Then click on cancel
  • If you forgot your password then you can enter your card details to locate your subscription. 

How To Renew Runescape Subscription?

All memberships are auto renewed at the end of your expiration date until you cancel. However for upgrading login to your account and press the green upgrade now button and follow the prompt.

How To Cancel Runescape Subscription?

Members have access to renew before expiration for that purpose they can continue by login to account and pay the charges and their subscription starts from that date. The website link is here for assistance .

How To Transfer A Purchase Of Runescape?

If you mistakenly bought membership or other items on account you can transfer that to the correct account by using the proper channel. Some conditions may applicable to transfer such as;

  • Purchase have been made within the last six months
  • It must be unused
  • Transaction must be transferred in one account you can not split it into multiple accounts
  • Subscription can not be transferred from banned account

Runescape Gift Membership?

You can gift a membership for someone else by purchasing from the website. To transfer a membership to your loved ones you can use “gift membership” option at RuneScape website here: for this process you will need the recipient name and complete the payment method. 

How To Renew Runescape Subscription?

Runescape Membership Deals

It offers multiple deals and benefits for members in subscription to soothe their gaming experiences and comfort level. To fully enjoy the game you must have a membership. The summer special deal provides a three month membership for the price of 2 along with Dragonkin Imperial Set as a bonus and only members can access all the quest and skills in the game. 

Runescape Subscription Discounts

Runescape provides numerous discounts and perks for its subscribers to enjoy. Some discounts are here for use;

  • Get 30 day game card in $9.78 in deal
  • Avail membership CD key for 30 days 10% off
  • 12% off in Runescape prepaid Time game card
  • 8% discount for 30 days membership key United States
  • 50% discount apply to  new subscriptions set monthly

Runescape Promo Code

It is a major game brand that competes with other brands in terms of services and facilities and it sells mid range items on its own website and partner sites in the competitive online industry.  Here are some promo offers for users from Runescape ;

Runescape Subscription Discounts
  • Get 25% discount of RPG with the code
  • Get 5% off at Amazon 
  • 30% off RPG at ebay 
  • 20% of Runescape at walmart and free next day shipping at eligible order

Runescape Membership Levels

By becoming a member players can experience new story quests like desperate times and explore new areas such as The Land Out Of Time. members can look forward to a year filled with surprise and exciting content in the game. There is three types of membership which Runescape is providing 

Monthly Membership

If you want to buy a membership for a short time then a monthly membership option is best for you to subscribe and enjoy all the benefits of gaming. The one month premier club offer is $8 and  $12.49 is regular monthly fee. 

Six Months Membership

Six month membership is also available at their website with a highly flexible price including other exclusive perks and amenities.  The cost for six month membership is $59.99 and you can save 20% monthly by subscribing now. 

Runescape Membership Levels

12 Months Membership

Annual membership is a premier plan from the company which involves new outfits, upgraded weapons with skins, pets for your character and myriad other things. This plan is their best value subscription with the price of $79.99 and saves 47% monthly and get instant rewards.

Runescape Membership Worth It

Runescape Subscription is definitely worth it for the pliers who are looking to fully experience all the content that the game has to offer. It gives a wide range of quests, skills, areas, items and features that are not available free to the players.  The amount of items obtained are countless and more skills that can be trained. It gives a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. The money comes easier and content is well worth the money. 

Runescape Membership Benefits

Membership unlocked many features of the game that are not available to free players and now all recent updates are for members only. There are few quests available to free players and all the new quests are for membership holders and the list of features is here;

  • Change the name of character
  • 10 extra skills to experience
  • Huge new map to explore
  • Ability to purchase skill caps
  • Better gear
  • Myriad Teleports and minigames 
  • Multiple Bank Slots
  • More Old School
  • Ability to distraction and diversion
  • Batter equipments such as Dragon, Barrow, Bandos and Crystal
  • More space for grand exchange (free player have 3 and member have 8)
  • Get huge amount of items
  • More titles
  • Access to members loyalty program
  • More key on treasure hunters
  • 10% discount on Solomon General Store
  • Full access to holidays events
  • Access to 2 more action bars
  • Every year extra bonus when buying premier club

Runescape Contact Details

Address ;Jagex Ltd 220 Science Park, Cambridge, CB4 0WA, UK

Runescape Subscription Social Media


All membership 1, 6 and 12 months are automatically renewed and rebilled around 72 hours before expiry date to avoid any disruption in the game play. All membership can be used at both Runescape 3 and Old school with the same login account. 

Each account has its own membership and can be used for both at the same login. For example if you have one membership you can use it for one account only and if you want to use any other account you will need to subscribe to a new membership for this account. 

The new 1-month and 6-months premier add-on subscriptions are available for purchase and these subscription are for players who meets the following criteria ;

  • Players who had more than 18 months stacked membership and are not able to purchase 12 month package
  • Players who have active monthly recurring membership agreement that is not a premier

The premier add-on subscriptions do not provide additional time but gives access to certain multiple rewards and benefits.

Yes you can purchase a 14 days membership with a bond or acquire through gameplay. The pieces are changed so please see the details at the website. 

The 14 days membership is a subscription that you can purchase on your account. It works  for both Runescape Old School and Runescape 3 giving you access to exclusive gameplay features and benefits that are only available to the members. With this membership you can enjoy 14 days of gameplay and all other benefits as well. 

You can purchase cheap Runescape membership from online market stores like Amazon, ebay and other affiliated stores to this gameplay. 

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