How To Get Lululemon Membership For Free In 2024 Benefits Details

How To Get Lululemon Membership For Free In 2024 Benefits Details

To sign up for a Lululemon Membership account free ,join online at the iOS version app or in person from the store. You just need your name and email and once you accept its terms and conditions you will have a membership account. One thing which members have to notice is that the lululemon app does not work for Android users.


How Much is Lululemon Membership?

Lululemon subscription costs $39/month and by joining members are not just limited to lululemon studios but they have access to the entire library, more than 10,000 classes and 50+ modalities which experts taught to them across the country. 

How To Get Lululemon Membership For Free In 2024 Benefits Details

Lululemon Membership Deals

Lululemon offers numerous deals and perks for its membership to enjoy their workouts and more. 

  • Membership offers discounts on additional purchase
  • You can save money by joining membership
  • You can avail discounted attire and more

Lululemon Membership Discounts

Membership accommodates multiple discounts for users to save their money and value time;

Lululemon Membership Discounts
  • As a part of sweat collective get 25% off in purchase
  • Lululemon offers its new members discounts
  • Verify your military status and get 15% discount 
  • Get accessories on discounted rate on black Friday sale
  • Grab students discounts on full price item from lululemon
  • Get 25% off from lululemon with friend and family discount
  • 20% off at partner fitness studio with lululemon
  • 10% off all gear at store

Lululemon Membership Levels

There are two levels of lululemon subscription which are given below;


Lululemon Studio Membership

The cost of lululemon mirror is $995 and the additional cost which users have to pay for access to the app is $39 per month and the contract will be for 1 year. In this contract members can add five family members to their profile and enjoy all the benefits of lululemon in shopping and other services. 

Lululemon Membership Benefits

Lululemon Essential Membership

The essential membership of lululemon is free of cost and members will get access to all perks in shopping at stores and other benefits as well. To join this membership users have to create an account at lululemon app and provide basic information like name, ID and follow the terms and conditions. 

Lululemon Membership Benefits

Lululemon subscription is highly recommended and gives various benefits to users such as;

Lululemon Membership Promotions
  • Exchange or credit on sale items which is applicable in store only
  • Give returns policy without receipt
  • Early access to the products on lululemon app
  • Avail free hemming services
  • Opportunity to select peloton classes on the lululemon app
  • Chances of invitation to membership events
  • Unlimited experiential store classes
  • Get fast track refund with lululemon

Lululemon Gift card

Lululemon offers gift cards to its membership for purchase in store or online. These gift cards can be redeemed online or from stores and there is no expiry of these gift cards as well as free of charge delivery. These cards are sent to you at your mail instantly or on the date you choose, by sending e gift card at email delivery takes 5-10 business days. 

Lululemon Membership Promotions

Membership offers numerous promotions and promo codes for users and collaborating with multiple brands as well. Lululemon catering with following promotional services;

Is Lululemon Membership Worth It?
  • 25-60% off in women sale style
  • 60% off align, Wunder, Train and more
  • 60% off in Men’s T-shirts, Hoodies, Button-ups
  • Up to 50% off in Men’s style
  • Get winter clothing and accessories with 75% off
  • Men’s pants up to 50% off
  • 30% off men’s top at sale
  • 25% off women’s coat and jackets
  • 25% off sports bras on sale
  • 50% off men’s sweatpants
  • Get training shoes and slides 50% off
  • Women’s long sleeve shirts up to 20% off
  • Top rated womens top and bodysuits 20-50% off on sale
  • 30% off at fleece lined sweaters, leggings, joggers
  • 20% off on womens wide range underwears and packs
  • Get 60% off women tank tops
  • 40% off women shorts 
  • Bodysuits and rompers up to 40% off

Is Lululemon Membership Worth It?

Yes, lululemon subscription is worth it because it pays more than you imagine. First of all it offers free essential membership with myriad benefits such as shopping, discounts and more and then the initial studio membership cost is $39 per month and it gives access to five family members to use under one account and free events ,free shipping, and many other perks in shopping.

How To Cancel Lululemon Subscription ?

To cancel lululemon subscription users have to follow these steps;

  • Sign into your drive
  • Go to account management tab
  • Click on cancel
  • Enter your number and information for confirming
  • Give reason and or comment for cancellation

Note that keep a copy of cancellation as a proof with you so you can avoid inconvenience and keep an eye on bank or credit card statements.

Lululemon Subscription Contact Details

Members can contact their customer service team regarding information about membership or for general comments and concern at 1 (877) 263-9300 or they can interact via mail at .

Lululemon Social Media


Yes this option is available at selected stores so for more help and guidance you can contact their team about buying online and pick up from your local store.

They accept cash at their store purchases and if you buy online then you have to pay interest free payment with after pay.

If you ordered something online you can cancel it by reaching at the store. The duration of cancellation of the placement is 60 minutes. Due to high demands and busy schedule our online response may be late so you have to familiar with our terms and policies.   

You can track your order with their Guest Education Centre, just go to their page and provide information about your order ID, email address, shipping address, currier name, date and missing item. 

Yes, in order to give comfort to their members, lululemon offers a return policy in which you are allowed to return their product in 30 days. After 30 days there is no guarantee that your purchased product will be returned. 

Lululemon uses high quality material which is designed to give comfort, durability and is resistant. They are investing heavily in research and giving value to brands. These all factors are the main reasons for high prices. 

The company offers 25% off for military personnel’s, first responders such as nurses, doctors, EMTs, firefighters and law enforcers. 

Lululemon, firstly known for its branded leggings because of their quality and comfort level, became a brand after that they started making other products for men and women. They invest heavily at their facilities and they have 50 including highly intellectual scientists and physiologists.

Yes there is an option for purchase. You can collect your order from the store or the company will place your order free in 2-6 business days.  

Well lululemon is considered as a high price brand of sportswear and loungewear. According to fashion reporters lululemon is one of the most luxury brands of sportswear in the world.

Yes for students there is a discount on full price items to get a discount students must have to show their enrollment ID or any other proof. 

Lululemon’s target market is young women’s of age 15 to 35. They offer their products for workouts or athletic women’s and their leggings and other products are highly recommendable for sports and exercises.

Yes, celebrities wear lululemon with pleasure. Some known celebrities who love to wear this brand’s products are Kristen Bell, Lucy Hale wear leggings and Camila Cabello, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are fans of the Lululemon brand. 

To get a lulu loyalty card you have to provide your email ID, name, nationality and your phone number as well. 

Once you order something and add your placement of order then you are not allowed to edit your placement. 

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