REI Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Return Policy, Discounts

REI Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Return Policy, Discounts

REI membership costs $30 for a lifetime. Members receive various benefits such as discounts on purchases, access to exclusive sales, and member-only events. The only way is you have to spend $10 yearly to become an active member and to be noticed. Additionally you will meet like-minded individuals during your visit and you will enjoy a lot more. You can find more information about REI membership and sign up for a membership on their official website.

There is an Interesting fact is that you have to pay just $30 for lifetime, and you have to spend $10 per year to redeem your member rewards. By spending $10 It shows that you are their “Active” member. There is no concept of Renewal membership, no extra fees, just buy and enjoy.

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Detail About REI Co-op

REI stands for Recreational Equipment, Inc. It sells items like camping gear, hiking, climbing, cycling, water, running, fitness, snow, travel equipment, and men, women, and kids clothing. It also offers services such as outdoor-oriented vacations and courses. Customers can become members of the REI Co-op, which allows them to get back a percentage of what they spend at the end of each year.

REI Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Return Policy, Discounts

REI Co-op Membership was established in 1938 by a lawyer Ed Rombauer, Lloyad and Mary Anderson in the United States, for their love of Outdoor Gears. It all just started with an “Ax”.  Later, 23 people joined REI for a lifetime membership that cost $1, at that time. 

Outdoor Gear contains all the equipment of a hill walking, walking, and camping.

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Rei Membership Levels

REI offers three levels of membership which are listed below but please note that the specific benefits and requirements for each membership level may vary, so it is better to verify information on their official website to become more updated. 

REI Member

This is the basic level of membership that is free for everyone to join . Members will receive special offers, discounts, and access to exclusive sales events availing this plan. A 10% yearly discount on qualifying purchases, no dues or subscription fees, free standard shipping, access to gear and pre-sale offers.

Savings on rentals and shop services, free machine waxing and flat tyre repair, the ability to buy and trade in used gear, a member collection, member events and a 100% satisfaction guarantee are all provided by the REI Cooperative. With no additional costs or renewal fees, the membership is good for life and gives a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while earning benefits and exclusive deals.

REI Co-op Member

REI Co-op Members enjoy a one-time fee of $30, including annual 10% back on eligible purchases, no subscription fees, free standard shipping, access to gear and pre-sale offers, discounts on rentals and shop services, free flat-tire repair and machine wax, buy and trade in used gear, member collection, member events, board elections, and REI Cooperative Action Fund donations. Members will get an annual dividend which is based on their purchases, access to special events, and discounts on gear rentals and classes. 

REI Lifetime Member

This package of membership is given to members for a $30 one-time fee and it offers all the benefits of a Co-op member, plus a lifetime membership with no annual fees. With additional advantages, REI has reopened its lifetime membership programme. REI is contributing $5 to the REI Cooperative Action Fund for every membership bought, in order to assist groups that are dedicated to justice, equality, and a sense of belonging in the outdoors.

REI Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Return Policy, Discounts

A wider range of carefully chosen items, exclusive to members, including limited editions, brand partnerships, early access, and exclusive deals, are part of the relaunch. Used equipment is only available to members at REI’s Re/Supply locations, online, and in-person. Members may also assist prolong a product’s life for usage by other members by exchanging their gently worn gear for gift cards.

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How To Get Rei Membership?

To become a member of REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.), you can sign up for a membership online through their website at  or visit physically at their store to sign up in person. It offers a lifetime membership for a one-time fee, which gives you access to exclusive discounts, special offers, member-only events, and a share in the company’s profits through an annual dividend.

Some steps process are here for your guidance:

  • Select “membership” at pages top
  •  Click on “Add one-time $30 membership to cart”
  • After adding proceed to checkout 
  • Submit your order on checkout page
  • You will get your new member number via mail

How To Cancel Rei Membership?

To cancel your membership, it is better you can contact their customer service at 1-800-426-4840 or visit their website at to get more information on how to cancel your membership.

If you prefer to cancel your membership online, you can log in to your REI account and navigate to the “Membership” section where you should find an option to cancel your membership.Sign in to your online account by entering your email address and password.

REI Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Return Policy, Discounts
  • Select or Click on the ‘Membership details’ section. …
  • Then Click ‘Unlink membership’ to disconnect your account 
  • A confirmation window will pop up to ensure you want to remove the listed member number from the account.

How Rei Membership Works?

When you go shopping at stores physically you do not need to carry your membership card with you because they can easily view your purchased history by using your phone number and that allows you to not save your receipt for claim or return items.

Members can also use credit cards to buy things and get back money after the end of year and your online account is connected with your membership number from which you can see all your past purchased items listed at once and apply for an annual reward.

Rei Membership Benefits

In just $30 you will get a number of features and services which you never ever have had before and enjoy your life and these all services are available for outdoor men and womens as well. Some benefits are listed below to view: 

Early access to gear

Members also get early access to new product launches, special offers, limited edition products, and brand collaborations through the Member Collection benefit.

Discounted Equipments 

They  receive discounted pricing and rental deposits on various sporting and adventuring equipment such as, hiking, camping, cycling, paddling, snow gear, and car racks. These perks can result in money savings for members, making the membership valuable for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Special Pricing

As a member of REI, you will get discounts on unique trips curated by the brand  around the world. These adventures are planned out for your enjoyment and led by knowledgeable guides, which makes a great way to explore new places with like-minded companions. While the trips may be expensive, being a member allows you to access lower prices compared to non-members. However, these trips do not add towards your Co-op Member Rewards.

REI Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Return Policy, Discounts

Members also have access to various events and classes offered by the brand. These events cover a range of topics from wilderness safety to bike riding skills, and members can attend them at discounted prices.

Access to events

 There are also exclusive member-only events like garage sales, hiking excursions, and climbing events that members can attend for free. As a member, you can save 20% on bike and snow shop services such as flat tire repairs for bicycles or machine wax for skis or snowboards. The nearest REI ski shop and bike shop can provide more information on the services offered.

Buy and Trade In used gears

Members can also take advantage of the Re/Supply program, which allows them to shop for used gear at a lower cost and trade in their own used gear for credit towards new purchases. Additionally, members receive free standard shipping on any purchase made.

Rei Fund Donations

When new members join, they bring about change. For each lifetime membership purchased, $5 will be donated to the REI Cooperative Action Fund. The donations made by REI go to a specific fund established at the Seattle Foundation for the benefit of the REI Cooperative Action Fund. These contributions are considered gifts to a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code for tax purposes.

REI 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Whenever you purchase something from REI, the company assures you, if you are satisfied with the product or not ( with some assumption ). Sometimes, if the product is not up to your mark, you can replace the item  or return ( exclusion may apply ) throughout the whole year from the date you purchase.

REI Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Return Policy, Discounts

Here is Return Window from date of purchase 

TyresREI Paid Members Non-Paid Members
All the permitted products ( including Electronics bikes 365 days 90 days 
Outdoor Electronics (Activity monitors, GPS-Enabled devices, Cameras, Bike trainers, Emergency-communication devices ) 90 days 90 days 
Online Re/Supply used gear products30 days N/A
In-store Re/Supply used gear purchases, lift tickets, passes and gift cardsFinal sale Final sale 

 What Is Rei Return Policy?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund within a specific time frame depending on whether you are a Co-op Member or a non-member. Co-op Members have a return window of 365 days for all eligible items, while non-members have 90 days.

There are exceptions for certain items like outdoor electronics, which have a 90-day return window for both members and non-members. Items that fall under final sale, such as  Co-op Memberships, lift tickets, passes, and gift cards, cannot be returned. Damaged gear, unwashed or excessively dirty gear, and product defects have specific guidelines for returns.

Resupply/ used gears exception

Re/Supply used gear, available for REI Co-op Members, has different return policies for in-store purchases and online purchases. In-store Re/Supply items are sold “AS IS” and are final sale, while online Re/Supply items can be returned within 30 days of purchase.

REI Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Return Policy, Discounts

For more details and specific instructions on returns, you can refer to the Returns & Exchanges page on the REI website.

REI Co-op Mastercard and How to Get it?

Members now get REI Mastercard which is very useful in purchasing and saving time. You can apply to Mastercard after purchasing REI Membership which is $30. Join fast to get exciting discounts and deals through your membership.

Here are some major benefits of REI Mastercard.

  • 1. Open  your REI account and  get a $100 Gift card after first outside purchasing, within 60 days .
  • 2. You can get up to 5% in rewards, by purchasing at REI . Which includes, shop services, sale items, and tours.
  • 3. Earn 1.5% in rewards on groceries, shopping, traveling, hotels and many more  
  • 4. When you earn your rewards, you can redeem them easily.
  • 5. More interesting, there is no annual fee and no foreign fee will be deducted by REI from your account. 
  • 6. Calculate all these rewards at the end of month, you can save up to $50 minimum through rewards, plus your others memberships rewards.
  • 7. You can earn double rewards by REI Co-op purchase, and attend their events twice in a year.
  • 8. When you get your Mastercard, whether you can display your preferred name on the card or not. The REI CO-op community belongs to everyone.

Donations of more than $2 million goes to the REI Cooperative Action Fund per year, which is used for the betterment of society. 85% of Matercard is made from reused materials.

REI Co-op Travel Insurance and How to Purchase 

When  members plan their trips, they may face many problems, many members cancel their trips due to flight delays or flight cancellation, illness or injury, and many other circumstances. Many REI trips visit areas where there is a facility of medicine miles away and, there is no medical emergency present.

REI Adventures join hands with TripAssure to meet the need of the hour, and provide these basic facilities to their clients. 

REI Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Return Policy, Discounts

You must purchase travel insurance, by purchasing you will be free from these types of problems. TripAssure provide industry leading coverage which includes

  •  TripAssure will cover all the mess for trip cancellation or interruption.
  • 2. They will provide any type of medical emergency and  best treatment.
  • 3. They will protect your luggage and flights.
  • Visit for purchase insurance or call directly at 1-844-287-8430 for more detailed information.

REI Co-op Membership Free Shipping Service U.S Standard

When you order a product you will get free U.S standard shipping. Your minimum orders should be worth $60,  ( exclusions may apply ), also you get other discounts too which will automatically applied to your sub total ( exclusion may apply )

Free Shipping Exclusion

  • .Free shipping is valid only, if you place orders at, REI Outlet, and by phone  1-800-426-4840
  • 2.Free shipping excludes Returned items, special orders,earlier purchases, your special orders, REI gift orders,rents and shop services, 
  • 3.Backdoor items ( items which were carried out secretly without public, or officials approval ), items with limited stock, will not be available for redeeming. 
  • 4.Oversize/weight items will be charged, these oversize shipping charges will be returned at checkout.
  • your orders by phone through helpline, call at 1-800-426-4840 Monday to Friday, timing is 6AM to 8PM.

Rei Membership Discounts

Free U.S. Standard Shipping:

REI Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Return Policy, Discounts
  • REI Co-op Members get free U.S. standard shipping with no minimum order
  • Other customers get free U.S. standard shipping on orders of $60 or more
  • Limited-time offers on sale and clearance items
  • 50% off on items at REI Outlet
  • Avail discounts on clothing, socks, and cross-country skiing gear
  • Get 15% off on cycle accessories when purchasing a full-price Co-op Cycles bike
  • Save money on backpacking food, energy food and drinks, and snacks when buying
  • Save 15% on full-price paddles and PFDs when purchasing a canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard.

These offers vary from free shipping to discounts on specific products like clothing, cycling accessories, and outdoor gear. Customers can take advantage of these deals on their outdoor adventures.

REI Gifts Cards

REI sells gift cards for REI Co-op Memberships, which may be bought online, in-store, or over the phone at 1-800-426-484025. E-gift cards may be sent for free within 7 business days via scheduled delivery or by email. Companies and groups may also purchase REI gift cards in bulk. On the REI website, you may check the gift card’s balance.

Rei Membership Coupons

Rei offers multiple coupons for members to get exclusive services and save money;

  • 20% off outlet
  • 40% off women sweater now
  • Get 40% off camping gears, clothes and more items
  • Avail 30% off beach gear and other accessories
  • 50% off Kayaking equipments
  • 70% off women clearance workout outlets 
  • 30%-50% off sleeping bags
  • 10% and free shipping for co-op members
  • 50% off outlet deals
  • 50% off running and hiking item 
  • Free shipping over order $50
  • Up to 55% off at lifestyle products and  gifts 
  • Mens and womens jackets 40% off
  • 30%-50% snow sports deals
  • 70% off cycling clothes 
  • 50% bike accessories 
  • 25% off fjallraven clothing 
  • $30 bonus card when you become a member
  • $100 gift card when you open a credit account 
  • 20-60% off on selected shoes
  • 30% off new arrival

Is Rei Membership Worth It?

If you are a person who frequently shops at the store, rents gear from them, or takes classes through REI, then getting a membership for $30 that lasts a lifetime can be very beneficial. You can quickly make up for the initial investment through the discounts and perks you receive as a member.

REI Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Return Policy, Discounts

And on the other hand, if you only visit REI occasionally and don’t participate in their events or services, then you may not be able to get as much value with a membership. In that case, it might not be worth it for you to invest in a membership. If you are their regular customers, attending their every event, you will get maximum deals and discounts for every purchase you made.

You can trade in used gear both in-store and online. It costs only a $30 burden on your pocket to get a membership for lifetime, in return you will get more than that. You can get 5% rewards at REI Mastercard. It will all go in vain if you shop at REI once in a while, you will get nothing, be their regular customer instead.

Rei Membership Contact Details

  • Phone No# 1-800-426-4840 (U.S. and Canada)
  • 1-253-891-2500 (International)

Rei Membership Social Media


Yes, you are allowed to change benefits of lifetime membership as your community and business changes. 

No once you purchased membership then you are unable to return because it will remain yours for your whole life and memberships are not refundable or transferable to anyone. 

The membership is issued in your name and number so only you can redeem your members reward and mastercard reward and also can vote for board of directors. So your membership cannot be transferred to someone else. 

You have to purchase or join membership once paying just $30 and get adventure for life as well as 10% off on all purchases which must be eligible. Additionally myriad exclusive benefits for life without paying no extra fee, no renewal restriction, no kidding. 

Members who get  REI Co-op Mastercard  on August 8, 2022, their rewards no longer expire for lifetime, they can redeem their rewards at any time.

Rewards of REI Co-op Members of 2021 will expire on 3 January 2024. This rule will go on to next respectively dates, till new policy of company applied 

Yes, REI Co-op members get free U.S standard shipping ( exclusion may apply, check above ). But, customers without membership will pay a shipping fee if the order is below $60.

When a new member joins REI, $5 from his subscription goes to the Action Fund.

REI Co-op action fund is a communal charity 501(c)(3), Tax Id:85-4299419.

REI always cares for their members and community, in today’s world everyone is not capable of having access to Outdoors, and moreover the outsider members don’t feel safe on their journey.

The unique quality of Rei membership is they design their own co-op and cycles and their team assists members in dirt, rain, wind to test designs that is the reason Rei is leading generations. 

They offer a fixed discount for public entities purchasing with military and government funds, but do not offer any specific military discount to individuals.

Members can also purchase a gift membership or a membership gift card from online stores which add a Rei gift card for a fee and details how one can make the most out of the benefits after joining the co-op.

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