Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review

Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review

Manchester United membership offers different types of plan, such as Full Membership (£40), Premium Membership (£75), Lite Membership (£35), Junior Membership (£20), and Forwarding Membership (£20).

As a Premium Member, you can get special admission to home games, cheap tickets to MU Women home games, a Premium membership pack, and discounts of up to 50% off at the club. As a full member, you can get tickets to home games, cheap tickets to home games for women’s teams, and a digital membership card. Junior Membership is for young fans and gives them access to special digital material.

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About Manchester United Club

Manchester United Football Club, founded in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR Football Club, is a globally renowned football club based in Manchester, England. Old Trafford, a venue that can hold more than 74,000 people, is the club’s home field. The club has a long history of success.

Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review

They have won the English Premier League 20 times and many local cups, such as the FA Cup and the League Cup. Manchester United has won the UEFA Super Cup, the UEFA Europa League, and the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup over the course of its European history. 

Because of their success, the club has a huge following of people all over the world, in all seven countries. Manchester United is one of the richest and most valuable football teams in the world. They make a lot of money from business deals and sponsorships.

There have been some great football players and coaches who have played or managed for the club, like Sir Matt Busby, Sir Bobby Charlton, George Best, Eric Cantona, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester United is still one of the most famous and well-supported football teams in the world, even though it has had some problems and changes.

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Manchester United Membership Types

Fans of Manchester United can become members in a number of different ways, each of which gives them access to different perks. This is a list of some of the most popular types of membership that Manchester United offers:

Manchester United Premium Membership

For just £75, you can become a Premium Member of Manchester United for the 2024–25 season. This gives you access to a lot of special perks. Members have special access to tickets to home games, which means they can go to the most-wanted games. Also, offering cheap tickets to MU Women’s home games helps bring more people together and support the women’s team.

Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review

The luxury membership pack comes with special items, and mega club deals make the experience better for fans. Members can enter special contests and watch all of MUTV’s shows for in-depth coverage. The digital membership card, yearbook, and full access to MUTV also make it easier to meet with and be a part of the club’s active group.

Manchester United Full Membership

The full membership to Manchester United for the 2024–25 season costs £40 and comes with a lot of perks for die-hard fans. Members are able to get passes to home games, so they don’t miss the excitement of seeing their favorite team play. Also, cheaper MU Women’s home game tickets encourage support for the women’s team and help the club be more welcoming to everyone.

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The exclusive membership pack comes with one-of-a-kind items of goods, and club prices make it even more valuable for members. Fans can stay linked to the club’s history all season long with a digital membership card that makes entry easy and a yearbook that records special times.

Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review

Manchester United Lite Membership

For the 2024–25 season, Manchester United is offering the Lite Membership for £35, which is a great deal for die-hard fans. Members have access to tickets to home games, which lets them be a part of the exciting stadium environment for big games. Discounted passes to MU Women’s home games also encourage support for the women’s team, which makes the club’s community more welcoming.

Fans can save money on goods and other purchases by using club deals. With digital access, members get a scrapbook with pictures of great events and a digital membership card, which makes it easy to interact with the club’s active fan group all season long.

Manchester United Junior Membership

The £20 Junior Membership is for the youngest Red Devils fans and gives them special access to home game tickets, cheap tickets to MU Women’s home games, and up to 50% off at big clubs. As a member, you also get access to special digital material, like a brand-new digital football school that helps young football fans learn and have fun while doing it.

Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review

Manchester United Forwarding Membership

For £20 a year, Manchester United supporters who value ticket forwarding inside the club may join the Forwarding Membership. This membership is only for ticket sharing services, so fans can share the pleasure of going to a game with their friends and family. All memberships to Forwarding are renewed immediately for the season 2023–2024. Members may not be able to get other perks, but they can still be a part of the club’s lively community by sharing tickets.

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Membership TypesCostFeatures
Premium£75Premium Merchandise PackDigital EventsMUTV Subscription24/25 Home Matches Access
Full£40Exclusive Discounts up to 40%Digital Yearbook and Membership CardFull Merchandise Pack
Lite£35Exclusive Discounts Up to 20%Digital Yearbook and Membership CardFull Merchandise Pack
Junior£20Access to digital soccer school contentJunior Merchandise PackExclusive Discounts up to 50%
Forwarding£20You can part of United Family but no other special benefits
Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review

Ticket Prices and Where to Buy Manchester United Tickets

Manchester United is a sports club with fans all over the world. To buy tickets, go to their official website instead of a website that sells seats for more than they’re worth. You need to be a member to buy tickets, and each person can only get one pass. There are four groups of tickets based on age: under 16, 16–17, 18–20, and over 65. Tickets sell out quickly and prices change based on the group. Be quick to get around the stadium to escape paying too much.

Price BandAdultUnder 16Age 16-17Age 18-20Age 65+
A – Red£58£13£28£45.50£28
B – Silver£55£13£28£43.25£28
C – Blue£52£13£28£41£28
D – Green£50£13£28£39.50£28
E – Orange£46£13£27£36.50£27
F – Yellow£45£13£26.50£35.75£26.50
G – Black£43£13£25.50£34.25£25.50
H – Pink£42£13£25£33.50£25
I – Purple£36£13£22£29£22

How To Get Manchester United Membership

Here are the steps you can take to become a Manchester United member:

Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review
  • Go to the webpage for Manchester United.
  • Find the part that says “Official Membership.”
  • Choose which type of membership you want to buy (Forwarding, Premium, Full, Lite, or Junior).
  • Click on “Buy Now” or “Join the Journey.”
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your purchase.

If you don’t already have one, please remember that you will need to make an account on the Manchester United website. You can get your digital Membership Card from your online account after you’ve bought a membership. 

How to Cancel and Renew Manchester United Membership

Here are the steps you can take to cancel your Manchester United membership:

  • Go to the webpage for Manchester United.
  • Go to the area called “Memberships.”
  • Look for the part that says “Manage Auto Renewal.”
  • Click “Manage Auto Renewal” if you paid with a credit card. If you used Direct Debit to pay, you need to take back the order with your bank.
  • Just do what it says on the screen to finish the cancellation.

You can stop your Membership within 14 days of the date you bought it or renewed it (whichever comes first) and get your money back in full, whether you bought it online, over the phone, or in the mail. Keep an eye on your bank records in case they charge you again for any payments in the future. If this happens even after properly stopping, call them right away so they can fix the problem right away.

Museum and Stadium Tour Prices

The United Stadium Tour and Museum is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to walk down the tunnel and sit in the seats where football stars used to sit.

Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review
  • Adults pay about £36 if they are not members and about £28 if they are members or have a season ticket.
  • Juniors and seniors: £20 if you’re not a member, or about £16 if you have a membership or season ticket. Prices can change.
  • The Legends Tour costs between £90 and £140 for adults and children under 65 years old. It gives you the chance to be shown around the “theater of dreams” by a United star. People like Norman Whiteside, Lee Martin, and Stuart Pearson are in this group.
  • This is a shorter walk for people who don’t have much time. This costs £23 for adults and £15 for students and seniors. It lets you see the museum and go inside the stadium with the help of a knowledgeable tour guide.

Manchester United Membership Benefits

Manchester United provides a variety of membership advantages designed to meet the tastes and demands of different sorts of supporters. These advantages may vary according to the individual membership tier, however they often include:

  • Match Ticket Access: Members enjoy priority access to purchasing tickets for home matches at Old Trafford, allowing them to attend games and experience the atmosphere firsthand.
  • Discounted MU Women’s Home Match Tickets: Members often get reduced tickets to MU Women’s home games as a way of supporting inclusion and promoting the squad.
  • Exclusive Membership Pack: Members may get a special membership pack that includes goods items such as scarves, pins, or other collectibles exclusive to their membership tier.
  • Club Discounts: Members may save money on products, stadium tours, hospitality packages, and other club-related purchases, making it easier to exhibit their team spirit.
  • Digital Membership Card: A digital membership card enables members to access perks and privileges online, simplifying the membership experience.
  • Exclusive Content: Members often have access to unique digital material, such as behind-the-scenes film, interviews with players and staff, match highlights, and documentaries, which provide a greater understanding of the club’s operations.
  • Competitions: Members may be eligible to participate in unique contests with rewards ranging from autographed artifacts to VIP matchday experiences.
  • Community Engagement: Joining Manchester United means being a part of a worldwide fan community. Members may connect with other fans via online forums, fan gatherings, and local supporters’ clubs, which fosters a feeling of community and belonging.

How to Purchase Manchester United Tickets Without a Membership

Manchester United tickets are tough to get without a membership since each membership allows for just one ticket. SeatPick provides a solution by enabling non-members to purchase tickets without a membership card.

Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review

This permits individuals to attend any match they desire without the need to sign up for a membership card.

How To Get Cheap Manchester United Tickets

Consider signing up for a membership on the Manchester United official website. If it is not possible to get Manchester United match tickets through the club, another option for finding cheap Manchester United tickets is to time the secondary market on SeatPick.

We examine choices from across the ticket market to help Manchester United supporters get the greatest deals online. Today, the cheapest Manchester United home tickets on Seat Pick are for Manchester Man against Burnley, with prices starting at £55. Old Trafford will host the match on April 27, 2024, with the cheapest tickets placed in the E231.

Manchester United Membership Discounts & Deals

Members of Manchester United are eligible for a number of club discounts, such as Junior, Lite, Full, and Premium memberships. Up to 50% off is available for Premium Membership, up to 40% off for Full Membership, up to 20% off for Lite Membership, and up to 50% off for Junior Membership.

A number of benefits are available to members of the Executive Club, including a 50% discount on the Museum & Stadium Tour, a 10% discount at Red Café, a 10% discount at Megastore, and a 10% discount when hosting conferences, meetings, and events.

Manchester United Membership Promo Codes

You may discover discount codes for Manchester United subscriptions in a few different places:

Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review
  • DealDrop: As of April 25, 2024, this website has a number of current codes for Manchester United. The top Manchester United promo codes provide discounts of 5% to clients.
  • PromoPro: Use this website to get up to 60% off Viagogo orders and 10% off Manchester United memberships.
  • Goodshop: Manchester United Direct promo codes and discounts for April 2024 are listed on this website.

Is Manchester United Membership Worth It ?

The value of a Manchester United membership varies depending on the interests and involvement levels of each fan. Membership may be quite advantageous for fans who often attend games or who want priority access to tickets, since it guarantees improved odds of obtaining seats for in-demand games.

The whole fan experience may also be improved by the access to special events, unique material, and retail discounts. Membership payments also help the club run, which may appeal to supporters who wish to get involved in the team’s success by funding community projects and player recruiting. 

However, membership might not be as beneficial for less serious supporters who don’t frequently attend games or aren’t interested in the special perks. In the end, everything boils down to individual priorities and degree of involvement in the club.

Manchester United Membership Review

We are sharing review of a member based on reality: 

Positive Reviews

Becoming a member of Manchester United has been an amazing experience. Having first dibs on match tickets has given me the opportunity to attend games that I otherwise would not have been able to as a devoted fan. I feel more a part of the club because of the unique information, which includes player interviews and behind-the-scenes films.

Manchester United Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Ticket Cost & Review

I have been able to show my support and save money at the same time thanks to the discounts on products and other club events. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the Manchester United community, and via the local fans’ groups, I’ve gained friends for life. All in all, being a member has improved my fan experience and brought me closer to the team a person would like.

Negative Reviews

I was thrilled when I first became a Manchester United member, but I’m not as thrilled now. Priority access to match tickets sounds great, but in practice, it’s frequently impossible to get seats for the most sought-after events, which frustrates and disappoints me. The exclusive material falls flat and doesn’t offer the complexity or diversity I was expecting.

The little retail discounts do not make the membership fee worthwhile. The yearbook and digital membership card both seem like needless frills. All things considered, I thought the membership would have been worth more for the cost, and I’m not sure if I should renew for another season.

Manchester United Membership Contact Details

  • Phone: +44 161 676 7770
  • Email: 
  • Accessible ticketing & advice: +44 161 676 7770, 
  • Seasonal and match day hospitality sales & enquiries: +44 161 524 0821, 
  • Executive Club Support Team: +44 161 524 0821, 
  • Museum & Stadium Tour bookings & enquiries: +44 161 676 7770, 
  • Conference & events bookings & enquiries: +44 161 524 0821, 
  • United Direct, online shop: +44 333 014 4543, ,
  • Supporter feedback: +44 161 676 7770, 
  • Manchester United Foundation: +44 161 868 8600, 

Manchester United Social Media


Your online account allows you to download your digital Membership Card. Navigate to your online account’s Membership section, check the box next to Membership, and choose “Download” under “Mobile wallet link.”

Indeed, an Official Membership is the ideal present! You have two options for doing this:

  • First, go to and choose the subscription that you want to buy. To avoid giving the gift receiver a booking confirmation that may ruin the surprise, have them create an account using your email address.
  • Invest in a gift voucher so the recipient may decide what to buy with it.

It costs £40 for a full membership.For those seeking the complete encounter! Gain access to reduced MU Women home match tickets, a digital membership card, a yearbook, a full membership pack, and club savings of up to 40%. 

An exquisite silver United crest coaster, a plush gray beanie, a soft-touch gray United crest pen, and an expensive wood-lid water bottle are included in the most exclusive membership item bundle.

Tickets for Premier League home games are only available to Official Members, who are limited to one purchase per home game, subject to availability. 

Superior, Complete, and Younger Each junior age category in a United Membership pack includes specially designed goods for that age group. United Members also receive a Membership pack filled with exclusive stuff.

Please make sure you have your membership number on hand when calling 0161 868 8000 or sending an email to  to obtain a refund.

You must be a member of the club in order to acquire an official ticket from the organization to see Manchester United play at Old Trafford.

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