David Lloyd Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts, Review, Free Day Pass

David Lloyd Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts, Review, Free Day Pass

David Lloyd memberships start at £94.50 a month for an individual and £77 a month for a pair. Additionally, they have a membership plan for young people that costs £55.95 a month. Different clubs have different membership rates and gyms, but David Lloyd is known for having state-of-the-art exercise tools as well as health, racquets, and spa facilities for its members.

As a member, you can also use the clubroom to eat and unwind after your workout. This gym network is still one of the most popular in Europe, though, and it now has more than 100 clubs in and around the UK.

How Much Is Lifetime Fitness Membership

Details About David Lloyd Gym

One of the founders of David Lloyd Clubs, a British gym and exercise center business, was pro tennis player David Lloyd. Modern gym equipment, group exercise classes, tennis fields, swimming pools, spa and health facilities, family-friendly services, cafés and social spaces are just some of the fitness facilities and services that the company provides. 

David Lloyd Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts, Review, Free Day Pass

The company has grown a lot both in the United Kingdom and around the world since the opening of the first club in Heston, London. David Lloyd Membership Clubs offer a complete fitness experience by mixing training, rest, and socializing in a high-end setting. The company has different types of memberships, such as individual, family, and business memberships, each with its own perks and price range. A wide range of people join the company because of its high standards of service and equipment. These include exercise fans and families looking for a complete health and wellness answer.

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David Lloyd Membership Types

David Lloyd Clubs usually have different types of memberships so that they can meet the wants and interests of all of their members. Although what each club offers may be different, here are some common types of membership that David Lloyd Clubs may offer:

David Lloyd Standard Platinum Membership

The monthly fee is £129.00, and there is a £120.00 fee to join. David Lloyd’s Standard Platinum Membership gives members full access to all of the club’s facilities, such as the gym, swimming pool, exercise classes, racquets, and Blaze. It also lets you use it for as long as you want.

A monthly guest pass, fresh blankets, a 10% discount in the bar and restaurant, and a 10% discount on DL Kids classes are some of the other perks. As a member, you can also get access to special digital material. 

David Lloyd Flexible Platinum Membership

The price per month is £139 with a joining fee of £130  but these amounts are just estimates and could change. The David Lloyd Flexible Platinum Membership lets you use all of the club’s facilities which were in the standard platinum membership.

David Lloyd Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts, Review, Free Day Pass

It lets you come and go whenever you want, gives you fresh towels every month, 10% off in the bar and restaurant, DL Kids lessons, and special digital material. At some gyms, a qualified plan can save you up to 50% on an Individual Flexible Platinum Membership.

Body & Brain Yoga Membership 

David Lloyd Add your partner Membership

It costs £109.00 per month with the joining fee of £130.00. David Lloyd Clubs has a unique registration feature that lets users add their partner and save a lot of money. You can do this through the David Lloyd Clubs app, where both users can download digital membership cards.

This makes it easy to use the club’s services without a real card. Members who already have a membership could add a non-member until December 29, 2019, and get up to 50% off the new sales membership rate.

David Lloyd Add your children Membership

It costs £51.00 per month with the joining fee of £10.00. Families can join David Lloyd and use the club’s facilities by becoming members. Anyone over the age of 18 can join as an adult, and families can add children up to 2 years old. Kids can do a lot of different things, like play games and start learning right away.

For an extra fee, David Lloyd also has a crèche service for kids from 12 weeks to 5 years old. The crèche has play areas and changing rooms. So, families can enjoy the club’s services and concentrate on their own needs.

David Lloyd Add your Young Children Membership

It costs £2.00 per month with a joining fee of £0.00. David Lloyd lets parents add their kids up to 2 years old to their membership. In this way, they can use the club’s services with their parents. Kids can join the club at a young age and do a range of tasks with other kids while they play and learn. For a small extra fee, there is also a crèche service for kids from 12 weeks to 5 years old that has play areas and changing rooms.

David Lloyd Monthly Membership Prices & Types

Membership TypeJoining FeeMonthly Cost
Standard Platinum Membership£120.00£129.00
Flexible Platinum Membership£130.00£149.00
Add Your Partner£130.00£109.00
Add Your Children (3 – 18 years)£10.00£51.00
Add Your Young Children (0 – 2 years)£0.00£2.00

David Lloyd Membership Add-Ons & Extras

As was already said, there are extra fees for some services at David Lloyd centers that aren’t included in the basic gym and pool entry. Checking prices for the following membership add-ons is a good idea:

David Lloyd Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts, Review, Free Day Pass

Curves Fitness Membership Cost

Add OnCost
Court & Activity Bookingsfrom £5-15 per booking
Towel Hire£1-2 per towel
Spa Sessions£5-15 per session
Creche Access£5+ per child p/hr
Drinks & Meals£3-15 per item
Tennis Coaching£10+ per 30mins
Personal Training£30+ per 45mins
Kids Activity Camps£100+ per week
Salon Treatments£25+ per treatment

David Lloyd Membership Access Levels

Different membership levels at David Lloyd Clubs usually give members different amounts of access to the club’s tools and benefits. You may come across the following entry levels:

Full Access

You can use the gym, group exercise classes, and swimming pool whenever you want if you have a David Lloyd membership. There are also tennis and squash courts that you can book, though there may be fees. You can pay as you go to get into the spa and get treatments. If you want to use more than one club in the David Lloyd network, you can buy an update that will make it easier to keep up your exercise practice in different places.

Off-Peak Access

If you join David Lloyd, you can use the gym, group exercise classes, and swimming pool from 11 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Tennis and squash courts, on the other hand, can be used, but there are fees to reserve them. Pay-as-you-go is also an option for spa services and equipment. Multi-club entry isn’t usually part of regular agreements, but there may be other choices for people who want to use more than one club in the David Lloyd network.

Club Only Access

David Lloyd’s “Essential” plan is a cheap way to join. It usually only gives members access to the gym, group exercise classes, and swimming pool at their home club. This membership doesn’t give you entry to the sports fields, the spa, or other clubs. It is made for people who want basic exercise facilities without any extraneous features or frills. It’s a cheap choice for people who are only interested in working out at their local club.

David Lloyd Corporate Membership

Businesses and their workers can get company memberships at David Lloyd Clubs, which offer perks that improve team health and productivity. These groups don’t cost anything to join, and a company must have at least five workers to get the business rates. Business people who travel can get Multi-Club Access, which gives them more options while they’re on the go.

David Lloyd Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts, Review, Free Day Pass

Also, some industries, like emergency services, can benefit from lower membership fees, which makes it easier for these workers to use club facilities. Overall, David Lloyd Clubs gives companies and their workers an open and low-cost option.

Employees with corporate memberships can use a variety of club facilities, take expertly led group exercise classes, and relax in designated areas. David Lloyd provides choices that can be changed and better planning rights. Memberships make workplace meetings and team-building activities easier, which helps create a good work culture.

They also build a helpful group at work, which makes workers more engaged and productive. Regular exercise can give you more energy, help your mind work better, and make you more productive at work.

How to Join David Lloyd Membership

Joining a David Lloyd membership involves the following steps:

  • Check out David Lloyd’s web page.
  • Click on “memberships” or search for the club closest to you.
  • To join or find out more about a membership type, click “Join Now.”

One person, a couple, or a family can become a member. Kids up to 2 years old and kids up to 18 years old also have choices. What it costs to be a member depends on what kind of member you are and where the club is located.

How to Cancel David Lloyd Membership

To cancel your David Lloyd membership, you have a couple of options:

  • Call the Membership Services Helpdesk: Call 0345 125 2781 to get help with membership services. Choose 1 to make a payment or sign a contract, and then choose 3 to talk about your contract. After that, it will put you in touch with someone at David Lloyd. To get out of a contract, you have to be the main person who signed it.
  • Get the David Lloyd Clubs app: Use the David Lloyd Clubs app to sign in to your account. You can “Cancel membership” by going to “Manage My Membership.” Complete the form to send the withdrawal request, and someone from the team will get back to you soon.

Please be aware that everyone who signs the membership application is responsible for this agreement, both as a group and on their own. In other words, if one of them tells David Lloyd to do something about the club, even end it, David Lloyd will believe all of them and follow their lead. 

David Lloyd Membership Renewal

David Lloyd Clubs makes it easy to update your membership. The app lets users handle their membership, which lets them set goals, stick to plans, book classes, and get special deals. The membership services staff can help you renew your membership. David Lloyd has different membership choices, such as set and open contracts. Users can renew their membership to keep working out at the club after the first term is over.

David Lloyd Free Day Pass

At David Lloyd, you can enjoy the benefit of free trials, with the duration and cost tailored to each club’s unique offerings. Many trials last for just one day, although there are a few that provide the option of a 7-day free trial. Special discounts are offered during occasions such as New Year and the start of summer.

David Lloyd Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts, Review, Free Day Pass

Guest passes are available at no cost and offer options for 7, 10, or 14 days. To receive a complimentary pass, please reach out to the club and complete the online form provided on their website. Furthermore, you can enjoy a complimentary day pass during the Easter Open Weekend.

David Lloyd Membership Facilities

David Lloyd Gym offers a bunch of main facilities which are stated below:

  • Gym Facilities: David Lloyd Clubs offer a luxurious fitness experience with advanced workout equipment, tailored coaching, and multi-purpose exercise zones. They offer a range of weights, resistance training equipment, and specialized workout spaces. They also provide personalized training and classes, with trainers available for one-on-one or group workouts. The club is committed to family, welcoming children from the age of 10 through their Gym Start-up initiative. Members can enjoy all-encompassing facilities like lounges, swimming pools, spa zones, and childcare services. Membership flexibility is available with broad weekly operational hours and access to additional locations for frequent travelers.
  • Swimming Pool Facilities: David Lloyd Clubs offer a variety of aquatic facilities to cater to various activities and preferences. They offer temperature-regulated indoor and outdoor pools, with indoor facilities year-round and outdoor pools ideal for summer workouts. Clubs provide tailored coaching for adult members, ranging from private coaching to swim groups led by experienced coaches. Ezoic Platinum membership facilities offer water-based exercise sessions, designated lane training, exclusive swimming times, and spa features. The clubs also provide comfortable locker rooms with ample lockers, seating, showers, and grooming areas. The club’s commitment to user comfort is evident in its well-equipped locker rooms.
  • Fitness Facilities: David Lloyd Clubs provide a diverse range of fitness sessions for all levels, including HIIT, yoga, outdoor workouts, and water-based routines. They offer exclusive classes tailored to meet members’ needs, providing benefits like cardiovascular health, weight management, and muscle mass. High-energy HIIT sessions, yoga, Pilates, group cycling, cardio workouts, and muscle enhancement sessions are available. The clubs also offer specially designed cycle studios, virtual landscapes, and real-time coaching. The club’s unique cardio workouts, such as Cardio Tennis and IGN1TE, are unique to the club.
  • Tennis & Racquets Club: The Tennis & Racquets Club at David Lloyd Clubs provides a welcoming environment for all levels of tennis enthusiasts. With a variety of racquet sports, including badminton, squash, pickleball, and Padel, members can try new activities or stick to their favorites. The club features high-standard indoor and outdoor courts, with all-season domes, and offers detailed tennis coaching for kids and adults.
  • Other Facilities: The David Lloyd Platinum Membership Package offers a range of perks and services to enhance the club experience. Members can use the club’s amenities anytime, with all-access timings. They also receive a monthly guest invitation, fresh towels, and a 10% discount on food and beverages. These benefits cater to various wellness, recreation, and lifestyle preferences, ensuring a luxurious and versatile experience for its members.

David Lloyd Membership Discounts

David Lloyd has many membership discounts, such as up to 

David Lloyd Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts, Review, Free Day Pass
  • 20% off for couples
  • 10% off for businesses,
  •  lower monthly fees during off-peak hours
  • senior rates for people 65 and older
  • student discounts of up to 15%
  • family packages for kids, and 
  • flexible contracts for 3 to 6 months. These deals make joining easy and cheap for a wide range of groups.

David Lloyd Online Booking & App Support

David Lloyd offers a mobile app that provides a comprehensive range of services and support. Use it like this:

  • Online Booking: The app lets you look at classes, fields, personal training lessons, and Swim Stars and Tennis Stars professional teaching programs, as well as book them.
  • Create Your Own Goals: The app lets you create your own health and wellness goals.
  • Order Food and Drink: Right from the app, you can order food and drinks from The Clubroom.
  • Take Care of Your Membership: The app lets you take care of your membership and give feedback to the club.

The app is free to download, but only members can use it. You can get the David Lloyd Clubs app from the app store on your device if you haven’t already.

David Lloyd Digital Membership Card

David Lloyd has an eco-friendly option to real cards called a Digital Membership Card. Get the card and use it by downloading the David Lloyd Clubs app and following the steps in the email. People who have the app can add their Digital Membership Card to their Apple or Google Wallet. Through the app, family members can get their partner’s and kids’ cards. The card can be used at the spa gate, the car park gates, and the cash registers in the clubroom.

David Lloyd Promo Codes

David Lloyd offers a variety of promo codes and discounts. You might be interested in these:

  • You can get 50% off of your starting fees if you sign up for a Platinum or Diamond membership for 12 months.
  • You can now get great deals on flexible membership.
  • You can set up a trial for two weeks.
  • Some contracts let you have three personal training sessions.
  • Use the code “BREAK10” to get 10% off everything.4.
  • Use the code “FIRSTTIME80” to get an extra 80% off everything.
  • Use the code “EXTRA” to save 70% on some styles.
  • Use the code “GIFT FREE” to get 55% off of everything.2
  • Use the code “FIRSTTIME” to get things for half off.
  • Use the code “thankyou45” to get an extra 45% off on the site.
  • 35% off their most popular fitness classes: Use the code “AFF35” to save 35% on their most popular fitness classes.
  • Save 30% Off If you use the code “AFF30” on certain family classes, you can save 30%. 

Is David Lloyd Membership Worth It ?

David Lloyd clubs are good for families because they have good tools, group lessons, and swimming pools. The staff is nice, and there are lots of different groups to choose from. But they are pricey, especially for memberships that give you access to everything, and some members have said that the rules aren’t always the same between stores. There are also not enough people from different classes.

David Lloyd Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts, Review, Free Day Pass

That being said, David Lloyd clubs have a rate of 4.4 out of 5, and 63% of users gave them 5 stars. Visit the club, check out the equipment, and think about your exercise goals and funds to decide if becoming a member is worth it. Another important factor is where the club is located and how easy it is to get to.

David Lloyd Membership Review


David Lloyd clubs have great equipment, a range of membership choices, and a relaxed, family-friendly vibe. They have Diamond, Platinum, Plus, and Club memberships. A Diamond membership gives you entry to all of their clubs and spaces without limits. Members can also save money on their fees.

A digital membership card makes it easy to get into clubs while you’re on the go, and the club’s app lets you book and get help online. The club’s dedication to quality and ease of use makes it a popular choice for families and exercise fans alike.


David Lloyd passes, especially all-access ones, are known for being expensive. You also have to give three months’ notice to quit, which may not work for everyone. Because there aren’t many clubs in the UK, the services at some of them may get busy, which can make the overall experience of members worse.

David Lloyd Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts, Review, Free Day Pass

Some members have also said they are worried about the lack of variety in classes, which makes it harder to find different ways to work out. Pools are especially known for getting too crowded, which can make them hard for users to use and enjoy.

David Lloyd Contact Details

  • Phone: +44 20 8492 2250 
  • Email: member.support@davidlloyd.co. 
  • Address: David Lloyd Leisure, PO Box 439, Hatfield, AL10 1EF

David Lloyd Social Media


David Lloyd memberships start at £94.50 a month for an individual and £77 a month for a pair.

All of our flexible memberships last at least three full calendar months, or until you tell us you want to cancel them.

Also, if you are a member of David Lloyd Clubs, you can now use any David Lloyd Club in the UK or Spain. Our indoor and outdoor warming pools are open all year, so you can enjoy a swim no matter where you are.

For Flexible membership, you have one month to give notice. For Standard Annual and Standard Monthly membership, you have three months.

Guests of members can take classes if there are spots open at the time of the session. For the guest to get into the club, they will need a legal guest pass.

Spa treatments are open to everyone, whether you are a member or not. Membership at David Lloyd Clubs is required in order to access our complete range of spa amenities, such as the sauna, whirlpool, and steam room.

With the most popular membership option, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to the top-notch facilities at your home Club, as well as selected other Clubs and their fantastic amenities.

With the most popular membership option, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to the facilities at your home Club, as well as selected other Clubs and facilities. Welcome to Club Plus! You can enjoy access to our facilities at any time, but please note that access to racquets, exclusive spa facilities, and Blaze classes is not included.

There may be a one-time joining fee at David Lloyd, which may vary depending on the start date of your membership. At times, the brand may waive this fee, or you could potentially obtain a £0 joining fee by utilizing a David Lloyd voucher code from Groupon.

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