Platinum Topgolf Membership Cost 2024 Ultimate Guide To Benefits, Discounts

Platinum Topgolf Membership Cost 2024 Ultimate Guide To Benefits, Discounts

Platinum Topgolf Membership gives the opportunities to members for unlimited play hour, discounts on food and beverage and other numerous perks as well. This membership can be shared with family members, friends and coworkers and it includes 6 players in one membership at a time. 

How To Cancel Topgolf Platinum Membership?

How Much is Topgolf Membership?

It is notable that every location of Topgolf has its own rates and specific terms because it is available in many countries and locations across the world.  This is why we highly recommend that members must have to visit Topgolf’s official website or contact the specific venue to find out the exact price for the location you are interested in. The average Topgolf membership starts from $100 per month and so on and its hourly cost starts from $25/hour. 


Platinum Topgolf Membership Cost 2024 Ultimate Guide To Benefits, Discounts

Topgolf Membership Deals

Some Topgolf locations provide special deals such as lifetime membership, discounts in purchase on specific days, and student discounts to attract new customers. You can grab these opportunities of playing golf with very low prices and have fun with their services. Customers must have to inquire about plans and charges of different locations as costs vary due to rented bays and time of day.

Lifetime membership could make the process of playing unlimited golf with your friends and family affordable but it is important to choose which location is suitable for you.  Currently Top Golf Louisville prices are $28 and reach $56 during peak hours and Topgolf Las Vegas initial prices are $42 and reach $99 during peak hours.  


Topgolf Membership Discounts

Topgolf offers multiple discounts for their promotional programs throughout the year. In these memberships and deals discounts on play, food, beverages, drinks and seasonal events are included. Some examples are here:

How Much is Topgolf Membership?
  • In power hour Monday-Friday before noon the cost is $30 per bay per hour for unlimited play 
  • Every Tuesday students can grab 50% discount for gameplay with their valid student ID
  • Topgolf provides every day offer for families in just $75 for one hour play including one pitcher soda, one appetiser available till 5pm
  • Customers can grasp unlimited play from Memorial day to Labour day in $199 in Summer Fun Pass deal
  • Topgolf Heroes Program provides 10% discount for military personnel’s, teachers, police, fire and EMS personnel’s, healthcare workers and teachers. 

Topgolf Membership Levels & Prices

Topgolf is a unique source of fun & entertainment with family, friends and also a source of socialising. It has multiple levels for individuals to join;

Topgolf Platinum club 1-2 individuals

This membership can use 1-2 individuals. Membership monthly cost is $100, six month cost is $420 and annual prepay fee is $720 including weekly unlimited gameplay hours with 20% off for food and non-alcoholic drinks, 20% in venue retail, 20% off private events, early access, $1000 hole in one price and upgraded clubs.

Topgolf Platinum Elite 1-2 Individuals

Platinum Elite membership cost is $300/month, $1350/six months prepay and $2500 for annual prepay including all the above perks and benefits Saturday and Sunday access too. 

Topgolf Membership Levels & Prices

Topgolf Platinum Elite 3-4 Individuals

The membership allows 3-4 members unlimited gameplays and other benefits including drinks, food ,beverage and more. The initial cost for monthly membership is $400, for six months prepay $1800 and annual prepay cost is $3,000. 

Topgolf Platinum Elite 5-6 Individuals

Membership covers all the perks and exclusive discounts of above plans and gives access to 5-6 individuals unlimited game plays any time during working hours. Monthly dues for this membership are $500 for six months prepay $2250 and annual prepay it reaches $3500.

Topgolf Membership Gift Cards

Gift cards are the convenient source of fun and entertainment for the people whether they are interested in Topgolf or simply looking for a way of entertainment and fun as well as it is a creational venue. These gift cards can be used for multiple purposes like purchase from a venue including game play, food, membership gear and lessons. Gift cards are redeemable at any location of the United States and give the choice to the recipient for location selection. Topgolf offers gift cards purchase with instant delivery procedure via email. Spend $50 on gift cards and receive 2 $15 game play free. 


Topgolf Platinum Membership Benefits

Topgolf Platinum membership is the way to enjoy all the benefits of venues and experiences. 

Topgolf Platinum Membership Benefits
  • Members can get access to RFID chip implanted in their golf ball
  • Members have no need to worry about shot accuracy because they monitor shots 
  • Platinum members receive 20% discount on food
  • 20% discount on retails
  • 20% off for non-alcoholic drinks
  • 20% for private events
  • Five extra rows on every course during special promotional days
  • 20% off for lifetime membership all retails and perks

How To Cancel Topgolf Platinum Membership?

You can not cancel Topgolf Platinum membership online members should have to contact at 866-867-4653 and select the option for menu from your nearest Topgolf facility. Members can follow the procedure of cancellation from where they purchased membership. If you terminate/cancel your membership 7-30 days prior to starting any event your 100% fee will be refunded.  

Topgolf Membership Contact Details

To contact Topgolf members can call at  866-867-4653 or for general comment and queries you can visit at

Topgolf Membership Social Media


Their RFID chip is highly accurate to check shots and  accuracy which keeps members calm and easy while playing. Now some venues are implementing Top Tracer technology which traces the real-time speed and flight path of your ball. Use of  all these technologies makes it popular. 

Members have the opportunity to avail all the clubs during game play without paying any penny. Topgolf clubs are for men, ladies, left/right handers, kids and toddlers. Each bay already has clubs for men and women’s.

6 people can easily play at Topgolf bays at a time comfortably but they recommend 8 players in the bay. For some safety reasons only one player can hit at a time.

No it is not necessary that you must be good at playing golf shots for fun because at Topgolf fun is for everyone and even if your swing needs some work then you can take some lesson classes for improvement. 

Yes Topgolf chefs and hosts are pleased to get food and drinks for guests and there you will get fresh food with high quality ingredients. Topgolf reserves the right to not serve alcohol to any guest under 21, even if state law permits them under the parents and guardians presence. 

Yes bay and clubs are kids friendly and they have a variety of fun for children and toddlers to have fun with these services. All age members are all welcome!

Yes under 16 must bring their legal guardian or parents with them and under 21 must be supervised by parents or guardians after 9 pm. 

Safety is their first priority. Topgolf keeps a safe hitting bay with a distance of 11 feet from tee to tee. They have certified Ecolab designed by experts to keep hospitals clean. Moreover their associates complete a wellness check before starting work and all associates follow the hand washing protocol.

Yes this service is available and their team responds adequately but more than that easy is to book a bay online by visiting Topgolf app. 

You are allowed to book a bay for 1-6 people 7 days prior and for 7-12 people 14 days in advance. You can book for one day, any event or for a whole month in advance and get 2 hours of game play free. 

Yes you gift cards can be redeemed for reservations at bay but for events payment gift cards are acceptable you must have to pay dues accordingly.

Yes, if you feel comfortable playing with your own clubs then we have an area to store your clubs which is designated for store and also rooms are available to store equipment so that you do not face any inconvenience any time.  

Topgolf is all open throughout the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Yes we have a lot of space for parking and valet parking as well. If you do not want to drive your own car then you can get a ride with our partner Lyft.

Even if extreme weather outside nothing can stop Topgolf fun and entertainment because they have covered areas for hitting with fans in summer and heated in winters and other activities .

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