How Much is PCC Membership 2024-Benefits, Cancellation

How Much is PCC Membership 2024-Benefits, Cancellation

A lifetime PCC membership costs a one-time fee of $60. membership should be in the name of one person only. It is non-transferable. Other individuals living in the household can use your membership card to shop at PCC. Joint accounts or accounts under multiple names are not allowed at PCC.

PCC Membership

How to Get a PCC Membership?

You need to fill out an online form at the PCC website to join as a member. Your account will be made in the name of one individual. Follow the steps to become a PCC member:

How to Get a PCC Membership?
  • Read the Membership Agreements very carefully.
  • Click the checkbox and click on the ‘Join Now’ button.
  • You will be redirected to the membership registration form.
  • Enter your first name, legal, middle, and last name.
  • Fill out the form by entering your information and clicking on ‘Submit’ Button.
  • You need to select your membership.
  • Pay for the membership according to your preferred credit or debit card.
  • Complete your order and enjoy the perks of membership.

PCC Membership Discount

PCC members can get discounts in the following categories:

Arts & Entertainment

  • Seattle Art Museum: Members can get 10% off the admission price at SAM’s Downtown and Asian Art Museum locations.
  • SIFF: Members can get $1 off for two tickets per showtime at every SIFF Cinemas.
  • Ark Lodge Cinema: Members can get $1 off their concessions purchase.
  • Seattle Arts and Lectures: Members can get 10% off admission to all Seattle Arts and Lectures events
  • The Fifth Avenue: Members can save up to %25 on admission to select Fifth Avenue Theatre performances.
PCC Membership Discount


  • Wildwood Spirits Co.: Members can get 25% off on any spirit purchased during their visit. They can also get one free quarterly tasting for up to four guests.
  • Forecast Coffee Company: Members can get 10% off on every Forecast coffee online store.
  • Delille Cellars: Members can get 10% off on the current vintage wines they purchase and enjoy a quarterly tasting for two.
  • Fidalgo Coffee Roasters: Members can get 15% off every online purchase and enjoy one free item from the gift shop.
  • Baer Winery: Members can purchase one tasting and get one free.


  • CB’s Nuts: Members can get a free 1.5-ounce bag of kettle peanuts and $2 off 1-pound in-house ground peanut butter with any purchase at CB’s Nuts’ retail store.
  • K’UL Chocolate: Members can take 10% off on each chocolate product and bards in K’UL’s online shop.
  • Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria: Members can receive one free order of bruschetta per dine-in purchase when they eat at any Tutta Bella location.
  • Molly Moon’s: Members can enjoy a free waffle cone or topping when they purchase a scoop of ice cream at any Molly Moon location.

Health & Fitness

  • City Sweats: Members can get 10% off a wellness service punch card or 20% off their first month of membership.
  • Felix & Fido: Members can receive 20% off on their first year of membership.
  • Aya Yoga Oasis: Members can get 25% off their first private yoga lessons. If they buy ten classes they can get one free.
  • TITLE Boxing Club: Members can receive 10% off any unlimited monthly membership.
  • Members can also get various discounts on small shops, solutions, and services.

PCC Membership Offers & Deals

There are multiple offers for the PCC Members, it is design so accurate that everyone can participate and enjoy.

PCC Membership Offers & Deals

New Member

Members receive 50% off one online cooking class when they become members. They can log into the PCC website. The next step is to make sure that the membership is linked. Find the code under ‘Membership’ and Offers’. Members need to apply this code during the checkout when purchasing their seats.

This offer is only valid for 12 months from the date of membership. It excludes in-person classes, gift-with-purchase classes, multi-day classes, and kids’ classes. This offer cannot be applied to purchases made before the date of delivery.

Member Anniversary

Members will receive an email with an offer code of 50% off one online cooking class, during the month in which they become a member. Members can find their join date under ‘Membership’ on their PCC website account. When the code is valid, it will appear on the PCC website account under ‘Membership’ and ‘Offers.’ It excludes in-person classes, gift-with-purchase classes, multi-day classes, and kids’ classes. This offer cannot be applied to purchases made before the date of delivery.

Members can apply this code during the checkout when purchasing their seats. This offer is only valid for 6 months from the email delivery date of membership.

PCC Membership Gift Cards

Gift cards or ecards can be purchased in your local market and these are the perfect gift for food lovers. You can load these cards with a minimum amount from 5-1000.  Pcc cards can be used at any pcc market and you can purchase items with this card but this card can not be redeemed for cash. Pcc is not responsible for the loss of card and it is not changeable.

PCC Membership Gift Cards

PCC Membership Benefits

The following are the benefits of joining the membership:

Members-Only Events

Members can treat themselves to a PCC-exclusive cabernet at a members-only event of wine tasting or tour a local farm. Members can learn how their produce is grown. PCC offers multiple opportunities for members to connect and build a community with each other and with their partners.

Exclusive Offers

Members receive exclusive email offers throughout the year on all the seasonal and scrumptious things. Members need to make sure that their email address is up to date.

Partner Discounts

Like their produce, PCC’s co-op is local from the ground up. The PCC Partner Program offers various member discounts with local businesses that share their values.

How To Cancel PCC Membership?

Potential Annual Dividend

When members buy something, their purchases go toward annual dividends. That would be the member’s share of co-op profits. 

Cooking Classes

When someone becomes a PCC member, they get to receive 50% off one online cooking class. When it’s time for a member’s anniversary each year, they can take another online class for 50% off.

Annual Election

Members can help guide the PCC’s future by electing the Board of Trustees. They can also speak, and quarterly meet and greet the trustees. Members can make their voices heard.

How To Cancel PCC Membership?

There is no way to cancel the PCC subscription. Once you pay a $60 fee, you do not have to pay for the membership again. It is a one-time payment. You can enjoy the perks and benefits of this membership for your whole life.

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A $60 membership fee paid before January 1 is refundable. The fee for PCC subscription created on or after January is not refundable.

Members can request a replacement card via the membership section of their online account. Replacement cards can be requested two times per year.

Link your web account with the membership, and update your member account information.

You can learn about the upcoming events in Sound Consumer or by email.

PCC members limit the number of people allowed at any event. 

Members can find upcoming events by email or go to in sound consumer.

Show your PCC subscription card at the time of purchase at our partner you will get a discount.

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