Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Free Trial

Walmart Plus Membership which helps to save your time and money. Walmart normally plans $12.95 per month and $98 annual, but if you subscribe to their annual membership, you can save up to $52(taxes may apply). You will also be able to access Deals, discounts, Gift cards and many more through your membership benefits.   

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts

Students above 18 or older and getting education in a higher institution can get a discount of 6.47$ per month, or 49$ per year. Members who already subscribed can switch to student pricing by

By signing up, you  will be charged the fee kito your selected payment method, after 30 day free trial.

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Walmart Plus Membership Benefits

By becoming a member of Walmart + family, you will get many benefits. Here are some benefits given below

Enjoy Walmart + Free Shipping And Delivery 

You can order more extensive range items rather than a normal store cart. Free delivery everyday by ordering low price items(Groceries, etc )You will get 0$ delivery fees on your  35$+orders(if your order is under 35$, Walmart will charge you 5.99$). You will get delivery on same-day.

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts

There are no shipping fees even on little orders. Select eligible items from motley collections and you have to pay 0$ from shipping fee.(it may not apply on most marketplaces, items, cargo and fixed locations hook)

Discounts on Fuel

If you are a Walmart + subscriber, you can save 10 cents per gallon discount at Exxon, Mobil, and Murphy station. This service is available at a vast 13,000 locations throughout the country. Members can fill up their vehicle at Sam’s Club gas stations.

Sam’s Club Membership

Scan And Go

Once you become member of Walmart family, you have the access to an amazing feature on the app. You don’t have to waits long in line to check out rather, open your Walmart app and follow below these steps

  • 1.Make sure your device location is on. Open the app, Click on the option of  “Scan & Go” 
  • Scan the UPC codes of the items you purchased. Select the option of “View Cart” and verify that everything you purchase is OK.
  • Click on ‘Check Out’ and be fascinated. Confirm your payment. You can pay through your Walmart wallet and scan the QR code ( it is only possible if you already save your payment information in your wallet)

Enjoy Free Spotify Access

You can save up to (9.99$) per month if you are a member of Walmart, by accessing Spotify Premium and enjoy ad-free music for six months. This offer will apply to all the new members and existing members.

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts

You can redeem this offer through Spotify and Walmart’s landing page. You can enjoy millions of songs, and download music offline.

Best Deal Access

Walmart + Members get notified when new product launches or any deal going on, which include Black Friday promotions. This step is very friendly,  mainly when there is a restricted supply.

Cashback Rewards

Walmart+ joined hands with a cash back rewards firm Ibotta. Members can now get cashback rewards on items like groceries, furniture, household items, and many more. You can now earn a hefty amount of 500$ annually from cashbacks rewards. You can get allowed items on both ways( online and in stores ).

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Walmart + In Home Delivery

 Walmart+ now delivers orders at your doorstep, garage, or your refrigerator. This is a secure and best service for members. You can now order 7 days a week between 9am to 1pm and 2pm-6pm.

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts

Visit for shopping if you want In Home delivery. Make sure you place the order at the right time, otherwise if you order one of the 1-hour time slots at checkout then you have to pay a tip to Walmart partner  and your order will not be handled by In Home. 

Free Paramount + Video Streaming

 You can enjoy free subscription of paramount + video streaming,( which normally costs 5.99$ per month)  enjoy more than 40000 episodes, you can watch unlimited movies and live sports. Follow below steps to access free paramount + subscription

  • Sign up to your Walmart account. Go to the section of benefits of your account, select “Get Paramount +”
  • You have to create a paramount + account. They will ask for a few quick details to build your account.
  • In order to avoid annoying ads Walmart offers you ad free streaming. You have to update your paramount + with SHOWTIME through you account(exclude few shows and live tv) 

How To Change Walmart Plus Membership

Walmart allows you to change your Membership from monthly to annual subscription at any time, but you can’t change your subscription from annual membership to monthly membership. Here are some step, by following you can change your membership :

  • Sign in to your Walmart account
  • Select  Account
  • Click Walmart +
  • Click on Manage Membership 
  • Click on Upgrade to Annual

Pause Walmart Plus Membership

Walmart gives you an interesting feature that you can pause your subscription temporarily, more interestingly they won’t charge you when you pause. Unfortunately you can’t access your membership benefits, however your benefits will start when you resume your membership. Membership with an active Plus Up aren’t eligible to pause. By following some below steps, you can pause your membership

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts
  • Sign in to your Walmart Account
  • Select Account 
  • Click Walmart
  • Click on Manage Membership
  • Click on Pause Membership

In case you are planning to pause your membership, before the end of the billing cycle, then you will be charged for your membership in the ordinary course, you can check this option by clicking “Manage Membership page”. 

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Resume Walmart+ Membership

You can resume your Walmart Plus Membership when you want, they will start charging your membership like they did early before pausing. Your new billing date will start exactly the same day you resume your membership.

You can resume your membership by following below steps 

  • Sign into your Walmart account.
  • Click on the  Account page.
  • Select Walmart +.
  • Click on the Manage Membership page.
  • Click on Resume membership.
  • Confirm your payment method on the next screen

Cancel Walmart+ Membership

If you want to cancel your Walmart Plus Membership then you can cancel at any time, however there is some good news for you that you can still get your benefits until your subscription date ends. 

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts

Cancel your membership by following below steps :

  • Go to your account.
  • Click on  Account.
  • Click on Walmart +.
  • Click on  Manage Membership.
  • Click on Cancel Membership

Remind Me Later

If you cancel your Walmart Plus Membership and you want to reverse your decision, you will see a prompt “Remind Me Later” ,you can send an email three days before your subscription date ends. Basically you don’t need to cancel your membership instantly and your membership will be reversed.

Renewal Your Walmart + Membership

If you want to renew your Walmart Plus Membership before the end of your subscription date then follow the below steps to renew your membership.

  • Sign into your Walmart account.
  • Click on  Account.
  • Click on  Walmart +
  • Select Manage Membership.
  • Click on the Reactivate Walmart + button

How To Solve Walmart Plus Membership App Issues

Sometimes, Walmart apps are not working properly or may be crashing. These errors may be in different forms. You should follow the below steps to solve the problem.

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts
  • Turn on location and camera services of your device
  • Try hard close (make sure you have done all your financial activities because there is no such activity allowed in that period)
  • If the app is not working yet, try to  restart your device or uninstall and reinstall the Walmart app
  • If you are facing trouble to reactivate your Walmart account, make sure to check your membership payment method. If your payment method is  expired or invalid, try to renovate  the payment method before you can reactivate your membership

Walmart + Membership Activation Issues

If you are facing trouble in Walmart Plus Membership activation process, kindly first check your “Card number which you give during activation process, security code, expiry date. If things are not working, try changing your “Payment Method” Here are some steps below which may help you to overcome the issue.

  • Visit the official link of Walmart money card activation.
  • Enter the full card number.
  • Confirm the expiration date of your card written on backside 
  • Confirm the name given on the card
  • Type your security code, zip code, and write your pin card 
  • Confirm your phone number

In the end a code will show on your screen, you just click on the “NEXT” button and continue. Follow all the reminders a few steps and you will get a message about a successful activation card. 

Walmart Plus Deals

Walmart offers you extra deals if you are their paid members. Members will enjoy special discount on “Prices of the product, newly products and many more “

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts

Here are some deals for you

  • Walmart also give deals on daily basis you can check out by visiting  “Deals Of The Day”
  • Besides daily basis deals Walmart offers you weekly deals you can visit “Deals Of The Week”
  • 3.They will give you a huge deal by up to 70%off on their some products which is mind blowing you can check it by visiting “Save Up To 70%”
  • 4.You can bought products under $20.

Walmart Plus Membership Anniversary Deals

Walmart offers some perfect extra  deals on the anniversary. It shows once you join Walmart they will provide you maximum deals 

  • Discount up to 40 % on grocery and Furniture
  • 40 % discount on toys and personal care (Makeup, etc)
  • You will get 30% discounts on “Baby products, Appliances, and kitchen items.

Amazon Prime vs. Walmart Plus Membership

ListAmazon PrimeWalmart+
Free trial period30 days30 days
Monthly cost$14.99 per month$12.95 per month
Yearly cost$139 annually ($40.88 savings)$98 annually ($57.40 savings)
Student discountYesNo
Free grocery deliveryYes – $100 minimumYes – $35 minimum
Music and video streamingYesOnly video, not music
Clothing perksYes – Prime Try Before You BuyNo
Gas discountsNoYes
Scan to pay in storeYesYes

Walmart Plus Gift Cards

You can now get free gift cards by taking surveys.( normally costs 50$ ). Sites like Swag bucks, Inbox dollars, and My Points. They give you major tasks including completing surveys, watching videos.

You will get a huge discount on millions of products online and in-store by using Walmart Gift Cards. You can also use these Gift cards by purchasing at SAM’s club members and

Follow below steps to get your free Gift Card by swag bucks.

  • Visit Swag bucks site or download their App from google play store.
  • Sign up for free.
  • You can earn up to 5000 SB by completing surveys, watching videos, play games, shopping deals, and by watching videos 

Later you can exchange  your 5000 SB with 50$ Walmart Gift Card.

Walmart + Travel

If you are on vacation, you can book your hotel, pay car’s rent, tours and many more activities through Walmart + and you will get a 5% discount and save your time. Book your air tickets through Walmart + and get 2% cash.

Credit cards to help you get the most from Walmart Plus

You can get more from Walmart + by Reward Mastercard. The card returns most of the money after you purchased items from Walmart such as 5% back on purchase, 2% off on restaurants and travels shopping including in-store purchases and at Murphy USA and Fuel stations. There is no annual fee for this card and all other purchases with the card will get you back 1%. 

Capital One Walmart Rewards For Mastercard

The information regarding the card was collected by self independently and not issued by the reviewer so be careful when you are applying for the card. 

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts


Avail 5% back from pickup delivery, 2% from Walmart stores, 1% everywhere else with Mastercard. 

Welcome Bonuses 

Get back a 5% bonus from stores 12 months purchases which you  made first while using the card. 

Regular APR

The annual Percentage Rate is 18.99%or 19.99%. When you transfer the amount to your capital account at a promotional APR then you will get back 3% from the amount of which is successfully transferred and there will be no extra charges associated with that amount. 

Citi Double Cash Card For Walmart Plus

This card providing benefits such as


You will get 2% cash back on  purchases and  an additional 1% cash back when you make the payment. But you have to pay minimum dues initially to get back your reward. You can earn 5% cash back on hotels, car rentals and other booking through Citi Travel Portal. 

Welcome Bonus

You can earn a welcome bonus of $200 at the purchase of $1500 and that will be redeemed in the first 6 months of account opening and you will get 20,000 Thank You points for redeeming bonus. 

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts

Regular APR

The APR fee is 0% for the first 18 months of transfer and 19.24%-29.24% are payable for that. 

Balance transfer and Foreign Transfer Fee

For balance transfers made within 4 months of opening the account, there is an introductory balance transfer fee of 3% of each transfer $5 is applicable and after that 5% is applicable on each transfer and minimum amount will be $5. Foreign transfer fee of 3% is also included.

The Platinum Card from American Express is a great travel card if you are interested in joining Walmart +. With this card, you can receive a monthly statement credit of up to $12.95 and annual fee is $695 but card holders can overcome these prices by enjoying benefits from that card. Additionally they get reduced airline fees Global Entry/TSA precheck, Clear, Equinox, Saks, entertainment and more. Terms and conditions are applied at all. 

The Platinum Card from American Express

The fee for this card is $695 as well ,no APR AND no other fee are payable. 


Members will get 5x points from travels booking about $500,000 in a calendar year and this is also applicable on booking for hotels, American Express Travel , 1x points on all other eligible purchases. 

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus is 80,000 points when you spend $8,000 on any purchase during the first 6 months of using your card membership. You have the opportunity to select a design for your card and you can choose your favorite one design for your Metal Card. Here are some designs ; classic Platinum Card, Platinum x Kehinde Wiley, or Platinum x Julie Mehretu.

Walmart Plus Membership Major Challenges

Walmart faces many hurdles in their supply chain and the factors affecting the ways to  handle operations to make products and services ( this term is called operational complexity.

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts

The main reason for this challenge is Company’s large network of stores, giving out, and suppliers is extensive, with millions of items being delivered through complex supply chains across the vast locations.

Walmart is adopting new strategies and technologies and making investments to move it into new business, which may have good and bad consequences and some customers’ experience  may be altered.

Walmart Plus Membership Discounts 

It offers myriad discounts which members can avail from the membership take a look at the perks which are given below;

  • Save money with free 30 days trial 
  • Enjoy 75 days Walmart membership from Microsoft free of cost
  • Get 50% off in price with Walmart assist
  • Avail free next day and same delivery
  • Up to 50% off on electronics items shop on walmart
  • Up to 50% off baby nursery and décor items
  • Up to 40% off on Rollbacks
  • Save 60% on fashion clearance
  • Get $81.4 Pooboo Indoor workout machine
  • Get 50% off online only on selected toys 
  •  Vintage Multipurpose hyacinth storage $15 lower 
  • 85% lower price for fashion styles items

Walmart Plus Membership Promotions

Walmart + accommodates subscribers by providing multiple promotions and to make them comfortable in shopping and enjoying life without losing more money, here are some promos for use:

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts
  • Get $5 off from grocery in minimum $30 purchase
  • $10 off from your first purchase from walmart 
  • $10 get back from walmart  order pickup  
  • Avail $10 off shopping needles and tuft items 
  • Get $10 back at sitewide with walmart

More About Walmart Plus 30 Days

Walmart + offers you a 30 day free trial when you subscribe to their membership. It means that you have maximum time to know about whether you are getting benefit from Walmart or not. If you are not satisfied after 1 or 2 weeks you can opt out without paying a single penny.

If you are ordering by weekly delivery without membership you would cost 7$ to 9$ per delivery, so we recommend you to buy their membership in order to save your 32$ per month.

If you purchase 40 gallons of gas per month, you would save up to 16$( 10 cents per gallon ) per month and this is not a bad idea. By linking your Rewards Credit Card you will get savings by cash back rewards.

Is a Walmart Plus Membership worth it?

Walmart + offers many discounts and deals once you subscribe to their membership (Groceries, gas and many more at low prices). The offers may be different and limited than Amazon Prime’s but there is also a huge difference in payment .

Walmart Plus Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Customer Care Services & Discounts

Amazon Prime’s membership costs 14.95$ per month and 139$ per year, on the other hand Walmart + membership costs 98$ per year and 12.95$ per month. We recommend you to subscribe to their membership if you are living near Walmart and you are constantly buying groceries, gas and  getting delivery.

Walmart Plus Customer Care Helpline

Regarding any inquiry you can contact at  1-800-925-6278 without any hesitation because the staff is highly professional and cooperative so be the one from the community.

Walmart + Social Media 


Walmart Plus Membership costs 12.95$ per month and 98$ per year( taxes may apply ). You can switch your plans from monthly to  annually.

Items under minimum 35$ are delivery free, but if your order is under 35$ you have to pay 7.95$-9.95$.

NO, there is no limit on how many times you order, you can order as many times as you wish.

You can order between 7AM to 7PM.

Items “Shipped by Walmart”, excluding any third-party orders, oversized, and cargo items,  

Yes, if you are an 18 plus or older student and residing in the United States currently enrolled in undergraduate or advanced degree at a title IV-accredited college or university, and meets the qualification criteria. You can switch your membership from Walmart + to W+ Student at  

You can visit for information about bookings, moreover check your email for confirmation sent by Expedia.

Yes, you can save your money and time, and also get different deals and discount on shopping by Walmart+

When a member pauses their membership, he will not charge during Pause membership, but he also won’t be able to access membership benefits during that period.

Yes, you can get a 10 cents per gallon discount at Exxon, Mobil, and Murphy Stations.

SheerID is a third party verification service, if your initial verification fails, you have to show your documents and SheerID will let you know what document you need to prove your eligibility. Visit at

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