Trim Healthy Mama THM Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Gifts, Discounts

Trim Healthy Mama THM Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Gifts, Discounts

THM Membership stands for TrimHealthy Mama and it is a private company which streams online and records videos about healthy recipes from the most comprehensive and ever growing official and save them to boost your health. Members can access menus, recipes and articles about health from

How Much is THM Membership 


How Much is THM Membership 

THM offers free membership in which members can get access to some recipes, rooms but if someone wants to get full access to all their content and services then they can purchase membership for three, six and one year and the costs are $24.99, $39.99 and $69.99. Monthly cost depends on the membership plan that you have purchased. 

THM Trim Healthy Mama Membership Deals

You can join Trim Healthy Mama and get access to multiple deals and perks to keep your physic healthy and fit.

  • THM offers discounts on additional purchase
  • You can save money purchasing their products from store
  • You can avail membership gifts as well

THM Membership Discounts

Trim Healthy Mama provides discounts to its members so they can enjoy their products and services and enjoy life. 

How Much is THM Membership 
  • Middle Mountain Ground Coffee with Trimmaccino Mug is on sale for $9.99
  • Middle Mountain Coffee without mug is $8.49 and less if you are a member of THM
  • Many of Natural Burst Extracts are on sale for $5.99
  • THM Collagen is on sale for $17.99
  • THM Baking blend is just $6.99
  • THM Pristine Whey Protein Powder just for $15.99 a bag
  • THM Super Sweet Blend $7.99
  • THM Gentle Sweet $7.99 on sale
  • Gelatin is on sale for $13.99
  • From monday sale you will get 3 months membership site for just $9.99

THM Trim Healthy Mama Membership Levels

THM offers three types of membership which includes numerous perks and discounts as well.

THM Three Months Membership

Three months membership is $24.99 for three and members can pay $8.33 per month which allows a 7 days video menu, exclusive recipe, THM menu builder and many more.


THM Trim Healthy Mama Membership Levels

THM Six Months Membership

The subscription charges of six months membership are $39.99 for six months and only $6.67 per month including THM Recipe database, info library, THM TV and more.

THM 12 Months Membership

12 months membership cost is $69.99 per year and $5.83 per month only. This members gives access to all above benefits including exclusive forums and 10% discount on each purchase from the store online.

THM Membership Benefits

The major aim of Trim Healthy Mama is control sugar level by eating food which does not spike your blood sugar and it increases healthier weight. Some benefits are as follows;

  • The amount of sugar remains stable and does not spike below
  • Erase feeling of hunger, craving and dizziness
  • It helps in maintaining your weight
  • Healthy diet of THM decrease brain fog
  • Food increase energy because you have to eat every 3-4 hour
  • It helps in sleeping better and comfortable
  • Regulate and balance hormones
THM Membership Benefits

THM Membership Gift Card

Gift cards offer a versatile and thoughtful way to celebrate birthdays, events, special occasions while also supporting local business and reducing the stress of giving gifts. Whether it is for a favourite store, restaurants or any other platform the recipient gains flexibility to choose something which is meaningful to them.

The gift cards are easy to purchase so members can purchase online or from the store. Gift Cards make convenient choices for the giver and recipient. Gift cards are one of the best presents you can ever get to spend on whatever you want and allows you to choose something special for you and your loved ones.

THM Membership Promotions

THM offering some promo codes to facilitate its members so they can enjoy purchasing products at a lower rates

  • Save 10% in shopping for new members only
  • Get $10 off from private site
  • Get 30% off for selected item at Trim Healthy Mama
  • Up to 50% off at Amazon for THM products
  • Get $200 instant off for wellness & healthcare with Trim Healthy Mama competitor code
  • Trim Healthy Mama products 40% off at ebay
  • Get 20% off at walmart in Trim Healthy Mama products
  • Get 20% of products of Trim Healthy Mama at Macy’s
  • Get $5 off at $50+ order
  • Save 15% money of all orders
  • Get opportunity of wide range of books 30% off

Is THM Membership Worth It?

Is THM Membership Worth It?

Yes absolutely the membership of Trim Healthy Mama is worth it because it provides multiple benefits and grows your health smoothly. It offers other benefits in shopping and in membership costs when you purchase on sale keep yourself strong and fit you must have to purchase this membership and it is worth it for everyone. It also caters to health related problems and gives suggestions to maintain your physique.

THM Membership Renewal

Members can renew their membership by using the THM app or website. The only memberships to proceed will be the ones that are about to expire in the same month.

  • Head to the THM official website.
  • Go to the Membership section.
  • Login to your account.
  • Go to membership management and click on the membership you want to renew.
  • Follow the prompts and pay for your membership.

How To Cancel THM Membership

Members are allowed to cancel their membership at any time by contacting the Trim Healthy Mama team via mail or from the website. However some steps you have to follow for cancellation 

How To Cancel THM Membership
  • If you joined from the app or website you have to go to this app and use your initial membership source 
  • Click on the account 
  • Click “my membership”
  • Give specific reason for cancellation
  • Submit request

Note that you must have to verify your cancellation process and keep proof with you to prevent any disruption. 

THM Contact Details 

To ask questions about membership concerning offers and for general comment contact via or call/sms at 931-996-4283. THM have highly qualified and skilled staff they will guide you adequately. 

THM Social Media


To start with THM you have to follow steps;

  • Read the book plan given by THM
  • Follow recipe and cut out flour, sugar, potatoes, white rice, corn and their derivatives as well
  • Take the meal at one time
  • Find healthy versions of dinners for your family instead of trying new recipes 
  • Give yourself respect and grace

The main idea for weight loss with the help of THM recipe is only consume one fuel per meal and not obsessively count calories. There are two macronutrients in food which produce energy, one is carbohydrates and other is fat.

Pyre can be used for a specific diet plan which is approved by Trim Healthy Mama. This sweetener is made from erythritol and stevia and it can be found at Walmart and Amazon stores in the United States. However the Pure backable stevia blend contains maltodextrin and is not approved for the same plan. Trivia is another form of diet plan use product. 

Yes there are some side effects such as laziness,  dry mouth, irritability, inability to sleep, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation. If someone faces these problems then notify your doctor or pharmacist. 

Yes trims moderate use helps in losing weight because it has ingredients which react to weight loss.

Trim Healthy Mama have some rules to join and get benefited;

  • Eat a meal or snack every three hours
  • Separate fats and carbs which are suggested as a fuel by the author. You have to consume fat and carbs in two different meals. 
  • Avoid tasting any other sugar except recipe
  • Consume carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and sourdough breads because these are considered healthy according to the author’s plan. 

It is a long term lifestyle plan for people so as they continue using the instructions of the program they will become more familiar with things and eventually this program will become second nature for most people. While you are learning you have the opportunity to use the THM food analyzer app to analyze categories that food or ingredients are satisfying(S), energetic(E) or full pull(FP). 

No these both are not the same because these are different dietary approaches. Trim Healthy Mama includes healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa, sprouted or sourdough breads  while keto does not include this type of thing.

Call their customer care office and tell them that you are not ready to continue with the company and they will guide you thoroughly. You have the online option also to fill the form and follow the instructions on page and submit it online to cancel your subscription. 

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