Club 33 Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Renewal, Levels, Discounts

Club 33 Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Renewal, Levels, Discounts

Club 33 Membership provides unprecedented exclusivity inside Disneyland, exemplifying elegance and grandeur. This members-only enclave is discretely located within the park and offers access to a variety of VIP facilities and experiences. From excellent meals at the magnificent Club 33 restaurant to VIP events and behind-the-scenes excursions, the membership provides unrivalled Disney magic.

Club 33 Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Renewal, Levels, Discounts

The restricted number of memberships adds to its attraction, attracting a niche audience that appreciate privacy and great service. With a rich history stretching back to Walt Disney himself, Club 33 remains a cherished symbol of rank and privilege, providing a unique combination of nostalgia and contemporary luxury to those who are lucky enough to experience it.


How Much Is Club 33 Membership 

Club 33, a private club in Disneyland and Walt Disney World, requires a premium membership fee. Disneyland’s initiation fee ranges from \$25,000-\$50,000, with an annual charge of \$12,000-\$25,000. Walt Disney World charges an initiation fee of roughly $35,000 and an annual cost of around $16,000. However, all expenses are estimates and may change. Membership is by invitation only, and there is typically a waiting list. It’s not only about paying the costs, but also about getting a formal invitation from Disney.

How Much Is Club 33 Membership 

Club 33 Membership Levels

Club 33 subscription have officially different levels which are given below :

Club 33 Gold Membership 

This level of membership was offered untill 2012 and afterwards company changed their membership category.

Club 33 Platinum Membership 

This is the current level of membership which offers you amazing perks in Disneyland. The intitiation fee at Disneyland club 33 is $35,000 and the annual fee is around $15,000. Members enjoy special offers and exclusive access to the theme parks. 

Club 33 Membership Levels

Club 33 Corporate Membership 

This membership is meant for organizations to make Club 33 available to a few of its executives. The membership price is $xx. This allows the corporate member to choose up to nine associate members. Associate members pay annual dues of $xx. All memberships are transferable to other executives within the corporation. Members no longer employed by the corporate member’s employer must return their membership cards to Club 33.


Club 33 Membership Deals & Discounts 

Club 33, Disneyland’s premium membership-only club, provides its members with special privileges and incentives. Aside from the elegant environment and exquisite food, members receive exclusive discounts on products, park tickets, and events. Club 33 members get access to special lounges and VIP events, as well as personalized services such as priority bookings and behind-the-scenes excursions.

Club 33 Membership Deals & Discounts 

The club’s collaborations with Disney affiliates frequently result in unique deals on products, hotel stays, and entertainment. From limited edition souvenirs to reduced lodgings, Club 33 members enjoy a world of exclusive access and personalized experiences that make their Disneyland vacations genuinely special.

Club 33 Membership Benefits 

Club 33 subscription is an elite experience of Disneyland theme parks and it offers you a lot of benefits. Few of them are given below :

  • It gives you priority access to attractions; bypassing lineups.
  • VIP treatment, including behind-the-scenes excursions
  • Access to premium private salons with gourmet meals
  • Discounts on products and unique collectibles.
  • Membership benefits include exclusive events and personalised services based on preferences.
  • Enhanced theme park experience with refinement and exclusivity. 
  • Annual park passes.
  • 50 single-day entrance tickets.
  • Five exclusive VIP trips are offered each year.
  • Set up FastPasses throughout their visit.
  • Access to all elite lounges and restaurants.
  • Exclusive access to Club 33 items.
  • A tour of Disneyland Resort’s Dream Suite.
Club 33 Membership Benefits 

Club 33 Membership Card Fee

Club 33 Disneyland have a prestigious membership card of different outlook at different locations. It has fee around $800 excluding shipping fee. The returns are accepted. It is a physical evidence of your membership, gives you a premium feel and unlimited access to all the perks of Club 33 Disneyland.

Is Club 33 Membership Worth It ?

Club 33 subscription provides unrivalled access and special advantages at Disneyland, such as exquisite dining, VIP parties, and behind-the-scenes tours. The prestige of being a member of this small group, along with personalized care and unique benefits, provides substantial value.

For Disney fans or those seeking premium experiences, membership grants access to previously inaccessible regions of the park and produces memorable memories. However, the high cost and restricted availability may not fit into everyone’s budget or objectives. Ultimately, the value of Club 33 subscription is determined by personal tastes, financial resources, and the level to which one values special Disney experiences.

Is Club 33 Membership Worth It ?

How To Get Club 33 Membership

You can get Club 33 subscription but few different methods, one of them is given below :

  • Send an application letter to Club 33 Member Services because they don’t just give membership to anyone.
  • Wait for a phone call from a salesperson inviting you for membership.
  • To reserve your membership, pay the initiation fee of $25,000. 
  • Pay $12,000 each year in membership dues.
  • Follow all of the Club 33 and Lounge 1901 membership regulations.

How To Cancel Club 33 Membership 

You can cancel your Club 33 subscription in mid of your plan by following these instructions :

  • Contact Club 33 Member Services by phone or email to begin the cancellation process.
  • Please provide your membership information, including your name, membership number, and any other relevant identification.
  • Clearly indicate your intention to cancel the membership, and offer a reason if necessary.
  • Follow any further instructions supplied by Club 33 Member Services, such as returning membership cards or paying unpaid dues.
  • If required, confirm the cancellation in writing, either by email or by filling out any documents given by Club 33.
  • Wait for confirmation of the cancellation from Club 33 Member Services, then take all necessary procedures.

How To Pause Club 33 Subscription

Club 33 don’t offer you specific pause option but you can temporarily suspend your membership to continue that again by following these steps :

  • Contact Club 33 Member Services by phone or email to request a membership pause.
  • Clearly describe your wish to temporarily suspend your membership and include important information such as your name and membership number.
  • Specify the duration of the pause, including start and finish dates if possible.
  • Follow any additional instructions from Club 33 Member Services, such as returning membership cards or paying any overdue payments.
  • If necessary, confirm the pause request in writing, either by email or by filling out any Club 33-provided documents.

Club 33 Contact

  • You can contact Club 33 at 
  • Or you can call at +65 6970 0033
  • Use for your complaints.
  • Or call their members service at (714) 300-7747

Club 33 Social Media


The Disney parks have some exclusive areas that only a few people have access to, such as the Utilidors beneath the Magic Kingdom and the Cinderella Suite in Cinderella Castle, as well as exclusive lounges hidden throughout Disney World, Disneyland, and other international Disney parks.

Walt Disney created Club 33 to amuse his VIP visitors. Walt died a few months before the club formally began, but Disneyland saw the plan through to completion.

The supper is just rather long owing to the several dishes. Club 33 is most likely so pricey because they can charge so much and still attract customers. The club is akin to other private clubs in major cities throughout the world, and many Disney enthusiasts want to join.

Arich Tan.

Each Gold Level member can bring 50 guests passes a year (which are complimentary). Guests are not allowed to dine in with the club.

General business casual. Collared button-down shirts and slacks for gays’. Shirts/pants with a blouse for ladies.

The Club began when Walt Disney was seeking for a way to wine and feed his elite guests, who included dignitaries as well as park investors. He wanted it covered for solitude while also providing excellent views of the park. He was able to do both by locating it in New Orleans Square. There are rumor’s that the name stems from the 33 founding investors of the park, which is untrue.

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