Bestie Blowout Dry Bar Membership Registration & Details

Bestie Blowout Dry Bar Membership Registration & Details

Dry bar Membership is a brand of salons which offers professional hair styling services without cuts or color. Dry bar is a company which was founded in 2010 by all web and it expanded across the United States. The signature service of Dry bar is “Blowout” which offers wash, dry and a style for a flat fee. Due to the expanding chain it is easy to book an appointment in a Dry bar and so everyone can save his time.

Bestie Blowout Dry Bar Membership Registration & Details

The stylists of Dry bar are professional and very efficient so they do not take much time and you can get in and out without a delay. Dry bar is based on a simple philosophy that is to focus on one thing and be the best in it. That is the blowout of the Dry bar. The slogan of Dry bar is no wash, no water, no worries just come in with dry hair and we will do the rest. All Webb began a personal side business that provided home blowouts to women across the country. 

USAT Membership

How Much Is a Dry bar membership?

Dry bar membership is $80 to $85 per month in which you will get two blowouts in a month and discount for any additional blowout in this month, however 10% discount on all tools and products purchased in the store. There is a difference  between prices because price varies according to location. 

Dry bar Membership levels

There are some levels of Dry bar membership which gives you a chance to choose.

Dry Bar Single level membership

In single level membership dry bar accommodate you only one blowout in a month and 10% off on every product in store and  1 anniversary gift free which is used only on original membership purchased location.

Dry Bar Double level membership

Double level membership provides 2 blowouts in a single month for membership holders and 10% off in store products and 1 anniversary gift free at additional any other blowout discount will be given from Dry bar but price varies per location. The membership blowout is non-transferable but Dry bar doubles can be shared with third person, however membership must be present at the time of “bestie” blowout reservation.

Dry Bar Premium Level Membership

In premium membership we offer to our honourable members 10% off on all products and tools in store only and 4 blowouts a month as well as $10 discount on any additional blowout you may need. At premium level you must use a discount within 30 days after that discount offer will expire and 50% off is available in extension.

Dry Bar membership Deals

Dry bar is catering some deals for the favour of its members so they preserve their hair with the help of comprehensively trained hair stylists. 

Tiara blowout Bundle $216

Dry bar furnished you an exceptional offer that members can get 5 blowouts in price of 4 blowouts and the offer can be redeemed any time there is no auto renew or expiration of this bundle. 

Tiara Deluxe Bundle $296

This bundle provides five blowouts in a price of four blowouts as we mention above this bundle is for those whose hair are curly and coarse or long and they took much time for blowout so there is no hurry in making a blowout fabulous that why a member should choose deluxe membership deals for extraordinary experience. 

Crown Jewel Blowout Bundle $432

In the Dry bar crown jewel bundle you will get 10 blowouts for the price of eight and there is no time limit in this bundle as well as no auto-renew or expiration. This is a beneficial deal for the members of Dry bar.

What Is Deluxe Membership of Dry bar

The deluxe membership is for those whose time is extended for one hour and their style of hair is not completed yet so we offer them a deluxe membership and we dedicate our most time to deluxe customers and there are $20 additional charges per blowout.

Bestie Blowout Dry Bar Membership Registration & Details

We recommend this service for those whose blowout exceeds due to curly, or coarse or long hair so it is easy to take care of their hair and they will be satisfied from blowout. For auto renewal the monthly fee will be charged on the same day of membership purchased and the renewal is unlimited, all unused blowouts must be redeemed within the due date.

Dry bar Membership Discounts

Drybar is providing 10% off on all products and tools which are purchased from the stores. At premium level membership we offer a $10 discount in additional services which are out of four monthly blowouts.

This discount can be used within 30 days of a month and this discount or blowout is non-transferable; only a member of dry bar can use this offer by identifying themselves on the dry bar website. There is no student discount yet but a premium level member can easily grab the opportunity of free blowouts by subscription and purchasing in store.

Dry bar Membership Renewal

If a member upgrades their membership level, their unused blowouts at that time will upgrade and roll over to the upgrader membership. Any unused blowout should be redeemed within 90 days after the membership cancellation. If members do not redeem them in the specific period, they will expire forever.

Can I Pause My Dry bar Membership?

Yes you can pause or freeze your membership by a very simple method you just have to click on our contact us page and fill the form to hold on. The link of our contact page is given below

Can I Pause My Dry bar Membership?

Please note that the hold/pause is applied on monthly subscription and the pause will remain for one, two or three months and you won’t be charged but for annual subscription there is no rule for pause. The pause is available for subscription purchased through our website and you won’t be able to watch our videos after pausing your subscription. To pause your subscription

  • Click on the top right corner of screen and select manage subscription
  • Click within the billing subscription setting

Dry bar Styles Price

Drybar offers its members a very affordable cost of dry hair style and all blowouts. The dry hair style like Dry Tai, Cosmo Quickie, Mini Manhattan and Lil, Old Fashioned is $25. The blowouts Straight Up, Cosmo, Mai Tai,Manhattan, Cosmo Tai,Dirty Martini, Southern Comfort, Old Fashioned cost  $49. The Shirley Temple for children under 10 years old costs $35. In blowout you will just choose style and just be relaxed. We will wash ,dry and style your hair. 

Dry bar Promo Code Discount for Member

Drybar is a top hair solution brand which competes with other major competitors such as Aveda, L,ange Hair and Olaplex and is marketing its products and on its own website Drybar sells mid range purchase items itself with other partner sites in a highly competitive online business industry.

Dry bar is a most sought after brand in this era so it offers discounts and coupons but less habitual as compared to other brands. Eventually the dry bar  provided a low volume of coupons and discounts but hundreds of thousands of people search for coupons of this brand every month.

We found an average coupon code in 13 days. This is the average day in a month for coupons code  and shoppers can save 22.9% from purchasing with coupons. Each year in the recent past we found 23% off on the coupon code of Dry bar.

Dry bar Membership Benefits

Each member of Barfly membership entitled to a variety of benefits as follows:

  • Each unused blowout ‘rollover’ every month and does not expire while the Barfly member is active.
  • At the Premium Level and the Barfly Double, the unused add-ons do not roll over from month to month.
  • There is no cash value for any unused blowouts, add-ons, and discounts.
  • Any unused blowouts can be redeemed within 90 days after membership cancellation. Otherwise, they will expire forever.

Is Dry bar Membership Worth It

If a special occasion comes up and you do not know how to style your hair and you have no  time for styling your hair then the drybar membership is worth it. Drybar uses  high quality products for boosting your personality and grooming your hair like a professional. It provides the best treatment to make your hair healthy and strong at a special event so your confidence will boost.

One of the biggest advantage of coming in our Dry bar is we have one of the best  hairstylists who know how to treat with your hair and which style or blowout is appealing for you and they are specialized in this field and they know the trends of modern society as well as the type of your hair.

They endorse the right product to achieve your hair goal. Going to a Dry bar is a time saving because a blowout takes an hour or more to complete and if you try at home it will take much more time than that. Dry bar saves your time and energy which you may use in shopping, meeting with friends ,helping someone in need  and so on.

“We don’t sells hairstyles we sell Confidence”

Finally when you look good you feel good and your confidence will boost because an elegant hairstyle can make you feel confident so at the end we will say that Dry bar membership is worth it because it eliminates distress from your mind about your hair.

How I Can Cancel My Drybar Membership?

 Members can terminate their membership before one day of the auto renewal. If a member could not be able to terminate his membership before the due date then the member is responsible for paying charges for other services as well which he acquires under membership.

If a member wants to terminate their membership then he can provide his name ,copy of picture ID, phone number and email in store or via email and termination date as well. The cancellation of your membership depends on how you initially signed up.

Note: If you signed up and paid on the website, you can only cancel via the website you can login and follow the steps below.

  • Click in the top right corner screen of setting menu
  • Click manage subscription in the subscription setting
  • Then click on the cancel subscription
  • This pop up option will appear at the screen, choose an option then click on continue.
  • Note that if you choose the pause option then your subscription will hold for a short period and time and after that you will be responsible to pay charges of your subscription so carefully select the cancel option while you are terminating your subscription.

 Dry bar Membership Gift Card

Drybar is selling gift card to its members these gift card contains products for your hair treatment and you don’t have to worry about your hair because dry bars products made up of natural ingredient there is no parabens, sulphates and phthalates.these products are cruelty free and there is no animal testing.

Our products are also formulated without keratin, honey ,nuts and nuts oil. The gift card  you can use for purchase in store and on retail location and these cards are not exchanged or transferable only a member can use cards there is no fee or charges of gift cards and have no expiry date. Gift Cards are non refundable or replaceable if lost or stolen.

What are the types of blowouts in a salon?

We have different types of blowout these are given below

  • Natural blowout
  • Signature blowout
  • Volume blowout
  • Roof lift blowout
  • Straightening blowout
  • Professional blowout
  • DIY blowout

These all types of blowouts we do and we have staff who completed comprehensive training in treatment of hair. 

Dry bar Customer Service Number

Dry bar customer service number is (800) 646-4479 for US clients and customers. These numbers are available during working hours Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM TO 7:00 PM. Each Dry bar has its own contact number you can start with your nearest Dry bar shop location.

Drybar Social Media



The price of blowouts varies from location to location. If you are interested in making an appointment then contact your nearest Dry bar salon and get your reservation and blowout price.

In simple words blowout is just a drying of hair after wash and after that a hair stylist make your desired style.

Yes, washing hair is part of blowout  service. First we wash your hair then dry and at the end our stylist gives a sleek and smooth look to your hair.

No gift card is like cash. It is delivered to you and activated to use if a gift card is lost or stolen. We are not responsible for that so you have to keep it carefully and use it like a credit card during a visit in our dry bar.

Yes we wash your hair and then dry it to make it smooth and sleek after that we make a style without using flat iron. 

Yes our staff is highly trained and experienced in blowout and styling and they have a lot of experience in this field so they can handle extension with care but there are extra charges of extension like sew-in, tape-in, beaded-in you will be charged $15 for that.

Yes absolutely Dry bar offers dry styling in which no wash no blow dry service and its charges depending upon market it may be $25-$35. We offer this service for clean dry hair.

Yes you can but it depends on the circumstances if your desired stylist is busy in styling someone else then we cannot guarantee you to pair with a particular stylist.

Our cancellation policy is clear and precise if you want to cancel your reservation you have to inform us before 24 hours of cancellation and charges may be applied these charges are $25 per service book. 

If you are 10 minutes late then your reservation can be cancelled or rescheduled and it will adjust with your according time and for this you have to pay full charges of the cost.

There are particular names of blowout haircuts. These names depend on the place where you are standing. Some names are taper fade, temple fade, tape fade or brooklyn fade.

We will charge at the same date when you join and charge both the hair color and the blowout, if you join as a member on 12th then we will charge our fee from your credit card on the same date of next month and this process will be continued until you pause or cancel your membership from Drybar.

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