USAT Membership-USA Triathlon Rules & Registration

USAT Membership-USA Triathlon Rules & Registration

USAT Membership known as Triathlon Membership is doing a magnificent job by serving more than half a million members living a healthy lifestyle. Their annual members receive information about to take their training to another level. They are behind a vision to promote multisport throughout the country with the discounts and services they provide. They are working on youth development, club growth & coaching certification. They ensure the safety and fairness at over 4000 multisport events.

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How Much USAT Membership Costs

USA Triathlon membership costs different according to your plans. People may buy one day or annual membership for all USAT sanctioned events. 

How do I get a USA Triathlon Card ? 

One-Day License (Adults only)

One day licence allows athletes to partic without annual membership in sanctioned race in USA. It provides accident insurance while they participate in race. One-day licenses are specifically purchased for a race, they couldn’t be transferred or refundable. They aren’t sold directly. It costs 15 dollars. 

How to purchase One-Day license for USAT Triathlon Membership

  • You can purchase license on registration site for your interested event.
  • This registration will be electronically done without any paper work at event packet-pickup

USAT Annual Membership – Adult and Youth

USAT annual membership allows athletes to compete in Triathlon sanctioned races without one-day licenses that too with multiple benefits. It also offers discount to USAT partners with national ranking system and it also allows you to compete at World Triathlon events. It costs 50 dollars to adults and 10 dollars to youth. 

How To Purchase USAT Annual Membership 

  • USAT annual membership could be purchased by registering through USAT membership hub. 
  • You will get printed copy of membership card after transaction.
  • Real Time account verification registration company is needed for purchase.

How To Cancel USAT Triathlon Membership

You can cancel USA Triathlon membership by logging in to your account and then navigate to the membership, go to account section and there will be an option “Cancel Membership”. You must follow all the on-screen instructions and provide all the required details. After the cancellation process, check your email for confirmation. This will help members to end up their affiliation with USAT. 

How To Get USAT Triathlon Membership

  • You can obtain USAT Triathlon membership by visiting their website and navigating to the “Membership” section. 
  • There are several sorts of memberships available, including annual and one-day choices.
  •  Choose the membership category that best meets your needs, then complete the online registration process. You will need to submit personal information, emergency contact information, and agree to the organization’s terms and conditions.
  • Once you’ve completed the registration process, make the necessary payment and your membership will be authorised. As a USAT member, you will have access to a variety of benefits, such as event participation, insurance coverage, and rankings.

USA Triathlon Membership Discounts 

As USAT member, you can get multiple deals from daily to yearly basis. It makes the relation between members & company strongs and appeals them even more. Some of their deals are given below :

USA Triathlon Membership Discounts 
  • USAT provides 10% discount on annual memberships (either it’s new or renewed).
  • You can get exclusive discount on USA Trithlon stores from their sponsors being a member of USAT.
  • You get partners discount from different brands on USAT, like 
  • “Icon meals” offers 30% off a one-time order
  • “KT Tape” offers 20% off
  • “Zoot sports” offers 20% off and other hotel deals

USAT Elite Membership

Elite athletes can get prize of $5,000 or more but they have to meet a certa criteria. Athletes are eager to race as elites that might be offroad race, USAT sanctioned events need elite licence from them in a certain category. Elite Trithlon Qualification Criteria must be met before the approval of elites.

USAT Membership Card Fee

USAT Triathlon Membership Card offers 3 levels of annual membership 

  • Gold ($200-US)
  • Silver ($100-US)
  • Bronze ($30-US)

It also comes with respectively ($2.75, $5.50, $11) processing fee in bronze, silver and gold membership. Membership card provides you easy access to race day verification and it is easy to carry in this modern era of slimming everything to short & slim.

USAT Membership Renewal 

You can renew USAT Triathlon membership by these few steps :

  • Login to your account on official website.
  • Navigate the “Membership” or “Renew” section. 
  • Review your current membership status.
  • Follow on-screen instructions.
  • Provide all necessary information.
  • Choose your membership type (Daily or Annual)
  • Complete the payment process.
  • Recheck your email and keep in touch with their website.

Is a USAT membership Worth It

Yes, it’s worth it. USAT Triathlon membership is totally worth it with the features and benefits they provide to their members. Few of them are given below :

  • It grants members access to sanctioned events, allowing them to compete in well-organized races throughout the country. 
  • Members receive insurance coverage during sanctioned events, which provides protection in the event of an accident.
  •  Furthermore, USAT Triathlon membership offers eligibility for national rankings, giving you a competitive advantage. 
  • Members benefit from exclusive discounts on gear, apparel, and partner services, which improves the whole triathlon experience and reduces costs. 
  • Membership also allows them inclusion in the USA Triathlon community, which connects people with like-minded athletes, coaches, and resources. 
  • Members gain access to instructional materials, training plans, and clinics, allowing them to improve their skills and expertise. In addition, USAT Triathlon members promote the sport’s growth and development at both the grassroots and elite level.

USAT Membership Levels

As USAT Triathlon Membership is for every class of society, so it is divided into different levels that every body can participate. There are 3 levels of USAT membership.

USAT Gold Membership

The 1st and highest level is USAT Gold Membership. It costs 200$ for each person and 11$ processing fee for this. It’s the most luxurious and premium level of USAT Triathlon membership.  It provides a comprehensive set of benefits and freedom. At this level the member can ejoy the advances training sessions and coaching resources to enhance their sports experience. Being a premium member the participant have access to the priority registration and exclusive discounts in fees at multiple stages.

USAT Silver Membership

It costs 100$ and 5.50$ processing fee. It’s the mid-range level of USA Triathlon membership which offers quite a lot of features. The silver level members can gain access to the training plan, educational material, information that designed to improve the gaming skills and knowledge. It is an amazing opportunity and a best choice for those who are excited about the Triathlon game.

USAT Bronze Membership

The last level of USA Triathlon is known as bronze and It costs 30$ and 2.75$ processing fee. It’s an economical membership level of USAT. The bronze level provide the foundational steps to the new comers of USAT sport and are aimed to improve their skills. It is a budget friendly option that provides all the necessary information for individuals who are just starting to dip their toes.

USAT Triathlon Membership Benefits

There are numerous benefits of USA Triathlon membership, few of them are given below :

  • It gives you access of events, you can enter them and participate.
  • It gives you a variety of insurance coverage during races.
  • It gives you recognition in triathlon community.
  • It gives you sense of camaraderie and connections in the community.
  • It appeals you with mouth watering discounts and offers.
  • It helps you gain knowledge, enhance your skills and improve your training plans.
  • Membership fee also help in the growth and development of sport from grassroot level.

USAT Contact Details

USA Triathlon Membership Gifts

USAT’s primary focus is on delivering useful perks like as event access, insurance, and community ties; but, it does occasionally offer presents or incentives to its members. These gifts can include exclusive stuff like branded apparel, gear, or accessories, as well as exceptional savings on partner products.

Members may get a variety of items as part of promotional campaigns, renewals, or participation in specific events. These additional incentives serve as a sign of appreciation and further enhance the overall experience for USA Triathlon members, adding a tangible aspect to the membership’s broader variety of advantages.


USA triathlon membership, where an athlete joins a community that aspire, grow and support each other from grassroot level to elite level in multisport. Sanctioned races are organized in different events in USAT. 

Annual membership cost 50$ to adults and 10$ to youth. USAT membership have different fees as per tour plan (daily or yearly). And there’s different plans for adults and youth as well. There are also 3 levels (Gold, silver, bronze) you can get them as per your plans.

Register at the USAT Triathlon Membership Hub to purchase an annual membership. After the transaction is finished, you can print a copy of your membership card and use it right away to register for races and receive special discounts from suppliers and partners.

The contact number of USAT is 719-955-2807

Coupon Code “USAT” for 10$ off 75$ or more, Coupon code “USA Triathlon” for 10% off entire order

Team USA triathlon is the group of age-group athletes that represent and compete in World Triathlon Championships, which includes the best athlete from 50 countries representing the sport.

USA triathlon sanctioned 4300 events successfully and it has more than 40000 members each year and USAT considered as the largest multisport organization in the world.

You can renew USA Triathlon membership by these few steps :

  • Login to your account on official website.
  • Navigate the “Membership” or “Renew” section. 
  • Review your current membership status.
  • Follow on-screen instructions.
  • Provide all necessary information.
  • Choose your membership type (Daily or Annual)
  • Complete the payment process.
  • Recheck your email and keep in touch with their website

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