Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

Freedom Boat Club was created in 1989 in Sarasota, Florida. It is the oldest and largest boat club in the country. The boat club model was founded on a simple goal and purpose: to provide members with a hassle-free recreational boating experience. As the organisation began to expand, Freedom Boat Club was sold to an investing company.

Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

Over time, it became clear that effective leadership for this sort of company model would need active participation at the helm. John Giglio and Robert Daly had both worked for the investment firm and negotiated the acquisition of the company in 2011. Mr. Giglio bought out Mr. Daly in 2012, becoming the sole President.

Freedom to boat is at the heart of Freedom Boat Club Membership ! The good news is that we offer a range of membership programs to meet your specific boating needs. Depending on where your Home Club will be located, we will offer a membership to suit your lifestyle.

Everyone who joins the Club has unrestricted access to your Home Club fleet. Reservations are made using our unique, member-friendly online reservation system. If you enjoy boating on holidays, Year-round club members get access to all Freedom Boat Clubs in the United States, Canada, and France. Freedom Boat Club has more sites, a larger boat fleet, more reciprocal advantages than any other boat club.

How Much is Freedom Boat Club Membership ?

The cost of membership is an important factor when you begin your search for boat clubs. We are also customers, so we understand your need to be as comprehensive as possible while weighing your alternatives. It has two components :

How Much is Freedom Boat Club Membership ?

One Time Entry Fee : This is a one-time expense that fluctuates with local market circumstances. Larger urban markets tend to have greater prices. According to several reports, the charge might be $5,349, $5,500, or $4,200.

Monthly Membership Plans : The cost of a monthly membership plan varies based on where you join and the type of plan you choose. Monthly dues might range from $200 to $500, or around $349 to $380 per month.

Freedom Boat Club Membership Detriments

There are many benefits but a few detriments of membership also that you should look before buying a membership :

  • Waitlist : Because this club is so popular, you may have to wait to join. Because the reservation slots are fewer and members are in huge number.
  • You don’t own the boat : Not owning the boat means you cannot use boat with as freedom as a owner can. You can’t customize your boat at the same time.
  • Some Restrictions : Terms and conditions change from one another at each boating club. For example, there are time constraints for taking a boat out. This affects how far you can go from the marina
Freedom Boat Club Membership Detriments

Freedom Club Membership Types

Depending on the membership level and location, a Freedom Boat Club subscription can cost anywhere from $199 to $399 each month, with a one-time initial membership charge ranging from $3,000 to $10,500 or more, depending on the location.  Weekday-only subscriptions are usually approximately $200 per month, whereas weekday plus weekend plans are often around $400 per month.

 Riviera Country Club Membership

Type of MembershipPrice (per month)
Unlimmited boating year round with no restrictions $300~
Seasonal plan that allows you to boat six months a year (popular at Florida)$200~
Weekday only plan, allow you to reserve a boat on weekday$225~
Friends and family plan that allows you to add two couples to the membership$400~

How to join Freedom Boat Club Membership Online

You can join Freedom Club Membership by following these steps :

Freedom Club Membership Types
  • Visit the official website : Search “Freedom Boat Club” in your browser’s adress bar and visit the official website.
  • Membership Section : Locate the membership section and navigate to the information you need.
  • Review : Review membership options, different levels and plans suitable to you.
  • Fill out this application form: Fill out the online application form with proper information. You may be required to enter personal information such as your name, contact information, address, and payment details.
  • Terms and Conditions: Before submitting your application, thoroughly study the membership terms and conditions. Pay attention to any membership contracts, restrictions, or policies.
  • Submit Application and Payment: Once you’ve completed the form and agreed to the conditions, send your application along with any needed payment. Membership prices vary according on the level of membership you select.
  • Confirmation and Welcome: After completing your application and payment, you should get an email from Freedom Boat Club confirming your membership application.
  • Reservation System : Once you join, you can make reservations by this member-friendly system.

Freedom Boat Club Membership Renewal 

Your Freedom Boat Club subscription usually supports auto renewal, it renews automatically when a year completes. Unless you notify them to not to do so.

How to join Freedom Boat Club Membership Online
  • Notification : Most clubs require a 60-day prior notification of cancellation if you’re not willing to renew of your membership.
  • FBC Plus : This FBC program cost $395 per person and if you don’t cancel it, it will renew automatically after a year. It follows you to the freedom club boat membership. 

Furthermore, the rules and regulations could be changed with the passage of time, you should read all the terms and conditions carefully. 

Freedom Boat Club Membership Cancellation 

Freedom Boat Club is one of the world’s largest boat clubs, with over 315 chapters in Canada, France, and the United States. This club is an excellent choice for those who wish to enjoy the boating lifestyle without the price and inconvenience of boat ownership.Most of the world’s more than 15,000 members renew their membership year after year, but if you decide not to renew your boat club membership, the process is straightforward.

Cancelling a Freedom Boat Club Subscription Mid Year

 To discontinue your Freedom Boat Club membership before the end of the contract, send a cancellation letter specifying the date you want your membership to cease. The club must receive the letter at least 60 days before that date. Check with your local club to see if their cancellation policy is different than the typical 60-day period. You’ll need to send the letter inside your club’s time window and notify them by phone.

Freedom Boat Club Membership Cancellation 

60-Days Notice Cancellation

Most clubs follow the general rule of demanding a documented 60-day notice of cancellation before the end of the membership period. Check with your yacht club to check that the rules are the same. Some local clubs demand 90 days’ notice, while others just need 30 days. Contact them by phone to inform them that you are cancelling your membership and have submitted the letter. As long as you tell your club within the specified time range, your membership will expire at the conclusion of your term.

Freedom Boat Club Contact Details

  • Phone : 888-781-7363
  • Customer Service : (251) 360-0650
  • Email : 
  • Fax : 941.451.8766

Freedom Club Social Media


Freedom Boat Club have 400+ locations worldwide.

Membership costs at Freedom vary. There is a $7,000 admission fee, followed by $389 per month for unlimited boating all year. Other Freedom plans are less priced, but may limit usage on holidays and weekends. There are no additional costs, but you must pay for the fuel you consume.

You can make reservations by just logging in your reservation dashboard and choose your desired time slot.

Boaters of all skill levels who are 21 years or older are eligible for membership. Whether you’ve never sailed before or have been sailing for years, Freedom Boat Club welcomes you as a member.

You don’t need to have boating experience necessarily, club provides some basic training pf boating.

Membership eligibility requirements are precisely written in the terms and conditions but at most clubs, anyone over 18 can get the membership. 

Yes. Freedom Boat Club, a company of Brunswick Corporation, based in Venice, FL, is the world’s oldest and biggest boat club with over 400 sites combining both Freedom and Fantastic locations in 34 U.S. states, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.

If you’ve decided to join a yacht club, you just need to sign up. Anyone over 21 with any degree of sailing experience is welcome.Once you join, you’ll need to get a boater’s licence and take a boater’s safety course (where appropriate).

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