Elks Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trials & Discounts

Elks Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trials & Discounts

Elks membership is accessible to all American citizens who believe in God and are above the age of 21, and the cost varies widely depending on area. According to our study, most places charge between $50 and $75 for applications, and yearly fees range from $30 to more than $500.

Elks Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trials & Discounts

Initiation costs can range from $50 to over $1,000. Again, it depends on the geographical region, but most initiation fees are less than $200, and monthly dues are rarely more than $20. In Honolulu, a Yelp user said that their local Elks Club demanded a $1,000 initiation fee plus $25 each month.

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About Elks Country Club Membership

Elks Country Club provides an elite membership that includes access to superior amenities and a dynamic social environment. Nestled among beautiful vegetation, the club has a perfectly kept golf course that is ideal for players of all ability levels. Members get access to premium amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, and great dining selections to suit a variety of tastes.

Regular social activities develop a feeling of community among members, resulting in long-lasting friendships and networking possibilities. Elks Country Club membership offers a haven for leisure and recreation, upgrading the lifestyle of individuals who value the better things in life.

About Elks Country Club Membership

Elks members enjoy a variety of benefits, including dinners on various nights, lunches throughout the week, occasional dancing and karaoke music, and inexpensive drinks; however, each club will have its own amenities, so it’s always best to check the official website of the local Elks Club to see what’s included with a membership. Most clubs will list its facilities and event calendars online.

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Tips To Know About Elks Membership

  • This club, as part of the Elks National Foundation, also donates to yearly college scholarship grants totaling more than $3 million.
  • The Elks Club offers a variety of free programmes that are utilized in schools to enrich students’ lives and improve their education. The club’s younger members participate in a variety of Elks community service programmes.
  • The Elks Club’s community outreach programme includes assistance for artistic programmes, youth athletics, 4-H programmes, and Boys and Girls Clubs. The Club frequently serves as a gathering location for Scout groups. The club’s goal with these programmes is to make sure that no youngster is forgotten or overlooked.

How to join Elks Country Club Membership

Elks Membership is by invitation only. The club typically takes roughly two months to accept a new membership application.

  • The applicants come before the Elks Investigating Committee, and accepted members must go through initiation and indoctrination.
  • To join the club, you must live in the jurisdiction and have two co-sponsors who are existing members. 
  • Once an application has been completed, it will be submitted to an Investigation Committee, and a time and date for an interview will be scheduled.
  •  After the interview, most applicants will hear back between 10 days to two months.

Elks Membership Benefits

Elks Country Club membership includes a multitude of special advantages designed to improve members’ lives. Enjoy unrestricted access to a superb golf course, ideal for polishing skills or relaxing rounds. Relax in magnificent swimming pools and spas. Tennis fans may enjoy top-notch courts, while gourmet dining options tantalize the taste buds with gastronomic pleasures.Few noticeable benefits are given below : 

How to join Elks Country Club Membership
  • Community Friendship: The lodge fosters long-lasting connections and welcomes all members. You become a part of something larger than you. CEA Youth Camp in Morrison, CO and Elks Rest Colorado’s Fairmount Cemetery provide special sites for members. 
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Giving back to the community is our top virtue (Charity).There are several ways to help and give back. Volunteering is always enjoyable when you do it with friends. Many committees with various purposes. You may easily select what feels best for you.
  • Private Club Access : Members and guests have access to a private bar at the club. Everyone knows your name. Member rates for booze (you won’t find lower prices in Denver). Free parking near downtown and Mile High Stadium. Opportunity to have a liquor locker (buy bottles at close to wholesale prices).
  • Nationwide Access : Visit any lodge in the country for free. Millions of Elks members know and care about one another. Because of the small number of members of Lodge 17, you are highly valued.
  • Other Amenities : Other amenities include Free parking, Private bar for members, Beer Garden (when it’s warm outside), Conference Room, Lodge room with stage, Golf simulator bays, Pool table, Foosball tables, Dart board and Amazing view of downtown Denver. 

How to Cancel Elks Country Club Membership

You can cancel your Elks membership by following these easy instructions : 

  • Contact the Membership Department: Contact the Elks Country Club membership service in person, via phone, or via email to begin the cancellation process.
  • Review the membership contract: Examine the terms and conditions included in your membership contract to understand cancellation rules, including any notice periods or costs.
  • Submit a written cancellation request : Prepare a formal cancellation request that includes your name, membership number, and the effective cancellation date. Clearly describe your purpose to discontinue your subscription.
  • Return your membership cards and materials: Return any membership cards, keys, or other club items according to the club’s guidelines.
  • Confirm the cancellation: Follow up with the club to confirm that they received your cancellation request and the effective cancellation date. 

Elks Country Club Membership Renewal 

To renew your membership with the Elks Country Club, you may need to complete these steps:

How to Cancel Elks Country Club Membership
  • Return to your previous Lodge and ask the Secretary for an Application for Reinstatement.
  • Fill out this form.
  • Pay the appropriate fees.
  • Your application will be given to the Investigating Committee, and they will call you for an interview.
  • Following the interview, the committee will present its recommendations to the members in a regular meeting.
  • After the Lodge vote, the Secretary will notify you.
  • You will have to pay a prorated amount of the yearly Lodge dues.
  • Then you will receive your membership card. 

Elks Membership Discounts

As an Elks Club member, you can receive a range of discounts:

Travel Savings: Elks members are entitled to exceptional travel discounts. You may save significantly on anything from car rentals, hotels, and ticket savings to condominiums, villas, guided tours, and group vacation packages.

Car Rentals: Avis and Budget offer up to 35% off your next rental.

Hotel Discounts: Elks members save an average of 60% over general booking rates. You may find deals at over 700,000+ properties worldwide1. Members may also save up to 20% off their stays at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. Elks members also enjoy a 15% discount on stays at all Red Roof locations and a 10% discount at any of the 1,400+ pet-friendly motels.

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Is Elks Membership Worth It ?

Several criteria can determine whether or not an Elks membership is worthwhile:

If you often utilize the club’s facilities, attend their events, or benefit from their services, then membership may be a wise investment for you. As previously stated, Elks Club members are eligible for savings on travel, vehicle rentals, hotels, and other services. If you use these services frequently, the savings may be sufficient to cover the membership fee.

Elks Membership Discounts

The Elks Club is also a social club, so if you appreciate being a part of a community and attending social events, joining might be beneficial. The Elks Club is noted for its charity efforts. If you feel strongly about helping these causes.

Elks Country Club Membership Options

Elks Membership provides different membership options depending on the nature of membership : 

Elks Regular Membership

Elks ordinary membership normally provides full access to all of the Elks Country Club’s amenities and services. This frequently includes access to the golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, eating facilities, and any other recreational activities offered by the club.

Regular members may also be able to vote and participate in club governance. Regular membership expenses often include an initiation fee, which is a one-time payment made while joining, as well as yearly dues, which are recurrent fees paid each year to retain membership. The cost of ordinary membership varies according to the club’s location, facilities, and membership restrictions.

Elks Junior Membership  

Elks Junior Membership is created for young people who want to take advantage of the Elks Country Club’s amenities and social possibilities. Junior Membership, designed for those under a specific age, grants access to a variety of club facilities such as the golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, and clubhouse amenities. Junior Membership strives to make club involvement more accessible to younger members by offering lower initiation costs and annual dues than normal memberships.

Elks Single Membership

Elks Single Membership is designed for those who want to enjoy the Elks Country Club’s amenities and community on their own. This membership level often grants full access to the club’s facilities, which include the golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, eating areas, and other recreational attractions. Single Memberships are intended for those who do not have a spouse or partner to share their membership rights but still want to enjoy the benefits of club membership.

Elks Non-resident Membership

Elks Non-Resident Membership is designed for people who live outside the local neighborhood of the Elks Country Club yet want to take advantage of its offers. This membership choice often provides access to the club’s amenities, such as the golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, and clubhouse facilities, but with certain limits as compared to full regular memberships.

Non-Resident Members frequently get incentives such as reduced initiation costs and yearly dues, making membership more affordable for people residing outside of the club’s geographical territory.

Elks Social Membership

Elks Social Membership is designed for anyone who wants to take advantage of the Elks Country Club’s dynamic social atmosphere and community activities without having to participate in its sports or recreational facilities.

This membership choice often grants access to the club’s eating rooms, social events, and other non-sports amenities while omitting rights associated with activities such as golf, tennis, and swimming.

Elks Country Club Membership Contact

  • Address : 19787 OH-73, MCDermott. Ohio
  • Phone : (740) 259-6241
  • Email : elksgolf627@gmail.com 

Elks Social Media


You must be sponsored by an Elks Lodge member and live in the Lodge’s jurisdiction to be eligible for membership. You’ll also need two additional Elks to co-sponsor. The Elk who is proposing you for membership must acquire a Membership Application from the Jerome Elks Lodge Secretary.

Once initiated as a member, you will be able to attend all Lodge meetings and social gatherings. This lodge charges a $75 application/initiation fee, and annual membership dues are $40, which are not prorated.

Within a day or two, the habit went to the streets, with Elks from all over the nation passing each other and happily singing, “Hello Bill!” as they brought the greeting back to their own lodges, and so it has gone across the world.

Individuals who find fulfillment in serving mankind, seeking to help feed the hungry, house the homeless, and assist those in trouble, proving themselves to be real friends to all in need.

Yes, there are financial obligations.

Application fees typically vary from $60 to $85.Annual dues vary every lodge, ranging from around $40 to more than $550 per year. The initiation fee ranges from $60 to over $1,050.

The management will not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items. Visiting Elks may bring up to three visitors, including their immediate relatives.

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