Soho Friends Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Registration, Cancellation

Soho Friends Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Registration, Cancellation

Soho Friends Membership house is a private members club known as with different locations all around the world. It offered a membership program called “Soho Friends” by becoming a member of Soho Friends you will get multiple benefits at all locations world wide such as reduced price accommodation in Soho House, all access in Soho clubs facilities during your stay, beneficial rates at their spas and restaurants and more over multiple discounts on their products. Members can also book tickets for events, festivals at exclusive discounts at Soho house. 

 How Much Is Soho Friends Membership?

Soho House membership cost is ₤100/ $130/ €140 per year including all the benefits and services .

Soho Friends Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits, Registration, Cancellation

How To Get Soho House Membership?

In the highly created community of southern california everyone is willing to have a soho house membership so they can enjoy their moments and can capture memorable memories with the fascinating facilities provided by soho house. To join the Soho house community you need to apply online and fill out an application form by providing your personal photograph and some basic information.

Additionally you need to add  two existing members’ names of Soho house. You will have to complete the section of why you need this membership and what you can contribute for the Soho house. Your answer will be considered in reviewing your application. Our membership committee will review your application and interact with you at your mail if you are considered. Our membership committee reviews the application on a regular basis.

How To Cancel Soho Friends Membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting our support team at . Note that Soho House membership is annual basis membership so it is better to cancel your membership at the end of your annual contract/ agreement.

Soho House Membership Deals

You can get Soho House membership and have access exclusive offers and discounts on multiple things

Soho House Membership Deals
  • You will get discounts in booking rooms and events
  • You can get discounts on tickets booking 
  • You can save money in public restaurant by membership
  • Save money in purchasing Soho House products
  • Get reduced price on spa

Soho Friends Membership Discount

 Soho house is a creative community of people. By joining the Soho community you will be amused by various offers which Soho house is providing to its members.

  • If you are under 27 you will get 50% off on staying soho house on monday night
  • Get 50% off on food and drink
  • Get 50% off in treatment of wind down
  • 15% off on bedrooms at all our houses
  • 15% on home and reduced delivery price
  • Get 25% off on cowshed and skin
  • Get 20% off on public restaurants
  • Get complimentary screening and cinema ticket at moderate price
  • You have the opportunity to upgrade your room for 3 nights at lowest rate

Soho Friends Membership Renewal

 Soho House membership can be added to a Soho home order or joined separately; it can not be auto renewed. If you would like to upgrade your membership before expiration of the agreement or like to choose another level  you have to contact our manager or you can upgrade it online or via mail at .

Soho Friends Membership Renewal

Soho Friends Membership Types

Soho is a leading creative community with multiple types of houses all around the world so book your rooms and houses at a reduced rate and get accommodated with our peculiar services. There are some types of membership at Soho house which are:

Soho Every House Membership

This is the original membership of Soho house which gives you a lot of fun, entertainment and soothes you well. In this membership you have access to all our locations around the world from London to Istanbul and Barcelona to New York. You can enjoy all the accommodations and benefits which Soho house is providing all over the globe.

Soho Local House Membership

If you are not interested in exploring the world or have less resources as compared to others and desire to be facilitated from Soho House services then you have an option to choose “LOCAL HOUSE” membership around you. From this membership you will procure only one Soho house access in your local area and you will enjoy bringing up three friends at a time, gym and spa access, regular events and restaurant discounts.

Soho Under 27 Membership

The other option for members is purchase under 27 membership. If you are under 27 you will get 50% off on all the services such as food, drinks ,spas, and many myriad items and this discounted rate is applicable to your membership till your 30th birthday. Our houses and bedrooms are unique spaces so our members can get relaxed and have fun with friends and families.

Soho Friends Membership Benefits

Soho Friends Membership Benefits

With purchasing annual membership grom Soho House in £100/140€ you will get multiple benefits and perks:

  • 15% off on full-price products
  • Free delivery on purchasing small products in the UK.
  • Reduced delivery charges for UK mainland deliveries for large products.
  • Early access on seasonal sales and 20% off on sale prices.
  • Members will get discounts on Soho bedrooms with a 12pm checkout.
  • Members can upgrade rooms for longer stay if available
  • 25% off on skin products 
  • 25% off on Soho works lounge membership
  • Get access to workshops, events and festivals with reduced prices

Soho House Membership Gift Card

Cowshed members can purchase a Soho E-gift card which members can use for online shopping from our cowshed spas and we will provide free home delivery all over the world including the United States and Canada. The starting price of an E-gift card is  £10. The gift will be sent to members by confirming on email in pdf form which can be printed and apply on just online product purchasing but you will not be able to get spa from this e-gift card. It can be used for 1 year after the purchase date and the gift card is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable. The company is also offering corporate gifting and working online at Facebook, twitter and Instagram. 

Is Soho Friends Membership Worth It

Soho Friends Membership Card

Soho House membership card is a digital card which you can find in Soho friend app users can download it as a card in apple wallet or an iPhone or in the account section of an android phone.  It is not allowed to take a screenshot and share with friends. If  users share their card to someone else their membership account will be terminated. 

Soho House Membership Pause

Yes members can keep their memberships on hold for a period of two to three months confronting some issues in their schedules of life. Members can pause their membership once in a year and they can take advantage of sales during their hold period.

Is Soho Friends Membership Worth It

If you are curious to know whether Soho House membership is worthwhile than other Soho membership you have to consider some points

  • A Soho traditional membership involves a fee and friends membership does involve any fee.
  • You have to pay the rent of the room each time
  • If you live near a Soho house then traditional membership might be suitable for you and if you want to explore different Soho houses in the world and not live in Soho House area then friends membership is perfect for you.
  • Soho House membership is good fit for travelers
  • If you are interested in luxurious spas,gyms and pools then a traditional membership is good fit for you

Soho House Membership Contact Details

You can contact Soho Management regarding your queries at or you can visit their official website for your concern.

Soho Friends Social Media


Soho House membership provides rooms, pools, spa services with discounted prices all over the world.

Unfortunately members could not share their membership with family and friends because if they do so their membership will be eliminated.

You are allowed to bring three guests at a time with membership and you are responsible for the behavior of your guests.

No you can not visit the houses unless you join or stay in rooms.

We reviewed applications regularly and you will be informed through email if your application will be successful.

You are free to bring one friend with you in public cinemas with discounted prices for both tickets.

You have to apply for this and our committee will review your application and make any decision about upgrading.

Payment can be paid by debit card or credit payment by Amex is not acceptable.

You can book private hire spaces in our studios and for this you should contact us on Soho friend App.

You can do so by contacting us at or via Soho friends App form.

If your membership is not accepted early it will remain in the waiting list for ongoing reviews.

Yes you can update your personal details by using SH.APP . In this app you can update your email address and phone number.

We will ask him to wait for you in our reception until you come.

Yes, you can get your parcel but be careful Soho Friends is not liable for anything delivered behalf of the members.

You will get all the options on the app and or under stay with us .

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