Athlete club Trufit Membership 2024 Benefits, Renewal, Cancellation

Athlete club Trufit Membership 2024 Benefits, Renewal, Cancellation

TruFit Membership Athletic Club is a fitness club chain with over 37 sites in the United States. Their objective is to change the perception of the fitness club experience by developing a stronger you. They provide a variety of services including a women’s only workout room, personal training, group fitness programs, and childcare.

Athlete club Trufit Membership 2024  Benefits, Renewal, Cancellation

TruFit Athletic Clubs is founded on non-negotiable core beliefs, and its team wakes up every day with the mission of “Building a More Powerful You!” 1. They provide a pleasant, safe, and personalized fitness club experience that meets all of your requirements. TruFit Athletic Clubs also offers an app that allows you to track your exercises and meals, measure your progress, and reach your fitness objectives.

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How Much is Trufit Membership 

TruFit Athletic Clubs provides a variety of membership choices to meet different demands and budgets. The fee of membership varies according on location, type, and term. For example, a monthly membership at TruFit Athletic Clubs in San Antonio, Texas costs $39.99, whereas a monthly membership at TruFit Athletic Clubs in Phoenix, Arizona costs $29.99. TruFit Athletic Clubs also provides a free 10-day trial for first-time guests.

How to Get Trufit Membership 

You can get TruFit athletic club membership by these few steps given below :

How to Get Trufit Membership 
  • First of all, visit their website for information and options you wanna get.
  • Facilities are based on locations, so find a location of Trufit near you.
  • Contact the club about their fee and facilities they’re offering.
  • Reach out to club in-person for better understanding of everything.
  • Understand all the membership options including payment estimation and facilities.
  • Fill out your membership form by giving your information.
  • Choose your membership plan, activate and pay. After the confirmation of your membership, they will give you card or key fobs.

How to Cancel Trufit Membership 

Each type of membership need specific method to cancel. TruFit subscription must be cancelled in writing. That means you’ll need to present your cancellation letter to the gym or provide a certified copy to TruFit. 

If you have a month-to-month membership, you must send a cancellation letter to your local club. You can do it in person or by certified mail. Cancellations must be sent 10 days before your next bill date (30 days in Texas), otherwise you may be charged for the following month.

If you have a term membership that is paid monthly, you cannot cancel before the term is up. Two exceptions may allow for a partial refund:

  • A member gets seriously crippled.
  • The member dies.

How To Pause Trufit Athlete Club Membership 

You can pause/freeze your membership for medical reasons, temporary move, military service or other reasons. You can follow these steps :

How to Cancel Trufit Membership 
  • Review all the membership agreements and look for specific information about freezing that should be outlined in conditions.
  • Contact Trufit clubs and ask them briefly about the terms.
  • Provide your information to them because some clubs have different requirements all together than other clubs.
  • Understand the fee because sone clubs can also charge you freezing fee.
  • Follow the procedure of clubs.
  • Confirm with written changes, it will be the confirmation of the changes in your membership status.

Is Trufit Membership Worth It ?

Yes, it is. If offers you a whole lot of different world in athletics. It offers you different membership plane, you get multiple options and discounts from that. You get exclusive access and customizable sessions, you get all what you want in this membership that too in many different levels, as per your budget & requirement. So, it’s worth it by all means. 

Trufit Membership Discounts

Trufit subscription offers you a list of discounts and benefits depending on your location and time of year. But it offers you :

  • Promotions and special discounts 
  • Corporate membership options
  • Student and military discount 
  • Family memberships
  • Off-peak membership (in less busy times)
  • Reward for you, if you refer membership to your friend
  • Seasonal and annual discounts 
  • Customized membership plans
  • Thanks giving day offers
  • Coupon codes
Trufit Membership Discounts

They further offer significantly impressive benefits and discounts for you if you’re a member of Trufit. 

Trufit Athlete Club Membership Coupon Codes

Discover their carefully curated collection of Trufit subscription deals at Sociable labs. Choose one that is exactly what you’re looking for. When you find the proper coupon, simply click on it. The code will appear, ready for you to enter. It’s as simple as clicking to copy it, and you’re ready to begin the exciting part: shopping!

 Visit the Trufit subscription website and begin adding your favorite goods to the cart.

When you reach the checkout page on Trufit subscription website, search for a field labelled ‘Promo Code’ or ‘Discount Code’. This is your goal. Paste the code you copied previously into this.

Trufit Membership Renewal 

To renew your TruFit Athletic Clubs membership, visit your local club or go online to their website. If you have any questions concerning the renewal procedure, please contact your local TruFit Athletic Club. 1. A purchased term membership will automatically expire if not renewed by the renewal date. If your pre-paid membership is subject to monthly renewal, you must cancel it 10 days before the payment date, in writing in the club or by certified mail.

Trufit Membership Levels

Trufit subscription offers you different levels or tier according to your requirements and budget.

Trufit Single Membership

It costs you $45 per month. Also you will pay one time key fob fee of $20 on your first signup. You will get access to gym 24/7.

Trufit Membership Coupon Codes

Trufit Couples Membership

It costs you $80 per month. You have to pay 1X key fob fee $20 on your first signup. It includes “No contracts” and 24/7 access to the gym.

Trufit Family Membership 1

It costs you $95 per month. One time fob fee will cost you $20 also. Family of three can get access to the gym.

Trufit Family Membership 2

It costs you $120 per month. One time fob fee will cost you $20 also. Family of four can get access to the gym.

Trufit Weekend / Trial Membership

It costs you $20. Trial memberships are valid for one week and you can visit the gym at weekends.

Trufit Membership Benefits

Trufit subscription gives you a lot of benefits and discounts to develop a healthy relationship between you and them. Few of them are given below :

  • Access to variet of cardio, strength training equipments and locker rooms.
  • You get group fitn classes of yoga, zumba and spinning.
  • You get personalized training sessions, which sounds amazing.
  • You get showers and locker rooms.
  • Many clubs offer free Wi-Fi.
  • You’ll get the chance to attend and participate in events & challenges.
  • You will get online management of your accounts by an online portal.
  • You’ll get exclusive offers and promotions.
  • You will get access of multiple locations of club branches.

Trufit Contact

  • You can call on the Clubs support number (303)-643-5699 
  • Or fitness center number (615) 813-7600You can also contact at or by just dialing (956) 997-3633


TruFit+ access is now available to our members on month-to-month renewals, as noted in their most recent Member Memorandum. If you already have a TruFit subscription , you can test TruFit+ for free for 30 days. If you enjoy it, you can keep access for only $1.99. TruFit+ is priced at $14.99 for non-members. If you decide you would rather come into our clubs, you can cancel TruFit+ at any moment.

Download the Trufit App, add your membership details, log-in and access Trufit+ from navigation bar. 

  • Add member number or barcode
  • Email adress linked to your membership 
  • Home club name

Yes, they have. “TruFit App” gives you access of multiple features. It enhances your experience and make it easier for you.

As of now 37. New locations are coming soon.

If you move your permanent residence more than 30 miles from any Tru Fit Athletic Club, you may be dismissed from your term agreement before it expires. However, this does not relieve any past-due balances. You must submit appropriate and original proof of your new address.

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