USA Wrestling Membership 2024 Cost, Renewal, Card, Cancellation

USA Wrestling Membership 2024 Cost, Renewal, Card, Cancellation

USA wrestling membership is an official program for the national governing body for the sport of wrestling in the United states. Membership is available for athletes, coaches, and fans of all ages which covers various aspects such as insurance, events registration and discounts on events and apparel. 

How to Become A USA Wrestling Member?

USA wrestling provides membership for all ages and skill levels. If you are willing to get membership you have to go to the USA wrestling subscription site and register your self by clicking on register button.

How to Become A USA Wrestling Member?

For help in registration go to membership support site there membership management provided full details of membership registration and other information related membership.

How Much Does USA Wrestling Membership Cost?

The cost of membership depends on the level of membership and age because membership cost varies according to types for example youth membership is less than an adult membership . Cost is different as per location as well for more details and costs you can contact the USA Wrestling team.

How To Cancel USA Wrestling Membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by submitting a cancellation request through the email to . You have to keep in mind that after three business days of purchase or used membership there will be no refund claimed at all for cancellation.

USA Wrestling Membership Levels

There is different membership levels are available for all 

USA Wrestling Athlete Membership

This membership is for athletes who desired to participate in wrestling events and chartered clubs. In this membership members will sport accident insurance, access in clubs and events ,camps ,clinics, subscription of wrestler magazines, international exchanges and national discount programs. Members have to complete safesport during wrestling season before the purchase.

USA Wrestling Open License Membership

This membership is for 19 year old athletes or above 19 and athletes will enjoy all the benefits of insurance, clubs and many more but he must have to complete safesport training by getting this membership.

USA Wrestling Membership Levels

USA Wrestling Leader Membership

This membership is for coaches and teachers. It includes benefits such as access to limited clubs ,events ,limited insurance, privilege to coach specified events, clinics and international exchange programs. It also offers national discount programs. Membership can not be used for participating in competitions and background check is mandatory and also safesport training program will be checked.

USA Wrestling Booster Club Membership

This membership is for sporters and this card is for one year subscription to pride, a world’s greatest sport.

USA Wrestling Medical Membership

It includes the assigned medical personnel at USA Wrestling regional and national champions. And personnel and champions will be defined by the wrestling events department.

USA Wrestling Sponsor/ Vendor Membership

Vendor membership is for personnel and employees of the partner companies who attend regional or national championship programs.

USA Wrestling Event Volunteer Membership

This membership is for individuals who desire to officiate local events of wrestling and it is not applicable on regional or national events to officiate. This membership does not include any benefits like other memberships.

USA Wrestling Club Charter Membership

This membership is affiliated with national and regional clubs. It includes insurance for practice sessions and general liability protection for club leaders and volunteers.

USA Wrestling Sanction For Competitive Events Membership

This membership accommodates with organization affiliation and limited benefits including insurance coverage for tournaments organizers and volunteers as well as limited property damage coverage. Each membership has specific requirements and benefits to the environment of the wrestling community.

USA Wrestling Membership Cards

USA Wrestling card is proof of owning membership for participants ,all the participants must have the card so that they can participate and benefit from the facilities which the wrestling community is providing to them. Participants must purchase this membership annually for insurance purposes. If you want access to this card you have to follow the steps:

USA Wrestling Membership Cards
  • Go to the website .
  • Create an account
  • Create a new profile for wrestlers under account
  • After creating go to purchase membership
  • Follow instructions on the page to purchase your card
  • After the affiliation to club you can get your card of membership

USA Wrestling Membership Benefits

The members of USA Wrestling enjoy multiple benefits after joining the wrestling community.

  • Get the opportunity to participate in local, regional and national competitions
  • Obtain four levels of coaching certificates.
  • Gat chance to travel abroad for developmental tour of athletes.
  • Access to educational videos and written materials
  • Get access to regional and national level training camps
  • Member can get free subscription of USA wrestler or win magazine edition and option to purchase additional things at discounted rates
  • They can also receive a free USA wrestling newsletter and will get discounts on wrestling merchandise.

Is USA Wrestling Membership Worth It?

Members of the wrestling family enjoy many benefits such as travel abroad ,free study videos and written material, national level training camps and discounts in purchasing so we may say that the membership is absolutely worth it.

Is USA Wrestling Membership Worth It?

USA Wrestling Promotions

To promote wrestling the company regularly puts on wrestling shows which are not based on the rules of international olympic-style wrestling. The promotion of wrestling refers to advertising ,managing, organizing the logistics of wrestling events. There are some events shown on television which are promoting wrestling in the world such as WWE, AEW, ROH, MLW, AAA, NWA, New Japan and GCW ETC.

USA Wrestling Deals

Members should sign up for USA wrestling email list by doing so members can get access to the latest deals such as price cuts ,private promotions, early access to sales and multiple offers. Subscription can entitled members to discounts on complimentary items and additional points. New members can get 10% discounts on their first purchase.

USA Wrestling Promo Code

Members can get access for free shipping by using specific codes. Promo codes can be applicable in specific locations and can be used for specific items purchased. To use the discount code go to and include your items at the purchasing cart and copy the code from the DISCOUNT CODE box and use the discount instantly. 

USA Wrestling Membership Discount

Members will accommodate with discounts in multiple items from dealspotr

  • 10% off at
  • Get 48% in athletic  wrestling gear with instant Yes! Athletics USA competitor code
  • Get 30% off on ebay with Yes! Athletics USA items
  • 20% off on Walmart with Yes! Athletics

Can I Pause My USA Wrestling Subscription?

Yes members can keep their memberships on hold for a period of two to three months confronting some issues in their schedules of life. Members can pause their membership once in a year and they can take advantage of sales during their hold period.

USA Wrestling Contact Details

You can write your general comments, questions, and concerns on their website. You can also contact them by sending an email to or at (719) 598-8181.

USA Wrestling Social Media


There are almost 2900 clubs registered in the federation and annually they give a chance to youngsters to learn about wrestling and compete in events.

Almost 15 titles are  in WWE and these are divided in men’s and women’s. Primary and secondary championship for male and single championship for females.

The United States have 57 Olympic Gold medals, 52 in men’s freestyle, 2 in women’s freestyle and 3 in Greco-Roman. 

Wrestling is popular everywhere in the US but there are three main places where people love this sport much such as the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and the Southwest.

There are about 1597 episodes of WWE  wrestling at this time.

The largest tournament is USA wrestling junior’s and 16U national championship tournaments which are held in Fargo, North Dakota.

No early  British brought this sport into America and they found natives very interested in this sport.

Women’s wrestling is the fastest growing wrestling sport in the US in which women are participating speedily from schools, colleges and universities as well.

The wrestling federation was founded in 1921 and 185 nations are affiliated with it till 2022.

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