The Edge Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Discounts

The Edge Fitness Club Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Discounts

The Edge Fitness Club membership has three levels, each with a different set of benefits. The monthly fees for these levels range from $14.99 to $37.99. Members of the Edge Total Membership can use the whole fitness floor, get a free fitness exam, go to as many group exercise classes as they want, get a massage or tan, bring friends, use the Fit Pak, get Total Access Plus (TAP), go to as many Spinning classes as they want, and go to the women’s or total fitness studio areas.

There may be extra costs, like a membership pledge for one or two years, a registration fee, and a small fee to sign up right away. You can drop in to classes for $10 to $15, and a Family Membership for $55 to $70 a month is a great way for families to spend time together. There is a 3-day guest pass and a longer 7-day free guest pass for people who want to try out the facilities without making a commitment. If you are a student, you can join for about $25 a month.

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Details About The Edge Fitness Club

The Fitness Chain offers a wide range of affordable fitness services and amenities, such as high-tech equipment and dedicated areas for swimming, boxing, and basketball, as well as extras like nutritionists, saunas, child care, and counseling, to meet the needs of people of all fitness levels.

The Edge Fitness Club Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Discounts

It has spots all over the United States and is open to people of all fitness levels, from those who are just starting out to those who are serious sports. Each club has up-to-date cardio machines, strength training tools, and functional training places so that members can choose from a variety of workouts. 

The Edge has a professional staff of certified trainers who help people reach their exercise goals by giving them personalized advice and support. Everyone can find something they like in group exercise classes, which include everything from high-intensity interval training  to yoga. The gym experience is also improved by features such as large changing rooms, saunas, and juice bars.

There are different types of memberships, and students can get savings. For your ease, many of the sites are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A holistic exercise setting and meeting the different needs of members are very important to the current CEO.

The Edge Fitness Club Membership Types

The Edge Fitness Clubs have different levels of participation to meet the wants of all kinds of people. Here are the main three types of membership:

The Edge Fitness Red Membership

The Edge Red Membership is the most basic. It costs from $14.99 a month and gives you basic access to all the facilities. With this level, members can still use the club’s current equipment and other amenities, making sure they have everything they need to reach their exercise goals.

The Edge Fitness Club Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Discounts

The Edge Red Membership may not have all the extras that come with higher-level memberships, but it is still a great way for people to put their health and well-being first without spending a lot of money. 

The Edge Fitness Fit Membership

The Edge Fitness Club Membership, which costs about $29.99 a month, has more perks. This level usually comes with extras like free group exercise classes, access to high-end tools, and discounts on personal training. The Fit Membership is perfect for people who want a more complete gym experience, whether they want to get in better shape, try new sports, or get personalized help from certified trainers.

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The Edge Fitness Total Membership

The best choice is the Edge Total Membership, which costs about $34.99 a month. Individuals with the Total Membership can freely use all of the club’s facilities, including private workout areas with cutting-edge equipment and extras like saunas and juice bars.

Members can also take as many group exercise classes as they want, get one-on-one training, and save money on other services. The Total Membership is made for people who want to get the most out of their gym time and are looking for ease, variety, and expert advice to help them reach their exercise goals.

The Edge Fitness Family Membership

The Edge Fitness Club Membership monthly cost for the Family Plan is between $50 and $70. The Edge Fitness Family Membership is designed to meet the needs of families who want to put health and fitness first as a group. This type of registration usually has lower prices for families with more than one person, making it a cheap option for families who want to stay active and fit. 

The Edge Fitness Club Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Discounts

The Edge Fitness Childcare Cost

Edge Fitness offers a service called “Edge Kids” for parents who want to workout but need someone to watch over their children. The service costs $7 per day for casual visits and offers unlimited monthly memberships for children aged 3 months to 12 years old. The cost varies, so it’s best to check with your local Edge Fitness for details. The service provides fun and engaging activities for children aged 3 months to 12 years old, keeping them entertained while you workout. Childcare is not included in basic membership fees.

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Edge Fitness Club Membership Prices List

Edge Fitness Prices List
3-Day Guest PassFree
7-Day Guest PassFree
Edge Red Membership$14.99/month
Edge Fit Membership$29.99/month
Edge Total Membership$34.99/month
Personal Training (Single Session)$50-$75
Personal Training (10 Sessions)$450-$675
Personal Training (20 Sessions)$800-$1,200
Group Fitness Classes (Single Class)$10-$15
Group Fitness Classes (Monthly Unlimited)$30-$40
Family Membership$55-$70/month
Student Membership$25/month
Childcare (Hourly Rate)$5-$7
Childcare (Monthly Membership)$50-$70
Nutrition Counseling (Single Session)$50-$75
Nutrition Counseling (5 Sessions)$200-$300
Nutrition Counseling (10 Sessions)$350-$500
Massage Therapy (30-Minute Session)$40-$60
Massage Therapy (60-Minute Session)$70-$90
Massage Therapy (90-Minute Session)$100-$120
Tanning (Single Session)$5-$10
Tanning (Monthly Unlimited)$20-$30
Towel Service (Monthly Fee)$5-$10
Locker Rental (Monthly Fee)$5-$10
Edge Fitness Club Membership

The Edge Fitness Service Options

  • Diverse range of workouts and services tailored to individual fitness journeys
  • Workout options include group fitness classes, strength training, cardio, functional training, boot camps, personal training, pool workouts, and specialty classes
  • Additional services offered include personal training, nutritional counseling, child care, wellness services, relaxation amenities, social areas, fitness assessments, online classes, challenges, and a shop for gear and snacks.
The Edge Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Discounts

How to Join The Edge Fitness Club Membership

To join The Edge Fitness Clubs, you can follow these steps:

  • The Edge Fitness Clubs has a webpage that you can visit.
  • Pick the type of membership that works best for you. They have different types of memberships to fit your price and fitness goals.
  • Press the “Join Now” button.
  • Fill in the necessary information and follow the instructions.

How to Cancel The Edge Fitness Club Membership

To cancel your Edge Fitness Club Membership, you can follow these steps:

  • If your membership is still under a 12- or 24-month term deal, you can end it if you need to move, get medical care, or join the military. You must show official proof of these reasons.
  • After your first 12 or 24 months are up, you can also email their billing partner, ABC Fitness, at  and ask them to stop your contract.
  • To cancel your membership, you must send a written notice 30 days in advance. If you want to quit, you will need to make one last payment as long as your original term has been met.
  • Please tell them why you want to cancel and give them your first and last name as they appear on the agreement.
  • For all requests, you need to give written notice of cancellation.
  • Call ABC Fitness at 888-827-9262 to confirm that the cancellation was made.

The Edge Fitness Club Membership Renewal

To renew your Edge Fitness Club Membership, you can follow these steps:

The Edge Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Discounts
  • Click the link on The Edge Fitness Clubs’ page to go to the Member Portal on a computer or phone.
  • Log in and then choose “Account” and “Payments.”
  • There are several ways to pay for membership. Choose the one you want to use and click “Pay.”
  • Read the Terms and Conditions again, sign to agree, and then click “Next.” 

The Edge Fitness App Signup

The Edge Fitness App is a mobile app that helps users track workouts, meals, and progress towards fitness goals. To download, users must receive an invitation from The Edge Fitness Clubs, create a password, and log in. If no invitation is found, users can download the app from the app store.

The app also allows users to access training plans, schedule workouts, manage nutrition, set health and fitness goals, communicate with coaches in real-time, track body measurements, and take progress photos.

The Edge Fitness Club Features & Amenities

The Edge Fitness Provides you these features and luxuries in your membership : 

  • It offers 45+ studio classes, 35+ Les Mills classes, 26+ weekly cycling classes, and 18+ weekly Zumba classes.
  • Strength group classes target each muscle group using barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells.
  • Edge Strong is a circuit-based program taught by Edge Personal Trainers.
  • Edge dance-based classes mix low and high intensity interval training.
  • Mind/Body classes increase strength, flexibility, and create a better state of mind.
  • Fit Membership or higher required to access group classes.
  • Each gym provides a spacious workout floor with free weights and resistance machines.
  • Functional training room equipped with battle ropes, weight sleds, plyo boxes, and other equipment.
  • Private women’s training room with cardio machines, state-of-the-art equipment, benches, and weights.
  • Women’s only fitness classes include Barre, Pilates, Yoga, and Zumba.
  • Nutrition guidance available through the Edge Fitness Center team.
  • Personal training available in one on one and group settings.
  • Mobile app for workouts and progress tracking.
  • State-of-the-art Edge cinema for cardio workouts and movie watching.
  • The Edge Kids program provides child-minding services for children aged 12 weeks to 12 years while working out. The center offers specialized age-appropriate fitness programs, with coaches passionate about helping kids get fit. Prices vary between facilities. 
  • The Edge Fitness Clubs offer premium sauna facilities with flat-screen TVs and state-of-the-art locker rooms with showers, changing rooms, lockers, and bathrooms, along with massage chairs.

The Edge Fitness Single Day Pass & Guest Pass

A one-day pass to The Edge Fitness Clubs costs $20. The Edge Fitness Clubs let guests in for free for three days. In order to get the guest pass, you need to fill out a web form. The pass has to be used within 72 hours of being turned in. There are some limits. The pass has to be used in a row, and you need a local ID to get in. With the guest pass, you can use all the facilities as much as you want. 

The Edge Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Discounts

The Edge Fitness Rewards

Edge Rewards is a rewards program for Edge Fitness Club members, recognizing their daily exercise and investment in the club’s products and services. Members earn points through activities like checking in, referring friends, and taking classes, which can be redeemed for various perks like free shakes, supplement discounts, personal training sessions, and merchandise discounts. Edge Rewards is currently only available in Connecticut and New Jersey locations.

The Edge Fitness Discounts

The Edge Fitness Clubs offer various discounts as part of their Edge Rewards program. You can save money in the following ways:

  • Supplement savings: As part of the rewards programme, you can get savings on supplements.
  • Merch Discounts: You can get discounts on merchandise from The Edge Fitness Clubs.

They also have special deals for kids. College students can join The Edge for a short time or on a month-to-month basis. They have had deals in the past, like lower prices on personal training, cheap entries into the Edge Challenge, and more.

The Edge Fitness Promo Codes

Here are some promo codes for The Edge Fitness Clubs :

The Edge Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Discounts
  • 60% Off: Get a coupon for 60% off at The Edge Fitness Clubs.
  • $100 Off: Use The Edge Fitness Clubs Coupon to get $100 off your $1000 order.
  • $20 Off: Use The Edge Fitness Clubs Coupons to Save: Up to $20 off orders over $40.
  • 10% Off: Use the coupon code to save 10%.
  • 20% Off: Use the coupon code to save 20%.
  • 40% Off: Use The Edge Fitness Clubs Discounts to get 40% off orders of $99 or more.
  • 50% Off: Save an extra 50%. 

Is The Edge Fitness Club Membership worth it ?

The Edge Fitness Club membership is a valuable investment, based on factors such as fitness goals, budget, location, and preferences. The gym offers a variety of fitness equipment, including cardio machines, strength training equipment, free weights, and group exercise classes. The gym’s proximity to your home or workplace can help you stick to your fitness routine.

The cost of membership and any additional fees, such as enrollment or maintenance fees, should be compared to the value you expect from the facilities and services. Additional amenities like personal training, group fitness classes, sauna or steam rooms, and childcare facilities should also be considered. Positive reviews and a good reputation from friends or family can indicate the membership’s worth.

Trial memberships or guest passes can provide an opportunity to experience the gym firsthand. The Edge Fitness’s fitness community and support can enhance the overall value of the membership.

The Edge Fitness Club Membership Review

Positive Review

With a variety of tools, facilities, and services, The Edge Fitness Club provides a full-service workout. A notable feature of this place is the wide range of workout equipment available, which includes cardio machines, strength training equipment, and free weights. No matter your level of experience, we have all the tools you need to personalize your workouts and reach your fitness objectives.

The Edge Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Discounts

In addition, The Edge Fitness Club offers a wide range of group exercise classes led by experienced instructors, catering to individuals with different interests and fitness levels. The facilities are meticulously cared for, spotless, and generously sized, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere for members to exercise in. In addition, having extra amenities like saunas or steam rooms and childcare facilities adds to the overall experience, making it more convenient and enjoyable to prioritize fitness.

Negative Review

The Edge Fitness Club has several disadvantages even if it provides a number of amenities and services. Many members have expressed their frustration with the overcrowding issue during peak hours. This can make it challenging to access equipment and find enough space for their workouts. In addition, there have been reports from some members about hygiene issues, such as dirty equipment or a lack of adequate cleaning supplies, despite our efforts to keep things clean.

One issue that stands out is the inconsistency in the quality of group exercise classes. It seems that some classes are lacking proper instruction or motivation, which can be quite frustrating. For people who are trying to save money, this could be a major obstacle when it comes to joining or keeping a membership at The Edge Fitness Club. In general, the club has several positive aspects. However, it is important to carefully consider these negative factors before deciding to become a member.

The Edge Fitness Customer Care Services

  • Phone : 856-848-2314
  • Email : first_initial 
  • Address : St Peters, MO 304 Miles. 4025 Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy. St Peters, MO 63376

The Edge Fitness Social Media


The availability of The Edge Fitness Club’s locations will vary depending on the type of membership you have. With The Edge Fitness Red membership, access is limited to your home location and cannot be used at other locations. Fortunately, with a membership at The Edge Fitness or The Edge Total, you have the flexibility to visit any of their locations. 

Indeed, Edge Fitness Clubs provide membership discounts, such as a waived enrollment fee. There are also some great deals available on Groupon, such as a 30-day fitness plan priced at $329 and a one-month membership for $128.

At Edge Fitness, student memberships are available at a discounted rate compared to regular fees. The prices may differ depending on the location and plan you choose. Typically, students can expect to pay around $20 to $30 per month for a basic membership.

If you wish to cancel your membership after your initial agreement term of 12 or 24 months has been completed, you can do so by sending an email to our billing partner, ABC Fitness, at  Please note that in order to cancel your membership, we kindly ask that you provide us with a written notice at least 30 days in advance.

Vincent Sansone is the founder and president of The Edge Fitness.

Of course, you have the ability to do so. Freezes or membership suspensions can be requested on a monthly basis for a minimum of one month. To initiate a membership freeze or suspension, please follow the necessary steps. You can either send an email, fill out the form on (click here for a link to the form), or visit us in person and speak to a Membership Director. 

I’m sorry, but you do not have the authority to assign or transfer your membership rights to someone else.

Parents or legal guardians must accompany members or guests who are 13 and 14 years old at all times while using the facility.

Feel free to bring a local guest for one complimentary workout. We welcome all members to take advantage of this offer. Each person from the local area can only participate once every six months.

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