Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews

Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews

A single Pure Barre Membership class starts at about $22, which might seem like a lot of money. But because the classes are usually smaller than other exercise groups, the teacher will be able to help you more one-on-one. The prices of lessons vary and may depend on where you are.

Don’t worry, though. Pure Barre often has deals for new members or people who buy a lot of classes at once, which makes it cheaper. Pure Barre studios offer monthly memberships in four, eight, and unlimited classes, starting at $69/month. Prices vary by location and market, with unlimited memberships costing $300 in New York City, $189 in the Midwest, and $129 in the Northwest. They also offer single classes and class packages for flexibility.

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Details About Pure Barre

Pure Barre is a well-known fitness chain that is known for its high-intensity, low-impact workouts that combine ballet, Pilates, and strength training. Carrie Rezabek Dorr started Pure Barre in 2001, and now there are schools all over the United States and other countries as well.

Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews

A ballet barre and small static movements are often used to focus on certain muscle groups during the workouts. The goal is to tone, shape, and improve general strength and flexibility. Pure Barre classes are made so that people of all fitness levels can join. There are changes for both new and experienced students.

The encouraging and helpful environment created in Pure Barre schools has helped it stay popular with people who want to reach their fitness goals in a fun and effective way.

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Pure Barre Membership & Class Types

Pure Barre offers different levels of classes and only one monthly membership option. The details are given below : 

Pure Barre Monthly Membership

It costs $199.00 a month and lets you take as many classes as you want. How much a Pure Barre monthly membership costs can change based on where the class is located and any current deals or savings.

Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews

You might want to get a regular ticket to Pure Barre if you plan to go to more than one class a week. Prices may be higher or cheaper, though, based on the school and what it has to offer. A lot of the time, memberships come with benefits like early entry to events, discounts on store purchases, and first choice for class reservations.

Single Class / Drop-in Class

It costs about $22. Pure Barre usually has drop-in rates for single classes for people who want to be more flexible with their schedules or who want to try the class for the first time. At Pure Barre schools, the price of a single class or a drop-in rate can change based on where you are and any deals or discounts that are going on. If you’re not sure about the classes or can only make it to one because of a busy schedule, this is a good choice.

New Student Offers

New students can often get special deals at Pure Barre to get them to try out their classes. These deals can be different depending on where you are and could include lower prices, free classes, or starter sets.

  • First Class Free: This is a good way to try Pure Barre without spending money. This lets you try out a class without having to pay for it.
  • Unlimited Monthly Access: For one month, new students can go to as many lessons as they want for $100. This is a great way to check out Pure Barre and see if it fits your exercise goals.

5 Class Package

It costs $100 for this deal, which is $20 per class. The voucher is good for 6 months from the date it was bought. Many Pure Barre schools offer class packages as an easy way for people who want to go to classes regularly but don’t want to commit to a monthly contract to do so. People who go to Pure Barre often choose the 5-class deal. This deal generally lets you go to any Pure Barre class within a certain amount of time, which is usually a few weeks to a few months.

Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews

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10 Class Package

It costs $190.00 a year, or $19.00 per class. People who want to go to Pure Barre but don’t want to commit to a monthly plan often choose the 10-class deal. At Pure Barre schools, the price of a 10-class plan can change based on where you live, the market, and any current deals or discounts. 

15 Class Package

It costs $270, which is $18 per class. If you love everything about Pure Barre, you can choose this class type. It’s good for six months and lets you take advantage of all the deals, discounts, and other benefits that are out there. Prices may be different depending on where you live and what Pure Barre is currently offering in terms of deals or savings.

20 Class Package

It costs $199.00 a month and lets you take as many classes as you want. The 20-class deal is often the best choice for people who go to classes often and want to save money per class compared to buying single lessons. However, Pure Barre’s prices for the 20-class package can change depending on where you live, the studio’s features, and any current deals or savings that are available. 

Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews

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Pure Barre Membership Price List

Pure Barre Prices List
Single Class / Drop-in Class$22.00
All Access Monthly Memberships fee
1 Month Unlimited Access$199.00/month
1 Month Unlimited Access (Special)$100.00/month
Class Packages
1 Class$22.00
5 Classes$100.00
10 Classes$190.00
15 Classes$270.00
20 Classes$340.00

How to Join Pure Barre Membership online

Joining Pure Barre involves the following steps:

Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews
  • Get the Pure Barre app: you can get the Pure Barre app from the app shop on your computer. You can book lessons, set exercise goals, and keep track of your workouts with this app.
  • Sign up for a new account or log in: You will need to make a new account if you are new to Pure Barre. Just log in if you already have an account.
  • Pick a membership Plan: Pure Barre has different levels of participation that cost different amounts of money.
  • Sign up for a free class: New members of Pure Barre can take a free class to get started. On their page, you can sign up for this.
  • Book a Class: You can book a class right in the app after choosing a ticket and signing up. 

How To Cancel Pure Barre Membership

This is what you can do to end your Pure Barre membership:

  • Go to the page for your account: On the Pure Barre website, log in to your account. You can also sign in to Pure Barre on-demand, which is sometimes called Xponential+ or Pure Barre GO.
  • Click on “Membership”: Click on the “Membership” tab.
  • Request Cancellation: Ask that your membership be canceled. The Classifications field on the contact page also has a “Cancel” button that you can use.
  • Please wait for confirmation: You will need to get proof of the cancelation. 
Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews

You can also look at Pure Barre’s general membership rules or your membership agreement(s) to find out more. You can email operations@purebarre.com or call the studio that applies to you if you need more help.

Pure Barre Membership Renewal

To renew your Pure Barre membership, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Member Portal: Head over to the Pure Barre member portal to easily take care of your account.
  • Please log in: Please provide your email address and password to sign in.
  • Take a look at the details of your membership: Please review your current membership status and details.
  • Choose your preferred renewal option: Select the renewal option that best fits your requirements. As an illustration, the 8-class membership plan offers the convenience of monthly renewal at a cost of $139.00.
  • Update your payment method: Please make sure that your payment method is up to date and valid in order to enable automatic renewal.
  • Confirm your renewal: Please complete the renewal process to confirm your continued membership. 

Pure Barre Membership Benefits

Pure Barre is a well-known fitness studio that focuses on barre workouts, blending ballet, Pilates, and strength training. Membership benefits can differ based on the particular studio and location, but here are some typical benefits that come with Pure Barre memberships:

Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews
  • Access to courses: Pure Barre offers a range of courses that members may choose from, such as the traditional barre class, the cardio-focused Empower barre exercise, and the resistance-based equipment-based Reform class.
  • Professional Teachers: Participants can work with professional teachers who have received training in the Pure Barre method. These instructors are dedicated to providing guidance, motivation, and modifications to ensure a safe and effective workout.
  • Community Atmosphere: Pure Barre facilities frequently provide an environment that is encouraging and community-focused, allowing members to interact and form connections while pursuing their fitness objectives.
  • Progress Tracking: Numerous Pure Barre studios provide various tools and resources to assist members in monitoring their progress over time. These include sessions dedicated to setting goals, fitness assessments, and celebrations to mark significant milestones.
  • Special Events & Workshops: Pure Barre studios hosts workshops, special events, and guest instructors that are open to members. Attending these events can be a great way to enhance your practice, acquire fresh techniques, and build connections with fellow members.
  • Retail Discounts: A few Pure Barre facilities provide its members discounts on retail items including equipment, accessories, and clothing for working out.
  • Membership Options to Suit You: Pure Barre understands that everyone has different schedules and budgets, which is why we offer a variety of membership options. Choose from monthly memberships, class packages, or drop-in rates to find the option that works best for you.
  • Online Workouts: Pure Barre locations provide the convenience of online workouts for members who prefer to exercise at home or while traveling, in addition to in-studio classes. These virtual workouts offer a lot of flexibility and convenience. 

Pure Barre App

The Pure Barre App is a mobile app that enables users to book, manage, and purchase classes directly from their phones. It features a personalized home screen, allowing users to filter, favorite, and find the perfect class at their studio.

Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews

Users can also manage their membership, discover new workouts, instructors, and studios, join a waitlist if a favorite instructor’s class is full, and track workouts on their Apple Watch. The app is available for download on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

Pure Barre Near Me

With more than half a thousand Pure Barre studios scattered across the United States, it’s clear that this fitness franchise has become one of the largest in the country. Let’s now examine the prices for the Pure Barre studio locations near you.

City (US)Single Class PriceMonthly Membership Price
Albuquerque, NM$23$199
Alexandria, VA$24$199
Allentown, PA$23$199
Alpharetta, GA$23$199
Amherst, NY$23$199
Annapolis, MD$24$199
Ardmore, PA$23$199
Arlington, TX$23$199
Asheville, NC$23$199
Atlanta, GA$23$199
Auburn, AL$23$199
Augusta, GA$23$199
Austin, TX$23$199
Avon, CT$23$199
Avon Lake, OH$23$199
Barrington, IL$24$199
Baton Rouge, LA$23$199
Bay Shore, NY$23$199
Beaverton, OR$23$199
Bedford, NH$23$199
Bellaire, TX$23$199
Bellevue, WA$23$199
Bellingham, WA$23$199
Bend, OR$23$199
Bethesda, MD$24$199
Beverly Hills, CA$30$299
Birmingham, AL$23$199
Bloomfield Hills, MI$23$199
Boca Raton, FL$23$199
Boise, ID$23$199
Boston, MA$30$299
Boulder, CO$23$199
Bowling Green, KY$23$199
Boynton Beach, FL$23$199
Braintree, MA$30$299
Brentwood, TN$23$199
Brookfield, WI$23$199
Brooklyn, NY$23$199
Broomfield, CO$23$199
Buffalo, NY$23$199
Burlington, VT$23$199
Burnsville, MN$23$199
Cambridge, MA$30$299
Canton, OH$23$199
Cape Coral, FL$23$199
Carlsbad, CA$23$199
Carmel, IN$23$199
Cary, NC$23$199
Cedar Park, TX$23$199
Centennial, CO$23$199
Chandler, AZ$23$179
Chapel Hill, NC$23$179
Charleston, SC$23$179
Charlotte, NC$23$179
Charlottesville, VA$23$179
Chattanooga, TN$23$179
Cherry Hill, NJ$24$199
Chesterfield, MO$23$179
Chicago, IL$25$199
Cincinnati, OH$23$179
Claremont, CA$23$179
Clarksville, TN$23$179
Clayton, MO$23$179
Clearwater, FL$23$179
Cleveland, OH$23$179
Clinton Township, MI$23$179
Coconut Creek, FL$23$179
College Station, TX$23$179
Collierville, TN$23$179
Colorado Springs, CO$23$179
Columbia, MD$23$179
Columbia, MO$23$179
Columbia, SC$23$179
Columbus, GA$23$179
Columbus, OH$23$179
Concord, NH$23$179
Conshohocken, PA$23$179
Coral Gables, FL$23$179
Coral Springs, FL$23$179

Is Pure Barre Membership worth it ?

Deciding if a Pure Barre membership is worth it varies from person to person, based on their personal preferences, fitness goals, and budget. Pure Barre provides a one-of-a-kind combination of ballet, Pilates, and strength training in a welcoming studio setting, making it an attractive option for individuals looking for gentle exercises and a feeling of camaraderie.

Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews

The instructors’ expertise and the wide range of class options greatly enhance its value. Nevertheless, the price of membership might be a consideration for certain individuals, particularly if there are other fitness choices that are more affordable. Individuals who value customized training or prefer intense workouts may not find Pure Barre to be the best fit for their needs.

In the end, weighing the advantages versus the expenses and taking into account one’s own fitness requirements will assist in deciding whether a Pure Barre membership is a worthwhile investment.

Pure Barre Membership Review


Pure Barre is a unique workout that combines ballet, Pilates, and strength training, focusing on small, isometric movements to tone muscles, improve flexibility, and increase overall body strength. It’s gentle on joints, suitable for all fitness levels and ages, making it ideal for recovering from injuries or seeking a less strenuous form of exercise.

Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews

Pure Barre studios foster a supportive community, allowing members to build connections with fellow participants and instructors. The studio offers a variety of classes, including classic barre, cardio-focused Empower, and resistance-based Reform, allowing members to target different muscle groups.


Membership at Pure Barre comes with a range of advantages, although the price tag and class fees might pose a challenge for those with limited financial flexibility. While it does offer effective strength and toning workouts, it might not provide the same cardiovascular benefits as more intense cardio-focused workouts.

This could be a concern for individuals looking to enhance their overall health or achieve weight loss goals. In addition, participants may experience a plateau if they fail to consistently push themselves by increasing weights or exploring different class formats. Maintaining consistency can be quite challenging when dealing with busy schedules or conflicting priorities, but it is absolutely crucial for achieving desired results.

Pure Barre Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Reviews

Pure Barre Contact Details

  • Website: www.purebarre.com 
  • Email: Pure Barre uses the Email format {first}@purebarre.com. 
  • Address: 603 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC, United States, 28207.
  • Phone: The phone number is not publicly listed. It’s recommended to contact them through their website or email.

Pure Barre Social Media


For a comprehensive fitness routine, it’s recommended that adults incorporate both types of training into their schedule 2-3 times per week, according to ACSM. Pure Barre classes are known for their comprehensive approach to fitness, combining strength training, flexibility, and balance exercises. This holistic approach ensures that you get a complete full body workout that is both efficient and effective.

Pure Barre’s unique approach enhances strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. Our experienced instructors will lead you through our four distinct class formats that draw inspiration from yoga, Pilates, and ballet.

The cost of a Pure Barre monthly membership can vary depending on where you are located, typically ranging from $175 to $250 per month. You’ll have unlimited access to classes. Pure Barre also has an unlimited membership available for $199.99 per month.

Discover how you can earn the value of your brand new Apple Watch through the exciting Earn Your Watch challenge. To make a purchase, you’ll need to buy the device directly from Pure Barre’s website or mobile app. In order to earn the value of your Apple Watch, it is necessary to complete an average of 8 classes per month.

Indeed, Pure Barre studios usually provide a range of classes, such as classic barre, Empower (focused on cardio), and Reform (using resistance-based equipment).

Anyone can join Pure Barre classes, regardless of their prior experience. The workouts are designed to accommodate people with varying levels of fitness and backgrounds.

How often someone attends depends on their personal fitness goals and availability. Attendance frequency varies among members, with some attending classes multiple times per week and others coming less frequently. Staying consistent is crucial for achieving desired outcomes. 

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