Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW Membership Cost 2024 Benefits

Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW Membership Cost 2024 Benefits

The cost of VFW membership can vary depending on factors such as age, military service history, and length of membership. Generally, annual membership dues for the VFW range from $20 to $50 approximately for a calendar year. However lifetime membership fee are here to join:

Thousand Trails Membership

Age attained
on Dec. 31st
Payment in Full Instalment Plan Option Initial Fee Instalment Plan Option 11 payments
Through Age 30$425.00 $45.00$38.64
31-40 $410.00 $45.00$37.27
41-50 $375.00 $45.00$34.09 
51-60$335.00 $45.00$30.45
81 and over $170.00$45.00$15.45

Legacy membership cost for silver $800, Bronze $400 and for Gold it is $1200.

How To Get VFW Membership?

You can become a VFW Life member by making a one-time payment, or you can pay for your Life membership through installment plan with an initial $45 payment and the Life membership amount will be billed from you over an 11-month period. To join you must follow few steps;

Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW Membership Cost 2024 Benefits

RuneScape Membership

  • Download and fill out application form
  • Mark out your social security number DD-214
  • Pay dues for selected membership

There is eligibility criteria which members have to meet first before applying

  • They must be US citizens or U.S national
  • Must served in armed forces or currently serving 
  • Service in war, campaign or expedition on foreign soil

VFW Membership Levels

They want to welcome today’s military service members into our ranks to become part of our elite group. VFW common bond is the battlefield, whether it is service in the Persian Gulf, Korea, Kosovo, the  Global War on Terrorism or peace-keeping expeditionary campaigns. Your courage and sacrifice have made a difference in preserving and defending world peace. Some types of memberships are here for you.

 Ocean Reef Club Membership 

Annual Membership

It includes the benefits of joining, such as being part of a global community of combat veterans who support each other, access to resources, help in securing earned benefits, discounts on various products and services, and a connection to a legacy dating back to the organization’s founding in 1899. The membership fee of $45 covers a full calendar year and involves a subscription to the VFW magazine with $1.98 dues. 

Life Membership

By becoming a VFW Life member, you make a lifetime commitment to serving your fellow service members and veterans. You will enjoy great benefits by becoming life members such as 

How To Get VFW Membership?
  • Avoid annual dues and renewal
  • Maintain your membership worldwide
  • Not eligible to pay increased dues
  • Receive 10% discount in merchandise

You can become a lifetime member by paying once or through an installment plan with an initial payment of $45.

Legacy Life Membership

There are three levels of legacy life membership: the fee for Bronze is $400, Silver $800 and Gold $1200. As a Legacy Life member, you will receive exclusive benefits at each level of membership. Once you become a Legacy Life member, an annual donation will be made in your name to support your local Post, Department, and the national organization.

How To Cancel VFW Membership?

This contribution ensures that your support helps both present-day veterans and those in the future. Additionally, as a member, you have the option to purchase a Memorial Legacy in honor of a deceased VFW Life member. This memorial serves to commemorate their sacrifices and contributions, ensuring that future generations recognize and remember their dedication to the organization and their service.

How To Cancel VFW Membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by submitting an application at their website Call VFW Customer Service at 1-800-963-3180 or write to VFW at: VFW, P.O. Box 119028, Kansas City, MO 64171 to inquire about or cancel. Or  to report problems such as bank closures, lost or stolen account numbers, closed accounts, or unauthorized transactions. 

How To Renew Your Membership?

You can renew your membership without logging into your account easily. Just enter your VFW membership number and name and click on “GO ” to get started the process. For further assistance obtaining your number please contact the Member Service Center, 833.839.8387, M-F, 8:30-4:30 . 

How To Cancel VFW Membership?

VFW Membership Worth It

They assist in making travel easier by offering discounts on travel packages, hotels, and car rentals. VFW members can save on various health-related items such as prescriptions, vision care, hearing aids, and other health products. Allow us to support you on your path towards a new future. Our services for end-of-life planning can provide your family with peace of mind. So we may say that membership at VFW is worth it. 

VFW Membership Benefits

By becoming member you will get multiple perks and amenities such as 

  • Get access to exclusive insurance and life planning products
  • Save money with more services
  • Stay up to date on the important issues facing today’s service members and veterans
  • Get discounts in up to date technology
  • Get discounts in travel and rental services
  • Access to avail discounts in home goods and latest gadget
  • Save in motorcycle ride with membership
  • Discounted retail items
  • Sports clip is proud haircut of VFW 
  • They can save money in medical items
  • End of life services to make peace for your family
  •  VFW provides posts with tools 

VFW Membership Discounts

VFW offers discounts and privileges for its members to enjoy their life 

  • Discounts in insurance program
  • Public subscriptions
  • Technology and electronics
  • Medical services like prescription, vision, hearing aids
  • Transitions to civilian life

VFW Promo Codes

It allows the use promo codes for saving money from retail stores in merchandise items. Some savings are here;

VFW Membership Benefits
  • Save 25% with discount code
  • Take 10% off by using code
  • Get extra 20% off at VFW store
  • Avail 50% sitewide
  • Save 15% at BUFF with promo code
  • Enjoy hot sale at Air Canada with code
  • Get 20% at puma with code
  • Take 10% off using code at Cheryl’s cookies
  • Get $10 off for order at Herschel
  • Save 10% at Revolve with code

VFW Membership Cards

For VFW Life Membership cards, newly signed veterans can submit their applications to the National Headquarters either through a VFW Post or directly on the VFW National website. The process involves selecting “Request a New Membership Card” from the drop-down menu, whether it’s for an annual membership or a Lifetime membership.

If applying through a VFW Post, the membership is first approved by the Post Quartermaster, who verifies proof of combat service. The application then undergoes approval by the Post Membership. At VFW Post 1760, new member approvals occur during the monthly membership meeting on the second Tuesday evening of each month. Once officially approved, the application is sent to the national VFW office.

New members can expect to receive their VFW membership card in the mail approximately 3-4 weeks after the national office receives the approved application. The cards are typically sent to the new member’s home address unless other arrangements have been made.

VFW Membership Contact Details

  • Headquarters: Kansas City, Missouri, United States
  • Phone; 1-833-839-8387
  • Email; email

VFW Social Media


Yes. VFW Accredited Service Officers are professionals who have received training in assisting veterans with navigating the complicated VA claims process. They have the skills to help veterans recover billions of dollars in VA benefits and compensation each year.

Whether you are getting ready to file a claim or are thinking about appealing your disability rating, you can find a VFW Accredited Service Officer in your area to provide you with the help you deserve at no cost. You do not need to be a member of the VFW to utilize this service.

VFW has enacted many programs and services to meet  the current needs of America’s service members, veterans and military families, as well to meet community needs worldwide. VA claims assistance, legislative advocacy, troop support programs, youth activities, community service and scholarship are a few of the ways we work to give back to those who’ve given so much for all of us. 

Yes whether you are on active duty or retired you can join VFW with meeting all the eligible requirements. 

To update your information or remove your name from mailing solicitations please contact at or by calling toll-free 1.833.VFW.GIVE 1.833.839.4483.

No VFW charter prohibits the organizations from endorsing or supporting political candidates or someone who is running for public office position. 

The VFW is an independent, nonprofit organization that depends on the generosity of patriotic Americans, like you, to provide support to those who have served their country. In the past ten years, 72% of every dollar donated by VFW members and patriotic Americans has gone directly towards veterans service, community service, legislative advocacy, and military service programs around the world. Your support is crucial to the VFW’s mission.

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