Thousand Trails Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

Thousand Trails Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

The Thousand trails membership cost varies from level to level and it depends on your budget, lifestyle and location to determine what type you want. There are numerous types such as a zone camping pass is $630 annually and if you stay two nights in a month the cost is $26.25 per night and for four nights the price is $13.13 per night ,you can add another zone for $70.

Thousand Trails Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

Trail collection add-on membership price is $330/year, elite basic cost is $7995 and annual $630 with extension week fee $29, elite connection fee for 10 year is $10,345 and annual cost is $630, adventure membership cost is $16,595 and annual $630. These all levels and prices include discounts on night stays and upgrading is also available for all. 

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How To Get a Thousand Trails Membership?

To become a member of a thousand trails is easy and comfortable, for the latest price, information and special offers just contact specialist Sharon and Warren Lewis. They have all the access and grant you the best rates.

How To Cancel Thousand Trails Membership?

You can contact at or calling at  804-366-0798 or you can visit their website for further specific information at 

Thousand Trails Subscription Deals

Throughout the year they are offering promotional deals and these can change often without any notice. The zone camping pass always almost has promotional running and you can snag one of those. The elite basic, elite connections and adventure these upgrades are not often available at sale. You are highly recommended to contact specialists to get deals and discounts for your purchase and they will guide you about all the promotions. 

Thousand Trails Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials
  • Call Joanna at 631-921–1674 and/or
  • Call Patrick at 352-396-6835 and/or
  • Email and/or
  • Complete this form to get a quote with current deals
  • Let them you are part of the RVLOVE community
  • Ask them for best price and deals
  • They will apply exclusive discount to your deals

Is Thousand Trails Worth It?

Before purchasing a membership it is important to consider how many nights per year you intend to use. Estimate that number and then multiply it with an average rate which ranges $40-60 per night. By doing all the calculations you can decide whether it is worth it for you or not and if you are sure about that then do not hesitate to contact the customer care assistant for help.

Thousand Trails Membership Levels

Thousand trails is RV campground membership  that allows camping for free at all locations across the United States. They are offering different types of memberships with varying prices starting from a few hundred to thousand dollars and it can be disruptive for you to choose best from these. Some levels are here with their costs;

Zone Camping Pass

This is a basic level that allows free night stay at campgrounds. With this pass members can stay 14 nights instead of 21 and he must be out of the system for seven nights between visits. The cost of a zone camping pass is $630/year and you can book it 60 days prior instead of 90 or 120 days like other memberships. This plan is suitable for those who want to spend at least one week in a month at Thousand trails locations. 

How To Get a Thousand Trails Membership?

Trails Collection Add-On

This option can be added to any membership including camping and adventure pass and the price for this is $330/year. This add-on provides access to 100 locations across the country without any limitations. The stay limit is 14 days and members can not move directly from one location to another.

It includes most famous locations such as Florida Keys, Miami, Wisconsin Dells, and Lake George which spreads over 17 different states. The membership suits those who are willing to spend winters in Florida and 17 more locations. 

Elite Basic

Elite basic is the most popular option because it is the most affordable membership. Members can stay 21 days at Thousand trails locations without any restriction and can move between campgrounds within the system without staying outside the network. The membership cost is $7995 with annual fee $630/year. The membership allows the chance to book two extension weeks for $29 and the booking window is for 120 days and 50% off additional standard cabin rental.

Elite Connections 

Alite connections is similar to elite basic but it offers a few upgrades such as longer bookings for 120 days and additional benefits like free weeks in standard and gateway cabins. The cost of this membership is $10,345 and annual dues $630 similar to basic. 

Adventure Membership

The membership is the most comprehensive option catering the needs of full time travelers who need advance campgrounds access. It offers perks such as extended reservation windows, extension week options and free cabin rental. The cost for this membership is $16,595 and the same $630 annual dues.

Thousand Trails Membership Benefits

If you stay all 365 nights with family the cost per night will be $47.19 for the first year and then 2nd year with paying only $630 annually the stay cost which family pays $1.73 per night. 

Thousand Trails Membership Benefits

Membership of a thousand trails provides multiple benefits and perks for staying and enjoying your life with different campground experiences. Some amenities are here;

  • Unlimited stay at campgrounds
  • Book reservations in advance
  • Discounts on resorts and campgrounds
  • Special pricing for members only
  • Saving on popular brands like Harvest Host, Hertz and Dish
  • Annual rates freeze at age of 62
  •  One week free standard cabins
  • 20% off additional cabin booking
  • Option to buy two extension weeks for $29 only
  • 50% off rental cabin
  • One year free RPI RV campground membership and 150 perks

Thousand Trails Used Membership

Thousand trails allows you to buy a used membership to save your money and enjoy all the perks and benefits. Obtaining a plan at lower cost is the main advantage of purchasing however you must keep in mind some things when purchasing. 

Thousand Trails Used Membership
  • Please understand clearly what you are purchasing and what is it worth
  • Request documentations from the seller to check exactly what contract their membership includes
  • Some membership contracts are only sell at once so keep in mind when purchasing a used membership
  • To obtain right plan you can purchase used membership online to avoid any disruption in use

Thousand Trails Membership Discounts and promo codes

It offers numerous discounts and promo codes for membership holders to save their money

  • Get $150 off sitewide
  • Get $100 off camping pass with code
  • Avail $100 with annual pass
  • 20% at
  • 5% off at amazon
  • 40% off at last minute getaways at expedia
  • $200 off booking service with instant competitor code
  • 50% off weekly stay
  • Get camping passes from $545
  • Save 30% on selected items with code
  • Get 100 + more campgrounds with Trails Collection for $299
  • Enjoy free delivery for order over $150
  • Sign up at Thousand Trails and get 20% off pass

What are Thousand Trails resort amenities?

A few amenities you could see at Thousand trails are

Thousand Trails Membership Discounts and promo codes
  • Clubhouse and fitness centres
  • Swimming, biking, hiking
  • Tennis, pickleball, volleyball
  • Golf and miniature golf
  • Fishing and boating
  • Arcade, game rooms
  • Dog parks
  • Free WIFI

How To Cancel Thousand Trails Membership?

You can cancel thousand trails Subscription at any time by the following process;

  • Call trails members service phone number at 1-800-388-7788 and follow the prompt to reach the representative
  • Provide your membership number to the customer service representative or other informations such as mail, address or security number if you forgot your membership number so they can access you account informations
  • Ask the representative to cancel your membership and after the process is completed you will be informed through your email. Please keep record for cancellation to avoid extra charges

Thousand Trails Membership Contact Details

  • Phone; (800) 388-7788
  • Member Services; (830) 751-2406 or (877) 730-5935
  • Email RV;

Thousand Trails Membership Social Media 


They are offering average fees and perks as low as $10 and as high as $200 or more but nightly rates range between $40-60 and average is $50 and it depends on when you stay and kind of hookups. 

Trail pass is a camping pass which allows you to stay across North America. As a member you do not need to pay any fee for campground stay but you just only pay an annual fee for a pass once. 

No, you have the option to pay monthly if you prefer. However to become eligible for a monthly plan you have to contract for two years or you can choose monthly payment after one year. With monthly Thousands Trails will automatically be charged from your account at the end of your expiry date. 

There are 81 membership campgrounds in Canada and the United States and additional 100 + encore campgrounds. 

Yes there are a lot of activities for kids and a playground as well. One of the coolest things for kids is themed weekends. 

All memberships are year to year and if you do not pay dues annually your membership will be cancelled. So it is better to call customer care service to cancel rather than not paying a fee. 

Every Thousand Trail membership starts with a zone pass or equivalent to it. The owner can upgrade this with paying a specific fee and it can be done more than once over a year. 

RPI is a recreational vehicle (RV) club that you can join through certain Thousand Trails memberships because they have a partnership agreement. RPI offers three levels basic, preferred and preferred Gold. With this membership you can reserve a spot at the campground with a price $5-10 for up to 7-14 nights twice a year at each ground. People use this membership when there is no campground nearby to save money on camping fees.  

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