Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Review

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Review, Free Trial

The cost of the Nintendo Switch Online Membership depends on your country and the type of plan. If your country is not listed then it means it is not available for your country and region. Here is membership table with prices.

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Review
Country1-Month (Individual)3-Month (Individual)12-Month (Individual)Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Individual12-Month (Family)Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Family
United States$3.99 USD$7.99 USD$19.99 USD$49.99 USD$34.99 USD$79.99 USD
Canada$4.99 CDN$9.99 CDN$24.99 CDN$63.99 CDN$44.99 CDN$99.99 CDN
Nintendo Switch Online Membership

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Details About Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription which allows you to play new and classic games in the world of digital online gaming.

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Review

By subscribing you will get access to over 100 games including NES games, SNES games, free games, online multiplayer game modes and exclusive games.

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Levels

It offers multiple levels of subscription and other perks and privileges with membership to  members. Here are some levels or types of membership for gaming enthusiasts;

One Month Membership

This membership for United States users is $3.99 and available for individuals only and for canada individuals the fee is $4.99 CDN. The amount will be charged every month before the end of the expiration date automatically. It includes access to games library and online functionality so that you may be able to compete or cooperate with your friends and family.   

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Review

Three Months Membership

Three months membership cost is $7.99 for The United States users and $9.99 CDN for Canadian individuals. It shares the same frequency as one month membership and all above access are also available for this plan. The biggest point of this plan is that you can not be bound with membership longer and you can get $27 off if you pay for a full year.  

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12-Months Individual Membership

This plan brings everythings such as functionality, classic games/older catalogues, some games like DLc’s and covers many aspects for gamers. It is cheaper than other types. The cost of membership for The United States users is $19.99 and for Canadians it’s $24.99 per 12 months. 

12-Months Family Membership

Family membership charges are $34.99 for USA gamers and for Canadians it reaches $44.99 per year. Family group allows 8 Nintendo accounts users to get connected together and make a group and one can become admin from them to control. 

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Review

Expansion Pack Individual

The expansion pack individual price is $49.99 USD for The United States users and $63.99 CDN for Canadians. The pack includes access to libraries of old Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis games and online additional play as well as other material such as Animal Crossing, New Horizons, Happy Home, Mario Kart Deluxe and many more for the whole year. 

Expansion Pack Family 79 -99

It provides online play with voice chat and also allows you to play with your beloved friends and family.  In addition the plan involves game save data cloud backup options, and enables  users to save data online for easy retrieval in case if you are using or logging in from another device.

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Review

Whether the Nintendo Switch Online Membership Expansion Pack is worth it depends on how much value you place on the included features and games. The package price is $79.99 for The United States and for Canadians it is $99.99 per year. 

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Nintendo Switch Online Membership Benefits

With the paid membership members can enjoy a lot benefits and services like online play, clouds and more;

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Review
  • Team up with friends and eliminate rivals in supported titles such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing and myriad other
  •  Access to library  of over 100 NES and other titles,
  • You can also compete or cooperate with friends with wireless or online
  • Get access to keep your data save online if you log in from another device
  • Use the smart phone app and get access to new features
  • Enjoy a variety of offers for members such as game trials, games and products that only user can purchase
  • Get allowed to use 8 accounts 

How To Get Nintendo Switch Online Membership?

To get its membership you have to follow up some steps;

  • Sign into your nintendo account by using internet
  • Then visit 
  • Go to compare game plan section there 
  • Select one from these plans and press buy now button
  • The current plans and pricing will appear then 
  • You can buy according to your need

How To Cancel Nintendo Switch Online Membership?

To cancel your membership you have to turn off your auto renewal at least 48 hours before the expiration. By doing this your request will be submitted and you will be able to use your service till the end date.

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Review

If you discontinue you will lose various benefits such as data backup will be no longer available and if you have family membership the other family members are also unable to use and your account will be terminated. 

How To Renew Nintendo Switch Membership?

Your membership will auto-renew after the end of your expiry date or session. The amount will be deducted from your account before 48 hours of your expiration date and it happens when you do not turn off your auto-renewal process.

For credit card users they have to put card information so that amount can be charged before the end date and for PayPal users they have to link their account with Nintendo account if you have not done this before. 

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Nintendo Switch Online Discounts For Membership

When it comes to discounts it offers numerous discounts and perks for users such as

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Review
  • Save money on purchasing two games
  • It offers 10% discount for students
  • Save 14% on Nintendo eshop gift card

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Worth It

If you are not sure about whether it is worth it or not you can use a 7 days free trial before purchasing any plan or making suggestions for yourself. When you sign up, membership will automatically renew if you do not turn off auto renewal before the week. This service is for those who are showing hesitations about subscription they can cancel after free trial. You can also consider joining a group membership to share the cost of the account and save money.

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Review

Nintendo Switch Online Family offers a digital gaming experience that simulates the community and benefits often found in actual games. Being part of this online community allows you to share costs with peers. You are only paying $20 for a year to keep yourself topped and if you are intended to play online then there is no worth for this to you. 

How To Get Nintendo Switch Online Free Trial?

To get a free 7 days trial you must follow up steps

  • Click on redeem option and receive download code for free trial
  • Visit Nintendi eshop on your system and select enter code option and begin the trial
  • Select the account you want to use
  • Put credit card or PayPal information then you will be able to start
  • The free use is available only for once per account
  • Members having any plan of Nintendo subscription are unable or not eligible to use free trial

How to Adjust Nintendo Switch Online Auto Renew Setting?

This setting applies on Nintendo Switch Family, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, Nintendo Account. Some steps which you follow up to set up setting are;

Nintendo Switch Online Review
  • Smooth internet connection
  • You will need Nintendo Switch, or a computer or smart device to use

From Switch system you have to do

  • Choose Nintendo eshop from Home Menu
  • Select account for purchasing plan
  • Select the picture of your icon in the upper-right corner to access Account Information.

To turn off auto renewal you must click on the left side of screen and select cancel your subscription by turning off auto renewal setting and keep in mind that if this process is done then you will not be able to turn on it again.

Nintendo Switch Online Review

Nintendo Switch Online is a great subscription service for accessing both classic and new games. It provides various benefits of playing with others online, using voice chat, and staying connected while competing in games like Mario Kart.

Nintendo Switch Online Review

It also caters the needs and shows a way to reduce the cost by starting or joining a group on Together Price, where you can pay the lowest price for a year’s subscription. Overall it is the best game to sign up for and start competing and collaborating with others.

Nintendo Switch Online Customer Care

For assistance and inquiries you can contact their customer care service number at 1-800-255-3700 or visit the website at during working hours 6: am to 7:00 pm rather than going to retail shops .

Nintendo Switch Online Social Media


To use this you have a game which may be physical or digital, a device for use like Android or iOS system, an account which can be linked with your device and finally sign up on the app. 

Yes the owner can be included or excluded from the family group as long as they remain in the group. 

Yes it is possible but all features are not available for all countries because there is division of services for different countries. 

No, there is no restriction like that it can be used from anywhere that members can sign in from, because it is linked with a Nintendo account.  

If you already have a family plan then you would not be able to purchase an individual plan or change your membership, however it is possible if someone else from your family group purchases the membership then you can leave the group and subscribe seperate one. On the other hand if you have an individual membership you then you can purchase a family membership as well.

Multiple memberships can be purchased to extend your overall time and the time period will be 3 years, however you can not combine time from family to individual membership. 

Your plan can be viewed through the subscription portion in your Nintendo Eshop account settings or by visiting the Home Menu of your Nintendo Switch. 

No you are not unable to do so because there is no any such policy even if your system is sent for repair your time will be extended accordingly.

Yes membership will remain the same and you can use it anywhere even if you change your country but the country must support Nintendo Switch Online otherwise it is not possible. 

Each account needs an individual membership or to be a part of a family membership to get access to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack benefits and services.

Scroll down to setting and click check your information and if the linked account is displayed here then your account has not yet been  linked. Select/ view email address or sign up ID, put a password and press OK to view full account information. 

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