Jewish Community Center JCC Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

Jewish Community Center JCC Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

JCC Membership also known as “Jewish Community Center” includes all the benefits a person could ever want. It comes for people of every age and every culture despite their religion, race or cast based on their interests and needs. It includes all the benefits regarding education, health, sports, gym, mind relaxation and much more.

Jewish Community Center JCC Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

The price of this membership is also affordable for everyone consisting of various packages based on your interests. JCC monthly membership is the home of all your requirements. Enroll yourself in this membership and don’t miss out on these high demanding benefits.

Fitness Club Esporta Membership

JCC Subscription Cost & Price Details

So basically JCC monthly Membership comes with various costs. It depends upon your age and needs. It starts with $28 USD and is under $100 USD. Following table shows the  price list of the membership’s facilities.

Jewish Community Center JCC Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

3+ Months Secure Payment Plan Paid in Full

This table shows the exact price of all the basic options of this membership with a 3+ month secure payment plan which is paid in full.

Young Adult (13-25)$34
Adults (26-64) $54
Adults Couple (26-64)$84
Single Parent Household$70
Senior (65+)$50
Senior Couple (65+)$78
Spa at the J add on$37/$25

3+ Months Without Secure Payment Plan Paid in Full

This is also a 3+ month plan but its not a secure payment plan. The prices are also different from the other 3+ month secure payment plan paid in full.

Congressional Country Club Membership

Young Adult (13-25)$38
Adults (26-64) $59
Adults Couple (26-64)$92
Single Parent Household$76
Senior (65+)$55
Senior Couple (65+)$86
Spa at the J add on$41/$28

Jewish Community Center Deals

Different deals are available on the JCC monthly Membership website which are updated every month. New discount offers are available every month. You can get a $50 bonus for inviting a friend to JCC monthly membership. When the friend signs up and uses it for 4 months you get a $50 reward.

JCC Subscription Cost & Price Details

JCC Monthly Membership Levels

Basically JCC subscription has 3 levels.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Metairie Gold

Gold Level

If you are a Gold member, you will have complete access to Uptown and Metairie features.

Silver Level

If you are a Silver member, you will have access to basketball courts and outdoor pools at both locations. It does not include fitness facilities.

Metairie Gold

If you are a Metairie Gold member,you will have an advantage to use all metairie facilities and uptown outdoor pools and basketball court.

JCC Monthly Membership Levels

The following table shows the monthly price list of the Gold, Silver and Metairie Gold membership.

Bellevue Club Membership

AgesGoldSilverMetairie Gold
2 Adults & Children under age 21$145 + $125 joining fee$93 + $125 joining fee$106 + $75 joining fee
1 Adult & Children under age 21 $116 + $125 joining fee$80 + $125 joining fee$93 + $75 joining fee
Couple ages 18-67$133 + $125 joining fee$88 + $125 joining fee$99 + $75 joining fee
Individual ages 18-67$95 + $125 joining fee$73 + $125 joining fee$75 + $75 joining fee
Senior Couple ages 68 and older$76 + $125 joining fee$48 + $75 joining fee$53 + $75 joining fee
Senior Individual ages 68 and older$57 + $125 joining fee$43 + $75 joining fee$46 + $75 joining fee

JCC Jewish Community Center Membership Benefits

JCC Pool Membership comes with a vast variety of benefits. With these benefits you feel yourself in heaven. The reason behind this is that you can enjoy yourself in every way you can. Following are some of the most amazing benefits of this membership.

JCC Jewish Community Center Membership Benefits
  • This is a Jewish membership but it allows people of every religion, caste, state or culture to enroll in and subscribe to this membership.
  • It has many centers throughout the globe.
  • It’s wellness and recreation centers include 25 yards six lane indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, yoga rooms, wall climbing, pilates studio, racquetball courts, relaxation and spirituality room, health and wellness lounge etc
  • It has locker rooms and spa which also includes jacuzzi, wet sauna, dry sauna, massage room and towel service.
  • It has private space for adults learning where you can sitback and enjoy your learning experience.
  • It offers babysitting facilities. It also has a playing area for kids.
  • It has libraries with a huge collection of books. It also includes computers and readers for the visually impaired.
  • All these benefits and much more to offer. Enroll now!

JCC Pool Membership Gifts

The JCC Pool Membership is not just an ordinary membership. It gives you all the facilities that you can’t even imagine. This membership also includes gift cards which is the best option for you to spread love and joy with your loved ones. It includes a gift card for an entire family and individual as well. Following is the price list of the monthly gift cards.

How To Become a JCC Club Member?
  • 1 month family membership + 1 month personal training session or massage Just In $225 (savings up to $75).
  • 1 month individual membership + 1 monthly training session or massage Just $150 (savings of up to $75).
  • Personal training session is just $92.
  • It also includes Spa services (sports, shiatsu massage or signature facial) for just $103.
  • Seiden membership (members only) for just $99. 

Join today and experience the joys of life. Buy now at any of the membership offices. For more information visit the official website of JCC Membership.

How To Become a JCC Club Member?

JCC Pool Membership provides 1000s of facilities to their members with their special benefits such as gymnasium, indoor activities, meditation centers, beautiful views of Tucson, Cafes, Art Galleries, Basketball courts, Fitness centers, Outdoor pools and much more. It is a Jewish Membership but it is also eligible for people of every caste, religion or state. 

To get a membership, visit the official website of JCC monthly Membership, Sign up and click the join now option and follow the steps.

How to Cancel JCC Subscription?

To cancel your JCC Baltimore Membership, a 30 day notice is required. If you want to cancel your membership, submit your request at least 30 days before the billing date. Submit your form before the 15th of the next month. For example, if you want to cancel on July 15, the form must be submitted before 15 June. If you want to join again in the future you have to pay a $75 rejoin fee. To cancel your membership you must meet in person or contact the members via telephone or social media.

To cancel the membership fill the online form at the JCC website.

How to Pause JCC Membership? 

If you are going to be away for some personal  reason you can pause your membership for 90 days in a single year. You are given a time interval of 30,60 and 90 days.You can hold your membership three times in a year.

How to Cancel JCC Subscription?

You have to pay a basic fee every month which is non refundable. If there are more members within your membership their membership will also be paused. You have to turn in your membership card(s). Membership can be canceled from the  reception desk and official JCC website as well.

Medical Pause

If you are having medical issues, you can hold your membership without any basic fee. A medical certificate from the doctor is required for the hold of membership due to verification concerns. All the other members from the membership unit will also be on hold. To renew the membership, a written document from the member’s doctor is required.

Is JCC Membership Worth It?

JCC Membership is definitely worth it because it’s not just a membership, it’s more than that. It provides all the benefits that you could ever wish for. It has Gym, educational benefits, health benefits, and much more. It has affordable deals and is available for the people of every age. If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle and user-friendly environment, JCC is the best place to be.

JCC Membership Contact Details

Are you looking for more information about our membership? Feel free to contact us at any hour of the day. Our team is available to serve you any time. 

Welcome Desk & General Information

  • Owings Mills: 410.559.3500
  • Park Heights: 410.500.5900
  • Email us at

Member & Guest Services 

If you have any queries about our Guest policies then contact our Guests services team. We will get back to you within 72 hours.

  • Owings Mills: 410.559.3506 
  • Park Heights: 410.500.5910


If you want to join the membership, visit the official website of JCC where you can sign up for the membership. QR codes are also available in the lobby at the front desk.

The owner of JCC is Aaron Frieden Wald. He was the founder and also the first president of the group.

It was first started in 1854 in Baltimore. The main purpose was to provide facilities to Jewish Immigrants.

The best thing about this membership is that it is not only for the Jewish people, people other than jewish community can apply for this membership as well. This membership is for the people of every religion, race or culture.

Yes, JCC Membership has an app where you can enjoy all the exciting features of the membership. Download the “My J App” from Play Store or App Store now.

If your membership card is lost, you don’t need to worry. You can replace it with just a $5 replacement fee. Just visit our membership office to get your replacement card.

To get yourself updated visit our website daily where you can get information about any upcoming events and news or install My J App from Play Store or App Store to stay updated.

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