Jersey Strong Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

Jersey Strong Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

The Jersey Strong offers regular and VIP membership options with price variation at 11 locations in New Jersey. The Jersey Strong membership gives many amenities and discounts for members to enjoy health and fitness classes with loved ones or individuals.

Jersey Strong Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

The cost remained equal for about 15 years and now it is noted that the monthly membership cost increases $10 for members.

JCC Membership

How To Join Jersey Strong Membership

You have to visit  where you find an icon to create an account for yourself. Click on that icon then you will go to the next page where you have to provide basic information such as your name, ID, picture, email address and payment method and then proceed.  After all this process you will receive confirmation msg at your mail or number.  

Fitness Club Esporta Membership

Jersey Strong Membership promotions

Jersey Strong offers certain promotions to allure customers for joining as well as some exclusive deals. 

How To Join Jersey Strong Membership
  • 10 days free trial referred by a friend
  • Lower price to try membership for a minimum time
  • Third party providers are also offers deals for promotion

Jersey Strong Membership Deals

It is a family gym which allows people to live life in a body which they love and provides multiple deals to get appreciation from its members about their services and facilities.

  • 21 days free trial
  • Fully refund if you decide within three days
  • Wide variety of personal trainers and coaching
  • Exclusive discounts 
  • Bring a guest and receive full month free membership

Jersey Strong Membership Discounts

It is affiliated with numerous third party providers and these sites offer multiple discounts to soothe your health and body with lower rates. 

Jersey Strong Membership Discounts
  • Sing up at forever21 and get 21% discount on all purchase
  • Get 35% off on selected deals
  • 20% off at ebay and free return
  • Black friday save up to 75% off

Jersey Strong Membership Benefits

Jersey Strong offers a range of facilities which caters the needs of members such as:

  • It launches in 2022 and now it is available 24/7 for the members 
  • MOSSA is the best way to bring classes with them if you are not at home or in town 
  • In person group classes are available with expanded schedule
  • Access to monthly body scan
  • Jersey Strong app is the best innovation to check your heart rate, movement and more
  • Free access to boot camp
  • Opportunity to get dance classes and yoga
  • Availability of cardio and fitness classes 
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) access

Jersey Strong Subscription Levels

Jersey Strong offers several membership types to cater the physical needs of its members and preference. It guarantees  you to be strong, feel confident and look amazing with their membership plans.

Jersey Strong Membership Benefits

They understand the problem of long term contracts that is why they work on a cancel anytime policy to avoid any inconvenience and members can do so by calling or online. Some membership type includes:

Basic Membership

This membership allows members to get access to all Jersey locations and best privilege such as use of cardio equipment and weight machines.

Premium Membership

This membership allows access to the amenities such as group fitness classes, personal training sessions and tanning services. 

Family Membership

This membership is provided for family or couples so they can work together in which may be included some extra discounts for adding other family members. All the above benefits are included in this membership. 

Students Membership

This membership is only for students who enrolled in college or university or any other institute. They will get membership by providing some proof of their enrollments or Valid student ID at discounted rates and also avail discounts for access to Jersey Strong facilities.

How To Cancel Jersey Strong Membership?

The classes are broken up between group classes and studio classes and here we show the types

Studio classes includes

  • Yoga
  • Boxing
  • Cycle 
  • Pilates
  • TRX
  • Barre
  • Boot Camp

Group classes include

  • Dance classes like Zunba
  • Flexibility classes yoga type
  • HIIT(High Intensity Interval training)
  • Cardio and Fitness classes
  • Core classes

Jersey Strong Coupons

It accommodates members with coupons which are valuable to save money by purchasing products from affiliated stores.

  • Up to 20% off and free P&P  at Jersey Strong products
  •  Up to 60% off powerhouse fitness Black Friday
  • Siroko Top Sales 50% off
  • $5.10 saving at cardio, weights and machines
  • 15% off at online sales
  • Purchase items at and get free shipping
  • Go to and save everage $9.46 in shopping
  • $10.28 saving on subscribing with email
  • Save $9.04 in February deals and sales
  • 35% off jersey strong items
  • 15% off and free shipping at ebay
  • 50% off all maximum products of jersey strong at ebay

How To Cancel Jersey Strong Membership?

If you are no longer interested in membership then you can cancel its membership at any time by providing 15 days notice prior to your next billing cycle. Jersey Strong billing is managed by ABC Fitness Solutions so regarding any help you can contact them or the effective way to cancel membership is just Log into your account by following the terms submit a request.

After receiving your request management team accepts it then you are free to terminate your account. The other process of removing membership is to contact staff via Number at 1-888-827-9262 and ask them to cancel and give basic information about your account and membership type then they will take care of your cancellation. 

How To Freeze Jersey Strong Membership?

Members can freeze their membership for a period of 90 days once in a  calendar year. If you are not willing to come back to the gym yet, you can pause your subscription until things get back to normal by submitting a request at its website and this will help you save money to rejoin in future. You can unfreeze your membership at any time by following the same process of freezing. The freezing charges may apply to $9.99/ month. 

How To Use Jersey Strong Promo Codes

To use promo codes you have to follow these steps;

  • Initiate from designated button of “get code”
  • When code is shown then click on “copy” button
  • Search for code box and go through the checkout process and apply code
  • After applying the code you will get discount on that item

Jersey Strong Contact Details

To contact for getting information or for general comments or queries you can call at ABC SOLUTIONS 1-888-827-9262 or customer service number at  732-922-7979.  You can visit their website or get specific details via mail .

Jersey Strong Social Media 

Social media accounts are as follows to updated about programs and offers


Just follow the prompt and select ‘register’. If you are facing some problems regarding log in then contact Jersey Strong website or call at their number for assistance. 

If you are owning a plan of Jersey Strong which includes group classes in the club then you will be able to get access to MOOSA on demand with your membership. 

It recognizes the obstacles getting in shape without a plan and support. If you are willing to lose weight then commit to putting in  the work which will be effective for you. The company trainer will help you to stay tuned and make your fitness strong by considering your lifestyle, body shape and fitness goals 

Group lessons are necessary to keep your connection with fitness and with community because community keeps you motivated and helps to achieve your body goals with the assistance which is given from company trainers. 

Yes company is known for its high-quality services of personal training since 1993 in New Jersey. With one-on-one training you can feel more confident, look great and become stronger. They offer flexible sessions at lowest budgets making it accessible to more individuals who are looking to improve their fitness level. 

Guests are also allowed to visit the fitness centre but the membership holder must be present at the time of entrance and he has to present a valid driving licence, membership identification number, barcode or key tag at arrival.  

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