GUARDIO Membership 2024 Features, Cost, Login, Card

GUARDIO Membership 2024 Features, Cost, Login, Card

Guardio Membership is for an online cybersecurity company which helps users to eliminate threats like phishing, malware ,information leaks ,email leaks and identity theft and work as an escort in the digital world for them. The membership offers inevitable features such as monitoring identity theft, removing harmful extensions, eliminating push notifications and speeding up your computer. Guardio gives immunity in promoting businesses in the digital world.

How To Get Guardio membership?

Guardio is an immunity program for the digital world and it helps the users in growing business and works as an impediment for cybersecurity criminals. It is an antivirus program which is a little bit exorbitant than other antivirus programs especially after the first year of use. Guardio accommodates limited plans and its focus is in providing ease and comfort to its users that is why its offers justify the price. If you are running an online business and interested in saving it from criminals then you can contact us 24/7 by using our official website.

How To Get Guardio membership?

How Much Is Guardio Membership?

Guardio cost is $9.99 per month and it is annually charging $119.88 each year from its users. Its premium and business membership cost is $14.99 per month.

How To Cancel My Guardio Subscription ?

You can cancel your membership at any time when you cancel your subscription according to the process your membership will end at the expiration of your subscription period. You will not be charged anymore until you choose to rejoin. Note that your membership can be cancelled by submitting a cancelation request to our email or contacting to our customer service office, you have to go through a process for cancellation your subscription which is as follows

  • Sign up into your account
  • Navigate to the top right corner of the screen
  • Click subscription
  • Click on change next to plan
  • Click  on turn off
  • Click on cancel subscription

By uninstalling or deleting your Guardio app you can not cancel your membership you must turn off your premium protection by using our contract instructions.

Guardio Membership deals

You can subscribe to the membership of guardio and enjoy protection. Guardio is providing limited deals for its users and it is one of the best protection antivirus in the modern era of digital business. It is offering a free trial and premium subscription to members. Free plan allows one device at a time and assists with Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, Vivaldi, IOS, Android and phishing alerts on limited sites. Premium plan will support 5 devices at a time and will remain consistent with Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Edge, Safari, IOS with backing you from all malware, phishing mails and data theft etc. 

Guardio Subscription Discounts

 Guardio is the most sought after cyber security brand. When it comes to discounts, it provides discounts to its members for purchasing their products. It is offering 

  • Save 30% by purchasing security at ebay
  • You can get up to 20% off guardio on Walmart
  • Members can get free shipping the next day at eligible order.

Guardio Subscription Renewal 

To upgrade or renew your Guardio subscription you have to go on your membership page. To get access to your membership page sign into your account and scroll at the top right corner of your screen you can find membership end date and subscription date there.

Guardio Membership deals

On this page you can upgrade your membership, see your transactions of the past and can update your payment method as well. Subscription can be renewed automatically at the end of each subscription period until you cancel and you can turn off auto renew at any time by using membership page instructions.

Guardio Subscription Levels

Guardio Subscription includes three levels 

Guardio Free Membership

Guardio provides free memberships for its users to check their stability and accuracy in the digital world. Free membership includes 1 device at a time and protects you from limited sites. 

Guardio Premium Membership

Premium level membership is costly but it provides multiple benefits to users. In premium subscription five devices can be used at a time and protect their data from phishing, malware etc and you will get unlimited access to websites without hesitation. Get a 7 days free trial and you only get charged after the end of trial even if you are not interested in this program you can cancel your subscription and there is no fee for cancellation.

Guardio Business Membership / Team Membership

Business membership offers you 14 days free trial with free protection from all harmful websites and push notifications and It costs $14.99 per month. This membership includes monitor future ,pre install alerts ,personal dashboard and 24/7 services. It allows unlimited numbers of licence for users on one time subscription.

Guardio Membership Benefits

Guardio Subscription have multiple benefits for users

  • It blocks harmful websites for you
  • Detects alarming sites
  • Saves your email data from leaking
  • Stops promotional notification during use
  • Views personal data leaks 
  • Check threats in background while you are working on internet
  • Detects malware and saves your data from theft.
  • Unlimited connection on just one subscription 
  • Dark web monitoring for your data protection
  • Free trial before subscription
  • 24/7 for members 

Guardio Membership Promo Codes 

It provides inevitable promo codes and offers for its users 

  • 20% off at site wide with guardio coupon
  • 50% off on select utilities software at Amazon
  • Get 70% on computer security with guardio membership

Is Guardio Membership Worth It?

Guardio Subscription is definitely worth it. Guardio is like an insurance policy. After purchasing an insurance policy you think that you saved your life such that after subscription of Guardio Subscription you will be protected from online scams ,phishing and visiting harmful websites. It provides future threat monitoring to its users so they can protect their personal data from theft or being illegally downloaded.  Therefore we have firm belief being unbiased that the investment in Guardio is worth it. Moreover Guardio will keep your information and identity without sharing or selling to others. 

Guardio Contact details

In case of any trouble regarding our services you can contact us at +91 99406 56601, via mail

Guardio social media 

If you are interested in purchasing cybersecurity product you have the option to choose best antivirus by observing performance the product on our social media accounts 


Yes it is 100% real and legitimate company which abides by many strict rules so there is no need to agitate for purchasing Guardio Subscription .

Guardio is a chromium browser extension and it is based on codes so it is not owned by google.

Traditional antivirus detect the malware and other harmful material after the mishap but Guardio detects all dangerous websites before any calamity.

Yes it is available all over the world ,we are just dealing in USD and our communication is in  the English language for assistance.

When you install Guardio extension in your device it will scan all your and and sites and if there is something fishy it will send you an alert and we will also inform you that from where your data can be leaked.

On installation of Guardio it will scan your device first of all and eliminate all the malware and threats from it and you will become whole safe online.

Guardio can remove all dangerous popups from your computer but can not remove popups at all  because popups are the way to earn money from websites.

No, this feature is not available yet now Guardio is working in computers and IOS but in near future it is possible to use Guardio in your mobile phones because we are working on it.

About one million(100,000) people are using guardio extension and it is best for modern days online business such as freelancing etc.

Yes, the app is available on the app store.

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