HOTWORX Membership 2024- How Much Is Membership Cost

HOTWORX Membership 2024- How Much Is Membership Cost

HOTWORX membership is a basic exercise program which provides multiple benefits to the users by its infrared heat. Participants can use this program for 30 minutes of exercise or 15 minutes high intensity training. It will remove the toxins of sweat which your body produces during training or exercise. This program combines heat, infrared and exercise that is why it is called 3D training. HOTWORX provides a unique exercise program for this quality that is unique than other fitness programs available. It requires less time to warm up your body.

HOTWORX Membership 2024- How Much Is Membership Cost

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How To Get HOTWORX Membership?

HOTWORX is a leading infrared exercise studio which is offering its services such as hot cycle, hot yoga, hot pilates, hot blast and many more. From the membership user can get access to limitless classes and use of infrared sauna. Hotworx is a 24 infrared fitness studio if you interested in membership then you can visit their official website or checkout their membership option.

How Much HOTWORX Membership Cost

HOTWORX costs $59/month at one location and if you join another membership it will cost you $69/month and you will get access to all the locations of HOTWORX studios. There are 500 locations of HOTWORX that exist nationwide. Note that membership cost varies according to locations.

How To Cancel HOTWORX Membership?

HOTWORX is a leading infrared exercise offering organisation which is spreading all across the countrywide with their 3D sauna workout and intense training program with detoxification of sweat and many other health benefits. To cancel its membership users have to pay their monthly obligation and cancellation fee. To cancel Hotwox membership user have to go through with a complete process

If you want to cancel your membership suddenly then you can do this in the first three business days by contacting the studio personally or via email. The studio will provide you a cancellation form if you go there personally, however if you contact them via certified mail, the studio will give you a 15 days notice to confirm your cancellation. For immediate cancellation you have to pay $99 for cancellation. The process of cancellation shown below

How To Pause My Membership?

If users are feeling difficulty in cancellation their membership they have the option to freeze their membership for a while. HOTWORX does not want to lose its members and you are discouraged or stuck in some business you have the option to freeze your membership by following process

  • Users can go in the studio personally or contact via certified mail to hold membership.
  • Users can hold their membership for the period of three months.
  • Users have to pay $9 charges per month to keep membership on hold.


HOTWORX is offering best deals to its members as well as non members to get benefits from its services. It is providing SWEAT EVERYWHERE unlimited use deals with Enrollment fee of $15 and 90 days commitment in just $79 per month you can get these offers at IN Arborland Plaza M Card holders can get $1 on enrollment and 30% off on membership monthly.

HOTWORX Membership Renewal

You can upgrade your membership and sweat everywhere and get access on your phone app about your services. To renew your HOTWORX you have to go to the website and log into your account there you might be able to find the option of renewal. If you are facing some problem in renewing your membership you can contact HOTWORX customer service to get assistance. To renew your membership you can go to the HOTWORX studio or contact us via certified mail as well.

HOTWORX Membership Levels

HOTWORX is offering different plans and services to its users and the charges may also vary per location. These plans are following

HOTWORX Monthly Membership

Monthly membership cost of HOTWORX is $59 to $99 per month. This plan will allow you unlimited sessions and intense training per month 24/7.

HOTWORX Membership Discount

HOTWORX Annual Membership

Annual membership provides you with long term benefits about your health, you can use unlimited resources in our studio. Annual membership subscription charges are $699 to $999 per year.

HOTWORX Pay As You Go Membership

This plan is for those who come into our studios very often and they can choose to pay as they come. The price of this plan is $20 to $30 as per session.

HOTWORX Family Membership

Some studios are providing family sessions and they are offering family membership as per rates. By purchasing this membership members can get discounts in charges and enjoy the accommodation of our HOTWORX studios with loved ones.

HOTWORX Corporate Membership

HOTWORX is providing corporate memberships for companies as they are interested in their employees health and fitness. These all options are available for individuals and families to choose their needed plan.

HOTWORX Membership Discount

Arborland is offering 15% discount for starters and 20% discount on purchasing HOTWORX warrior bundle. Our chains are offering multiple discounts for students and seniors for our infrared exercise sessions and intense training programs. Discounts are only available on “sweat here” memberships. In Oklahoma if you mention “enid buzz” at your HOTWORX studio you will get a $5 discount and 30% discount on all items.  If you are having a DePaul account you will get a free mat and towel of $100 value by using your valid DePaul ID and you will have 24/7 access in the studio.

HOTWORX Membership Discount


HOTWORX is dispensing hot offers to their members to make them easy in purchasing items and other courses of exercise and training.

  • You can purchase HOTWERX items up to 25% off
  • Get 20% off on your favourite items
  • Users can get online deals and products with 30% off
  • Sitewide offers $10 discount on whole purchase
  • $1 off at any purchase from HOTWORX
  • Get 20% off on purchasing a tracksuit from Macy’s with membership of HOTWORX.
  •  You can save $18.80 by signing up for the HOTWORX newsletter.

HOTWORX Promo Codes

Members of HOTWORX can grab the opportunity of save money by using HOTWORX promo codes as follows

  • Shopping at with free trial and save $12.37
  • Use HOTWORX competitors code and get a 20% discount in fitness and classes membership imediately.
  • Get 5% off from amazon in purchasing home exercise equipment.
  • Save 50% off in enrollment by using promo code.
  • Get 30% off on eBay with HOTWORX
  • 20% off on Walmart items with HOTWORX

HOTWORX Membership Benefits 

HOTWORX is catering a variety of virtual instructed workouts to its users with health benefits of detoxification and many more training sessions. Hotworx is offering

  • Our infrared rays eliminate toxin through sweat
  • Burn calories through exercise and loss weight
  • By the use of infrared rays you can reduce your stress and get relaxed.
  • You can improve flexibility during workout.
  • You will improve your skin clarity and cardio workout helps your heart health.
  • You will get relief from muscle pain with a heated workout.
  • The circulation of blood will be improved.
  • Blood pressure will be reduced from cross training exercise.
  • Members will get multiple discounts in store and gifts.

HOTWORX Membership Worth It

HOTWORX is catering to the multiple physical health needs of its members. It is a great choice to recover your muscle strength and get relief from pain with heated infrared energy and other training exercises. It can improve your flexibility and lower your blood pressure and boost your heart health. The heat from saunas is beneficial for your muscles and health regimen so according to all these beneficial statements the membership of HOTWORX is worth it. 

HOTWORX Contact Details

If you are having some queries regarding our services and membership contact us at Visit or call (504) 297-1HOT.

HOTWORX Social Media Link


Hotworx is a beneficial program for all ages. There are no side effects of its exercise and heating infrared energy. It is fit for all levels of health.

There is no age limit for using HOTWORX but under 18 must have the sign of their parents or guardian to join our membership.

You can use your “SWEAT EVERYWHERE” at any studio across the countrywide other plans can be used in specific locations.

Hotworx is advertising its calorie burn program in 90 days or 12 weeks to create a lasting change in body.

It takes time to tone your body and definitely Hotworx exercises such as yoga and Pilates and intense training tone your body and strengthen your muscle powers.

The saunas of Hotworx are heated at the temperature of 120 to 125 which creates a comfortable environment for workouts and exercises.

Hotworx sessions are typically 30 minutes or 15 minutes according to need of exercise and infrared heat insures the benefit and effectiveness of workout.

Yes you can but before bringing your friend you have to inform us so that we can arrange your workout schedule together and it will become enjoyable for you.

Yes, Hotworx is offering free trials of their items  so you can decide what you need. It is easy to get a free trial, choose the product and add it to the cart.

Some people assume that hotworx is for women only. This is a totally wrong concept. Men and women both can join Hotworx accordingly.

HOT WARRIOR is the hardest workout in the studio because it tests your balance and strength to the extreme level.

At FX zone shoes are required because weight is lifted there otherwise no shoes are allowed in the sauna.

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