How Much Is Lifetime Fitness Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Review

How Much Is Lifetime Fitness Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Review

The cost of Lifetime fitness membership varies according to location and types but it is as low as compared to other clubs in the area. It offers numerous plans which start from $69 and go for $399 per month. However there is no initiation fee for enrollment. The below table is providing information about packages and costs but it is better to confirm from the club before joining. 

Initiation fee$0
Monthly – Single club access$72 – $219
Monthly – Multiple club access$79 – 269
If paid for a year$900 – $3200
Initiation fee$0
Monthly – Single club access$122 – $319
Monthly – Multiple club access$129 – $369
If paid for a year$1500 – $3400
Family(2 adults and 2 children below 12)
Initiation fee$0
Monthly – Single club access$142 – $399
Monthly – Multiple club access$149 – $449
If paid for a year$1700 – $5200

Onelife Fitness Membership

How To Join Lifetime Fitness Membership?

To join the fitness club you have to follow some steps;

How Much Is Lifetime Fitness Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Review
  • Go to Lifetime website or your near location
  • Choose membership type which suits your needs
  • Fill out application form by providing basic informations like, name , email, address etc
  • Select payment method monthly or annual which you have to pay for plan
  • Follow terms and conditions and read the contract thoroughly 
  • After processing you will receive confirmation message and membership card which allow you to use all the facilities and perks of the club.

How To Cancel Lifetime Fitness Membership?

If you decide to terminate your membership you are allowed to do so by providing 30 days prior notice before cancellation. Members should read contract terms carefully or contact their local club for more accurate information and process. You have to pay a fee if there is any and after the submission of application confirm your cancellation to avoid any extra charges and confronting any other disruption. 

How To Freeze Lifetime Membership?

It gives a stance to its members for freezing their membership for a short period of time but some terms are applicable such as medical issues, financial hurdles and other possible reasons which can be suitable.

Most fitness clubs provide a 90 days time period for pause and after the pause period membership will continue and members have to pay for further. By acquiring up to date cues about holding your membership you need to interact with your local club. 

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Lifetime Membership Levels

The membership levels, prices and benefits vary according to plan and members inclusion. Some levels are here along with their costs;

How Much Is Lifetime Fitness Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Review

Lifetime Monthly Membership

Monthly membership have three sub levels which are given below

Individual Membership

The initial fee is zero,  single club access fee is $72 to $219/month, monthly multiple club access cost is $79 to $269 and yearly paying fee is $900 to $3200 if you are willing to pay.  If you are single and looking for membership then this is the best option for you to choose with several club access. 

Couple Membership

For this plan single club access is $122 to $319, multiple club access fee is $129 to $369 and annual fee is $1500 to $3400 per year if paid. This membership is suitable for those couples who are living in the same house and the cost is less than the individual plan if compared. 

Body & Brain Yoga Membership

Family Membership

This type includes 2 adults and 2 children’s with the cost $142 to $399 per month for single club access, for numerous or multiple club access fee is $149 to $449 and if you want to pay for a year then fee is  $1700 to $5200 per year. This package is for those families who are willing to join a fitness club with loved ones. Two children under the age of 25 years who are living in the same house. 

Discounted Monthly Memberships

Discounted monthly membership has three types as well ;

How Much Is Lifetime Fitness Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Review

Student Membership

This membership is specifically for currently enrolled students. It provides access to the home club for 1 week each during summer and fall break, and 4 weeks over winter break.

26 and Under Membership

This membership is for individuals aged between 18 and 26. It allowed access to the home club.

Junior Executive Membership

This plan is for individuals who are up to the age of 29 and provides discounted access to a single Centre.

How Much Is Lifetime Fitness Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Review

Partner Memberships

Partner memberships have another two types which are available for company employees and Medicare personnel. 

Corporate Membership: This type of membership is designed for companies to purchase group memberships for their employees. Alternatively, companies can interact with Lifetime and cover their employees’ membership costs.

Medicare Membership: Individuals can utilize the advantages provided by their Medicare Advantage or supplement plan to gain membership at Lifetime. The majority of Lifetime clubs accept these plans.

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Lifetime Fitness Membership Benefits

Apart from the levels it offers myriad other amenities which makes its membership luxurious and reputation some privileges are here;

How Much Is Lifetime Fitness Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Review
  • It provides top-of-the-line fitness equipment
  • Available Group fitness classes like yoga, Pilates, cycling, and others
  • Get Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Avail hot tubs and saunas
  • Basketball and racquetball courts for playing
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Childcare services during your workouts
  • Personal training sessions for 

Lifetime Fitness Membership Discounts

When it comes to discounts and perks it accommodate members with multiple discounts and perks, some are given for use;

  • When you create an account at Lifetime you will get exclusive discounts
  • 50% Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification at Lifetime
  • Get 50% off on selected items
  • Avail $150 off with instant competitor code
  • Get 5% in equipments at amazon 
  • 20% off in equipments at Walmart
  • Get workout apparel at Macy’s 20% off

Lifetime Fitness Membership Promotions

Lifetime fitness catering with promo codes and promotional deals for its members to save their money such as; 

  • Save 50% on membership with code
  • Get up to $45 off at Lifetime Membership
  • Enjoy 30% off with with services and products at Worthepenny
  • 30% off meals and shakes at Lifecafe
  • 25% off in spa services
  • Get 15% off personal training

Lifetime Fitness Membership Personal Trainer Cost

The price of personal training sessions at Lifetime Fitness can be different and based on factors like the trainer’s experience, where the training takes place, and the type of package chosen. Personal training sessions may cost $50and $100 per hour. Prices can vary depending on the location, and it offers package deals that come with discounts for multiple sessions. Members may also qualify for lower rates when scheduling personal training sessions.

Lifetime Fitness Membership Overview

Lifetime Fitness is a well-known chain of upscale health and fitness clubs in the United States. Like any gym, there are positives and negatives to consider before joining. Here’s an overview of Lifetime Fitness, highlighting its advantages and disadvantages:

How Much Is Lifetime Fitness Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Review


  • Modern Facilities: Lifetime Fitness clubs boast modern and well-kept facilities with a variety of amenities like pools, fitness equipment, and sports courts.
  • Diverse Classes: They offer a wide range of fitness classes, catering to different interests and fitness levels, often included in the membership.
  • Childcare: Many locations offer on-site childcare services, making it convenient for parents to work out.
  • Personal Training: Access to personalised fitness plans and expert guidance through personal training services.
  • Spa and Relaxation: Some clubs have spa areas with saunas, whirlpools, and massage services for relaxation.
  • Nutrition Services: On-site cafes with healthy food options and nutrition counselling are available.
  • Family-Oriented: It promotes family fitness with activities for children and teenagers.


  • Costly Memberships: Membership fees at Lifetime Fitness are expensive, including monthly fees, initiation fees, and additional charges for certain amenities.
  • Contracts: Long-term contracts are often required, which can be a drawback if unsure about long-term fitness needs or needing to cancel.
  • Crowded Peak Hours: Clubs can get crowded during peak times, leading to longer wait times for equipment and classes.
  • Varying Amenities: Services and amenities can differ by location, so it’s important to choose a club that meets your needs.
  • Sales Pressure: Some individuals have experienced high-pressure sales tactics during sign-up, so it’s advisable to be firm if faced with this situation.

Lifetime Fitness Customer Care

For assistance regarding your membership and other information you can contact with customer care at 1-888-430-6432 and you can visit their official website for help and FAQS 

Lifetime Fitness Social Media


Yes you can add a member easily but you have to pay for the member.  The partner must be 18 years old and live with you as well as you can add a dependent whose age limit is 3 months to 25 years as you or partner must be their legal guardian. 

You are allowed to visit during working hours and their staff will cooperate with you properly and give all the answers about your quests related to programs, classes and membership options. 

There are various plans and you can select all access membership for visiting all Lifetime fitness clubs. 

Yes they have and these are attached with each squat rack. 

You can bring one guest with you in a month and the same guest once every 60 days. 

Children are allowed to use all facilities and services provided by the club, such as cardio and strength training equipment and group fitness classes at the age of 12 years. 

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