CorePower Yoga Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Worth

CorePower Yoga Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Worth

The CorePower Yoga Membership offers multiple classes, a standard single class costs $23.00, class packs cost between $155.00 and $539.00, and contracts start at $189.00 per month and give you entry to all classes. CorePower Yoga also has a membership agreement called “Black Tag,” which lets you go to any class, even the Ultimate class, as many times as you want. The Black Tag membership costs about $199 a month, which may seem high, but if you plan to go to a lot of classes each week, it’s a great deal.

CorePower Yoga has a range of prices that work for everyone, no matter how much money they have or how much experience they have. If you want to be able to change your plan, you can choose from single classes or drop-in classes that start at $23.00. Also, you can get 5 classes for $109 or 10 classes for $199. For as little as $139 a month, you can become a member and enjoy unlimited lessons, savings on store purchases, and special events.

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Details About CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga is a well-known group of yoga schools that focus on making yoga more active and fitness-oriented. Trevor Tice opened the first site in 2002, and now there are over 200 across the United States. CorePower classes include different styles like Vinyasa, Hot Power Fusion, and Yoga Sculpt, which uses weights to add to your strength training. Classes range from easy for beginners to hard for advanced students. A lot of the workshops have warm rooms that help with cleansing and flexibility.

CorePower Yoga Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Worth

CorePower Yoga offers more than just regular yoga classes. It also has teacher training programmes, vacations, and events that teach you new things. The final goal of the school is to make it a place where people of all levels and abilities can feel comfortable exploring the benefits of yoga and developing a deeper link between their mind and body.

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CorePower Yoga Price List

The given table contains all the details about CorePower prices :

CorePower Yoga Prices List
Drop-in Class (limited access)$23.00/month
All Access Membership (Month-to-Month)
One Person Monthly Membership$189.00/month
Class Packages
1 Class (Standard)$32.00
5 Classes (Standard)$155.00
10 Classes (Standard)$299.00
Student, Senior, Teacher & Military
Black Tag Membership – One Person (monthly)$125.00/month
First Month Only$84.00
Livestream Class Packs
Single Class$18.00
5 Classes$75.00

How To Join CorePower Yoga Membership

Here are the steps you can take to join CorePower Membership:

  • Go to the website for CorePower Yoga.
  • Tap “Join” at the top of the page.
  • Choose the plan that works best for you. Some examples of this are a yearly registration, a set of classes, or just dropping in.
  • Make an account at CorePower Yoga and enter your payment information.
  • Look over the deal to join and click “I agree.” 
CorePower Yoga Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Worth

How To Cancel CorePower Yoga Membership

Here are the steps you can take to stop your CorePower membership:

  • Go to the CorePowerYoga website and log in to your account.
  • Find “My Subscription” or “Manage My Account” in the top right part of the screen and click on it.
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Do what it says to confirm that you want to stop

Please keep in mind that you might have to fill out or skip an extra poll. You can call CorePower Yoga’s customer service at 833-448-2561 if you have any problems. 

CorePower Yoga Membership Renewal

CorePower Yoga gives its users the choice to repeat their memberships, which lets them keep using their classes and equipment. Usually, members can refresh their contracts by going to a class in person or using the CorePower Yoga website or app. Renewal possibilities may include monthly, weekly, or yearly plans, giving customers a choice based on their needs.

Some deals for renewing a membership come with extra benefits like lower prices, admission to special events or classes, and award programmes. CorePower Yoga wants to make the repeat process easy and smooth for members so they can keep up their yoga practice and dedication to health and fitness.

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CorePower Yoga Membership Features & Benefits

CorePower Yoga Features are given below : 

  • Has a range of class types and levels of activity. • Allows both new and experienced yogis to grow and return to previous levels of movement. • Instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, changing form as required.
  • Each teacher fits the type of class and the mood of the room, which helps students relax.
  • Setting intentions and reflecting are part of class, as well as difficult core work and a warm room.
  • Makes people feel calm and energized, and they sweat during the whole practice.

CorePower Membership offers you a lot of benefits which bare given below

CorePower Yoga Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Worth
  • Unlimited Classes: You can take as many yoga classes as you want, such as Vinyasa, Hot Power Fusion, Yoga Sculpt, and more.
  • Exclusive Events: Being able to attend workshops, events, and community gatherings that are only open to members.
  • Nationwide Access: You can practice at any CorePower Yoga site in the country, and there are different subscription choices to fit your needs.
  • Retail savings: At CorePower Yoga schools, you can get savings on yoga clothes and equipment.
  • Priority Booking: You can book popular classes faster and get early access to class reservations.
  • Community Connection: The chance to meet people with similar interests and help practitioners feel like they are part of a group. 

CorePower Yoga Membership Discounts

CorePower Yoga has a lot of deals and savings for users that make it easier to do yoga. You can do any of these:

Discounted First Month

You can start with a discounted first month, which starts at just $99. Feel the magic of regular practice and help from other people. If you’re new to CorePower Yoga, you can also go to a school in person and get a free week of endless yoga.

CorePower Yoga Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Worth

Group Discounts

CorePower Yoga gives a 20% discount to groups that qualify, such as

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • First responders
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Seniors
  • Military personnel.

Black Tag Membership Discounts

The Black Tag Membership costs $89 for the first month and $139 for each month after that. With this pass, you can take lessons at any CorePower location.

Class Packs

If you’d rather have a class pack, the 10-class pack costs $194. Once more, these lessons can be used at any CorePower center. 

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CorePower Yoga Promo Codes 2024

You can use the following CorePower Yoga coupon codes in 2024:

  • 15% Off: Use this coupon code at to save 15% on Studio Class Packs.
  • 15% Off: Get 15% off 200 hours of teacher training in the spring of 2024. You can only use this deal at New York City Rock Centre.
  • 15% Off: At, you can get an extra 15% off the 50-hour accelerated programme.
  • Limited Time Offer: Join now and save a lot of money.
  • Extra 25% off Studio Class Packs at 
  • Flat 50% Off: With Instant CorePower Yoga Competitor Codes, you can save up to 50% on Yoga Studios.
  • 40% Off: is offering a 40% discount on all items. 
  • 50% Off: For 50% off Yoga Sculpt training, use the code ‘EB50TT2024’.30% Off: Want to save 30% on a new yoga mat? Use the code “MATMANIA30.

CorePower Yoga Membership Packages

CorePower Yoga provides different membership packages based on your requirements, amenities you need and your age. The packages are given below : 

CorePower Yoga Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Worth

CorePower 1 Class Membership

A single standard class with all access costs $32.00.1 Class Membership gives people access to one class at any CorePower Yoga classes. This registration option gives people who like to pay-per-class models or who only come to CorePower Yoga occasionally more choices. CorePower Yoga still offers a wide range of classes, such as Vinyasa, Hot Power Fusion, Yoga Sculpt, and more, that this membership lets people enjoy.

CorePower Drop-in Class Membership

If you just want to drop in, you can do a class at CorePower Yoga for a reasonable price of $23.00 to $28.00 per class, depending on where you want to go. The CorePower Drop-in Class Membership is great for people who want to be flexible without making a long-term commitment.

This registration choice lets people go to single classes at any CorePower Yoga school, which is good for people whose plans change or who only come once in a while. With the Drop-in Class Membership, CorePower Yoga students can try a variety of classes, such as Vinyasa, Hot Power Fusion, Yoga Sculpt, and more, without having to stick to a set plan. Even though this membership doesn’t give you access to private parties or endless lessons.

CorePower New Student Offers

 If you are a new student at CorePower Yoga, you can get lower prices. Some of these deals could be free lessons, a price on a group of classes, or a lower rate for the first month of practice. New students may be able to take advantage of deals like free or cheap first lessons or contracts that are only good for the first few months. These deals are meant to make it easier for people who are new to yoga to try out CorePower Yoga’s lessons and spaces without having to worry about money.

CorePower Class package

 CorePower Yoga has class packages that let you buy more than one class at once for less money per class. The price of these packs changes based on how many classes are bought. For 5 to 20 classes, the price ranges from $155.00 to $539.00.

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CorePower Monthly Memberships

 For a set price, you can go to a set number of lessons each month with a monthly subscription. The prices for these subscriptions change where you live. As a rule, each person pays $125.00 a month, plus $85.00 for the first month.

CorePower Yoga Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Worth

For a set monthly fee, these passes usually give you entry to all CorePower Yoga studios across the country. Members can pick from different membership levels based on their needs and income. Depending on the level, members can usually practice at a single CorePower Yoga site or at all of them.

CorePower Annual Memberships

 With an annual ticket, you can go to as many CorePower Yoga lessons as you want for a whole year. The price of these passes changes by area, but it’s usually between $1,500 and $2,000. Have a year of being healthy and strong. Many times, practitioners can save money by committing to a yearly membership instead of a daily one.

Annual members may also get discounts on goods, early entry to popular classes, and savings on the cost of attending special events or workshops. People who are committed to their health and fitness can get a yearly ticket at CorePower, which supports their yoga practice all year long.

Is CorePower Yoga Membership Worth It ?

Whether a CorePower Yoga membership is worth it depends on a number of things. First, think about how often people are attending. If you’re serious about going to classes regularly, the membership’s endless access is worth it. Check out how close the school is to where you are staying and what features it has.

CorePower Yoga Membership 2024 Cost, Benefits & Worth

CorePower Yoga usually has a variety of classes, from easy ones for beginners to more difficult ones, so people of all skill levels can find something they like. Also, memberships often come with extras like savings on goods or classes, which makes the whole deal more appealing. A pay-as-you-go plan might be more cost-effective, though, if you only occasionally want to go or want to try different workouts. In the end, the choice comes down to personal tastes, amount of effort, and cash.

CorePower Yoga Membership Review

CorePower Yoga has a lot of great features, like endless class access and a wide range of classes for different skill levels. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. To begin, becoming a member can be very expensive, especially if you can’t commit to going every week.

Also, groups that are too busy during peak times might take away from the experience generally, making it hard to fully engage oneself in the exercise. But it’s clear that the studio’s handy sites and well-equipped spaces make it worth it. In the end, whether or not a CorePower Yoga membership is worth it relies on how often you plan to go to lessons and how important the benefits you get outweigh the cost.

CorePower Yoga Contact Details

  • Phone: You can call them at 833-448-2561.
  • Address: CorePower Yoga Studio Support Center, 3001 Brighton Blvd | Suite 269, Denver, CO 80216.
  • Email: For media inquiries, you can contact them at

CorePower Yoga Social Media


Is it easy to cancel CorePower Yoga membership?

Head to your account, click “My Membership,” and then click “Cancel Membership” to end your Monthly Programme contract. You can also call 1-833-448-2561.

Is CorePower Yoga good for weight loss?

The combination of strength and aerobic training in core power yoga makes it a good way to lose weight. Building strength and burning energy can help you lose weight over time.

Who is the owner of CorePower Yoga?

Trevor Tice

Who are CorePower Yoga competitors?

Smart With Food, Kickoff, Vimocity, and With Juno are some companies that compete with CorePower Yoga and are similar to it. 

How long is yoga sculpt at CorePower?

Traditional yoga poses are done in a warm room (90–93 degrees) for an hour in CorePower Yoga’s Yoga Sculpt class. High-intensity exercise drills and weights are also used.

Is CorePower yoga good for beginners?

You can also start with CorePower Yoga 1 (C1) or CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) if you’ve never done yoga before.

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