What is Peloton Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Card, Cancellation

What is Peloton Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Card, Cancellation

Peloton membership is a service which allows access to live and on demand fitness classes which includes cycling, running, strength training, yoga and many others to its subscribers. The streaming of online classes can be done through a peloton app on your device or members can access them by treadmills or peloton bikes.

PCC Membership

How Much Does Peloton Membership Price?

The cost of a peloton bike is $1445 which includes a 30 days free trial for peloton classes subscription and delivery and setup is also included in this price. After the end of your free trial period the subscription of membership costs you $44 a month and members can purchase a package in which they will get more peloton accessories to bang their days and exercises.

What is Peloton Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Card, Cancellation

How to Get Peloton Membership?

Peloton is offering membership for the welfare of people as well providing access to free trials of exercise classes. To get peloton subscription you have to visit their official website and sign up for the membership there. You have the option to choose membership for yourself or for family.

After subscription you will be allowed to enjoy live classes, exercise training and many other benefits which peloton is providing to their members. To subscribe membership select the setting option in the app and then select membership and put your credit card information for payment method and activate all the facilities access for you.

Peloton Membership Deals

Join peloton subscription and get exclusive discounts and perks.

  • Free trial for one month including classes and training
  • Get students discount
  • Military discounts
  • Educators discounts
  • doctors , nurses and other healthcare discounts 
  • Discount on first responder
  • Get peloton bike + in $2495

Peloton Membership Discounts

Peloton is offering discounts on their multiple products including row, bike, treadmills and bike +. These discounts are available for the people of different fields like healthcare, military,education and first responders. The discounts are given below

Peloton Membership Discounts
  • Strength yoga ,outdoor running and gym workouts $20 off
  • Exercise bike, treadmill and rower workout $40 off
  •  Get 60 days app trial free
  • For student app is $6.99
  • For military person get in $9.99
  • For doctor and nurses get in $9.99
  • Educators offer is in $9.99
  • For first responder product will be $9.99/mo3

Peloton Membership Levels

Peloton is not just an exercise bike selling company but it is expanding its products and market rapidly in modern times. They launched an app where you will get access to all products, services and see the range and varieties of their products. Now you don’t need to buy a costly exercise machine because Peloton is offering you a variety of their services which you can choose your intended package and accelerate your fitness journey. There are some types of peloton for subscription.

USCF Membership

Peloton App Free Membership

This membership is free as it sounds free. It provides 50 classes and 12 exercise workouts out of 16 workouts and classes will be regularly updated with some inclusion to keep the content fresh. a user can start with a tier without providing its credit card information. 

Peloton App One Membership

The peloton app one membership price is $12.99/month and annually it costs $129/year. It is offering thousands of classes in 9 exercise types and also providing equipment based on classes and live content. The aim of the company is to showcase their range and attract the users who are not familiar with the company products and services. 

Peloton App Plus Membership

The company provides peloton plus membership in just $24/month and $240/year it includes access to all classes and services which company is providing for the betterment of their members except for specific options such as peloton hardware’s which are tied to peloton’s. 

Peloton Membership Levels

All Access Plan Membership

Thai membership is for the owners of treadmills, bikes and rowing machines which provide the best value for your household. With this membership you will have access to the unlimited facilities merging with live streaming, on demand classes, scenic rides, challenges and real time performance tracking. The price of this membership is $44/month.

The Guide Membership

The rate of guide membership is $30 per month and it includes four other members of a house who can enjoy extensive content library and exclusive features of self mode and movement tracker. The members who have all access membership can enjoy guide membership features and others have to subscribe all access membership to enjoy exclusive features and facilities of guide membership. 

Is Peloton Membership Worth It?

The worth of membership depends on the fitness goal of the subscribers. Peloton accommodates all the necessary facilities such as live streaming, classes ,guidance, workout content and many other activities access to their users including cycling, fitness training and Yoga. Many users find its membership worthy and convenient according to its affordable deals. 

Is Peloton Membership Worth It?

Peloton Membership Benefits

Peloton is providing multiple benefits for its users such as 

  • Save money in purchasing products
  • Save on total wellness experience
  • Get peloton bike and treadmills on a lower rate
  • Take classes on your bike, treadmills or app with all family 
  • Get elite master instructors in studios
  • Thousand classes on demand
  • Get classes according to your comfort and time table
  • Peloton is providing discount offers for students ,teachers, military men and healthcare department employees.
  • Get free classes without paying any money for a period of one month or two months

Peloton Membership Gifts

Peloton is offering gift cards for its users which they can use to buy non apparel items such as tread, row,bike, bike + ,guide, accessories and even members can purchase a membership from this card. To buy a peloton egift card, users have to visit the website onepeloton.cashstar.com.  From this gift card you can give all access membership to your loved one. These gift cards can be redeemed from the app and store. To redeem your gift you have to log in to your and enter the nine digit code and click to apply the gift code.

Coupon Codes For Peloton Members

Peloton offers coupons and discounts for customers 

Coupon Codes For Peloton Members
  • Get $200 off at bike +
  • Use the code and get $100 off bike + ultimate at peloton
  • Get $125 off accessories with purchase of bike 
  • $100 off at the order of over $1000 at peloton
  • $100 of at your entire purchase at peloton
  • On holidays get up to $1000 off at selected items
  • Up to $400 off at peloton bike purchase 
  • Get $200 off for guide package at peloton
  • Shop and get $500 of at peloton bike + at peloton
  • Purchase and save 50% in sales on peloton items

How Can I Pause Peloton subscription / Membership?

If you want to take a  break from peloton you have the option to hold your membership for a period of one month or for some more time for two months. During your pause days you are not allowed to use any peloton content including peloton bike, row or peloton app. The pause period starts at the start of your next billing cycle and billing automatically resumes after the pause period. You have the option to un pause your membership at any time by using the peloton app, tread, row, bike or visiting their official website. The all pause option you will find in settings “manage” option where you can pause or cancel your subscription.

How To Cancel Peloton subscription / Membership?

To cancel your peloton you have to go on the website where you will find the option of cancel or pause in the manage setting or you can contact the support team to cancel your membership. To cancel your membership you have to follow the steps

  • Go to phone setting
  • Click on your name
  • Click on subscription
  • Select peloton
  • Click on cancel subscription
  • Confirm cancellation

The method of cancellation depends on your subscription from where you get your membership.

Peloton subscription Renewal

The membership is renewed automatically at the end of your subscription time cycle, however Peloton gives the opportunity to members that they can upgrade their membership by self. To start this process you have to navigate to your app setting where you find an option to upgrade your membership. After log into the app go to my membership and there select “upgrade” next to your recent membership.

Peloton Contact Details

To contact us regarding your concern you can visit our official website or contact at 1-866-679-9129.

Peloton Social Media 

To interact with the team members can use these sources for assistance


Yes peloton offers multiple discounts for students ,educators and healthcare workers and army men’s. 

Create an account using appropriate email and with both username and password on app and you will get an option for free trial.

You can make 20 people profile at rental bike or bike + for your family and friends and enjoy the benefits of peloton classes and other content.

No two people can not use a membership at the same time to use peloton subscription . The first person has to log out from the app and the second has to log in to his account.

Yes members can use this app and stream online classes on their own devices without using peloton equipment.

If you purchase a bike then you have to pay $44 per month to get facilitated from live streaming and extended content library and more.

Yes you can add by tapping on three white dots in the right corner of your screen. Find a peloton member and add the username of the member who you want to add and the form will start auto matching search results.

Yes you can watch live shows ,movies and other social media content on your peloton. 

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