Blink Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Levels, Day Pass, Review & Worth

Blink Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Levels, Day Pass, Review & Worth

There are three types of Blink Fitness membership : “Orange” ($17 to $22 per month), “Blue” ($30 per month), and “Green” ($41 per month). Orange passes give you access to a single spot and come with a 12-month deal. It costs $40 to join. With a $20 join fee, a blue membership gives you access to 92 places without having to sign a contract. For $1, you can become a green member and visit all 100 sites.

The fees are $59 a year and are due on the second of every month. Each contract at Blink Fitness is spread out over the month, which makes the first month cheaper.

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About Blink Fitness

One of the most famous fitness chains in New York City is Blink Fitness. Its “Mood Above Muscle” motto puts its members’ health and happiness ahead of their physical goals. The gyms are brightly coloured and have lots of open space. The staff, who are called “Mood Lifters,” are very important for keeping a good mood.

Blink Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Levels, Day Pass, Review & Worth

Blink Fitness has different registration plans that give you access to functional training areas, personal training, and state-of-the-art exercise and strength-training tools. The brand’s friendly attitude is shown in its marketing and advertising, which includes people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels, going against the usual rules in the fitness industry.

This method of exercise improves not only physical health but also mental and emotional health. This makes it a common way to raise the quality of life for everyone.

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Blink Fitness Membership Levels

Blink Fitness had a few different types of participation to meet the wants and tastes of different people. You might be able to get one of these subscription options at Blink Fitness:

Blink Fitness Grey Membership

A great deal at Blink Fitness is the Grey membership, which costs only $15 a month with a month-to-month obligation. This plan lets you use one Blink spot of your choice, which is great for keeping up with your normal workout schedule.

As an added bonus, new users get a free 30-minute personal training lesson. With personalized help from a professional trainer, this beginning lesson is meant to help you start your fitness journey.

Blink Fitness Blue Membership

The Blink Fitness Blue Membership, which costs $23 a month with a 12-month commitment, has a lot of perks. Members can use more than 90 Blink sites, which gives them a lot of freedom and ease.

Blink Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Levels, Day Pass, Review & Worth

You can bring a guest for free, which makes working out with a friend more fun. The registration also gives you access to as many fitness classes as possible, giving you more ways to work out. New members also get a free 30-minute personal training lesson to help them get started on their exercise path.

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Blink Fitness Green Membership

The Blink Fitness Green Membership, which costs $27 a month with a 12-month commitment, has a lot of perks for people who like to work out. Members can use all 100+ Blink sites across the country, which is a huge benefit. It’s easy to work out with a friend because you can bring a guest for free.

As long as the registration is active, you can attend as many exercise groups as you want. This gives you a choice of how to work out. Also, new users get a free 30-minute personal training lesson to help them get started on their fitness journey.

Blink Fitness Orange Membership(Students)

For only $10 a month, you can get the Orange Membership at Blink Fitness, which is designed for students. You have to be in college to be eligible. This cheap plan lets you use one Blink spot of your choice.

You have to use the facility at least eight times a month to keep your membership. This will make sure you stay busy and on track with your exercise practice.

USCCA Membership Cost

MembershipMonthly FeeCommitmentLocationsGuest Privileges
Gray$15Month-to-monthSingle locationNo
Blue$2312 months90+ locationsYes
Green$2712 monthsAll locationsYes

Blink Fitness Joining & Cancellation Fee

For new users, Blink Fitness charges a one-time fee of $49.99, which includes a free training lesson. There may be times when the fee is only $1. Cancellation is possible if warning is given in person by the 10th of the last month.

Blink Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Levels, Day Pass, Review & Worth

Prepaid members can get a partial return for time not used, but cancels in the middle of the month won’t get refunds for days still left. This guideline makes sure that the canceling process is fair and easy for all members.

How To Join Blink Fitness Membership

Simple steps can be taken to join Blink Fitness, and you can do it online or in person at one of their sites. To join Blink Fitness, do the following:

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Online Registration

  • Go to the website: Head over to Blink Fitness.
  • Look for a Place: Locator will help you choose the school that is closest to you.
  • Choose an account type: There are different subscription plans at Blink Fitness. These might include a month-to-month membership, an annual membership, or other unique plans. Pick the one that works best for you.
  • Type in your personal information: Give your name, address, and ways to reach you, along with other personal information.
  • Details about the payment: Enter your payment information to become a member. Usually, this means a credit card or bank account that can be used for monthly payments.
  • Go over and confirm: Make sure that all of your information is right, and then prove your account.
  • Get the Blink app: After you join, you can download the Blink Fitness app to make it easy to see your registration information, track your workouts, and see when your classes are.

In-Person Registration

  • Go to one of the Blink Fitness locations: Find a Blink Fitness Membership near you.
  • Talk to a member of staff: Talk to a staff person. They can help you understand the different membership plans and pick the best one.
  • Fill out the application form: Fill out an application form for membership with information about yourself and how you will pay.
  • You will get your membership card: After setting up your membership, you’ll either get a membership card or be able to use the Blink app to get into the club.
  • Check out the building: Take a look around the gym and get used to the tools and facilities.

Blink Fitness Membership Renewal

To renew your Blink Fitness subscription, either use the Blink Fitness app on your phone or log in to the Blink Fitness website and go to the membership area. Go to the club near you and ask for help from the staff.

Blink Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Levels, Day Pass, Review & Worth

You can get in touch with customer service at Blink Fitness through their website. Make sure you have your membership information and payment ready, and they can help you more if you need it.

How To Cancel Blink Fitness Membership

Steps are needed to stop your Blink Fitness Membership, and it’s important to do it the right way to avoid being charged extra:

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Cancellation in Person

  • Go to your local Blink Fitness: Go back to the Blink Fitness spot where you signed up for the contract the first time.
  • Talk to a Staff Member: Tell someone at the front desk that you no longer want to be a member. They will give you the forms you need or point you in the right direction for the process.
  • Fill out the form to cancel: Fill out any cancellation forms that are needed. Make sure the information you give is correct to avoid problems.
  • Ask for Confirmation: Ask for written proof that they got your cancellation request. This is important in case there are any problems with your removal.

Mail Cancellation

  • Write a Cancellation Letter: You can send a rejection letter if you’d rather not or if you can’t do it online or in person. Send your full name, membership ID, contact information, and a letter asking to be removed from the group. 
  • Mail the Letter: You can send the message to the company office or the address of your Blink Fitness center. To make sure your letter gets delivered, use certified mail or a service that gives you a tracking number.

Blink Fitness Day Pass

Online, new users can get a free day pass to try out Blink Fitness. This pass can be used anywhere. People who are already Blue or Green members can bring a friend with them for free with a guest pass.

Blink Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Levels, Day Pass, Review & Worth

If you’re not ready to join, you can buy a day pass for $15 to $20, based on where you live. This gives you more freedom, but it costs more, and lets you work out whenever you want.

Blink Fitness Working Hours

Most Blink sites are open every day from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., even on holidays and weekends. For people with busy schedules, some clubs are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Before you join, make sure you know what times the gym is open.

O2 Fitness Membership Cost

DayRegular Hours24-Hour Locations
Monday5am – 11pmOpen 24/7
Tuesday5am – 11pmOpen 24/7
Wednesday5am – 11pmOpen 24/7
Thursday5am – 11pmOpen 24/7
Friday5am – 11pmOpen 24/7
Saturday5am – 11pmOpen 24/7
Sunday5am – 11pmOpen 24/7
Blink Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Levels, Day Pass, Review & Worth

Blink Fitness Locations

Blink Fitness Membership is offering at more than 100 gyms right now, most of them in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. New York is where there are the most people. Blinks can also be found in the following states:

StateCityAddressHours of Operation
New YorkNew York City600 W 181st St, New York, NY5am – 11pm
New YorkBrooklyn850 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY5am – 11pm
New JerseyJersey City35 Journal Square, Jersey City5am – 11pm
CaliforniaLos Angeles3671 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA24/7
CaliforniaSan Francisco1200 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco5am – 11pm
TexasDallas5425 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas5am – 11pm
IllinoisChicago4041 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago24/7
FloridaMiami9820 NW 41st St, Doral, FL5am – 11pm
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1900 Market St, Philadelphia5am – 11pm
MassachusettsBoston1 Beacon St, Boston5am – 11pm

Blink Fitness Membership Benefits

Blink Fitness has many member perks that are meant to make working out easy and fun for everyone. What are some of the main benefits?

  • Affordable Membership Plans: Blink Fitness offers different membership plans, such as monthly and yearly ones, at prices that are usually competitive.
  • Easy-to-Reach Places: It’s easier for members to find a gym close by because Blink Fitness has many locations in different states.
  • Equipment of the Present Day: Modern, high-quality fitness equipment, like cardio machines, strength training equipment, and free weights, can be found in the gyms.
  • Clean, large, and well-kept facilities: Cleanliness and space are important to Blink Fitness, so all of their members can work out in comfort.
  • Staff that is helpful and friendly: The staff is taught to make the gym a friendly and supportive place where people can get help and motivation to reach their fitness goals.
  • Training alone: Members can use the personal training services if they want individualized workout plans and help from certified trainers.
  • Blink App: Tracking workouts, seeing class times, and personalized fitness content are all available in the Blink Fitness app, which makes working out more fun overall.
  • Virtual Sessions: Blink members can get professional help from the comfort of their own homes during virtual personal training sessions.
  • Philosophy of Mood Above Muscle: The unique philosophy that Blink Fitness promotes is that exercise is good for your mind and emotions as well as your body.

Is Blink Fitness Membership Worth It?

Blink Fitness has clean, modern equipment and a membership plan that starts at a reasonable $10 per month. The gym’s “Feel Good Experience” motto encourages a good vibe and welcomes everyone. Blink Fitness has many sites and a wide range of exercise tools, strength training equipment, and free weights. For an extra fee, some places offer group lessons and one-on-one training workshops.

Blink Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Levels, Day Pass, Review & Worth

But Blink Fitness might not have simple features like swimming pools or a lot of classes. The gym can get crowded during busy times, and there may not be enough space for group lessons. Some higher-level groups may come with extra benefits that make the total cost go up. It’s important to read and understand cancellation rules before signing up because they can be hard to understand.

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Blink Fitness Membership Review


Blink Fitness provides membership plans that are budget-friendly, starting at just $10 per month, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of individuals. The gyms have a clean and modern atmosphere, featuring state-of-the-art machines and equipment.

Our gyms offer a wide range of fitness equipment, including cardio machines, strength training equipment, and free weights, to accommodate various workout preferences. In addition to the regular services, certain locations also provide group classes and personal training sessions at an extra cost, giving you more choices for guided workouts.


If Blink Fitness lacks essential amenities such as swimming pools or a wide range of classes, it may not be the best fit for you. During busy times, it can be challenging to use the popular equipment due to the large number of people. Certain locations may have a smaller selection of group classes available, with fewer options and less frequent offerings compared to other gyms.

Blink Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Levels, Day Pass, Review & Worth

Opting for higher-tier memberships comes with extra benefits, but it also means a higher price tag. Several users have experienced issues when trying to cancel their memberships, so it is important to carefully review and comprehend the cancellation policy prior to enrolling.

Blink Fitness Contact Details

  • Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-BLINK-88 (1-800-254-6588)
  • Available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM (EST).
  • Email: 
  • Official Website: Blink Fitness
  • Mailing Address Blink Fitness
  • Corporate Office: 386 Park Avenue South 11th Floor New York, NY 10016

Blink Fitness Social Media


What is the cheapest Blink Fitness membership?

The most affordable Blink plan available is the Orange membership, specifically designed for college students, priced at $10 per month. For individuals who are not students, the Grey membership offers the most affordable option at a monthly rate of $15.

Does Blink Fitness have an annual fee?

Indeed, Blink does require an annual maintenance fee of $56.99 in addition to your monthly membership dues. This fee contributes to the maintenance of equipment and the enhancement of our facilities.

Is there a joining fee for Blink Fitness?

At most Blink locations, there is a one-time enrollment fee of $49.99. However, there are occasional promotions where the fee is reduced to just $1. The fee includes the cost of setting up your account and your initial personal training session.

Can I bring a guest to Blink Fitness?

Certainly! Blue and Green members have the privilege of bringing one guest per day at no additional cost. It is required for the guest to accompany the member and adhere to all gym regulations. Guest privileges are not available for Grey and Orange members.

How do I cancel my Blink Fitness membership?

In order to cancel your membership, you will need to visit your home gym in person and complete a cancellation form. Please ensure that this task is completed by the 10th of the previous month to avoid any charges for the following month.

What amenities are included with a Blink Fitness membership?

Blink Fitness locations typically provide a range of fitness equipment, including cardio machines, strength training machines, free weights, and functional training areas. In addition to their regular services, certain locations provide personal training and group fitness classes at an extra cost.

Do Blink Fitness gyms have group fitness classes?

Indeed, certain locations provide group fitness classes. Class availability and variety may differ depending on the location.

What is the minimum age to join Blink Fitness?

Membership with Blink requires a minimum age of 16. A parent or guardian’s signature is required for anyone under 18. Certain clubs may permit younger teenagers under supervision.

Does Blink Fitness offer childcare?

Unfortunately, Blink does not offer childcare services. For safety reasons, children under 16 are not permitted in the gyms. If you require childcare while you exercise, please make alternative arrangements. 

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