AAA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Review & Free Trial

AAA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Review & Free Trial

There are three basic types of AAA memberships, which cost between $64.99 and $124.99 a year. What it costs to be a member of AAA varies on where you live and what kind of service you pick. Prices are different in different areas, so you’ll need to call AAA to get the exact price in your area.

Memberships come with a variety of perks, but all of them offer 24/7 emergency roadside help, DMV/MVD services, trip planning by travel experts, and discounts at more than 80,000 hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, and few other places.

AAA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Review & Free Trial

An AAA subscription is a must for anyone who drives on American roads. An AAA subscription follows you everywhere, whether you’re a mom driving your kids to school, the store, or a sports game, a weekend tourist going to the next great place, or an older person driving across the country from one area to another area.

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Details About AAA Plus Membership Cost Per Month

AAA, which is sometimes called “Triple A,” is a national company that provides benefits based on where you live. There is a car club in every region that helps its members who live in those regions. When you look into becoming a member of AAA, your ZIP code will tell you which car club covers your area.

That car club will tell you what choices you have and how much services like roadside help and insurance cover cost. Members of AAA can go to any of nearly 7,000 Approved Auto Repair shops that meet the group’s strict requirements for how they look, the training and licensing of their technicians, insurance coverage, and customer happiness.

AAA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Review & Free Trial

AAA checks up on every Approved Auto Repair center on a daily basis and polls their customers to make sure they’re doing a good job. Members of AAA also get extra benefits, such as savings on car repairs, an extended parts and labor warranty that lasts 24 months or 24,000 miles, and help from AAA with repair problems. At, it’s easy to get to the shop network.

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AAA Membership Levels

There are three levels of membership in AAA. The cost changes based on your location and the plan you pick. They provide you features according to their price range and locations. The membership levels are given below : 

AAA Classic Membership Plan

It cost $38 to $74 per year for primary members and $25-$48 per year for additional members. This membership offers 24/7 roadside assistance in the U.S. and Canada, including towing services, battery jumpstart and mobile battery services, vehicle lockout and locksmith services, and free identity theft protection.

Members receive 4 free service calls each year and can choose between towing, towing, or purchasing a new battery with a 36-month free replacement period. Additionally, AAA provides discounts and rewards on various items, including shopping, dining, hotels, car repairs, attractions, and entertainment at participating locations nationwide.

AAA Plus Membership Plan

It costs $60 to $124 for primary members and $34 to $80 for additional members. The AAA Plus Membership Plan provides benefits such as towing up to 100 miles, free fuel and delivery, Protect My ID® Essential identity theft protection, free passport photos, jump-starts and battery service, vehicle locksmith coverage (up to $100), car travel interruption coverage (up to $1,000), and member-only discounts at nearly 95,000 partner locations.

AAA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Review & Free Trial

AAA offers towing coverage, free fuel and delivery, and protection against identity theft. Members can enroll in daily credit monitoring, email alerts, fraud resolution support, and lost wallet assistance. The plan also offers jump-starts and battery service, vehicle locksmith coverage, and discounts at nearly 95,000 partner locations.

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AAA Premier Membership Plan

It cost $77 to $164 for primary members and $45 to $109 for additional members. The AAA Premier Membership Plan provides various benefits, including towing up to 200 miles per household, 1-day free car rental, home lockout service, exclusive travel benefits, priority services, and free identity theft insurance.

Premier members also have a dedicated phone number for priority service and can receive up to 4 free calls per member for roadside assistance each year. However, certain conditions and limitations apply.

PlanCost per year for primary memberCost per year per additional member
Classic plan$38-74.$25-$48.
Plus plan$60-$124.$34-$80.
Premier plan$77-$164.$45-$109.

How To Get AAA Membership

To get a AAA subscription , you can follow these steps:

AAA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Review & Free Trial
  • Go to the AAA website and visit the main page.
  • Choose a Membership Plan: There are different amounts of perks for each of AAA’s membership plans. You can look at the pros and cons of each plan to pick the best one for you.
  • Fill out the application: You can apply to become a member online after you’ve picked a plan.
  • Pay the Membership Fee: You will be asked to pay the registration fee after you fill out the application. The cost changes based on the plan you pick. 

Please keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years old, have a legal email address, and be able to connect to the Internet in order to sign up. It will take five to fifteen business days to get your membership card after you send in your online application. You will only be able to use all of AAA’s “Members Only” online services after you get your membership number.

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How to Cancel AAA Membership

There are a few ways to cancel your AAA subscription :

  • Contact Member Services:  Call them at 800-922-8228. They are open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. PST Monday through Friday and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST Saturday and Sunday. We’re sorry, but right now you can’t cancel online or by email.
  • Online Cancellation (Limited): While you can’t fully cancel online, you can log into your AAA account. Go to “My Account” and look for the “Cancel” button. The “Cancel entire membership” form needs to be filled out and sent in. 
AAA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Review & Free Trial

(Online cancellation is limited and may not be available at most locations)

AAA Membership Renewal

Renewing your AAA subscription is a simple process. You can do the following:

  • Sign in to your account on
  • Click on the renew button.
  • Type in the information for your credit or debit card.
  • Submit your payment.

AAA Member Services can be reached at 1-800-922-8228 if you are having trouble paying your annual dues online or would rather pay over the phone. It’s possible to update your contract up to 45 days before it actually ends. As long as you repeat your AAA subscription , you can keep getting perks like roadside help, savings and awards, planning your trip, and more. 

AAA Membership Refund Policy

AAA provides the added benefit of offering refunds to their valued members. If a member cancels their membership within 30 days of the renewal date or join date, they may be eligible for a refund.

AAA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Review & Free Trial

No refunds will be provided for entrance fees. If road service, travel, or attraction discounts are utilized, the expense of the service or discount will be subtracted from the refund.

How to Gift AAA membership

Gifting a AAA subscription is a straightforward process. These are the steps you should follow:

  • Check out the AAA Gift Membership page.
  • Please provide the city of your recipient so that we can show you the pricing and benefits specific to their location.
  • Choose the most suitable membership option for your needs.
  • Compose a customized message.
  • Select the desired delivery date for the digital gift.

Kindly be aware that in the event that the gift you select is no longer in stock, AAA will provide a suitable replacement. This free gift offer is exclusively available to new primary members and cannot be used for renewals. Additional limitations may be in place.

If the recipient is not a member of your club, you can go to the AAA Gift Center. If you have any additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to AAA at 800-922-8228

AAA Membership Card

The AAA subscription card is a universal discount pass that offers member-only discounts worldwide. With over 100,000 participating locations, you can receive up to 30% off shopping. AAA roadside assistance is available 24/7, providing professional assistance for unexpected road issues.

AAA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Review & Free Trial

Members can access nearly 7,000 approved auto repair facilities, offering discounts, extended warranties, and assistance. AAA also provides 24/7 access to various products, services, and information resources, as well as in-person assistance at its offices. Additional benefits include shopping, dining, movie tickets, identity theft protection, financial and insurance products, and travel discounts.

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AAA RV Assistance

AAA provides RV roadside assistance through their Plus RV and Premier RV memberships, which are available at select club locations. Full roadside assistance is available for any of the following with these memberships:

  • Motorhomes and travel trailers
  • Fifth-wheels
  • Using pickups with campers
  • Discover a wide selection of trailers for boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and more.
  • Motorcycles

If you don’t have an RV membership, you won’t have access to towing, winching, or tire service while driving an RV. 

AAA Membership Benefits

AAA subscription offers a wide range of benefits, which include:

Roadside Assistance:  You can drive with peace of mind knowing that professional and friendly AAA roadside assistance is only a click or call away if you need it.

Auto Repair: AAA members can go to one of nearly 7,000 Approved Auto Repair shops that meet the group’s strict requirements for how they look, the training and licensing of their technicians, their ability to cover insurance, and how happy their customers are.

AAA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Review & Free Trial

Travel Benefits: An AAA subscription is a great thing to have when you’re driving in the United States. Members get maps, travel guides, and passport pictures when they travel. They also get discounts on car rentals and special deals on cruises, trips, and other things when they book through AAA’s preferred partners.

Discounts: AAA members can get discounts on a wide range of goods, services, and information tools that can help them in their daily lives. They can also get professional help at any of the AAA offices across North America, which is an added bonus. Members can get deals when they shop and eat, and they can also save money on movie tickets and admission to attractions.

Identity Theft Protection: If you are a member of AAA, you get free identity theft protection.

Financial and Insurance Products: AAA members have access to financial and insurance products. 

ServiceClassic planPlus planPremier plan
Free tow per distanceUp to 7 miles or to an independent service provider.Up to 100 miles.Up to 200 miles 
Tow service calls per yearUp to 4.Up to 4.Up to 4.
Fuel deliveryFree delivery but you have to pay for fuel.Free fuel with delivery.Free fuel and delivery.
Locksmith service$60 toward parts with labor.$100 toward parts with labor.$150 toward parts with labor.
Winching service*One service vehicle/driver.Two service vehicles/drivers.Two service vehicles.
Rental carDiscount when towed in the same territory.Discount and upgrade in the same territory.One-day complimentary midsize rental.
Flat tire repairIncluded.Included.Included.
Battery serviceIncluded.Included.Included.

AAA Membership Discounts

AAA offers discounts with national companies like Napa Auto Parts, Lens Crafters, Penske Truck Rental, The UPS Store, restaurants, food delivery services, entertainment venues, and technology. Members can also receive 10% off repairs at certified auto repair shops, up to $50, at these AAA-approved locations.

AAA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Review & Free Trial

Most repairs are guaranteed for two years or 24,000 miles. Additional car-related benefits, such as free 40-point inspections, discounted 86-point inspections, discounted Carfax reports, and free online vehicle pricing reports, are available depending on the location.

AAA Promo Codes

Here are some AAA promo codes that I found:

  • 50% Off: There is a coupon code that can save you up to 50%.
  • $50 Off Gift Membership: Gift memberships can be bought with a coupon code that saves $50.
  • 15% Off Your Purchase if You Are a AAA Member: There is a coupon code that lets AAA members get 15% off their purchases.
  • 60% Off on Gift Memberships: Gift memberships can be bought with a coupon code that cuts the price by 60%.

Note that these coupon codes come with terms and conditions that may be different depending on where you live and which AAA club you belong to.

Is AAA Membership worth it ?

The value of an AAA subscription depends on factors such as lifestyle, driving habits, and financial considerations. It offers a range of services beyond roadside assistance, such as towing, battery jump-starts, tire changes, fuel delivery, and locksmith services. These benefits can be beneficial for frequent travelers, especially those in remote areas or with reliable vehicles.

AAA members can also enjoy travel discounts on hotels, rental cars, attractions, and restaurants. These savings can potentially outweigh the cost of membership if frequent travelers use it. AAA also offers insurance products like auto, home, and life insurance, as well as financial services like credit cards, travel money, and identity theft monitoring. Bundling these services with this membership could save money.

Additionally, members can enjoy benefits like free maps, travel planning assistance, and discounts on automotive services and repairs. These perks can be valuable depending on individual needs and preferences.

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AAA subscription offers a combination of advantages and restrictions. One of the benefits is its reliable roadside assistance program, which gives members a sense of security during unexpected car issues. Having access to services such as towing, battery jumps, and tire changes can be incredibly valuable, particularly in times of emergencies or during long trips.

In addition, AAA offers appealing travel discounts that cover accommodations, rental cars, and a variety of attractions. These savings can greatly reduce the membership cost for frequent travelers, making it a very attractive option for those who are often on the road.


There are some disadvantages that come with the membership. Firstly, some people may be discouraged by the annual fee if they don’t plan on using the services often enough to make it worth the cost. In certain areas, AAA’s coverage may be limited, especially in remote or less populated regions.

This could result in some members not receiving assistance when they need it. In addition, there may be some overlap with the roadside assistance coverage already offered by your auto insurance or vehicle manufacturer. The repetition of services can make the AAA membership appear less necessary for individuals who already have coverage from other sources.

AAA Customer Care Services

  • Customer Service Phone Number:  You can reach them at 800-922-8228.
  • Online Support:  You can reach them at 888-929-2911.
  • Membership Payments Address: Member Operations, PO Box 24502, Oakland, CA 94623-2450.
  • Email : 

AAA Social Media


With AAA Premier Membership, you can enjoy an array of exclusive AAA perks that are designed to enhance your experience. As a AAA Plus member, you’ll enjoy all the benefits you’re accustomed to, and then some. This includes a generous allowance of up to 200 miles of complimentary towing, available once per year.

AAA is a national member association and service organization with over 60 million members in the United States and Canada. It is privately held and operates as a not-for-profit organization. AAA offers a range of services to its members, such as roadside assistance and more.

Yes, however, it is necessary for any additional family members to be registered as Associates on your AAA subscription account.

You can add 8 people.

Household Members who are eligible include individuals who live in the same household as the Primary Member, as well as dependent children who are away at school.

To add an associate to your membership, you have two options. You can either go online and select the Associate Members Information listing, or you can give us a call at (800) 836-2582.

AAA Basic includes complimentary towing to the tow truck’s original station, a AAA Car Care facility within a 10-mile radius, or a facility of your choosing within a three-mile radius. AAA Plus provides extensive towing coverage of up to 100 miles. 

Call Member Service Counselors of AAA at (800) 222-8252 or stop by one of our many full-service branch locations to order a replacement card.

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