PDGA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Levels, Renewal, Cancellation

PDGA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Levels, Renewal, Cancellation

The Professional Disc Golf Association  is a non-profit PDGA membership organisation committed to the promotion and long-term growth of disc golf.The PDGA is the world governing organisation for disc golf.The organisation promotes the sport by creating tournaments, courses, rules and competition standards, media and sponsor connections, and public education and outreach.

Joining the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) provides various benefits to disc golf aficionados. Membership provides access to official PDGA events and tournaments worldwide, allowing players to participate and earn player rating points. Members also receive a subscription to the PDGA magazine, which covers the latest trends, techniques, and news in the disc golf community.

PDGA Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Levels, Renewal, Cancellation

PDGA members also have access to unique savings on equipment and accessories from connected partners, boosting their entire disc golf experience. Furthermore, membership contributes to the sport’s growth and development, with a percentage of membership payments going towards the PDGA’s efforts to promote and organize disc golf tournaments, courses, and projects across the world.


How Much is PDGA Membership 

Annual membership prices for adults typically varied between $50 and $75 USD, with reductions available for juniors and extra expenses for overseas members. As of January last year, there are three categories of memberships, however the fee for an amateur disc golfer is $50. The Professional Disc Golf Association’s three memberships are priced as follows:

  • Junior: $30 per year (for those 18 and under)
  • Amateur: $50 per year (for players who accept prizes in PDGA-sanctioned events).
  • Professional: $75 per year (for players taking payment at PDGA-sanctioned tournaments)
How Much is PDGA Membership 

How To Join PDGA Membership 

Here’s the step-by-step procedure from which you can join PDGA Subscription and enjoy multiple benefits :

  • Visit the PDGA’s website.
  • Navigate to the “Membership” area.
  • Choose the sort of membership you desire (professional, amateur, or junior).
  • Choose the length of your membership (e.g., one or three years).
  • Click the “Join” or “Sign Up” button.
  • If you are a new user, create an account. If you already have an account, log in.
  • Fill out the membership application form, including your personal information.
  • Consider the membership choices and prices.
  • Enter your payment details and finish the purchase.
  • When your payment is confirmed, you will get an email confirming your PDGA Subscription information.


How to Cancel PDGA Membership 

You can cancel or unsubscribe your PDGA Subscription by following these simple steps :

How to Cancel PDGA Membership 
  • Log in to your PDGA account on the PDGA website.
  • Navigate to the “Membership” area.
  • Look for an opportunity to manage or see your membership information.
  • Find the option to cancel your membership.
  • Follow the steps to confirm the cancellation.
  • Review any cancellation fees or terms that may apply to your membership termination.
  • If required, give a reason for cancelling your membership.
  • Submit the essential information to complete the cancellation procedure.
  • Check your email for a confirmation of the membership cancellation.
  • you avoid future charges, be sure you deactivate any automatic payment settings.

PDGA Membership Renewal

All PDGA Subscription expire on December 31. Memberships received on or after October 1st are extended until the end of the following year. PDGA Subscription are not refundable or transferable.  You will immediately get a confirmation email informing you of your renewed PDGA Subscription status. With this renewal, you will be able to continue participating in official PDGA events, receive a subscription to the PDGA magazine, have access to unique equipment discounts, and help the sport grow and flourish.

PDGA Membership Benefits

PDGA Subscription provides you several benefits that enhance your experience, few prominent ones are given below :

PDGA Membership Benefits
  • This tournament is the pinnacle of disc golf competition and raises publicity for the sport.
  •  It also promotes charitable activities and encourages PDGA Subscription .
  • It provides opportunities, including a funding program, for competitive junior disc golf with a focus on learning, playing, and enjoying the sport.
  • It enables promoting the introduction and growth of disc golf in new nations throughout the world.
  • Maintenance of disc golf’s permanent home.
  • Members receive great savings on disc golf equipment, apparel, and accessories from PDGA-affiliated partners and sponsors. 
  • Members may see their player rating, which shows how skilled they are in comparison to other disc golfers.

PDGA Membership Deals and Discounts

Pulse Disc Golf Academy is offering all existing PDGA members a 30-day free trial of their online academy. Pulse now offers approximately 500 short video classes delivered by top pros. In addition to the 30-day free trial, all current PDGA members can get a 70% discount on an annual subscription.

We urge all members to take advantage of the following savings while travelling on personal excursions or attending one of the over 10,000+ PDGA events held each year. You must be signed in to the PDGA website to view Member Deals. One of the many benefits of our Office Depot Small Business Savings Program is the ability to use your shop Purchasing Card to save money on everything in the shop.

All PDGA members can receive a 20% discount off the usual rate at any of the 400 Red Roof Inns in the United States. Also, they will provide a portion back to the PDGA.

PDGA Membership Deals and Discounts

Motel 6 is thrilled to join with the PDGA to provide our members with a 10% discount nationwide! You can rely on Motel 6 to deliver clean, pleasant accommodations at an affordable price.

Levels of PDGA Membership 

The PDGA Subscription program has many tiers designed to meet the different interests and preferences of disc golf aficionados. The most frequent membership tiers are amateur, professional, and junior, with each offering distinct perks and possibilities within the disc golf community.

PDGA Junior Membership

It costs you $30 per year, it is specially for those who are under 18. PDGA Junior Memberships grant access to junior-specific events and competitions, allowing young players to demonstrate their abilities and compete against peers in a friendly setting. Junior members also receive a subscription to the PDGA magazine, which provides essential insights, tips, and news from the disc golf community.

Levels of PDGA Membership 

PDGA Amateur Membership

It costs you $50 per year, it is for the players who accept prizes in sanctioned events. This membership level usually provides access to PDGA-sanctioned events, such as amateur tournaments and leagues, allowing members to engage in organised contests and gain player rating points.

PDGA Professional Membership

It costs you $75 per tear, for players who take payment at the events. This membership level grants access to cash awards in tournaments, allowing professional players to compete for financial incentives based on their performance. Furthermore, professional members have access to professional-level events, including famous tournaments and championships, allowing them to demonstrate their abilities and compete against top players in the sport.

Is PDGA Membership Worth it ? 

The value of PDGA Subscription is determined by your degree of participation and interest in disc golf. Access to PDGA-sanctioned events, player ratings, and data may be extremely useful for tracking development and competing at a higher level. Furthermore, the PDGA magazine subscription provides useful information and updates about the sport.

Is PDGA Membership Worth it ? 

Exclusive discounts on equipment and gear can also save money for individuals who buy disc golf equipment on a regular basis. Furthermore, becoming a member contributes to the global growth and development of disc golf. However, for casual players who simply enjoy the sport recreationally rather than competing or seeking comprehensive resources, the benefits may not be worth the membership fee.

PDGA Contact Details

You can contact PDGA at here 

  • Phone number +1-706-261-6342
  • Fax +1-706-261-6347
  • Email dgn@dgpt.com 

PDGA Social Media 


The Professional Disc God Association (PDGA) is a non-profit membership organization.

Members are given discounts with the travel accessories such as lodging, car rental and eyewares. At some areas members get a custom PDGA disc and mini with $20 value.

PDGA sends a mini-marker disc as part of new PDGA Subscription .

If you do not complete a round for whatever reason other than to manipulate your rating, and you notify the TD that you will not be completing the round, you will earn a score of 999, signifying that you Did Not Finish.

Our membership department had the pleasure of making contact with PDGA #250,000, Mark Fredericks. Mark lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and has been playing disc golf for a little over a year.

The processing, shipment, and delivery of your PDGA Subscription package might take 6-10 weeks. Once the PDGA Fulfillment Office has printed the shipping label for your membership package, you will get an email confirmation with tracking information.

Yes, family discounts are available. The family discount is applicable when two or more PDGA Subscription share the same address. The second and any further family members who sign up with the PDGA using the same address will receive a $5 discount on their PDGA Subscription . The PDGA family membership price only includes one subscription to Disc Golfer Magazine, which is published quarterly.

It saves you extra fees. It tracks your performance regularly and give you event support. It gives you several additional discounts in international membership options. 

If you have an account on PDGA.com, you may edit your own member information whenever you like. First, log in and navigate to the “Edit” page under “My Account”. If you see phone number and postal address forms, simply enter your information, click the Save button, and you’re finished.

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